Commercial Construction Trends and Predictions for 2016

Commercial Construction

A continuing construction labor shortage will result in higher pricing and scheduling challenges in 2016. As we close in on the finish line for 2015, we’re happy to report it’s been a terrific year at Englewood Construction and for many others in the commercial construction industry.

The Greatest Challenge Facing the Construction Industry

John Chaney

Overall growth in the construction industry indicates now is the time for contractors to take advantage of an improving economy to expand their business.

Ways to Make your Construction Project More Memorable

Construction Marketing Blog

Everyone involved in a construction project, from the designers to the architects, builders, surveyors and more will want nothing but success for their efforts.

Groundbreak 2016 is Coming.


Once a year, the construction industry elite come together to share everything they know about disrupting the status quo and breaking the chains of outdated construction technology solutions—it's called Groundbreak.

2017 Construction Forecast: A Post-Election Update

What's on tap for construction's economic fortunes in 2017?

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Bluebeam Tip: Adding a Responsibility Column with a Choice to your Worklist

Carol Hagen

The Punch and Back Check, Design and Constructability Reviews and Estimating Take-off are all top construction workflow that Bluebeam Revu improves for the general contractor and specialty trade alike.

OSHA’s misguided view on safety incentive programs

FDR Safety

OSHA is again taking a misguided stand against safety incentive programs as part of an effort to protect workers from retaliation for reporting injuries or illnesses. As reported by InsideOSHAonline.com , the agency has drafted a policy paper titled “Protecting Whistleblowers: Recommended Practices for Employers for Preventing and Addressing Retaliation,” that will be finalized after the agency considers public input, due Jan.



Collaborative Construction

The Value of Trust Based Cultures Trust based cultures breed success while contempt and failure flourish among the mistrustful. Elite fighting forces, championship sports teams and successful project teams operate in trust based cultures where individuals often sacrifice themselves to protect others.

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Five Architecture Marketing Trends that Won’t Change in 2015


It’s a new year and that means it’s time for content creators all across the world wide web to forecast what the new trends and expectations will be for the architecture and design world!

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Using Drones in Construction For Better Project Outcomes

Construction Informer

Google+. This post is sponsored by Drone World Expo being held at the San Jose Convention Center, November 17 to 18, 2015.

Trends in Construction: 3 Ways Technology is Changing Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

The use of technology and apps for daily construction reporting, sharing photos and scheduling look-aheads has become common practice on today’s commercial construction job sites.

Locally Sourced

John Chaney

There are many reasons to take pride in being part of the construction industry. Ours is an industry that builds wealth and a better standard of living by actually creating something, not just through creative finance.

4 Safety Tips Every Construction Worker Should Know

Construction Marketing Blog

Worried about your safety at work? Construction sites are full of potential hazards and sometime accidents are unavoidable. More often, though, incidents can be prevented with clear thinking and precautionary measures.

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Construction Health Indicator (We're keeping score.)

The Construction Health Indicator is a daily pulse of the construction industry.

The Ultimate Construction and Technology Cheat Sheet (Part 1)


Your company’s growth is always constrained by the amount of work you and your crew can effectively manage. You probably gained great efficiencies when you went from a paper-based system to one based on spreadsheets and other solutions, and your business grew accordingly.

Smartphones and tablets are coming to the job-site. Now what?


This is a guest post by Yves Frinault, CEO of Fieldwire. A field-first construction management app. There was a time when mobile devices, particularly smartphones, were dainty, sacred idols too expensive to risk destroying out in the field. Certainly not something to put in the hands of a gruff hammer-swinging-craftsman. But times change. Smartphones are everywhere and construction workers are no exception. Foremen now have access to powerful phones and tablets on-site.

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Is BIM the answer?

Extranet Evolution

As a collaboration commentator and occasional BIM speaker, I was one of several bloggers recently asked to comment on the UK’s BIM push for a Microsoft technology blog. As often happens, 90% of what I wrote ended up ‘on the cutting room floor’ ( read the full post – including other people’s contributions – here ). Just in case anyone’s interested, here’s the rest of what I wrote … Is BIM the answer to stabilising the industry?

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Bluebeam Studio: The Most Powerful, Overlooked Feature in Revu

Carol Hagen

While Bluebeam has 650,000+ users worldwide (as of August 2014) and growing, less than 10% of the customers use the free collaboration tool inside, Bluebeam Studio. Once you realize what it can do, you’ll be asking yourself, “Where have you been all my life?”,

OSHA says confined space standard for construction coming

FDR Safety

OSHA is again promising that a final rule is forthcoming on confined space in construction, and a top agency official said that the standard generally aligns with those for general industry. If that comes to pass, that will be good news as it will provide clarity on an issue that needs it. But before anyone gets their expectations up, it is worth noting that OSHA has made similar predictions before that the standard was imminent, only to have the target date pass by in silence.


The Built Industry's Backwards Bicycle

Collaborative Construction

Tanner Clark , the Director of BIM/VDC Construction Services for Stuart Olson out of Canada recently asked me, "Why is the uptake of BIM and IPD so slow in the Built Industry?"

Tallest Modular Building Going up in NYC

Jetson Green

Apartment prices in New York City are skyrocketing, with demand still driving the prices up. To help alleviate this problem, the architecture firm nARCHITECTS are in the process of constructing a modular building, which will feature only very small apartments.

Job Order Contracting – The Legal Side

Building Information Management

This is an example of Job Order Contracting from a legal perspective and that of a school district in Texas. This is NOT intended as ANY form of legal advice or counsel, but simply to share information relative to efficient construction project delivery methods. source: [link]. Magnolia ISD 170906.

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3 Solutions to Help Solve the Commercial Construction Labor Shortage

Commercial Construction

Bill Di Santo, president of Englewood Construction (second from right), and the Englewood accounting team receiving recognition from the Chicago Chapter of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) for participating in their 2014 Accounting Intern Program.

Adapting to Changing Technology

John Chaney

The other day, gifted with a rare bit of free time, I decided to visit one of my favorite websites, ESPN.com, and catch up on spring training baseball news. I was met with a brand new site design that was far different to the ESPN I had been used to.

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8 Best Practices to Decrease Your Accident Rate and Increase Your Approval Rate

Construction Marketing Blog

In most workplaces, accidents are a nuisance for worker and a headache for HR. However, at construction sites, accidents are potentially industry-ruining.

Switching from Primavera Contract Management? 3 Questions You Should Be Asking


You've been told that Primavera Contract Management won’t be releasing any new updates. What will happen as your business needs grow and your project management solution doesn't?

Finding the Right Location for Your Headquarters


If you are involved in the construction industry, image is important, especially if you are chasing large contracts. The people who make the big decisions need to have confidence in you and your firm, which is why you need to give the appearance of being a competent and professional company.

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Holographic collaboration, anyone?

Extranet Evolution

Trimble partners with Microsoft to bring Microsoft HoloLens wearable holographic technology to construction – integrating with the GTeam collaboration environment.

Our Bluebeam Tips and Blog Posts are Moving

Carol Hagen

“Flowers arranged to ALOHA, Hilo, Hawaii” by Father of JGKlein, used with permission – Father of JGKlein, used with permission.

OSHA looking to increase civil, criminal penalties

FDR Safety

OSHA is recommending legislation that would increase civil penalties and index them for inflation, as well as increasing criminal penalties. OSHA Administrator Dr. David Michaels has said before that OSHA penalties need to be stronger and previously took administrative action to do so.


A Harsh Assessment of Architecture

Collaborative Construction

Montgomery County to Abandon LEED Mandating IgCC for All Building

Green Building Law Update

Montgomery County, Maryland has proposed adopting the International Green Construction Code 2012. At first blush this might sound like a good thing, until one considers that Montgomery County has long had mandatory green building laws for public and private construction, and the County today also offers significant incentives for green building.