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Construction Joint in Concrete – Types, Location Selection and Advantages

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Construction joint is placed when the mass concreting works are done and cannot be completed on a single stretch. The interface of the past. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Concrete Technology Construction Engineering & Management How To Guide Structural Design Structural Engineering

How to Construct Concrete Stairs ?

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Concrete stairs are set of steps constructed using concrete and steel that leads from one floor to another floor inside the building for the easy.

Pitfalls of the Disconnected Jobsite

John Chaney

Having the integrated software to connect the office and field can help avoid costly project delays. In today’s fast-paced construction environment, speed and accuracy are critical to project success.

Your Guide to State-by-State Bond Thresholds

Construction Business Owner

Most contractors recognize the need for licensing and bonding in the construction industry, but it can be a challenge to understand the bond size requirements, as bonding thresholds are mandated by each state, not an overarching federal law.

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You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Properties and benefits of rebar cages

Construction Cost Estimating

In drilled shaft construction, rebar cages are generally utilized to reinforce the shaft throughout excavation. To retain the strength of this cage as well as complete the entire construction project successfully, the design of the cage should be perfect.

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Data Analytics Trends in Construction

John Chaney

Construction sites these days have no shortage of data: design and BIM data from the planning stages of a project, jobsite data collected by wearables, mobile devices and sensors on equipment/materials, accounting and job progress data from the office, project management data and much more.

Concrete Driveway Construction- Advantages and Disadvantages

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Concrete driveway construction offers a number of advantages when compared with any form of traditional driveway construction methods. Out of all, Concrete Technology How To Guide

RELi Could be Standard Practice in Nearly Every Real Estate Transaction

Green Building Law Update

RELi 2.0, a comprehensive rating system that provides strategies and tools for resilient building and design, is expected to be launched on Monday, November 12th. The launch of RELi 2.0

Lead on Climate Change Solutions Before It's Too Late

ENR Construction

The target window is shrinking for serious design change to cut GHG emissions. Engineers know what works and what doesn't. Let's do it

OSHA Memorandum Takeaways: Incentive Programs & Post Incident Drug-Testing

FDR Safety

On Friday, October 11th, many in the safety world received a memorandum from OSHA regarding Workplace Safety Incentive Programs and Post-Incident Drug Testing. While the memorandum is helpful in clarifying issues, the language and structure used throughout can be difficult to understand.

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Concrete Wall Construction Process Including Materials

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Construction of concrete walls is a crucial phase in building construction. It transfers loads from floor to the wall below or foundation. Therefore, Concrete Work Procedure How To Guide Structural Engineering Walls Work Procedures Construction

RELi Could be Standard Practice in Nearly Every Real Estate Transaction

Green Building Law Update

RELi 2.0, a comprehensive rating system that provides strategies and tools for resilient building and design, was approved last week and is being launched on Monday, November 12th. The launch of RELi 2.0

Dotted Line: 4 answers to common collaboration hiccups

Construction Dive

Design-build, integrated project delivery and other collaborative construction processes present myriad challenges, but several experts have outlined steps contractors can take to boost teamwork across stakeholders

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Toyota Doubles Down On Ontario

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The Japanese auto giant will invest $1.09 billion to upgrade plants in Cambridge and Woodstock, Ontario, adding 1,450 jobs. Read: Toyota Doubles Down On Ontario at Agriculture Automotive Business Clusters/Corridors Canada Featured Location Focus Magazine Highlights Research & Development Tourism BF-Sept/Oct-2018 corporate expansion Economic Development Justin Trudeau Middlesex County Niagara Canada Ontario Site Selection Toyota

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What is Spalling Concrete? Their Causes and Repair

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Spalling is break away of concrete surface which often extends to the top layers of reinforcing steel. Spalls may be 150 mm or more in diameter and. Concrete Work Procedure How To Guide Repair/Protection Guide Work Procedures Repair of Concrete

The new trinkets of my paperfree adventure


My 10-year-old nephew Viki communicates with the world through drawings. His latest masterpiece presents a series of occupations. He is self-thought and copies from various sources, nevertheless the illustrations are uniquely his.

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Top 6 OSHA fines levied since May

Construction Dive

Once again, most of OSHA's biggest citations against contractors center around falls and trench safety, with $304,000 being the largest fine levied

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Sharing Your Budget Streamlines the Pre-Construction Phase

Wolgast Corporation Blog

We use this blog to help educate potential construction clients on how to build their buildings more efficiently and economically. I am posing a taboo view in this edition, but all in an effort to save the building owner weeks and maybe months of time on their pre-construction phase.

What is Cost of Concrete Construction?

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Concrete construction cost is one of the crucial and major components of total cost of a project. It greatly influences the total cost, so it is. Building Technology Guide Estimating & Costing Cost of Concrete Construction

KLA-Tencor Investing $70M In Michigan

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The new research and development facility will create up to 500 new jobs in Ann Arbor, MI. Read: KLA-Tencor Investing $70M In Michigan at Advanced Manufacturing Capital Investment Daily News Featured Manufacturing Michigan Research & Development Taxes & Incentives Workforce Development Ann Arbor SPARK corporate expansion KLA-Tencor Michigan Economic Development Corporation nanoelectronics R&D semiconductors Site Selection University of Michigan

Dodge: 2019 construction starts to hold steady at $808B

Construction Dive

Activity appears to be "rounding the peak" at its current level, helped by overall economic momentum but threatened by rising inflation, Dodge Data & Analytics Chief Economist Robert Murray said at a conference yesterday

Top 5 Strategy Tips to Project Management Success

Contractor Bookkeeping

Today's Guest Article Is From Joseph McLean F ull-Time Freelance Writer. Managing an entire project on your own can be overwhelming. Being in charge of endless tasks and assignments is pressuring – sometimes, you even feel that there’s no way you could handle anything anymore.

Concrete Driveway Construction

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Concrete Driveway construction is gaining higher popularity over asphalt or bitumen or other paving materials. Concrete driveways also called as. Concrete Technology How To Guide

Siemens, Chromalloy Open Florida Advanced Manufacturing Facility

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The new joint venture, Advanced Airfoil Components, represents a capital investment of $139 million and will add 350 jobs in the Tampa Bay Area. Read: Siemens, Chromalloy Open Florida Advanced Manufacturing Facility at Advanced Manufacturing Capital Investment Corporate Headquarters Daily News Featured Manufacturing Chromalloy corporate expansion Employment Enterprise Florida Hillsborough County Siemens STEM Tampa

3 reality capture tools that can monetize project data

Construction Dive

Recording site conditions with laser scanners, drones and cameras allows firms to catch design mistakes in time, plan realistic task sequences and more

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The established professional engineering practice: How (why) would I review its marketing approach

Construction Marketing Ideas

Here is another example in my series on different types of business and practice and the marketing approach to take. The concept here is that the ideas in these posts are not fixed in stone and they need to be tested against the real-world situation of individual businesses or practices.


What is Affordable Concrete House Construction?

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Affordable concrete house construction is needed at current times more than ever before due population growth, depletion of energy source, and other. Building Building Technology Guide Precast Concrete Construction

Job Order Contracting – Recommended Best Practices

Job Order Contracting

The following, Job Order Contracting – Recommended Best Practices, have been compiled from numerous independent third party audits of JOC Programs as well as decades of experience.

Same, same but different – My mother is not getting paperfreeconstruction, the concept.


My mother has been a solid supporter of my BIM journey over the last 3 decades. She speaks very little English but has lived with us for long enough and attended enough of my Serbian/Hungarian presentations to get the gist of what I am about.

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Data Center Developer Investing $80M In Virginia Beach

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PointOne will build two facilities that will house edge computing data centers, a cable landing station for future subsea cables, and an international internet business exchange. Read: Data Center Developer Investing $80M In Virginia Beach at

Concrete Driveway Construction Process – Advantages

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Concrete Driveway construction is gaining higher popularity over asphalt or bitumen or other paving materials. Concrete driveways also called as. Concrete Technology How To Guide

How to Navigate Tariffs in Your Construction Contracts

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Like it or not, tariffs on steel and aluminum are real and very much in effect. And whether directly or indirectly, your construction company will be affected by them. Understanding just how much and in what way is a bit more difficult to define, though. We’re here to help.

Edge-ifcation Meets Maker Movement

Contractor Magazine

The movement is a contemporary, technology-based subculture that is an extension of the DIY ( Do It Yourself ) movement