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The Last Straw for a Rational Environmental Policy?

Green Building Law Update

In the wake of the 48th anniversary of Earth Day yesterday, among the hottest environmental issues of the day appears to be criminalizing the plastic drinking straw. The import of the “war on drinking straws” must be true because this week there is a viral video viewed on YouTube more than 5.5 million times of a 2015 incident where a Texas A&M University research team in Costa Rica found a plastic straw stuck in the nose of a sea turtle.

Dotted Line: Cultivating bid-winning relationships with public agencies

Construction Dive

Effective communication and trust are keys to productive relationships with local and federal officials

DOT 113

How beams are categorized on the basis of different factors

Construction Cost Estimating

In structural engineering, various structural members are titled on the basis of their behavior under applied load. If the primary mode of delivering the load occurs due to bending then the structural member is known as beam.

Seven Deadly Construction Accounting Mistakes Kill Profit And Growth

Contractor Bookkeeping

"Early To Bed, Early To Rise, Know Your Numbers And Advertise".

2017 Construction Forecast: A Post-Election Update

What's on tap for construction's economic fortunes in 2017?

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How I built that: The hell and heaven of house builders


House building projects are tough. The distance between hell and heaven in a project like that can be extremely short. This statement comes as no surprise to anyone who has some experience in the building sector.

IRIS USA Creating 95 Jobs In Pennsylvania

Business Facilities Blog

The injection-molded plastic products manufacturer and distributor will expand operations into Pennsylvania and establish a manufacturing facility in Hazle Township. Read: IRIS USA Creating 95 Jobs In Pennsylvania at

ENR 2018 Top 500 Design Firms: Worry Despite Strong Markets

ENR Construction

The markets continue to grow, but design firms are concerned about infrastructure funding, tariffs and staff shortages

Foxconn drives more than $630M in Wisconsin road work

Construction Dive

In addition to $500 million for Interstate 94 improvements, the state will spend $134 million on road upgrades around the Foxconn's $10 billion factory

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Navigating New Tariffs in an Era of Growing Volatility

Constructor Magazine

The possibility of imposing stiff tariffs on Chinese imports of HVACR products into the United States could present a serious challenge to the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industries

Barbados: A Compelling Choice For Business Process Outsourcing

Business Facilities Blog

A sophisticated business climate, the friendliness of its people, and an excellent quality of life make Barbados a compelling choice for business process outsourcing (BPO) activities. Read: Barbados: A Compelling Choice For Business Process Outsourcing at

Miami Beach Convention Center Builders Race Around Events

ENR Construction

An active slate of major exhibitions adds a different dimension to the Miami Beach Convention Center renovation and expansion

Concrete renewal techniques extend pavement life

Construction Dive

Minneapolis is focusing on slab stabilization, full- or partial-depth repair, cross-stitching longitudinal cracks and crack resealing

Construction Health Indicator (We're keeping score.)

The Construction Health Indicator is a daily pulse of the construction industry.

Do contractors have the processes and tech for aftermarket success?

Constructor Magazine

Contractors may already be gearing up for aftermarket work, but does the industry have the technology in place to manage aftermarket service contracts profitably

Subaru Of America Opens New Headquarters In New Jersey

Business Facilities Blog

Subaru of America celebrates the grand opening of its all-new 250,000-square-foot corporate headquarters in Camden, NJ. Read: Subaru Of America Opens New Headquarters In New Jersey at

Pond's Culture Builds Basis for Success

ENR Construction

The Southeast Design Firm of the Year sees benefits from investing heavily in its workplace culture

Avoiding the hazards of an unlicensed business

Construction Dive

Jerri-Lynn Wier, an attorney and a compliance specialist, explains how contractors can prepare for state licensing and registration requirements

Mass timber design for multifamily housing


San Francisco is currently experiencing a housing crisis that threatens its vitality. By 2030, the city’s population is estimated to increase by 150,000 people while adding only 16,000 new dwelling units.

Pandora Will Create 250 Jobs In Georgia

Business Facilities Blog

The music streaming giant will expand its presence and workforce in Atlanta, GA over the next three years. Read: Pandora Will Create 250 Jobs In Georgia at

When A Safety Choice I Made Led To A Harrowing Accident

ENR Construction

I was born with part of my left hand missing. I only have my thumb, no fingers. I don’t ever call this a disability, which in my view is something that’s in someone’s mind

Iowa bets on $2B road program and dual, divided highway

Construction Dive

The highway portion of the project will eventually separate 100,000 motorists a day via local and express lanes to keep traffic moving

Iowa 78

Activity-based design takes precedence in new office projects


More evidence that companies are embracing open workplace environments comes from Ted Moudis Associates , a New York-based architectural and design firm, whose 2018 Workplace Report finds that offices are being designed to accommodate collaborative “activity-based” projects

Kentucky Governor’s Report: From The Boardroom To The Governor’s Mansion

Business Facilities Blog

Matt Bevin is bringing his CEO skills to the dealmaking table, and the results are spectacular: an annual record of $9.2 billion in capital investment in the Bluegrass State. Read: Kentucky Governor’s Report: From The Boardroom To The Governor’s Mansion at

Managing Construction Submittals


Submittals are like the starting blocks on a construction project. If you have a solid start the rest of the project will be easier to win. If you have a slow start or stumble on the submittals than you’ll spend the rest of the project catching up.

Los Angeles speeds up review for Musk's test tunnel

Construction Dive

An environmental review granted an exemption that could shave months or even years from the test project's schedule if the full city council gets behind it

At Structural Congress, a Call for Designers to Mitigate Risk

ENR Construction

Structural engineers emphasize that poor communication about 3D-model content causes most disputes on BIM projects

The ins and outs of inmate healthcare


What happens inside prison walls stays inside prison walls. Well, not really. In the U.S. alone, 95% of inmates will return to society. Research has shown that inmates are getting older and sicker. More than 42% of state and 38% of federal prisoners report having a chronic condition.

SF Motors To Open New R&D Facility In California

Business Facilities Blog

The company plans a new lab facility in Milpitas, CA dedicated to prototyping and manufacturing advanced batteries and electric powertrains for intelligent electric vehicles. Read: SF Motors To Open New R&D Facility In California at

How to boost construction equipment productivity

Construction Dive

John Sharp, equipment director for Hubbard Construction. describes the process his company uses to maximize equipment and minimize costs

In Hot Water: New York Engineering Executives Charged in Pay-to-Play Scheme

ENR Construction

Executives from HAKS, SIMCO, Haider and others, along with an ex-NYC DEP manager, are charged with bribery and corruption related to water system construction contracts

At Boston University’s dental school, ‘under construction’ won’t mean ‘closed for business’


On April 5, Shawmut Design and Construction broke ground on a 41,900-sf expansion and 53,100-sf renovation of Boston University’s Goldman School of Dental Medicine.