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How to See the Underground Before Starting a Project

Construction Marketing

Do you work in a construction company? If yes, you have probably built several establishments in a different environment. What are the things you considered before and after a construction site is built? How to see the underground before starting a project?”

Spark Therapeutics To Invest $575M In Philadelphia

Business Facilities

The commercial gene therapy company's state-of-the-art innovation center will be located on Drexel University’s campus in Philadelphia’s University City neighborhood. The post Spark Therapeutics To Invest $575M In Philadelphia appeared first on Business Facilities Magazine.


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Tube Structural System: Types & Features

The Constructor

A tubular structural system is used in high-rise buildings to resist lateral loads like wind and seismic forces. These lateral load resisting systems. Architecture High-rise structural systems Structural Engineering

What Is Your Contractor Superpower?

Contractor Bookkeeping

As a Construction Contractor, much of your world is Outside The Box.

Reimagining How Construction Companies Capture Progress Tracking

Speaker: Felipe Engineer-Manriquez, Christopher Gagliardi, George Hedley, and Jason Nichols

Join our esteemed panelists for their discussion on the importance of progress tracking which ultimately touches upon every digital aspect within the construction cycle. Our thought-leaders' years of experience on the job sites can help you build a better future at your company.

What Is Slab On Grade | Grade On Slab Foundation | Slab On Fill vs Slab On Grade | Slab on Grade Foundation vs Crawl Space


What Is Grade On Slab? The Slab On Grade is defined as a directly laid on the earth surface for supporting the structural elements and walls.

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Demolition or Refurbishment: What are the Factors Controlling Decision-Making?

The Constructor

The decision to demolish or refurbish a specific building is not a simple task. It requires a trade-off between various objectives and values. Building Technology Guide Building Tips Concrete Technology How To Guide Strengthening & Retrofitting

Public Sector Facilities Preventive Maintenance – Financial and Technical/Financial Visibility Criticality

Job Order Contracting

Public sector facilities preventive maintenance is critical to efficient facilities management, however, rarely performed with financial and technical visibility and transparency. What is it?

What is a Pitched Roof? Types of Pitched Roof

Civil Lead

What is Pitched Roof? A roof has inclined surfaces at an angle from a central ridge that slopes down, generally. Read more. Building Design & Drawing Civil Engineering Civil Engineers Construction Structure

Roper Corporation Creating 600 Jobs In Georgia

Business Facilities

The GE subsidiary will invest $118 million in an expansion of its Walker County, GA appliance manufacturing facility. . The post Roper Corporation Creating 600 Jobs In Georgia appeared first on Business Facilities Magazine.

Huh? Ugh! LOL: The Top Ten-tions of Construction Law and Contracts

Speaker: Matthew DeVries, Construction Law Attorney and National Blogger

The construction environment changed more in 2020 than any prior year—whether the parties were faced with government shutdowns, new health and safety restrictions, or overall financial strains. Yet, many projects remained on target and successfully reached the finish line this year. The rights and responsibilities of parties involved in a construction project are mainly dependent upon the contract or agreement between them, and there is no better time than to review your contractual obligations to identify risk pitfalls and ensure success. Join construction law attorney and national blogger Matthew DeVries as he discusses the top tensions on a construction project and how to avoid disputes.

Dynamic Cracks vs. Static Cracks: Effects and Repair Techniques

The Constructor

Any concrete structure would eventually see cracks and demand proper repair. Nonetheless, one needs to understand the nature of the crack to repair. Concrete Cracks Concrete Technology

Eighty percent of Construction Change Orders Are Due to Poor Information

Job Order Contracting

It’s not surprising that eighty percent of construction change orders are due to poor information early in the process. LEAN construction planning, procurement, and project delivery is the only way to consistently minimize the number and impact of change orders.

25 Basic Components of Pitched Roof |Components of Roof

Civil Lead

Components of Pitched Roof A pitched roof has sloping sides at an angle from the ridge where slopes are descending, mainly on. Read more. Building Design & Drawing

Maine 73

Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Felicia Howard, Dominion Energy

Business Facilities

Felicia Howard, Dominion Energy’s new VP of Economic Development Strategy, discusses the future of economic development, clean energy, and the “new normal.”. The post Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Felicia Howard, Dominion Energy appeared first on Business Facilities Magazine.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

What are the Criteria for Selection of Dewatering Methods?

The Constructor

Dewatering is the process of removing excess water from saturated soil to facilitate the excavation process and create safe working conditions. Foundation Engineering Geotechnical Engineering How To Guide Work Procedures

Smaller Households Drive Up Housing Demand in 2021

Pro Builder

Smaller Households Drive Up Housing Demand in 2021. ldeakins. Thu, 12/23/2021 - 09:57. The national population is declining, but demand for housing is stronger than ever.

TECLA 3D Printed Home of Mud in Italy

Natural Building

Named TECLA, a combination of the words technology and clay, this home was designed by Mario Cucinella Architects in Italy and was constructed and engineered by Wasp using clay sourced from a nearby riverbed.

The Automotive Industry: The Road To Everywhere

Business Facilities

While we are still deep in the drive toward technical and autonomous, what’s old is new and what’s mine is yours when it comes to next year’s auto trends. The post The Automotive Industry: The Road To Everywhere appeared first on Business Facilities Magazine.

Roads 60

Metal Studs and Wood Studs for Wall Framing

The Constructor

Studs are light frames constructed to support wall structures. They are an important element in traditional building construction as they provide a. Building Technology Guide

Looking All Around


Cameras are being used in a myriad of ways in construction. Monitoring work progress on the jobsite and flying high over a tract to survey a new project are just a few.

U.S. Movers Looking for Affordability Tested Out New Zip Codes in 2021

Pro Builder

Movers Looking for Affordability Tested Out New Zip Codes in 2021. ldeakins. Mon, 12/20/2021 - 10:20. More Americans are swapping out their old addresses for new ones in these affordable metro areas.

How to drive your project with the steady heartbeat of repetitive project scheduling

Lets Build

In construction, repetitive projects include tunnels, bridges, highways, railways, housing developments, high-rise commercial buildings, and the likes.

Difference Between Solar Panels & Solar Roof Tiles

The Constructor

Both solar panels and solar roof tiles use photovoltaic technology, which captures energy from the sun and converts it into electricity. The choice. Building Technology Guide

Bringing Solar into The City


Major urban areas have not seen significant solar applications due to density and the age of many structures. New York City’s five boroughs contain many buildings that retain their 100-year-old and older walls and roofs, making them unsuitable for the often heavy solar panels newer building sport.

Level Up Your Leadership, Ambition & Execution

Construction Business Owner

Level Up Your Leadership, Ambition & Execution. Alex Headley. Mon, 12/20/2021 - 08:50. Stuck is the new norm. Most contractors stay stuck at the same level they have been for 2, 5 or even 10 years.

Best of 2021: Product highlights for LetsBuild Aproplan app for QHSE & Snagging

Lets Build

Yes, it is that time of the year again to share with you our roundup of LetsBuild’s Aproplan 2021 product highlights!

What Are Steel Doors?

The Constructor

Steel doors are manufactured from strong steel. However, they are not entirely made of solid steel. In fact, a steel door is a polyurethane or. Building Materials Building Technology Guide

2022 Predictions: The Smart Home


In the last few weeks, we have embarked on a blog series, looking at general technology trends , the digital infrastructure needed , and specific technologies that will impact construction.

Report: DOE Spent $1.1B To Build Just 3 Carbon Capture Demos

ENR Construction

GAO analysis says 11 large-scale projects at coal-fired power plants and industrial sites were funded; department says it's new program beefed up with with infrastructure act funds will fix cost management

Best of 2021: Product highlights for LetsBuild GenieBelt live progress app

Lets Build

Yes, it is that time of the year again to share with you our roundup of LetsBuild’s GenieBelt 2021 product highlights!

Is Polyester Good for Gloves?

Work Gearz

A darling of the textile industry, polyester is used to make a range of garments. From bedsheets to sportswear there is nothing that the material is not a part of. Polyester gloves are one in the long list of apparel that synthetic material has made its mark in.

BIM and Geography


BIM (building information modeling) provides a lot of information for construction and maintenance of structures. Computer aided design or CAD has been a major tool in “loading” a BIM project’s database.

BIM 79