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Tackling Substance Abuse in Construction

Viewpoint Construction Technology

How forwarding thinking and modern technologies are helping address abuse and addiction in the construction industry. Construction Best Practices

Six Tips To Respond Effectively To Construction Client Complaints

Randal DeHart

Complaints are an unfortunate part of running a business, but they happen. No matter how hard you work to please your clients, eventually, someone will have something negative to say. However, with the right approach, you can turn complaints into a valuable tool to strengthen your business.


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What is a Housewrap and Why is it Important?

The Constructor

Housewrap is a synthetic material used to wrap the exterior of a building to protect the wall frames from external moisture penetration. A housewrap is technically referred to as a water-resistant barrier (WRB), a lightweight sheet installed behind the siding and sheathing of the house.

15 Types of Hardwood Flooring | Best Hardwood Floor For Home | Types of Wood Flooring


Introduction To Hardwood Floors Hardwood flooring is one type of permanent floor that gives the appearance of wood, whether it is made up of synthetic lumber or natural lumber. Also, … 15 Types of Hardwood Flooring | Best Hardwood Floor For Home | Types of Wood Flooring Read More ».


Report: Optimism for Construction Growth in the Next Year Remains High

Research reveals 96% of respondents are very or fairly optimistic about their organization’s growth prospects for the next year. Over half of respondents see digital technology as the greatest growth opportunity. Don't be kept in the dark when it comes to the future. Read the report today!

As Construction Job Vacancies Grow, Women Are Stepping up to the Plate

Pro Builder

As Construction Job Vacancies Grow, Women Are Stepping up to the Plate. ldeakins. Thu, 08/18/2022 - 10:26. Women are breaking through a concrete career ceiling and filling open job positions in the skilled trades. A record labor shortage is leaving blue collar vacancies all across the U.S.,

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Governor’s Report: No Slowing Down For Arizona

Business Facilities

Post-pandemic growth is propelled by policies that keep an eye on what companies are seeking for success. .

8 Types of Chimney Caps | Top 8 Types Of Chimeny Crown | Best Chimney Caps | Chimney Crown Types


What do you mean by chimney Caps Or Crown? A chimney cao or crown is one type of large concrete slab, and it is mainly constructed for preventing the entrance … 8 Types of Chimney Caps | Top 8 Types Of Chimeny Crown | Best Chimney Caps | Chimney Crown Types Read More ».

Maine 83

Lean Design in Construction: Processes, Techniques, and Tools

Lets Build

You know the benefits of lean design and construction – maximizing efficiency while minimizing costs and decreasing waste—by now. But how do you implement practices to bring those benefits to your organization?

ANZ Construction Industry Forecast—Part 1 of 2: Challenges for the Next Five Years

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Part 1 of this two-part series looks at the challenges Australian and New Zealand contractors are still facing and what that means for work ahead. Construction Best Practices

The Ultimate Free Guide to Construction Project Management Software

Spreadsheets and in-house tools can no longer manage the sophistication and the demand for data of modern construction. Our free buyer’s guide will help you identify what construction software you need and the key features you should be looking for.

Four Louisiana Manufacturing Projects Create $268M+ In Investment

Business Facilities

Cargill, CF Industries, BASF and Calucem projects will create, retain more than 350 jobs throughout the state.

What is Internal Curing of Concrete?

The Constructor

“Internal curing refers to the process by which the hydration of cement occurs because of the availability of additional internal water that is not part of the mixing water”, as per ACI concrete terminology.

ATTN: Public Sector Facilities Professionals – Rethink, Reshape, Rebuild Repair, Renovation, and Maintenance Practices to improve productivity, quality, and efficiency

Job Order Contracting

ATTN: Public Sector Facilities Professionals – Rethink, Reshape, Rebuild Repair, Renovation, and Maintenace Practices to improve productivity, quality, and efficiency, Traditional facilities planning, procurement, and project delivery simply doesn’t work.

Total Construction Starts Surge in July

Contractor Magazine

Mega projects led gains, but details show broad-based construction expansion. Construction Data

The Ultimate Procurement Software Buyer’s Guide

With so many procurement solutions to choose from, it can be overwhelming without a frame of reference and a solid starting point. This free buyer’s guide is a must for anyone wanting to solve procurement or vendor management pain points.

Advanced Manufacturing, Distribution Projects Add 649 Jobs In Georgia

Business Facilities

In total, PepsiCo, Duluth Trading, and WebstaurantStore will invest $400 million to expand in DaKalb, Bartow and Bryan counties.

What is RevoColor?

The Constructor

RevoColor is a pigmented, textured, and cementitious coating suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces of various structural members in buildings, especially walls. It provides an organic and natural color and makes structures aesthetically pleasing.

Productive Construction – Traits of Collaboration

Job Order Contracting

Productive construction and collaboration go hand in hand. The traits of collaboration include: co-location. commitment. multidisciplinary work. decision authority. productive environment. training. accountability. immediate feedback. consensus leader selection.

Construction Job Search? Make Your Résumé Shine With These Tips

Pro Builder

Construction Job Search? Make Your Résumé Shine With These Tips. ibush. Mon, 08/15/2022 - 14:01. Résumé-writing advice for construction industry job seekers. Madeline Miller. If you're asking yourself, Do construction workers need a résumé? The answer is yes.

Building the Foundations of the Future: Digital Construction in 2022 and Beyond

FlowForma surveyed 100+ construction executives. This eBook details their opinions and delves into their drivers for workflow and process automation, reliance on manual processes, digital capabilities and goals for process automation, and digital transformation initiatives in 2022 and beyond.

Canfor To Invest $210M In New Southern Alabama Sawmill Complex

Business Facilities

The forest products company's new facility will provide a new, modern work environment for approximately 130 employees.

5 Key Financial Ratios Used in Construction Business

The Constructor

Financial ratios are key parameters that help in understanding the financial health of a construction business clearly and effortlessly. They are a lifesaver when it is hard to determine the financial status of the company from a set of standard financial statements and documents.

Collaboration in Construction is NOT a CHOICE

Job Order Contracting

Collaboration in construction is not a choice if your goals are consistent quality, on time and on budget repair, renovation, maintenance, and new build outcomes.

CSI 70

Heating System Passes Test at Student Housing

Contractor Magazine

The Green on Campus Drive—a new construction project that features approximately 450 residential units—needed a safer, more reliable hot water solution. Hydronics

Stop Making These Mistakes and Start Scaling Your Specialty Contractor Business

Anything that is built on a poor foundation will soon crumble from the ground up. This is literally the case in the construction stage of projects and it applies just the same during the pre-construction stage. This free eBook is your ultimate guide to scaling your business with customizable software as early as during the bidding stage.

The Inflation Reduction Act Of 2022: Reactions And Predictions

Business Facilities

As this wide sweeping legislation makes its way to the President's desk, organizations across the U.S. and the globe explore the opportunities and challenges.

IRS 72

How to Manage Construction Backlogs?

The Constructor

A backlog in construction is categorized as prioritized work that needs to be completed or that has not started yet. The future projects a company has won bids for also come under the backlog category. Construction backlog is an indicator of a company’s financial health.

What the Inflation Reduction Act Means for Home Builders

Pro Builder

What the Inflation Reduction Act Means for Home Builders. ibush. Thu, 08/18/2022 - 07:14. NAHB Policy Briefing: Now that the Inflation Reduction Act is law, home builders see a mix of benefits. and drawbacks. National Association of Home Builders. On Aug.


Inflation Reduction Act Signed Into Law

Contractor Magazine

According to the USGBC, the Act will trigger a decade of federal investment to incentivize the construction of green buildings and cities. Green

The Specialty Contractor's Guide to Job Cost Accounting

Supply chain challenges and rising material costs are forcing specialty contractors to pay more for what they need to complete each job. Following a simple set of principles, this easy-to-follow guide can help you manage job costs, ease the pains of accounting, and run a more profitable businesses.

Free White Paper: Know Your First Aid Obligations

Construction Business Owner

Free White Paper: Know Your First Aid Obligations. When accidents happen, make sure you meet OSHA’s first aid & medical services requirements. mhodges. Mon, 08/15/2022 - 13:29.

VERIFI® In-transit Concrete Management Advances UK Concrete Barrier Projects

GCP Applied Technologies

VERIFI® In-transit Concrete Management Advances UK Concrete Barrier Projects. Phillip.fry@gc…. Fri, 08/19/2022 - 12:51. August 19, 2022. The VERIFI® solution has helped Extrudakerb on several fronts.

These St. Louis Lawyers Created a Replicable Model for Neighborhood Renewal

Pro Builder

These St. Louis Lawyers Created a Replicable Model for Neighborhood Renewal. ldeakins. Thu, 08/18/2022 - 10:32. The SmithNMTC corporation is revitalizing neighborhoods all across the U.S. by using a federal tax credits program to finance affordable housing projects. Over a decade ago, St.