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Lean Construction Technique: Why it Matters

The Constructor

The lean construction can be understood as a technique used to design production systems in a construction environment with an aim to decrease time, Construction Engineering & Management lean construction

Should contractors risk moving into niche building sectors?

Construction Dive

Construction firms should understand the challenges of a new line of work, including the possibility of slower payment schedules, diversity hiring goals and technology expertise

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What is the Get It Right Initiative (GIRI) and Why Does it Matter to Your Business?


The Get It Right Initiative, or GIRI aims to bring contractors together to identify new ways to boost productivity and project quality. Construction Best Practices

Low Carbon Concrete for the First Time Required by Law

Green Building Law Update

The negative environmental impact of concrete, the most common man made substance on Earth, has not been meaningfully responded to in 2020. Cement use in concrete is the largest single material source of greenhouse gas emissions in building.

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Magnesium Phosphate Cement: Characteristics, and Advantages

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Magnesium phosphate cement (MPC) is harden rapidly and gain highs strength in a short time, ranging about several hours to the level of normal. Concrete Technology Concrete Types in Construction Concrete Types Magnesium Phosphate Concrete special concrete

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Continental To Build $110M Manufacturing Plant In Texas 

Business Facilities

The company’s second automotive manufacturing location in Texas will retain nearly 450 jobs and bring an additional 130 jobs to New Braunfels. Read: Continental To Build $110M Manufacturing Plant In Texas at

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Ransomware Attack on Construction Company Raises Questions about Federal Contracts


cnstrctr Insight The article originally posted by the CBC sheds some light on a new issue that construction companies are having to deal with in the modern day economy. Hacking and or cyber attacks are becoming a more regular occurrence and are no longer targeting governments.

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Light Gauge Steel Frame Building Construction

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Light gauge steel frame construction is an innovative and reliable construction method which is broadly used in the world and has surpassed wood. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Construction Engineering & Management Steel Structures Structural Engineering Steel Frame

Report: 2.7M construction jobs could be automated by 2057

Construction Dive

The Midwest Economic Policy Institute study suggests a roadmap for helping workers that are displaced by automation

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Contour To Add Airline Base At Indianapolis International Airport

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The Tennessee-based regional airline's new nonstop routes will create up to 55 new jobs in central Indiana by the end of 2023. Read: Contour To Add Airline Base At Indianapolis International Airport at

Your Guide to Preventing Jobsite Falls

Construction Business Owner

Your Guide to Preventing Jobsite Falls. Elizabeth Manning. Thu, 02/06/2020 - 11:26.

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House Passes Bill to Accelerate Border Wall Construction


cnstrctr Insight The article that we are featuring today was posted in the Arizona Capital Times and addresses a vote which was recently had in the House which allows private property owners to construct a wall or fence without prior approval from the municipality.

Modular Monitor: PCL, Clark, DPR, Mortenson, others embrace offsite construction

Construction Dive

Like their modular competitors, traditional builders are benefiting from the use of prefabricated components

Databricks Growing In The Netherlands

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The U.S.-based based data analytics company will invest $110 million at its European headquarters in Amsterdam over the next three years. . Read: Databricks Growing In The Netherlands at

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Construction Cost Audit Fundamentals

Job Order Contracting

The following is an outline of basic Construction Cost Audit Fundamentals when reviewing a construction cost estimate and conducting a construction cost audit. Construction Cost Audit Fundamentals.

What is Mat Foundation? Functions, Uses, and Construction

The Constructor

A raft or mat foundation is a large rectangular or circular continuous concrete slab that carry the entire loads of structure above and spread it. Concrete Work Procedure Foundation Engineering Geotechnical Engineering How To Guide Work Procedures

Extreme winter construction requires important safety precautions

Construction Dive

Pre-planning is critical to ensure that projects remain on schedule and, more importantly, that workers stay safe when subfreezing temperatures, ice and snow hit, says Rockford Construction's safety director

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Six Effective Ways To Save Money As A Construction Business Owner

Contractor Bookkeeping

We are always looking for ways construction contractors like you save time and money. These tips will help you make a noticeable difference to your bottom line. Reduce staff costs. Without a doubt, having someone to help deal with routine tasks can significantly improve productivity.

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Timber grows up


Anyone who doubts that mass timber is mainstreaming into commercial, institutional, and multifamily construction should direct their gaze toward Arkansas.

Radiographic Evaluation of Concrete

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Radiographic evaluation of concrete involves the use of radiographic test on building elements to examine the internal condition of concrete. How To Guide Non-Destructive Tests Concrete Technology Concrete Tests

Alaska construction spending to near $7B in 2020

Construction Dive

The state has a lot of construction going on year after year, with 41,300 jobs related to construction in 2018 averaging wages of almost $80,000 a year

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Types of Formwork In Construction

Civil Lead

Formwork Formwork is a mould or supporting structure into which concrete is poured until it attains sufficient strength to carry its own weight. It should be strong and capable of carrying all imposed dead and live loads apart from its own weight.

Passive House picks up steam


Millennium Partners is in the process of building Winthrop Center, a $1.35 billion mixed-use tower in Boston’s Financial District that, when completed in 2022, will have more than 1.8 million sf of residential, office, and retail space that will pursue LEED Platinum certification.

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Failure Modes in Concrete Beams: Flexural and Shear Failure

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Failure modes in reinforced concrete beams are classified into two major types which include flexural failure and shear failure. The former occurs. Beam Design Structural Engineering Structural Design

Construction issues linger at $1.1B US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis

Construction Dive

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority is in mediation with multiple parties involved in the design and construction of the venue

Manitou 2019 Sales Up 11%

Construction Equipment

Manitou reported 2019 revenue of about $2.3 billion (2.09 billion euro), up 11 percent over 2018 numbers, with North American sales up 15 percent. The company forecast 2020 sales to decline about 10 percent. “?The The group ended the year 2019 with a revenue that exceeded the 2 billion euro mark fo

Virginia Economic Review

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The current issue of Virginia Economic Review explores the world of Big Data, the explosion of cloud computing and data center investment, and how data is remaking industries and altering the geography of economic opportunity. Read: Virginia Economic Review at

Compounds in Cement and Their Influence on Concrete Strength

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Compounds in cement mainly are tricalcium silicate, dicalcium silicate, tricalcium aluminate, and tetracalcium alumino ferrite. Not only do these. Concrete Technology Tests on Cement Cement Hydration of Cement

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Komatsu to unveil semi-autonomous bulldozers

Construction Dive

The Japanese construction equipment manufacturer is launching new products aimed at easing the shortage of skilled dozer drivers

3 Sustainable Building Trends & How to Implement Them

Construction Business Owner

3 Sustainable Building Trends & How to Implement Them. Elizabeth Manning. Mon, 02/03/2020 - 11:09. Add more sustainable building practices to your list of 2020 resolutions. Here's 3 big trends in green construction and how you can implement them in your business

JOC TASK ORDER Process Overview – USACE

Job Order Contracting

The following is a JOC TASK ORDER Process Overview as defined by the USACE. A Job Order Contract involved Projects and/or Task Orders. Each Project requires at least one Task Order.

Europe’s first LEGOLAND Water Park is set to open


LEGOLAND’s first water park in Europe, and the first in the world to be included in a non-LEGO theme park, is set to open in Italy’s Gardaland Theme Park