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Top 5 Takeaways from the 2021 ProContractor Summit

Viewpoint Construction Technology

And that’s a wrap on ProContractor Summit 2021! Here’s a look into 5 of the top customer takeaways from this year’s conference. Viewpoint News

Episode 9: Navigating the Process of Recordable Incidents

Safety Services Company

Do you believe zero incidents is possible? Or if it’s a good goal to strive for? Truth is… you can’t eliminate risk It’s everywhere. But you can minimize it, and learn how to better respond to recordable incidents, and train employees to avoid them in the future.


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Four Things To Consider Before Expanding Your Service Offerings

Contractor Bookkeeping

If you're looking to grow your construction business, you might consider expanding your service offerings. Adding additional services is an excellent way to increase your profitability, diversify your income and expand your market.

What Is OTS In House | Open To Sky In House Purpose In House


What Is OTS In House? OTS is full form is Open To Sky. It is an area in a house plan, which directly opens to the sky and is covered … What Is OTS In House | Open To Sky In House Purpose In House Read More ».

Reimagining How Construction Companies Capture Progress Tracking

Speaker: Felipe Engineer-Manriquez, Christopher Gagliardi, George Hedley, and Jason Nichols

Join our esteemed panelists for their discussion on the importance of progress tracking which ultimately touches upon every digital aspect within the construction cycle. Our thought-leaders' years of experience on the job sites can help you build a better future at your company.

Empowering Electrical Techs with Modern Work Order Tools

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Stop burying your electrical techs in administrative processes and let them focus on their real work with connected, mobile work order applications. Construction Best Practices

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10 Types of Flooring used in Construction with their Advantages and Disadvantages

Learn Civil Engineering

Mud Flooring Dirt, raw soil, or other unworked ground materials are used to create earthen flooring, Mud flooring is also known as Adobe flooring. It is commonly made of a mixture of sand, clay, and finely chopped straw in modern times.

Signs of Water Damage In House | Signs of water damage In Walls


Most people like to think that we will be able to spot signs of water damage in our homes. But the damage is not always immediately visible on the home. … Signs of Water Damage In House | Signs of water damage In Walls Read More ».

Get a Better Way to Pay Your Trade Partners

Construction Business Owner

Promote to rotator Yes. Rotator Image. Status of webinar Featured. Thu, 10/28/2021 - 12:00. 1 p.m. New tech solutions on the market make construction payments simple. Connect to your current accounting system to schedule disbursements exactly when and how you want to improve payment efficiency.

Equipment Maintenance Management in Construction Sites with 7 Strategies

The Constructor

It’s no secret that the pieces of equipment used in construction firms are expensive, complex, and crucial for completing projects within the. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Equipments

Huh? Ugh! LOL: The Top Ten-tions of Construction Law and Contracts

Speaker: Matthew DeVries, Construction Law Attorney and National Blogger

The construction environment changed more in 2020 than any prior year—whether the parties were faced with government shutdowns, new health and safety restrictions, or overall financial strains. Yet, many projects remained on target and successfully reached the finish line this year. The rights and responsibilities of parties involved in a construction project are mainly dependent upon the contract or agreement between them, and there is no better time than to review your contractual obligations to identify risk pitfalls and ensure success. Join construction law attorney and national blogger Matthew DeVries as he discusses the top tensions on a construction project and how to avoid disputes.

COVID Concerns Compel Changes


Everything last year and this year has some connection to COVID-19. Rules, regulations, health concerns, and mandates in general have had ties to the pandemic. Buildings aren’t immune to the concerns of those who will occupy them.

Denver 103

Architectural Symbols For Doors, Window, Sanitary Fitting, Plumbing, Kitchen and Building Materials


What Area Architectural Symbols? Architects must have knowledge of different types of architectural symbols and signs that are generally used in drawing.

8 Common Mistakes you Should Avoid when Buying a House

Learn Civil Engineering

To stop renting today and owning a house is undoubtedly everyone’s dream, and people do whatever it takes to fulfill this wish. However, sometimes buyers make simple mistakes that can become a pain for them. To avoid such errors, you must know all the common mistakes.

Construction Underway on Department of Mental Health Recovery Residence

PC Construction

This morning the shovels officially hit the dirt to kick off construction for the new Department of Mental Health Recovery Residence in Essex, Vermont. The new 20,000-square-foot, 16-bed physically secure mental health residence will address.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Protecting Your Business From Fluctuating Materials Prices

Construction Business Owner

Protecting Your Business From Fluctuating Materials Prices. Alex Headley. Thu, 10/14/2021 - 08:17. All construction industry stakeholders are aware that material prices, especially lumber, have seen steep increases that are unprecedented in the United States.

Solar Roof Tiles: Features and Benefits

The Constructor

Solar roof tiles are mini solar panels that are installed in a way similar to traditional roof tiles. Just like solar panels, they are made out of. Building Technology Guide


Startup Ecosystems Are Everywhere

Business Facilities

A tidal wave of venture capital is fueling a boom in startups around the world. Locations are racing to establish thriving startup ecosystems that make them magnets for unicorns.

PC Team Delivers for Easterseals Northeast Central Florida

PC Construction

Several months ago, I visited the local Easterseals facility to learn more about what they do and how PC might be able to help with any upcoming projects. We learned that what they really needed.

The Rising Interest of Exosuits

Construction Business Owner

The Rising Interest of Exosuits. Alex Headley. Fri, 10/15/2021 - 07:30. A few years ago, I worked with a warehouse stocker named John who had injured his back and was looking to return to full duty.


JOC Pay as you go service – More expensive

Job Order Contracting

Some public sector agencies think JOC pay as you go services are appropriate and cost effective.

How Down Payment Loans Affect the Housing Market

Pro Builder

How Down Payment Loans Affect the Housing Market. ldeakins. Fri, 10/15/2021 - 09:43. First-time buyers are struggling to keep up.

Debt 91

Proof of Truth for IoT


Counterfeiting has been a problem for thousands of years. The obvious choice for forgery in the ancient world was money. In fact, forging currency appeared in Ancient Greece , almost at the same time as the minting of the first coins in the Greek province of Lydia.

FAQ 91

5 Tips to improve SEO for Architecture Firms


Do you want to go back to focusing on the work you love to do? Do you wish that attracting prospective architectural clients was as easy as sitting back and letting the clients come to you? There is one way to help make it that easy: Focus on ways to improve your website's rank on Google.

Public Procurement Professionals

Job Order Contracting

Enhancing Integrity in Public Procurement, requires public sector procurement professionals to improve their performance in achieving efficiency and advancing public policy objectives.

Sustainable Building and Design in Australia

Natural Building

This contemporary Australian home by Sustainable Building and Design, completed in 2020, showcases what is possible when sustainability is the goal. The clients wanted to create a comfortable, healthy, attractive home with a small carbon footprint and low maintenance requirements.

Lumber and Concrete Prices Fall in September

Pro Builder

Lumber and Concrete Prices Fall in September. ldeakins. Fri, 10/15/2021 - 09:57. What the latest PPI report means for construction goods.

Doral Renewables Picks Indiana For Largest U.S. Solar Farm

Business Facilities

The Israel-based company will invest $1.5 billion in Northwest Indiana and bring 1.3 gigawatts of clean energy to the region. The post Doral Renewables Picks Indiana For Largest U.S.

Plate Load Test – Its Procedure, Limitations, Advantages & Precautions

Learn Civil Engineering

Plate Load Test The plate load test is performed in the field to find out the bearing capacity of the soil or how it can be settled at each increment under the given load. This test is really useful for designing the foundation, especially the shallow foundation. Easy to determine the bearing capacity of the […]. Geotechnical Engineering Test advantages Bearing Capacity calculation Equipment Foundation Settlement Limitations Method Plate Load Test Precautions Procedure

From Slurry to Savings


Hydro-excavating, using injected water to loosen and remove aggregates, creates a secondary problem, what to do with the slurry that results? Compared to traditional digging and excavating, hydro-excavating is a much faster, safer and more environment friendly process than digging.

The Best Way to Install Housewrap

Pro Builder

The Best Way to Install Housewrap. kcichowicz. Thu, 10/14/2021 - 12:00. Proper installation is essential when working with weather-resistant barriers (WRBs) such as building or house wraps. Even when up to code, the performance of these materials can be compromised by improper installation.

Northrop Grumman Opens Alabama Facility For Next-Gen Missile Work

Business Facilities

Northrop Grumman is adding 500 more workers in Huntsville, AL as it expands its work on a next-generation ICBM project.

Inside GVWR & GAWR Rules & Regulations

Construction Business Owner

Inside GVWR & GAWR Rules & Regulations. Alex Headley. Mon, 10/11/2021 - 07:35.