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Social distancing and site monitoring tech rapidly rolling out to US construction sites

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Tools to help keep jobsites safe and productive, which should have been the norm long ago, will be around long after the coronavirus pandemic dissipates, construction tech experts say

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11 Steps in Construction of Multi Storey Buildings

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Hello guys,welcome to the Expert Civil blog, today we are going to discuss about Eleven Steps in Construction of Multi Storey Buildings, i hope you will like it. What are the Eleven phases of construction?

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Will The Corporate Footprint Shrink Due To COVID-19?

Business Facilities

A CoreNet Global survey reveals corporate real estate professionals' belief that remote work and virtual meetings will last beyond the COVID-19 crisis, and the corporate footprint will likely shrink as a result. Read: Will The Corporate Footprint Shrink Due To COVID-19? at


Lack of Trust has Doomed the Construction Sector

Job Order Contracting

LEAN Construction Planning, Procurement, and Project Delivery. One thing is for certain, no one can solve a problem without asking the right questions.

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Construction Business Communication Strategies During A Pandemic

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Most small business owners face a time in their career when they have to communicate in ways or about topics they aren't confident with. COVID-19 has put construction business owners in the position of having many conversations that are uncomfortable and stressful.

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Modular Monitor: Offsite offers unique answers to healthcare systems in a crisis, Part 2

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A month after the niche leapt to the occasion to address immediate, mid- and long-term needs, we have a snapshot of its successes and shortcomings, and a revised look at the future


Why Employee Assistance Programs Are Valuable During & After COVID-19

Construction Business Owner

Why Employee Assistance Programs Are Valuable During & After COVID-19. Elizabeth Manning. Thu, 05/07/2020 - 10:19. How to help your employees and their families during and after the coronavirus pandemic with employee assistance programs


How to Construct a Concrete Swimming Pool? [PDF]

The Constructor

Concrete is the most commonly used material when it comes to swimming pool construction. A concrete swimming pool is designed to take up full water. How To Guide Construct swimming pool How to Construct Concrete Swimming Pool Procedure to Construct Concrete Swimming Pool swimming pool

COVID-19 Resources for Australia


There's a lot of information on how Covid-19 will shape the future of construction in Australia. We've gathered resources to you keep you up-to-date. Viewpoint News

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Bay Area construction opens to new set of rules and guidance

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Companies must work with owners to re-imagine “essential” onsite personnel, create work shifts and structure the layout of the way work is performed, says AGC of California CEO Peter Tateishi

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How to Take Care When Restarting Equipment

Construction Equipment

Why Should I take extra care after prolonged periods of downtime? If equipment is unused for long periods of time, a number of things can happen that will cause trouble during restart. Here are just a few examples: Pneumatic and hydraulic filters can be contaminated with water Pneumatic and

A Guide To Construction Tower Cranes


The workhorses of construction sites around the world. The post A Guide To Construction Tower Cranes appeared first on cnstrctr. Construction News Division 01 - General Requirements Featured Articles General Construction Knowledge construction contractor crane crane safety how are tower cranes used?

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5 Key Features of Viewpoint Team


Viewpoint Team is the perfect solution for UK contractors looking to increase project collaboration, productivity and profits. Viewpoint Technology

AECOM posts record $42B backlog amid COVID-19 crisis

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The Los Angeles-based multinational contractor also saw revenue increase 5% compared to last year's Q2 as most of its 50,000 projects have continued despite the pandemic

How to Navigate the Scheduling Impacts of COVID-19

Construction Business Owner

How to Navigate the Scheduling Impacts of COVID-19. Elizabeth Manning. Wed, 05/06/2020 - 17:21.

Construction Clients: Who is the conductor of your project orchestra?


Construction Clients: Who is the conductor of your project orchestra? As a career starting architect, some 30 years ago, I considered Jørn Utzon as one of my top 5 hero architects to look up to.

What is Dynamic Cone Penetrometer(DCP)? [PDF]

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Dynamic Cone Penetrometer, or DCP, is a tool used for evaluating the strength of soils on site. It also helps with monitoring the condition of.

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Thermal cameras monitor construction worker health on NYC contractor's jobsites

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Technology can help ensure employee safety but privacy issues need to be considered too, says Associated Builders and Contractors

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Classification of buildings based on occupancy

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Classification of buildings based on occupancy As we know that, a building may be classified based on different parameters like occupancy, load transfer in the structure, materials used, degree of fire resistance, etc.

How to Make Your Business Work Without You

Construction Business Owner

How to Make Your Business Work Without You. Elizabeth Manning. Wed, 05/06/2020 - 10:58. Help your construction company operate more efficiently by taking yourself out of the equation and giving your employees responsibilities

What are Construction Site Layout Considerations? [PDF]

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Many considerations need to be accounted for while setting the layout of the construction site, for example, considerations for site access, offices.

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Report: Q1 hotel construction pipeline strong despite pandemic

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Hotel projects under construction in the first quarter were at an all-time high, but hotel owners are extending their opening and construction start dates by four to six months

Reopening Main Street post-COVID-19 quarantine


Bringing people back downtown and to shopping streets will require confidence that the health crisis is abating, and a future outbreak will be minimized.

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Yanmar’s next gen rubber duck

Digger Blog

Yanmar Compact Equipment EMEA has taken the wraps of the next generation of its B75W compact wheeled excavator. Read Full Article: The Construction Index

What is the Laying and Jointing Procedure of Concrete Pipes? [PDF]

The Constructor

The laying and jointing of concrete pipes must be done with high precision and efficiency to achieve a leak-free and robust joint between two. Building Technology Guide Concrete Technology How To Guide Precast Concrete Water Resources Water Supply Work Procedures

Wearable technology in the time of COVID-19

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Proximity Trace™ is helping general contractors comply with new safety protocols to get back to work safely

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5 valuable questions building engineers will be asking after COVID-19


There are so many unanswered questions we are sorting through during this pandemic. The big one for me is: what will be the new normal in the post-COVID-19 world and to what extent will the way we interact with the built environment change?

Covid-19 Could Be Boon for Drone Industry

Construction Equipment

While Covid-19 has slowed or stopped most on-site projects, new drone delivery services have surfaced. But according to Drone DJ most business within the drone segment is not dropping off, because work still has to get done. Dan Burton, CEO of DroneBase, says the company inspects wind turbines

How to do Filling in all Type of Works and its Measurement? [PDF]

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Nurses contracted by Tampa, Florida, officials drop in on jobsites in fight against coronavirus

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Developers are behind the new initiative and are paying for the visits to the city's bigger construction projects amid pressure to prep for Super Bowl 2021

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Improving Construction Planning, Procurement, and Project Delivery

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INTRODUCTION. Significant improvement across the AECOO sector (architecture, engineering, construction, operation, owner) requires an understanding of the critical parameters.

How One Fabricator Uses ALPOLIC MCM as His Calling Card in the Residential Market


The future of residential metal architecture is bright. . . In Western Canada, Excelsior Architectural Product is forging new ground with several projects that speak to a bold future of residential architecture. One recent project, a new home for the owners of Tamanna Concept, Ltd.,