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Turning Service Technicians into Service Managers


Technology like Spectrum's Service Tech solution is enabling service technicians to be their own managers in the field

What is CBR Test in Civil


What is CBR Test CBR Test Full Name is California Bearing Ratio (CBR) In the year 1930, this test was developed by the California Division of Highways around 1930 and was consequently accepted by several states, nations, the U.S. federal agencies, and worldwide.

Easy steps for taking costly surprises out of your projects

Construction Dive

Learn about the most effective risk mitigation strategies and ways to use them to reduce your total project risk

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An HREC is Not a REC in a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Green Building Law Update

I review a large number of Phase I environmental site assessments, and year in, year out, the largest number of questions I field are about Historical Recognized Environmental Conditions.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Inbox Productivity - Email Management For Your Construction Company

Contractor Bookkeeping

Be honest: is email helping or harming your construction business? Remember when email was new and novel, and everyone thought it would vastly improve communication while freeing up time?

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The value catalyst for building advantage

Construction Dive

Create value in your company by taking a proactive approach throughout the construction process

Alternative Project Delivery for Construction – Benefits, Tools, and Resources

Job Order Contracting

Smarter, faster, better…. Alternative Project Delivery (APD) offers the opportunity delivers significant added value versus traditional design-bid-build, design-build, Construction Management at Risk (CMAR), Agency?CM CM , and other “traditional” methods.

Growing New Orleans Biotech Companies To Create Over 275 Jobs

Business Facilities

The expansions by three biotech firms will create 135 new direct jobs at the University of New Orleans and the New Orleans BioInnovation Center. Read: Growing New Orleans Biotech Companies To Create Over 275 Jobs at

Making choices in a competitive environment

Construction Marketing Ideas

Energies dedicated to this blog have been reallocated to our new daily newspaper,, a monopoly-busting initiative for some highly regional legal notice ads. About a month ago, I learned our competitive initiative would face its own, formidable, competition. (In

Skanska scores 324% operating profit increase YoY in Q3

Construction Dive

The Swedish firm said a focus on profitability rather than volume helped it beat analysts' estimates

Different Types of Base Isolators Used in Buildings

The Constructor

Different types of base isolation techniques are developed one after the other, each prepared for specific seismic conditions and structures. Some of.

DIRTT Environmental Solutions Investing $18.5M In South Carolina

Business Facilities

The interior construction company will create more than 100 new jobs at Legacy East Business Park in Rock Hill, SC. Read: DIRTT Environmental Solutions Investing $18.5M In South Carolina at

Difference Between Lap Length and Development Length


What is Lap Length? Lap Length is required when bars placed short of their required length (due to nonavailability of longer bars) need to be extended. Lap Length is also required when the bar diameter has to be changed along the length (as is sometimes done in columns).Branding

Construction workers most likely to use cocaine, misuse opioids

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Testing cannot distinguish recreational drug use from medical use, an NYU researcher said, meaning overly strict policies can harm companies and reduce employment opportunities

Nonresidential Construction Continues to Add Jobs, Says ABC

Construction Superintendent Magazine

The construction industry added 10,000 net new jobs in October, according to an Associated Builders and Contractors analysis of data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. On a year-over-year basis, industry employment has expanded by 148,000 jobs or 2%.

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2019 Economic Development Deal Of The Year Deadline Extended

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The deadline to submit your project for consideration for Business Facilities' 2019 Economic Development Deal of the Year has been extended to November 15, 2019. Read: 2019 Economic Development Deal Of The Year Deadline Extended at

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Employee Owners of Vermont Efforts a Success

PC Construction

We officially closed down our month-long employee ownership celebration with great success. Throughout the month of October, we banded together with a team of Vermont employee-owned companies to give back to the community. The 20-company. All Community

Google starts construction on $600M data center in unlikely burgeoning tech hub of New Albany, Ohio

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Incentives from the city and state have lured Google, which recently broke ground in the Columbus suburb, as well as Amazon and Facebook

Precipitation | Type of Precipitation | Cyclonic Precipitation


What is Precipitation? Precipitation may be defined as the fall of moisture from the atmosphere to the earth’s surface in any form.


Life Sciences: A Data-Driven Diagnosis For Success

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Digital transformation is driving innovation in the life sciences sector, making transparency a top priority and heralding an era of “relationship-driven partnerships among all of the sector’s stakeholders. Read: Life Sciences: A Data-Driven Diagnosis For Success at

What is Base Isolation System in Building Construction?

The Constructor

A base isolation system is a popular system implemented in a structure to protect it from the action of seismic forces. This system as base isolation. Earthquake Engineering base isolation base isolattion system seismic base isolation

Full demolition planned for Hard Rock in New Orleans while bodies still unrecovered

Construction Dive

The building is so unstable that no engineer would sign off on anything less than complete demolition, the mayor said, noting that the city will pass the millions in recovery costs to whoever is responsible for the deadly collapse

What Is Guniting, Set Guniting Systems , Advantage, Disadvantage


What Is Guniting? The process was applicable in construction work, where it applied in the stabilization of prone or sloppy areas.

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Building A Better Maryland

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A Better Maryland is a new development plan that provides resources and tools for the Free State's long-term economic success. Read: Building A Better Maryland at

10 Types of Stones Used for Building Constructions

The Constructor

Many types of stones are available such as basalt, marble, limestone, sandstone, quartzite, travertine, slate, gneiss, laterite, and granite which. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Building Tips Flooring Building Construction Building stones stones

Amid slump, Caterpillar increases focus on autonomous vehicle tech

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Despite a sales downturn, the OEM continues to invest in innovation and technology, it said, which includes its autonomous vehicles and equipment

What Is Lap Length, Lap Length of Column, Slab, and Beam


What is Lap Length? Lap Length is required when bars placed short of their required length (due to nonavailability of longer bars) need to be extended. Lap Length is also required when the bar diameter has to be changed along the length (as is sometimes done in columns).Branding


New Report on Construction Industry Shows Staffing Remains Top Concern

Construction Superintendent Magazine

An improving economy has construction companies growing more comfortable about their risk exposure, with respondents reporting in a newly released survey that their “risk sentiment” has dropped to 4.91 (on a scale of 1-10). In the latest “Sterling Seacrest Risk Sentiment Index of the Construction Industry,” most report profit margins slightly better than last year, but concerns about staffing remain their number one issue.

Pittsburgh is developing a one-stop-shop campus for additive manufacturing and 3D printing


Late last month, the Allegheny County Airport Authority revealed that its 195-acre Pittsburgh Airport Innovation Center, known locally as Neighborhood 91, would focus on additive manufacturing (AM).

Tech 101: Exoskeletons

Construction Dive

Whether powered or passive, the wearable technology helps alleviate fatigue and keep more workers on the jobsite. Here's more information about their use in construction and market availability

TaskEasy CMO Hosting Webinar on Marketing Landscaping Business in the Digital Age

Green Industry Professionals

Learn how to attract new customers online using Google


Avoiding Frostbite on the Jobsite

Construction Business Owner

When winter is upon us, so too are its challenges. Colder temperatures bring rain, snow and ice, and these seasonal safety risks can wreak havoc, causing more slips, trips and falls. As such, having proper safety footwear to weather the season is paramount

Italian Town Offers Free Houses

Natural Building

You can move into an old stone building in Sicily for free! The mayor of Cammarata is trying to save his town from population decline. He plans to do so by having local families who have abandoned their homes hand over their properties to new owners — with no money exchanged.