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Contractor Roles and Responsibilities in Construction

The Constructor

The responsibility of a contractor in construction is the execution of the work activities that are required for the completion of the project.

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The top construction projects to watch in 2020

Construction Dive

Construction Dive rounds up the six most newsworthy projects across the country that we are following closely this year

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A Construction Contractor's Optimal Guide To Profiling Clients

Contractor Bookkeeping

Easily an essential first step in establishing your construction company is to define your clients so that you have the information you need to attract the right audience and generate valuable traffic to your website.

Wh?t I? Granolithic Flooring | C?n?tru?t??n M?th?d | Adv?nt?g?? ?nd Disadvantages


Granolithic Flooring? Granolithic ?? ?l?? granolithic ??v?ng nd granolithic ??n?r?t? t? ?? a t??? ?f f cement ?nd t??, ?u?h r r????t?nt nt rocks. It ?? a fl??r It h?? r appearance t? ??n?r?t? nd ?? d t? ?r?v?d? a […]. Cement Civil Concrete Foundation

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Collaborative Construction Performance, Enablers, & Requirements

Job Order Contracting

This abstract provides initial insight into Collaborative Construction Performance, Enablers, & Requirements. Maximizing benefits required collaboration planing, procurement, and project delivery.

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FERC Decision Puts State Renewable Portfolio Standards At Risk

Green Building Law Update

In the ongoing conflagration between “reliable power” and “clean energy” many may have missed when last month federal energy policy declared reliability the winner with renewable energy subsidies (e.g., state renewable portfolio standards) the loser.

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Cost Estimation of Construction Projects

The Constructor

Cost estimation of a project is the process of forecasting the probable cost for the due fulfillment of the project objectives, to the prescribed.

The Dotted Line: Legal steps for shutting down a dangerous jobsite

Construction Dive

Standard construction contracts provide options to protect workers and help mitigate additional costs

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Free Webinar: The Benefits Of Attending Business Facilities LiveXchange

Business Facilities

Attend this webinar and learn why the LiveXchange event is the ideal opportunity to streamline your corporate expansion or relocation site search. Read: Free Webinar: The Benefits Of Attending Business Facilities LiveXchange at

Access BIM Information for Free

Job Order Contracting

Access BIM information for free and report on the quality, condition, maintenance and safety of a building. Build your own data files and attach any type of document after consulting and navigating the BIM model in Building in Cloud. Just follow these simple steps to get started now!

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Techniques of Water Distribution in Irrigation Engineering

The Constructor

The irrigation water can be distributed efficiently to the farms in various ways like free flooding, check flooding, border flooding, basin flooding, Irrigation basin flooding border flooding check flooding drip and sprinkler irrigation method.

Brookfield Properties plans largest mass timber office building in North America

Construction Dive

Construction of the six-floor San Francisco office will take six months less than erecting a concrete building of the same size, according to the developer

Houston Company To Build Commercial Segment Of NASA Space Station

Business Facilities

Axiom Space will build a privately funded platform that will attach to the International Space Station. The project will cost up to $2 billion and create approximately 1,000 jobs. Read: Houston Company To Build Commercial Segment Of NASA Space Station at

BOD Vs COD | What Is BOD | What Is COD


What Is BOD? BOD Full Name/ Full From: Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Which measures the amount of dissolved oxygen (DO) required by aerobic organisms to decompose the organic material present in a given water sample at a specified temperature and specified time.

End Bearing Pile Foundation: Selection, Uses, and Advantages

The Constructor

End bearing piles, which is also known as point-bearing piles, are used to transfer superstructure load through low bearing capacity soil to a strong. Foundation Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Pile Foundation

Clark suing Miami Beach for $90 million over convention center contract

Construction Dive

Clark Construction said the city and consultant Hill International acted in bad faith during the course of the $600 million project

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Conner Industries Expanding Manufacturing Operations In Oklahoma

Business Facilities

The Tulsa, OK operation is the lumber, industrial wood crates and pallets, and engineered packaging manufacturer's fourth new facility in the last 11 months. Read: Conner Industries Expanding Manufacturing Operations In Oklahoma at

Procedure for Rcc Concrete


Purpose: The purpose of this procedure is to provide a methodology for active surveillance of various activities involved in the supervision of at the site and to ensure that (RCC CONCRETE ) RCC Concrete 1. Shuttering is placed as per correct line & level 2.

What is Open Channel Flow? Types of Flow in Open Channels

The Constructor

The flow of liquid through a channel with a free surface is defined as open channel flow. This free surface of the liquid is subjected to atmospheric.


China aims to construct coronavirus hospitals in less than 2 weeks

Construction Dive

The use of prefabricated panels will allow speedy construction of two hospitals, which will be built on pillars to keep the ground clear of contamination, according to the Wall Street Journal

UPS To Create 1,700 New Jobs Across Pennsylvania

Business Facilities

The package delivery and supply chain management solutions company will invest at least $1.4 billion to expand its operations to four locations in Pennsylvania. Read: UPS To Create 1,700 New Jobs Across Pennsylvania at

IS Code for Civil Engineer [Q&a]


IS Code Full name is INDIAN STANDARD CODE. Civil & Mechanical Engineer we are using different IS Code for different work. This IS code Normal person written his experience in this IS Code. IS Code Publish by Bureau of Indian standard.

[VIDEO] Exoskeletons Offer Protection On Site

Construction Equipment

With safety being of paramount importance for workers on risky job sites, innovators within the construction industry have created exoskeletons for workers to wear for added stability and protection. According to CIO Applications, these products can reduce stress on the worker's body while

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Lendlease sues NYC building department over death citation

Construction Dive

Lendlease maintains that the security guard killed on the $3 billion Central Park Tower project in 2018 was an employee and not a member of the public

GreenCore Materials Investing $10M In South Carolina

Business Facilities

The plastics manufacturer will create 74 new jobs at a new manufacturing plant in Georgetown County, SC. Read: GreenCore Materials Investing $10M In South Carolina at

What Is Carpet Area | What Is Bu?lt-Up Ar?? | What Is Super Bu?lt-Up Ar?? |What Is REAR


What Is Carpet Area? r?? ?? r th? ?r?? apartment, ?x?lud?ng ng th? kn??? ?f f th? ?nn?r r walls. Th? ??r??t th? ????? ??v?r?d d b? ??mm?n r???, ?u?h lobby, ?l?v?t?r, r??, ?t?. Th? ??r??t?d r?? ?? […]. Civil Quantity Survey


Cellular concrete

The Constructor

Dear Madam/Sir, I see your articles very helpful for my routine work. Could you please let me know common surfactants used as foaming agents in

Connecticut construction exec sentenced to prison for defrauding employees out of $3.4M

Construction Dive

The owner of Ferguson Mechanical and Ferguson Electric deducted sham pension administrative fees from his 300 employees' paychecks and diverted the cash for his own use

Expel, Inc. Will Create 164 New Jobs In Virginia

Business Facilities

With help from the Virginia Jobs Investment Program, the cybersecurity company will invest $1.4 million to expand its operations in Herndon. Read: Expel, Inc. Will Create 164 New Jobs In Virginia at

What Is Seasoning of Timber | Type of Seasoning of Timber | Benefit Seasoning of Timber


What Is Seasoning of Timber? The wood spice process is the process by which the moisture in the wood is reduced to the required level. By reducing the moisture content, strength, elasticity, and durability properties are developed. A well-seasoned wood contains 15% moisture content.


CM Labs to Give Instructors Power to Change Training Simulations

Construction Equipment

CM Labs is introducing a new feature that gives instructors the ability to make changes to training scenarios and push them directly to operators training on CM Labs’ Vortex simulators. The feature will make its debut at Conexpo in Las Vegas, March 10-14. Using a tool called the Instructor

Hard Rock Hotel project collapse sparks new investigation

Construction Dive

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell has spoken out against the newly formed committee, saying it could interfere with ongoing investigations by OSHA and others


U.Group To Create Up To 100 Jobs In Central Indiana

Business Facilities

The digital consulting company has selected Indiana for its first Midwest operation, and will create the new, highly-skilled jobs by the end of this year. . Read: U.Group To Create Up To 100 Jobs In Central Indiana at