Job Order Contracting – The Legal Side

Building Information Management

This is an example of Job Order Contracting from a legal perspective and that of a school district in Texas. This is NOT intended as ANY form of legal advice or counsel, but simply to share information relative to efficient construction project delivery methods. source: [link]. Magnolia ISD 170906.

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4 Safety Tips Every Construction Worker Should Know

Construction Marketing

Worried about your safety at work? Construction sites are full of potential hazards and sometime accidents are unavoidable. More often, though, incidents can be prevented with clear thinking and precautionary measures.

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Commercial Construction Trends and Predictions for 2016

Commercial Construction

A continuing construction labor shortage will result in higher pricing and scheduling challenges in 2016. As we close in on the finish line for 2015, we’re happy to report it’s been a terrific year at Englewood Construction and for many others in the commercial construction industry.

The Greatest Challenge Facing the Construction Industry


Overall growth in the construction industry indicates now is the time for contractors to take advantage of an improving economy to expand their business.

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Bluebeam Tip: Adding a Responsibility Column with a Choice to your Worklist

Carol Hagen

The Punch and Back Check, Design and Constructability Reviews and Estimating Take-off are all top construction workflow that Bluebeam Revu improves for the general contractor and specialty trade alike.

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A Little More Deming

Collaborative Construction

Deming contended fixing the SYSTEM fixes the PROBLEM. And construction, like mfg when Deming was doing his work, needs a SYSTEM fix. A couple of examples. When conducting a forensic analysis of project files in preparation for litigation it''s easy to identify the date the project went off the rails.

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Aloha Ken Wagner

Cassell Construction Estimating

The Cassell Team is sad to announce the retirement of our Senior P6 Consultant, Ken Wagner.

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Government Ownership of Rain is Antithetical to Increased Potable Water

Green Building Law Update

Against a backdrop of California experiencing the worst drought in its history and the U.S.

Safety off the job for July 4th

FDR Safety

July 4th is a good time to remember that safety for employees shouldn’t end when the work day is over. Fireworks are potentially hazardous, and anyone who intends to use them this weekend should be very aware of safety. The Consumer Products Safety Commission offers the following tips for using fireworks. Make sure fireworks are legal in your area before buying or using them and be sure to purchase your devices from a licensed distributor.

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You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Free Document Management App For Contractors

Contractor Bookkeeping

Everybody hates tax time because of all the paperwork and receipts that need to be gathered and sorted. Problem solved! If you can take a picture and talk, you can capture all of your expenses in the cloud on the Amazon Backbone and retrieve them anytime you need them

3 Golden Rules Of Proposal Design

Help Everybody Everyday

Proposal design is a challenging topic. Everybody seems to have their own opinion about what your proposals should look like. As someone trying to get a proposal out the door, dealing with proposal design can be frustrating.

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2015 Construction Marketing Survey Results

Construction Marketing

To further understand current marketing plans and priorities in the construction industry, the Construction Marketing Association conducted a national survey of construction professionals. The following questions were asked: 1.

Trends in Construction: 3 Ways Technology is Changing Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

The use of technology and apps for daily construction reporting, sharing photos and scheduling look-aheads has become common practice on today’s commercial construction job sites.

Back and in the Black


Greetings folks. It has been a while since I’ve sat down and put thoughts to keyboard in this blog. So to paraphrase that song from AC/DC, I’ve been too long and I’m glad to be back. Construction Management with John Chaney

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Bluebeam Revu: Site Planning 101

Carol Hagen

Site Planning just became easier with the Blubeeam Revu 2015 release thanks to the new Sketch Tools. Whether you want to place a crane, trailer or define a temporary parking lot you can now define dimensions and also create scalable tools to reuse with your common site plan items.

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Smartphones and tablets are coming to the job-site. Now what?


This is a guest post by Yves Frinault, CEO of Fieldwire. A field-first construction management app. There was a time when mobile devices, particularly smartphones, were dainty, sacred idols too expensive to risk destroying out in the field. Certainly not something to put in the hands of a gruff hammer-swinging-craftsman. But times change. Smartphones are everywhere and construction workers are no exception. Foremen now have access to powerful phones and tablets on-site.

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A Harsh Assessment of Architecture

Collaborative Construction

I''ve been pleading with my architect clients for years to pay attention to the emergence of new virtual planning and design tools and, more importantly, the way those tools are being used to increase efficiency and productivity in the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of facilities and infrastructure over time.

DD# 83: Publishing a Project Web Site

Cassell Construction Estimating

If you are limited on your IT budget for P6 licenses and still want to allow stakeholders to view project data you can use the non-licensing publishing feature in Primavera P6.

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Vicki Worden on the New Green Globes and Her Commitment to the Mission

Green Building Law Update

I had an opportunity some days ago to speak at length with Vicki Worden, the Executive Director of Green Building Initiative. Readers of this blog will be interested in what this thought leader in the green building movement has to say. We spoke after the public comment period commenced on the GBI’s revision to its Green Building Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings that forms the basis for the current version of Green Globes for New Construction.

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U.S. appeals court rules against OSHA on machine guards

FDR Safety

A federal appeals court has ruled against OSHA in a case stemming from a fatal accident involving a lathe at a manufacturing plant, saying that the agency’s interpretation of its regulations on machine guards “strains a common sense reading.”. The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that regulations were designed to protect workers from “point of contact risks and risks associated with the routine operation of lathes, such as flakes and sparks.” The accident at a Loren Cook Co.

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Business school on path to becoming Largest Net-Zero Energy Building in Southeastern U.S.

Contractor Magazine

Darla Moore School of Business showcases the university’s commitment to efficient energy usage as it is anticipated to become the first net-zero energy higher education facility of its kind. read more. Commercial Plumbing

Are You A Contractor Who Babysits Your Bookkeeping Department?

Contractor Bookkeeping

Did You Hire A Bookkeeper For Your Construction Company And. Now You Feel Like You Have An Adult Day Care Center? Is efficient bookkeeping difficult to achieve? Is your construction company under utilizing software? Do you have lack of confidence in your QuickBooks financial and Job Costing Reports?

8 Best Practices to Decrease Your Accident Rate and Increase Your Approval Rate

Construction Marketing

In most workplaces, accidents are a nuisance for worker and a headache for HR. However, at construction sites, accidents are potentially industry-ruining.

3 Solutions to Help Solve the Commercial Construction Labor Shortage

Commercial Construction

Bill Di Santo, president of Englewood Construction (second from right), and the Englewood accounting team receiving recognition from the Chicago Chapter of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) for participating in their 2014 Accounting Intern Program.

Business is Booming, But How is Your Business?


It’s certainly been a busy start to 2015. The economy is growing. Construction business is booming again and everyone in our industry – from owners to contractors to vendors – is scrambling to try and keep up with significantly greater workloads.

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Making Interactive Plan Sets (Auto Mark and Batch Link)

Carol Hagen

Today’s Tip will help everyone working on the project by making Interactive (Navigable) Plan Sets. Using vector based plans is key to making interactive plan sets so the sheet index is hyperlinked to each page.

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Finding the Right Location for Your Headquarters


If you are involved in the construction industry, image is important, especially if you are chasing large contracts. The people who make the big decisions need to have confidence in you and your firm, which is why you need to give the appearance of being a competent and professional company.

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The Built Industry's Backwards Bicycle

Collaborative Construction

Tanner Clark , the Director of BIM/VDC Construction Services for Stuart Olson out of Canada recently asked me, "Why is the uptake of BIM and IPD so slow in the Built Industry?"

Press Release: CCi’s Groundbreaking Integration Partnership with Procore

Cassell Construction Estimating

Partnership leads to an exciting software integration: Sage to Procore Interface. Vancouver, WA July 13, 2015: Cassell Consulting announces our Sage Estimating to Procore Interface will be released in August.

Climate Change Scientist Andrew Weaver Wins Libel Case Against Canadian National Post

Green Building Law Update

Canadian climate change scientist Andrew Weaver won a widely watched defamation lawsuit against the National Post last week.

New OSHA recordkeeping rules creating confusion

FDR Safety

New OSHA recordkeeping rules that went into effect this year are creating confusion among employers about the definition of an amputation and how to quickly determine if an incident that occurred after work hours is actually work-related, according to an article in Business Insurance magazine. The new rules, which went into effect Jan.

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Monthly Plumbing Quiz: Health and Safety

Contractor Magazine

This month’s quiz covers health and safety regulations on the job site. Safety compliance not only helps protect employees, it can reduce liability insurance, help prevent downtime, and help avoid serious fines from H&S inspectors. read more. Best Practices Media Galleries Plumbing