Brinno Construction Time Lapse Camera

Construction Marketing

The Brinno Time Lapse Camera is a great way to record any construction project. Recording a construction project used to be very time consuming and could be very expensive however, Brinno has changed all that.

Jennifer Lanzetti Launches Cn3D Construction

Collaborative Construction

My friend and long term member of Collaborative BIM Advocates Jennifer Lanzetti recently launched her own company, Cn3D Construction and I''m excited to share the news with readers of the blog.

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2015 Commercial Construction Industry Trends and Predictions

Commercial Construction

It has been another whirlwind year at Englewood Construction and we are happy to report that our predicted 2014 commercial construction trends came true, which has meant a lot of new projects on our end.

Bluebeam Tip: Improving Estimating (Take-off) Measurement Accuracy

Carol Hagen

Bluebeam Revu provides measurement tools ideally suited for construction estimating take-off.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Digital Dryshack Blog #70: The “Swing”

Cassell Construction Estimating

I recently read The Boys in the Boat , a birthday gift from daughter #1, and a recent #1 NY Times Bestseller by David James Brown. If you’re not familiar, it’s about the University of Washington spoiling a gold medal sweep in the 1936 Olympics by Hitler’s Germany.

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The Best Kept Secret in Green Building - a Conversation with Jerry Yudelson

Green Building Law Update

I had a conversation with Jerry Yudelson last week, six weeks after he became the President of the Green Building Initiative, the non profit with the rights to distribute Green Globes in the United States. Jerry is known to many in the green building world.

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Employers, not government, responsible for determining need for PPE

FDR Safety

An important principle governing the use of personal protective equipment was reaffirmed recently in a Washington state case involving a bank guard who was stabbed and was not wearing body armor.

Cover Story: 2014 Business Facilities – Metro And Global Rankings

Business Facilities

By Business Facilities Staff. From the July/August 2014 issue.

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Dynamo Now Pre-Installed with Revit

BIM & Beam

Autodesk’s open source computational design tool Dynamo is now automatically installed with Revit as of Revit 2015 R2. Using visual programming and popular scripting, it is possible to drive Revit geometry by programmatic means, super charging the design process.

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Tennessee Is BF’s 2013 State Of The Year

Buisness Facilities Contributed Content

The Volunteer State, which also won the magazine’s top honor in 2009, joins Texas as the only multiple winner in the annual competition since the award was created in 2007 (the Lone Star State won in 2012 and 2007).

Top 4 Benefits of Using Social Media For Your Construction Firm

Construction Marketing

Using social media for some brands and companies is a no brainer. It seems like almost every company in the United States and around the world has at least some sort of social media presence. The construction industry however is one industry that has been very hesitant to fully embrace social media.

How small is too small for IPD?

Collaborative Construction

My good friend Oscia Wilson, the founder and president of Boiled Architecture, knocks the question out of the park. Oscia is also the the author of The Owners Guide to Starting Integrated Projects. I strongly encourage you to click the link and get a copy of that book on your shelf!

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How Trusting Relationships Build Better Commercial Construction Projects

Commercial Construction

Englewood Construction is currently negotiating a contract with Mrs. Green’s to convert former Fox and Obel in Chicago. Like most businesses, the commercial construction industry is a relationship business.

Bluebeam Tip: How to Make AutoCAD Text Searchable in PDFs

Carol Hagen

Bluebeam Revu is used by many Architects and General Contractors that also use AutoCAD. When you convert AutoCAD files to PDF, there’s a setting that you’ll want to check if you want to make the text searchable in your PDF.

DD # 72- Why the Cloud works for Business Travelers

Cassell Construction Estimating

Our work took us up to Alaska the first week of December, always a trip that I look forward to. Some people call it crazy, but I enjoy Alaska in the winter as much as in the summer. One reason is that only Alaskans are there this time of year, as all the tourists have gone home or elsewhere.

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Public RFPs: What Do We Do With You?


I’ve spent the past four years starting a construction company through the public bidding process. While I have arguably been successful in doing this, it has not come without plenty of headache, heartache, and just plain unimaginable stress.

Straight From The Procurement Professional’s Mouth

Help Everybody Everyday

In this episode of the Design and Construction Marketing Podcast, I speak with procurement professional Hal Good. Hal talks about what it’s like to be on the other side.

2014-AWARD-WINNING PROJECT: Bibliotheque du Boise, Montreal

SAB Magazine

The crafting of this project was compelling - from the site planning, through the programming, right down to the execution of the details. The building has a variety of beautifully lit and welcoming spaces, in keeping with the new role that libraries play as community living rooms.

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Cover Story: 2014 Business Facilities Rankings Report

Business Facilities

By Business Facilities Staff. From the July/August 2014 issue .

Linking Autodesk Revit and Robot Structural Analysis Professional - Whitepaper Update

BIM & Beam

This whitepaper contains the updated information on the latest SMXX format as well as the analytical model enhancements in Autodesk Revit. SMXX is the binary file format that contains information about the structural model

FEATURE STORY: 2014 Economic Development Awards

Buisness Facilities Contributed Content

By Business Facilities Editorial Staff. From the March/April 2014 issue. Every year, we move from the big-picture telescope we use to spot major developments in the economic development landscape and put the hundreds of new incentives and initiatives that cross our desk under the microscope.

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The Construction Industry’s Recovery

Construction Marketing

Despite many positives in the construction industry right now such as the high demand for skilled labor and that most construction firms are willing to prove higher wages for skilled workers, Alan Greenspan is pointing a finger of blame in construction’s direction.

Twitter for Construction

Collaborative Construction

FieldLens is a communications platform developed by construction industry professionals for construction industry professionals.

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The Most Successful 2013 Commercial Construction Trends

Commercial Construction

Workers finishing the exterior of one of the many extended stay type hotels Englewood completes each year. With 2013 behind us, we wanted to look back at the year that was in the commercial construction industry.

Bluebeam Tip: Working Efficiently with Tabs and Panels

Carol Hagen

Bluebeam provides you with many options for configuring your profiles including the ability to position tabs within panels. Panels can be split into multiple areas to allow accessing multiple tabs in the same panel at the same time. This maximizes the usable space in the panels.

DD# 71: Time Impact Analysis for Schedule Extension

Cassell Construction Estimating

On a recent trip to Hawaii, one of our clients brought a problem to our attention that we’ve heard numerous times before. Their original one-year contract term had grown to eighteen months (and counting).

Construction Fatalities Infographic From Maxwell Systems


Infographic by Viewpoint

SEIU uses new opening to go along on OSHA inspections

FDR Safety

OSHA last year cleared the way for union representatives to accompany OSHA compliance officers on worksite inspections even if the union doesn’t represent the company’s workers, and now the consequences are being felt.

5 Ways I Use Landing Pages To Identify Potential Clients

Help Everybody Everyday

Last week, I let you in on the secret weapon I’ve been using for the last year to grow my lists of potential clients. I even shared with you my personal results.

Cover Story: High-Tech Hubs

Business Facilities

Business Facilities (BF) Magazine. With smart new regional growth strategies and generous federal funding initiatives, high-tech hubs are springing up all over the United States. Cover Story: High-Tech Hubs appeared first on Business Facilities (BF) Magazine.

New Structural Analysis 360 Beta Feature Now Available

BIM & Beam

A new feature is available for users of Structural Analysis 360, the cloud based analysis service for Autodesk Revit Structure. Users of the service are now able to view and investigate the analytical model used by the analysis service directly from within their WebGL enabled web browser.

FEATURE STORY: 2013 Economic Development Deal of the Year Awards

Buisness Facilities Contributed Content

Apple’s new manufacturing facility will rise on the site of the former First Solar plant in Mesa, AZ. Photo: solarsystems-usa.net). By Business Facilities Editorial Staff. From the January/February 2014 issue. Project Title: Apple Manufacturing Facility.

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WorkHands: A Social Media Site for Construction Workers

Construction Marketing

WorkHands is a social media network that is for skilled workers that are in the construction and manufacturing industries. The site is styled after LinkedIn. The main purpose of the website is to better connect employers with skilled workers in the United States. Work Hands Features.

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