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5 Key Construction HR Management Issues — And How Technology Can Help


Managing human resources in construction can bring a series of complex challenges. But modern technologies are simplifying the processes

What Ethical Problems Every Contractor Should Know Before Signing An Agreement

Contractor Bookkeeping

Today's Guest Article Is From Lynsey Ken. Apparently, there have been several approaches to ethical-related issues in recent years, and the approaches have played an integral role in representing the foundation of different lifestyles and religions in the world today.

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Water Demand in Water Supply System

The Constructor

Water demand has to be determined in order to design a proper water work project. Water is required mainly for residential, institutional, industrial. Environmental Engg per capita demand variations in water demand water demand Water Supply

Modular construction: threat or opportunity?

Construction Dive

“I would encourage the leaders of E&C firms to think about what could be their sweet spot 10 to 15 years out,” a McKinsey partner said. “It’s time to get moving &rdquo

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Net Zero House Lawsuit Filed Against Home Builder

Green Building Law Update

A lawsuit has been commenced in Maryland alleging that two net zero homes are not. The facts are gleaned from a review of the court pleadings and are instructive for everyone buying or selling a green building.

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7 reasons that cause construction project delays

Lets Build

Regardless of your role in construction, you’ll have noticed that almost all the construction projects don’t finish in their contractual finish date. In fact, a delayed project has become a very normal thing to witness and at a certain point, it almost feels like it’s an unavoidable outcome.

How can and should data from construction wearables be collected?

Construction Dive

The International Safety Equipment Association will try to develop best practices for the use of data from wearable safety devices

Safety 130

Texas Adopts International Swimming Pool and Spa Code

Contractor Magazine

Use of model code will improve safety of pools and spas throughout the state

Dutchland Tank Installation Showcased at Lynchburg WWTP

PC Construction

Last Wednesday, our construction team onsite at the Lynchburg Wastewater Treatment Plant hosted a Hard Hat Luncheon to celebrate and showcase the installation of the four-million-gallon precast post-tensioned combined sewer overflow tank for the City. All Projects Water & Wastewater Treatment

Sewer 87

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Construction reports and reporting: An in-depth guide

Lets Build

A guide to construction reports and reporting In the construction industry, there are numerous items that a project team needs to be aware of on a daily basis. While everyone can share this information by word of mouth or multiple emails, there is an easier way.

Recent deadly accidents, new regulations put crane safety in the spotlight

Construction Dive

While crane companies bear the brunt of safety obligations for operators and equipment, general contractors and developers aren't off the hook and need to know their roles, industry experts say

Are Your Technicians Building Lifelong Customers?

Contractor Magazine

The real question is, do your clients feel that your technicians care about and respect their homes


What is Rock Reinforcement?

The Constructor

Rock reinforcements are additional supports provided to the rock structures to improve its stability and load carrying capacity. Rock reinforcement. Geotechnical Engineering Improvement of rock mass rock engineering rock reinforcement

Optimizing Cement Grinding by VRM

GCP Applied Technologies

Optimizing Cement Grinding by VRM. Phillip.fry@gc…. Mon, 07/01/2019 - 09:30. GCP Applied Technologies. July 01, 2019. GCP Applied Technologies works with cement producers to help them overcome challenges such as high vibration and poor cement performance.

4 tips to better manage your field crew

Construction Dive

Efficiently managing your field crew plays an important role when it comes to staying in budget and on schedule. Building a foundation for a successful staff requires processes, discipline and proper resources to get the job done

Budget 111

11 Essential Management Truths

Contractor Magazine

You can attend seminars and college to learn business management. But here are 11 essential truths about management that you will not learn in business school

4 Different Types of Geological Formations of Groundwater

The Constructor

Groundwater is an important natural resource. The precipitation infiltrates into the ground and travels down until it reaches impervious stratum and. Geotechnical Engineering Hydrology Water Resources Aquiclude Aquifer Aquifuge Aquitard

Formwork (Shuttering) for Concrete [Its Types, Design]


Formwork (shuttering), centering and scaffolding are temporary works built for carrying out the construction of buildings. Formworks are used for structures such as: 1. Columns of any shape (rectangular, circular, Read more Formwork (Shuttering) for Concrete [Its Types, Design].

Construction spending slides in May despite predictions

Construction Dive

Recent reports underscore the volatility of the construction business since the Great Recession — or maybe the variations in how different agencies and groups gauge the economics

Utilizing Construction Technology to Cope with Labor Shortages

Contractor Magazine

How BIM 360 Can Help Increase Productivity of Labor Force While Improving Retention, Recruitment and Morale

BIM 87

Basic Components of a Building’s Superstructure

The Constructor

The structural components of a building constructed above the ground level constitute the superstructure. The basic components of a building’s. Building Technology Guide building components superstructure

Pratt & Whitney Creating 100 Jobs In Oklahoma Expansion

Business Facilities

The aerospace company will make a multimillion-dollar investment to upgrade its existing facilities at the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex based at Tinker Air Force Base. Read: Pratt & Whitney Creating 100 Jobs In Oklahoma Expansion at

4 tips to better manage your field crew

Construction Dive

Efficiently managing your field crew plays an important role when it comes to staying in budget and on schedule. Building a foundation for a successful staff requires processes, discipline and proper resources to get the job done

Budget 107

Construction Financial Reporting – Why It’s Important and How To Do It


When someone thinks of the excitement of constructing a new building, financial reporting immediately comes to mind. We’re kidding of course. For a lot of people financial reporting is something they don’t enjoy. Nevertheless it an important part of any construction project.

Branch Civil Seizes Opportunity to Change Everything

Construction Equipment

Branch Civil, a site development, design-build, and heavy-highway contractor based in Roanoke, Virginia, recently merged two companies doing similar work, one with a local focus and one with a regional focus. But that’s only part of the story. If the merger wasn’t a formidable enough task, Branch

Delaware: Where The World Chooses To Do Business

Business Facilities

The Port of Wilmington is being transformed into the largest logistics hub on the Delaware River with a $600-million investment from Gulftainer in upgrades, including a new TEU terminal. Read: Delaware: Where The World Chooses To Do Business at

WSJ: Investors are pumping billions into construction technology

Construction Dive

This year's capital injections into contech have totaled more than $4 billion, putting 2019 on track to surpass last year's $6 billion

World’s tallest modular building rises in Singapore


Last week, construction of the world’s tallest modular buildings was completed in Singapore. The Clement Canopy building consists of two 40-story towers with 505 luxury apartments, located in the heart of this city’s residential and Kent Ridge Education Belt districts.

What is Transported Soil?

The Constructor

Transported soil is weathered soil deposits that are transported from one place to another by natural agents like wind, water, and glaciers. Based on. Geotechnical Engineering aeolian soils alluvial soils colluvial soils soil mechanics transported soils

Amazon Bringing 2,000 New Jobs To Costa Rica

Business Facilities

The decision will increase Amazon's total employment in Costa Rica to 9,500, making the company the country's largest employer in the services sector. Read: Amazon Bringing 2,000 New Jobs To Costa Rica at

Exoskeleton standards could spur broader use on the jobsite

Construction Dive

A lack of guidelines for the wearable technology that augments workers' physical ability is slowing its adoption

Anti-Regulation Insanity

Contractor Magazine

Let’s take a minute to remember the reason we have government regulation in the first place