Commercial Construction Labor Trends & Hiring Strategies: Why Young Hires are Good Business for General Contractors

Commercial Construction

If you’re like me, your social media feed this month is filled with photos of happy graduates celebrating commencement and getting ready to begin the next chapter of their lives. Hopefully, we’ll see some of those fresh young graduates heading toward a career in commercial construction.

Key points to consider ahead of the 2017 ABC Workforce Week

John Chaney

The Associated Builders and Contractors’ (ABC) 2017 Workforce Week is almost here, and that makes it a great time to look back on the year and celebrate the successes of ABC peers. Workforce Week, held Feb. 28 through March 3 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.,

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What You Need to Build a Successful Construction Business

Construction Marketing Blog

The construction business is rising again as the economy improves and outlooks are brighter, which is great for construction business owners. It is an exciting prospect to stop surviving and start thriving and growing your business!

Passive House is “In” in 2017

Green Building Law Update

As you consider what’s “in” and what’s “out” in 2017, within the realm of green building, Passive House is in.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Common Construction Industry Myths – Debunked


The construction industry has been the subject of jokes, myths and rumours for decades and, while some jokes are funny, the misconceptions have actually harmed the industry. Getting the wrong idea about the construction industry has led to lots of talented, creative people – of all stripes – choosing to work in other sectors, leaving construction short of good workers.

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7 Ways To Test Your Potential For Starting A Business

Best Practices Construction Law

As a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs, the most common question I get is, “I want to be an entrepreneur -- how do I start?” The obvious answer is that you need an idea first, but I’ve come to realize that the process is really much more complex than that.

Segmentation of Precast Walls in Revit

BIM & Beam

In this post of the Structural Precast series I would like to touch upon the topic of segmentation of precast walls. Segmentation of precast walls can be done automatically or manually. Before we run the automatic segmentation we should check and adjust the Configuration Settings.

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10 Reasons to upgrade to Sage SQL Estimating 17.11

Cassell Construction Estimating Blog

No more corrupted or misplaced estimate files- all estimates are stored in the faster, more stable Microsoft SQL database. Virtual Licensing eliminates the need for physical USB devices and product activation codes. No more passwords with more robust, granular, Estimating Security Groups Shared report and screen layouts created by administrators can’t be accidentally overwritten, while still [ ] The post 10 Reasons to upgrade to Sage SQL Estimating 17.11

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OSHA Electronic Records Submission Delayed, But Not for Long

FDR Safety

OSHA recently announced another delay in the deadline for employers to electronically submit their 2016 injury and illness data to the agency. While there are plenty of indications that the new agency leadership will seek to reconsider, revise, or even rescind the amended recordkeeping rules, it appears that the most recent deadline, December 15, 2017, will stand.

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Tax Reform Impact on Employers and Employees

Revit OpEd

The new federal Tax Bill has many provisions that impact employers with respect to their employees. By Paul S. Drizner and Michael Lobie. Editor’s note : This blog was originally published as a Client Alert by Seyfarth Shaw LLP. Republished with permission. .

Commercial Construction Project Management: Managing What You Don’t Control

Commercial Construction

I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a control freak, but as a national general contractor, it’s part of the job description to be the one calling the shots and telling everyone what to do on a complex commercial construction project.

Construction Haikus—Contest of Unique Content—Winner is Forthcoming

John Chaney

Recently we ask Dexter + Chaney clients to channel their inner creativity and create construction haikus. Each year, towards the end of April, Dexter + Chaney hosts our annual user conference, Connect 2017 in downtown Seattle.

How to Successfully Use Email Marketing to Drive Conversion

Construction Marketing Blog

Don’t be so quick to blame email marketing for your woes. It may not be email itself, but rather, how you send email. Email open-rates may be underwhelming, but email has a ROI of 3800% , higher than any other digital form of marketing. So clearly, email can be very successful.

25 HR Compliance Terms to Know for 2018

Green Building Law Update

In addition to the holiday parties and secret santa gift exchanges, the end of the year also brings organizational compliance processes as your HR department gets ready to wrap things up. If you’re not an expert in this area, or even if you are, there’s never a bad time for a terminology brush-up.

Advanced Airfoil Components Manufacturing Facility Lands In Tampa

Business Facilities Blog

Siemens and Chromalloy Gas Turbine Corporation have chosen Florida’s Hillsborough County as the headquarters location for their new joint venture, Advanced Airfoil Components.

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An Excellent Blockchain Article on Property Rights

Collaborative Construction

The article excerpted below deserves your full attention if you have any interest the future of real estate. The blockchain today performs the same function that a record of ownership provided in the 11th century BC.

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Comfortable and Surprisingly Spacious Tiny House

Jetson Green

The recently completed NestHouse, built by Jonathan Avery of Tiny House Scotland is quite possibly all a tiny home should be. It’s modern, spacious and cozy, and would fit perfectly into any environment.

The voting begins: 26 blogs compete for the 2017 Best Construction Blog competition

Construction Marketing Ideas

The two-month popular voting period has started for the 2017 Best Construction Blog competition. There are 26 entries representing a diversity of businesses and organizations, including several international entries.

Digital Dryshack # 93: GASP ! (10 Generally-Accepted-Scheduling-Practices)

Cassell Construction Estimating Blog

Most of our work lately has been P6 training, and I find myself during that training to be referring often to Generally-Accepted-Scheduling-Practices. However, I don’t know if a written set of such practices exists – yet. So the purpose of this blog is an attempt to do just that, condensing my 30 years of construction [ ] The post Digital Dryshack # 93: GASP ! (10 10 Generally-Accepted-Scheduling-Practices) appeared first on Cassell Consulting - Construction Operations Consulting.

Pausing to remember the bad old days before OSHA’s creation

FDR Safety

Much of the discussion about OSHA these days is about whether the agency has gone too far with some of its regulations and programs. No matter where you stand, though, it is good every once in a while to remember the reasons for OSHA’s creation.

Understanding IoT in Construction


In 1990, John Romkey connected the first ‘thing’ to the internet , a Sunbeam Radiant Control toaster. The seemingly odd experiment intended to prove the internet could be used to physically control an object, and it was successful. He used the internet to make toast.

How to Avoid 3 Common Commercial Construction Scheduling Delays

Commercial Construction

Compared with a few short years ago, commercial construction moves at an incredibly fast pace today.

Cold Weather Safety Tips for Construction

John Chaney

With more than 450,000 global users in 17 countries, we understand not all projects are the same or require the same solutions. When one side of the world is focusing on heat safety, the other is ramping up for cold weather worker exposure.

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Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Mobile Marketing

Construction Marketing Blog

Our 2017 Construction Marketing Outlook survey had some interesting findings. Of the internet marketing tasks construction professionals wanted to increase and decrease, 46% said they wanted to increase mobile marketing, the second lowest priority task. Further, 7.7%

LEED Commercial Interiors can Save the Planet

Green Building Law Update

By Katie Stanford and Stuart Kaplow. LEED Commercial Interiors projects present the best single opportunity for greening buildings. The proof is in the numbers. There are more than 5.6 million existing commercial buildings in the United States today. And despite the wildly successful U.S.

PUF Building 1 Million-Square-Foot Cannabis Facility In Australia

Business Facilities Blog

Canada-based PUF Ventures Inc. will build a 1 million-square-foot greenhouse operation, with large scale manufacturing, processing and office facilities for the cultivation, production and manufacture of medical cannabis and associated products in Australia.

Great Summary of How Fusion Works

Collaborative Construction

The Holy Grail of energy production, the ability to harness the power of fusion looms as a more realistic goal than ever. The article linked below provides a nice summary for the lay person. I found the image below particularly informative.

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Unique Approach to Increasing the Sustainability of Old Buildings

Jetson Green

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has recently come up with an interesting and unique solution to turning an old, 1970’s apartment building into a very sustainable complex.

Oldcastle Building Solutions blog: A powerful and comprehensive resource

Construction Marketing Ideas

When I first viewed the Oldcastle Building Solutions blog, I thought: “This looks like one that would be published by a professional media company/publisher.” ” In fact, Oldcastle is a building materials supplier, with more than 2,000 locations in North America.

Use CM When Your Client List Is Full of Building Contractors

Wolgast Corporation Blog

Uncommon (and Common) Reasons to Use Construction Management. What is CM Delivery? One of our Construction Management (CM) clients recently stated that starting a large construction project is similar to drinking from a fire hose. He has appreciated relying on us to help him through the process.

Deep Shaft Cleaning Machine Installed at Blue Plains AWWTF

PC Construction Blog

It is no secret that Washington D.C. has struggled with outdated sewer systems, especially during major rain events. These events overwhelm the current system and cause combined sewer overflow to dump untreated sewage and stormwater. All Projects Water & Wastewater Treatment

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The benefits that good Design Managers and good BIM Managers bring are by no means mutually exclusive.


One of my daughters is aiming to become an architect. She gets a bit defensive about it, going it that direction, I supposedly have been putting her off the profession for a long time. Verbally and otherwise.

New Ideas for Old Shopping Malls: 3 Ways Retail Developers are Remixing the Shopping Center Experience

Commercial Construction

Brewery-based restaurant concepts, such as this BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse Englewood Construction recently completed in Fort Wayne, Ind., are popular additions to existing malls.

Retail 235