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6 Types of Marketing Organization Structures for Construction

Construction Marketing

Choosing the best organizational structure for your company in the construction industry can be challenging. In the world of organizational structures, the options you have to choose from include things like chain of command, span of control, centralization, and the list goes on.

Customizing Glass to Fit Any Project


An architect’s design is their signature. The intent, lines, materials selected, and overarching theme demonstrate how a professional interpreted his or her client’s needs. Sometimes this leans more towards the utilitarian and industrial, and, at others, it can be a thing of beauty – a work of art.

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Are after-hours construction permits worth the challenges?

Construction Dive

A lot of projects require or could benefit from work at night, but contractors need to weight permit costs, higher subcontractor fees and noise restrictions

5 Construction Trends to Watch in 2020


Technology is expected to play a major role in all facets of construction industry growth in 2020 and beyond. Construction Technology/News

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Why Tech Will Be the Differentiator in 2020

Construction Business Owner

Technologies like drones, lasers, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning may sound far off, but some firms are using them now. If technology is already a big part of your construction business, these are additions you should consider investing in soon. Find out hw to begin here.

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Newly patented 3D construction printer can reportedly create 60-foot-long concrete slabs in less than 1 minute

Construction Dive

Armatron Systems plans to license the technology, which allows builders to make cement slabs from one-quarter inch to 30 inches thick, it says

Plans 101

Kraft Heinz Food Investing $25M In Texas Expansion

Business Facilities

With help from the Texas Enterprise Zone Program, the company will expand its food production operations in Garland, TX, creating 250 new jobs. . Read: Kraft Heinz Food Investing $25M In Texas Expansion at

Texas 83

How to Be a Better Manager with the 3 Ps of Accountability

Construction Business Owner

Abraham Lincoln said the best way to predict your future is to create it. One of the United States’ greatest presidents ackowledged that everyone is in control of their own destiny. Lincoln faced one of the biggest challenges of any president: slavery.

What are the Compressibility and Consolidation of Soil?

The Constructor

The compressibility of soil is defined as the capability of soil to decrease its volume under mechanical loads, whereas the consolidation is the. Geotechnical Engineering Consolidation

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

The Dotted Line: How contractors are finding and vetting subcontractors

Construction Dive

General contractors risk violating contract clauses if they can't find labor, but savvy, well-established GCs have ways of finding subs, and it’s more about relationship-building than anything else

DOT 100

GM Investing $1.5B In Missouri Expansion

Business Facilities

The auto company's investment will retain 4,000 jobs at its Wentzville, MO plant, where it will build its next generation mid-size trucks. Read: GM Investing $1.5B In Missouri Expansion at

How to Address Mental Health in Construction

Construction Business Owner

Construction work is extremely taxing on the body and takes a physical toll. Additionally, construction is an incredibly stressful business that couples the stigma of addressing mental illness with a largely masculine presence.

Common Bookkeeping Pitfalls And The Value Of Outsourced Accounting

Contractor Bookkeeping

Although most construction company owners recognize the importance of careful financial management, few want to spend their time dealing with numbers. Unfortunately, not keeping a close eye on your income and expenses can be very costly for a business.

Union accuses Amazon contractors of wage-related violations in Virginia

Construction Dive

An Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters' report focuses on drywall subcontractors and the lower-tier subcontractors they reportedly hired to perform work on six projects involving four owners at sites near HQ2

Union 98

Aircraft Solutions Investing Nearly $100M In North Carolina

Business Facilities

The company will create 475 jobs at a new subsidiary at North Carolina’s Global TransPark to recycle aircraft parts and materials. Read: Aircraft Solutions Investing Nearly $100M In North Carolina at

Top 1O Roof Shingles for Building Construction

The Constructor

Roofing with shingles is considered to be a large investment which varies depending on the roofing area and the type of roof shingle chosen.

How to Make More Money in 2020

Construction Business Owner

What areas of your business and leadership need to be improved? How will you create the extra time required to invest in those areas? Your calendar tells the story—where you spend your time is where you get results. Here's how to grow your business in 2020.


Atlanta transit authority approves $27B regional plan

Construction Dive

The plan includes 192 projects, with $21 billion earmarked for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

Squarespace Creating More Than 150 Tech Jobs In NYC

Business Facilities

The tech company will expand its global headquarters into new space in the West Village, growing its New York City presence 20 percent by 2022. Read: Squarespace Creating More Than 150 Tech Jobs In NYC at

What is Porotherm Bricks? Properties, Advantages, and Applications

The Constructor

Porotherm clay bricks are horizontally or vertically perforated clay bricks. they are manufactured in variety of sizes (common size is.

Why Specializing in Energy Efficiency Could Be Your Key to Growth in 2020

Construction Business Owner

Energy efficiency is a growing concern throughout the United States. Energy bills have been rising for the last several years, which have led a lot of home and business owners to begin to look for ways to cut costs.

4 bad planning habits to kick in 2020

Construction Dive

Time to kick those bad planning habits. Learn how to create more achievable and risk-adjusted plans

Risk 93

Reconsidering construction robotics


Fact: There were 379,000 unfilled construction jobs in August, based on preliminary estimates released in October by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Fact: The majority of nonresidential construction projects come in over budget and late, sometimes wildly so.

Mechanization in Construction Industry- Motivations, and Advantages

The Constructor

Mechanization is the process of shifting from working largely or exclusively by hand to do that work using machines. The construction projects are. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Equipments Construction equipments

Limit Your Concrete Surface Distress

Construction Business Owner

Concrete cracks got you down? With modern tweaks and an age-old approach, field investigations into limiting high-frequency vibration to control the amount of concrete material separation in commercial applications, are successfully limiting the surface distresses in concrete pavements

$810M phase of Texas Rangers sports, entertainment district construction approved by Arlington council

Construction Dive

Total investment in the district, which includes the $1.1 billion Globe Life Field, convention center and hotel, could reach $4 billion

Medline Industries Creating 464 New Jobs In Louisiana

Business Facilities

The $53 million distribution center will create a total of more than 1,000 new direct, indirect jobs in St. Tammany Parish, LA. Read: Medline Industries Creating 464 New Jobs In Louisiana at

Roller Compacted Concrete- Properties, Advantages, and Applications

The Constructor

Roller-compacted concrete (RCC) is a concrete of zero-slump consistency in its unhardened state used in pavement and dams. It is transported, placed, Concrete Technology Concrete Types in Construction Special Concrete in Construction construction Materials

Why Do I Need a Construction Technologist?

Construction Business Owner

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Modular building made major headway in the commercial construction market

Construction Dive

A lot of noteworthy movement in the modular building market this year meant that the headlines really started stacking up

Bioswales and Green Infrastructure and ….

Job Order Contracting

Embracing green infrastructure as an approach and installing specific interventions comes with many challenges. It demands educating clients, communities, contractors, and designers; experimenting with new techniques and learning from failures; and making changes to policy and regulations.

Wegmans Investing $175M In Virginia Distribution Campus

Business Facilities

The grocery retailer’s new regional distribution operation in Hanover County, VA will create 700 new jobs. Read: Wegmans Investing $175M In Virginia Distribution Campus at