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Bridging Generation Gap In The Construction Industry

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These days, it’s inevitable that a diverse group of older and younger workers cross paths in the construction industry. After all, the young, tech-savvy, socially conscious demographic known as Gen Y (Millennials) and Gen Z are currently the largest living generation in the U.S.,

Plastering – Purpose, Requirement & Technical terms

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Contractor confidence plummets to record low amid crisis

Construction Dive

In the latest Construction Confidence Index from Associated Builders and Contractors, firms reported historic declines in expectations for sales, profit margins and staffing levels

Cash and the coronavirus: 4 ways contractors can collect and borrow

Construction Dive

The ability to maximize cash during and after the pandemic is key to a contractor's survival, financial experts told Construction Dive

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

What Is Measurement Book | How to Write Measurement Book | Recording Measurement Book


What Is Measurement Book? “Measurement Book” is an important Record Where measurements are recorded for the work done by the contractor, or for the materials received in the site or services rendered.

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Taking High-Tech To New Heights In Arizona

Business Facilities

In Arizona, advanced manufacturing is busy integrating new technologies into products and processes, transforming industries, outputs and the workforce they require to succeed in today’s global market. Read: Taking High-Tech To New Heights In Arizona at

Coronavirus crisis inspires industry collaboration: 'We're all in this together'

Construction Dive

Contractors, subs, suppliers and owners are coming together to post photos, lay out best practices and combine insight for toolbox talks to overcome jobsite challenges posed by the pandemic

5 steps to prevent common construction schedule delays

Lets Build

Construction schedule delays are a common problem within the industry and for a very good reason. As reported by McKinsey and Company, an average project in construction is expected to experience a minimum 20-month delay and an 80% budget overrun.

3 Reasons You Should Hire Trained & Certified Floorcovering Installers

Construction Business Owner

3 Reasons You Should Hire Trained & Certified Floorcovering Installers. Elizabeth Manning. Wed, 04/22/2020 - 14:23. General contractors across North America are facing never before seen challenges.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Utah’s Response To The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Utah’s unified, direct and robust response to the crisis serves as a role model to other states during these challenging times. Read: Utah’s Response To The Coronavirus Pandemic at

Utah 84

AIA index points to major downturn in commercial construction

Construction Dive

The record decline in billings reflects how quickly business conditions have changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and portends a grim outlook

AIA 130

IoT system helps contractors keep their distance on the jobsite


Many contractors are asking themselves how social distancing can be executed practically on jobsites so their workers can operate safely. As expected, products are starting to emerge that address these concerns

Why Now Is the Right Time to Work on Your Company Culture

Construction Business Owner

Why Now Is the Right Time to Work on Your Company Culture. Elizabeth Manning. Thu, 04/23/2020 - 18:50. Your company culture could be the driving force keeping key talent away. Improve your employees' working environment to keep the good ones around and hire a better team

Focus Services Creating 200 Jobs In North Carolina

Business Facilities

The Utah-based customer contact solutions company will invest $1 million to establish a new operations center in Tarboro, NC. . Read: Focus Services Creating 200 Jobs In North Carolina at

Contractors, Army Corps of Engineers transforming buildings into makeshift hospitals

Construction Dive

Contractors are also speeding up on some traditional hospital projects to quickly make room for a soaring number of COVID-19 patients

230,000 U.S. Bridges Need Repair

Construction Equipment

Nearly 230,000 U.S. bridges need major repair work or should be replaced, according to an American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) analysis. The figure represents 37 percent, or more than a third, of all U.S. bridges. If placed end-to-end, the length of these bridges would

US 108

What is Self-Sensing Concrete? [PDF]

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Self-sensing concrete is a smart concrete technology that can sense the stress, strain, and damage in itself. It is also called as self-monitoring or.

Oswego County Partnerships Develop In Response To COVID-19

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Educators from SUNY Oswego are meeting a critical need during the COVID-19 pandemic by producing protective face shields for healthcare workers and first responders in Oswego County, NY. Read: Oswego County Partnerships Develop In Response To COVID-19 at

Software companies develop tech safety nets to measure social distancing

Construction Dive

Using image-capture data or GPS sensors, developers say their applications can notify workers and superintendents in real time if workers don't maintain social distancing

Defects in timber | Causes of timber defects

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Defects in timber We had already discussed about what is timber and common timbers in India. But in this post we are going to discuss about defects in timber, various defects in timber, causes of timber defects etc.

Curing of Concrete by Carbon-dioxide [PDF]

The Constructor

The curing of Concrete elements by diffusing carbon-di-oxide into it under controlled pressure and temperature is one of the popular methods of.

Carolinas: Developing A Successful Workforce

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Both North Carolina and South Carolina continue to take steps to ensure their workforces are able to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow, today. Read: Carolinas: Developing A Successful Workforce at

Study shows the benefit of real-time 3D technologies

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Also known as digital twins, RT3D representations, which allow for evolving, virtual versions of the built environment to be visualized during planning phases, are poised for AEC industry growth

Pipeline Project Halted After Slurry Spill

Construction Equipment

The Hays County Commissioners Court in Texas voted unanimously this week to rescind permission for the project to cut through and drill underneath county roads. The move comes after a drilling mishap by a pipeline construction crew in neighboring Blanco County spilled tens of thousands of gallons

Texas 99

Geometrical Requirement of Aggregates as per European Standards [PDF]

The Constructor

The aggregates used in the production of concrete are inert granular materials such as gravel, crushed stone, sand, slag, recycled concrete, and. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Concrete Technology Material Testing Guide Tests on Aggregate European standards

Arkansas Businesses Show Fortitude In The Face Of Pandemic

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Arkansas businesses and organizations are finding ways to continue serving their customers during the COVID-19 crisis, while others are stepping up to help their fellow citizens. Read: Arkansas Businesses Show Fortitude In The Face Of Pandemic at

DPR repurposes 360-degree imaging for crucial WeWork project inspection

Construction Dive

The contractor facilitated a critical fire marshal inspection at The Gulch in Nashville, Tennessee, that would have otherwise been canceled due to social distancing guidelines

Virtual site visits help control infection on project sites


COVID-19 has shut down non-essential construction projects in some areas and slowed progress in others. Where projects are considered essential, they face disruptive physical distancing requirements, schedule delays, and restrictive onsite visits. .

Site 101

Tips for Selection of Materials for High Strength Concrete [PDF]

The Constructor

The materials used to produce high strength concrete (HSC) should be of high quality to achieve designated concrete compressive strength. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Building Tips Concrete Technology High Strength Concrete construction Materials

How Richmond Logistics Firms Are Pivoting During COVID-19

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Businesses that will survive the coronavirus pandemic are those that adapt to the challenges and continue to serve existing and new customers. Read: How Richmond Logistics Firms Are Pivoting During COVID-19 at

Thinking beyond traditional paradigms to finance modular construction

Construction Dive

Components are completed faster and with fewer mistakes when they're built in a factory. Here's how to get financing when most lenders say "no "

It's time to make your back-to-the-office plan


Congratulations! Your organization has successfully pivoted to remote work and settled into a new routine. Now, it’s time to start preparing for your return to the office