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The New Normal: 8 ways the coronavirus crisis is changing construction

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5 Questions About Your Construction Software You Should Be Asking Now


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4 Ways To Protect Your Workforce During COVID-19

FDR Safety

The world has changed and it may never get back to exactly where it was before. As many are settling in to their “new normal” at home, we at FDRsafety have been meticulously learning and implementing programs for the “new normal” on the job site.

OSHA 156

How To Manage Your Construction Firm's Cash Flow During Crisis

Contractor Bookkeeping

Dealing with unexpected cash-flow difficulties, even if you're working hard to avoid shortfalls, is hugely distracting. A formerly reliable client might take much longer to pay than anticipated leaving you out of pocket.

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

What Is Well Foundation | Component of Well Foundation


What Is Well Foundation? Well foundations are used in India for centuries because of providing deep foundations below water for monuments, bridges, and aqueducts. For example, the famous Taj Mahal of Agra stands on well foundations.

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Managing absenteeism and uncertainty on the jobsite

Construction Dive

Robust safety policies and transparent communication are the keys to keeping team members comfortable, engaged and coming back to work

Supreme Court Permits State Law Claims Against Superfund Property

Green Building Law Update

In an instructive environmental law decision last week, the U.S.

What Makes a Strong Project Manager

Construction Business Owner

What Makes a Strong Project Manager. Elizabeth Manning. Thu, 04/30/2020 - 09:33. The attributes and abilities any project manager needs to possess to succeed on a construction project

Did You Miss Our Global Supply Chain Webinar?

Business Facilities

In this free video webinar, Rosemary Coates, Executive Director of the Reshoring Institute, discusses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global supply chain. Read: Did You Miss Our Global Supply Chain Webinar? at

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You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Construction to resume in Pennsylvania with many new protocols

Construction Dive

When contractors across the state get back to work Friday, they will be required to include safety practices unheard of before the pandemic

The experts have spoken: We can and should be optimistic despite COVID-19

Lets Build

That point expressed by Dr Jan Mischke, Partner at McKinsey Global Institute, was one of the main conclusions of the virtual Town Hall on how the Coronavirus outbreak will shape the future of the construction industry.

Construction Continues Amidst COVID19 Concerns


Weekly Construction News Analysis. The post Construction Continues Amidst COVID19 Concerns appeared first on cnstrctr. Construction News construciton essential service construction news coronavirus covid19 essential essential service washington construction

Harlingen, Texas Supports Small Business During Pandemic

Business Facilities

City of Harlingen and Harlingen EDC set aside $1 million to launch Harlingen’s Emergency Loan Program (HELP) for Small Business. Read: Harlingen, Texas Supports Small Business During Pandemic at

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The Dotted Line: 4 ways to interpret construction contracts amid coronavirus

Construction Dive

Though the pandemic's full impact is still unknown, know which contracts you have and their terms, attorneys say, because the "devil is in the details "

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ASHRAE, WELL panels to tackle revising standards to limit spread of viruses in buildings


Both ASHRAE and the International WELL Building Institute have formed panels to address how building standards could limit the spread of viruses such as COVID-19 in buildings


How Prefabrication can help build Emergency Buildings? [PDF]

The Constructor

With the outbreak of Covid-19 in many countries, there is an increasing and urging demand for isolation facilities and hospitals. When China built. Building Building Materials Building Technology Guide Building Tips Construction corona emergency buildings off-site construction prefabrication

Amazon Creating 800 New Jobs In Georgia 

Business Facilities

Amazon will further expand its presence with a new fulfillment center in Appling, GA, adding to its current workforce of over 3,500 full-time employees. Read: Amazon Creating 800 New Jobs In Georgia at

Using technology to enhance workflow fundamentals

Construction Dive

In one of the least digitized industries, technology finds a vital role in contractors' strategy and workflow

4 next-gen technologies that are changing construction today


For most of the last decade, emerging technologies designed to transform the built environment weren’t much more than fun toys to play with. They lacked sophistication and the ability to promote true efficiency and accountability or analyze data. Not anymore.

Volvo Units Provide Covid-19 PPE

Construction Equipment

Businesses across Volvo Group’s North American footprint are providing personal protective gear for U.S. healthcare professionals. Volvo Penta is manufacturing personal protective gear in two of its U.S. facilities, and distributing them to local healthcare workers. In Chesapeake, Virginia

Industrial Parks: Cities Of Industry

Business Facilities

The world’s largest industrial parks cover hundreds of square miles and rest in the center of titanic logistics networks. These mega-sites literally are metropolises of manufacturing. Read: Industrial Parks: Cities Of Industry at

Coronavirus contech headquarters: How contractors are using tech to continue essential work

Construction Dive

A roundup of Construction Dive stories focused on contech solutions helping to push construction forward during the pandemic

Storage Silos – Types & Advantages [PDF]

The Constructor

A silo is a pit structure used to store bulk materials like cement, carbon black, woodchips, etc. in large industries. Based on the bulk material it.

Tesla Cybertruck Will Float ‘For a While’

Construction Equipment

Gas and diesel pickup trucks have a huge disadvantage compared to electric trucks when it comes to deep water, according to Inside EVs. The air intake often limits the wading depth for combustion-engined trucks. That’s not the case with electric pickups like the Tesla Cybertruck, a car that can

Planning for life in cities after the pandemic


We’ve been here before. . In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, heavy clouds hang over words like “density” and “urban”.

Dust, debris can be deadly: Study finds healthcare construction training lacking

Construction Dive

Researchers found construction companies need to make sure their superintendents, workers and subcontractors working in or near hospitals and other facilities are aware of the dangers they can pose to patients

Concrete Sealing Compounds – Features & Types [PDF]

The Constructor

Concrete sealing compounds or concrete sealers are liquids applied on the hardened concrete surface to prevent the penetration of deicing solutions, Building Tips Concrete Durability Concrete Technology Concrete Sealing Compounds-Properties & Features Features of Concrete Sealing Compounds Types of Concrete Sealers

Difference Between long Column and Short Column

Civil Lead

The column is the most important component of RCC structure. Various types of columns are used in the structure.

How to Grow Your Business Using Specialty Equipment

Construction Business Owner

How to Grow Your Business Using Specialty Equipment. Elizabeth Manning. Wed, 04/29/2020 - 13:27. Consider diversifying your construction company's service offerings with specialty equipment. Here's why you should rent

Construction begins in China on world's largest soccer stadium

Construction Dive

Work on the $1.7 billion, 100,000-seat Guangzhou Evergrande stadium began last week and is set for a 2022 completion date

Application of Lasers in Highway Engineering [PDF]

The Constructor

In this era of technology, the use of lasers has a very vast application in highway engineering.

HCEA Looks to Move 170-ton Hauler

Construction Equipment

On December 4, 2019, the online auction site 4theSELLofit listed a Terex 33-15 end dump located in Stroud, Oklahoma. A scrapper bought it for $4,900. Historical Construction Equipment Association (HCEA) members Eddy Larson and Rick Vosika heard about the deal, and contacted national director Larry