Deconstruction and Reuse: The Future of our Built Environment.

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I do believe that we can reimagine our world and our built environment in such a way that we can pull ourselves out of this trend and this tremendously expensive habitual behavior. Our speakers and presenters represent some of the leading practitioners and thinkers in our industry. The post Deconstruction and Reuse: The Future of our Built Environment. Environment Deconstruction ReuseHave you ever watched a building come down?

Presentation on Forensic BIM for the NAHB

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In January I will be presenting at the National Association of Home Builders International Builder''s Show in Las Vegas. The presentation, titled Forensic BIM , explores the scope and nature of the legal duties owed by built industry professionals and manufacturers in a BIM environment.

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Win More Shortlist Presentations

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But more often than not, the final selection depends on your ability to win it during the “shortlist presentation.” Read till the end for a chance to win your very own copy of Speak Simple: The Art of Simplifying Technical Presentations.

Blending past, present, and future at a research center


How do you create an environment that will attract the world’s leading scientists to the center of an industrial technology and manufacturing park? In short: By drawing on the past, present, and future to create a setting for scientific research and collaboration for today and beyond.

AIA Colorado West Presents 2016 Design Awards

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Western Colorado architects recognized for excellence in designing the built environment

CEO Warrior Founder Mike Agugliaro to present at IE3 Show in Nashville

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Mike Agugliaro, founder of CEO Warrior, a business mentoring and coaching for service business owners, will attend and present at ACCA’s 2017 conference and IE3 Expo, the Indoor Environment & Energy Expo.

BIM Strategy for the Built Environment

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Link built environment to organizational mission and efficiently manage all physical and functional aspects. Goals. Move from being 80% Reactive 20% Preventative to 80% Preventative 20% Reactive (or less)… and reduce overall cost and environmental impact.

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Accelerate Live! talk: Work in progress—How the office environment drives innovation, SageGlass (sponsored)


. Workplaces that spur innovation challenge the conventions of the traditional office environment. They're designed to benefit the health and wellbeing of team members, above all us.

Construction Cost Estimating Blog: Vico Software presents Vico.

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Vico Software presents Vico Office R3. Vico Software launches Vico Office R3 that generates a Construction-Oriented 5D BIM Environment for owners and contractors. Vico Software presents Vico Office R3. Construction Cost Estimating Blog. adsense analytic. Friday, April 1, 2011. By utilizing this latest software the contractor get the ability to produce several types of BIM model with cost and schedule information.

UIA commits to phasing out CO2 emissions in built environment


The historic declaration, presented on August 8th at the UIA World Congress in Durban, recognizes the urgency of the UIA and its member organizations, including the American Institute of Architects (AIA), in committing to a truly sustainable and equitable future.

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Collaborative Construction Presents Seminar Titled "Achieve IPD in 3D™!" at the Ecobuild AEC-ST Fall Conference!

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IPD in 3D™ utilizes Collaborative Agreements, BIM and Lean Construction methods to create visually dynamic 3D environments that enable real time use of information rich relational databases to craft agreements that facilitate Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and encourage Integrated Decisions, Design and Delivery (3D). Collaborative Construction’s informative presentation, “Achieve IPD in 3D™!” Presenters James L. Achieve IPD in 3D™!

Third International Emerging Technology Symposium Presentations.

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Home > Plumbing > Commercial Plumbing > Third International Emerging Technology Symposium Presentations Available for Viewing Online. Third International Emerging Technology Symposium Presentations Available for Viewing Online. Among the presentations available to view online is keynote speaker Kerri?Ann Copies of the speakers’ PowerPoint presentations may be downloaded at [link]. Skip to Navigation Skip to Content. Contractor Magazine.

Canada and the WELL Building Standard

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As the average person now spends more than 90% of their time indoors, understanding how the built environment protects and supports human health is not only critical, but it presents a major opportunity.

Collaborative Construction Blog: BIM Workshops Scheduled with.

Collaborative Construction

will be presenting at the 9th CITA BIM Workshop in Dublin, Ireland on October 24, 2012. The presentation, titled "Contractual Implications in Use of BIM in Construction" is a morning event loosely formatted around Collaborative Constructions (BUILT)X Solutions program.

How do you market construction services effectively in a corrupt environment?

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I won’t identify the reader or his country because there is no advantage in drawing attention to an individual living in this environment, but he undoubtedly has described a real problem.

Demand For Efficient Life-Cycle Building Management Processes – BIM, JOC, IPD – FIATECH PRESENTATION – 2012

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Field specific variables, such as weather, on-going operations, soils conditions, security, safety, site lay-out, environment protections and other contexts must be considered as well as the means and methods of work execution.

SF Environment’s Benchmarking & Energy Audit Ordinance puts an April 1 Deadline on Understanding your Building’s Energy Consumption


Energy efficiency in buildings presents an immense opportunity to lower worldwide energy consumption and pollution, and understanding your building’s energy consumption is the first step to progress. With a little regulatory motivation from San Francisco’s Department of the Environment, owners of existing SF commercial buildings over 10,000 sq.

Some newest technology in the Construction Industry

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The Automation of the Construction Industry Robotic technology changes the construction industry by providing secured operating environments. Besides, factors like environment and location should be taken into consideration when recognizing the perfect solution.

Call for Speakers: Present Your Game-Changing AEC Innovation at BD+C’s 2017 ACCELERATE LIVE! Event


Interested in sharing your great solution or novel innovation for the AEC market or built environment? The editors of Building Design+Construction invite you to submit a topic for one of the 18 coveted speaker slots at the inaugural ACCELERATE LIVE! event, May 11, 2017, in Chicago.

don't think: Do Revit: AEC Media Day: Update 6 - @ the cusp


The last futures direction presentation is more of "digital cities" ( Project Galileo ) and tools that allow you to deal with massive datasets to do conceptual planning within a 3D urban environment based on information from a variety of sources, GIS, Lidar, Revit, BIM, CAD, etc. skip to main | skip to sidebar. dont think: Do Revit. My journal of work in Revit as part of a 600+ member architecture firm. Wednesday, April 06, 2011. AEC Media Day: Update 6 - @ the cusp.

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AEC Next is a Must for Construction Professionals

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AEC Next Tracks and Presentations. A full list of educational tracks and presentations can be found here. Here is a list of some highlighted presentations from the conference. Learn more about this presentation here.

Safety Excellence Award Presented to The Korte Company

The Korte Company

The Korte Company has received the Safety Excellence Award presented by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). It is an honor to see Korte recognized for consistently providing quality work in a safe and healthy environment for our employees The award signifies Korte's commitment and approach to the safety and health of its employees on the job. The winners were announced at the AGC's 86th annual convention in Las Vegas.

Collaborative Construction Blog: Global Oil Reserves in Flux

Collaborative Construction

As state actors seize oil fields, nationals industries and generally meddle in the market, private sector oil & gas companies scramble to find new reserves in politically stable environments. This instability presents the Canadian energy sector with a distinct advantage over emerging markets, as long the country can raise its own regulatory game. Makers of the Environment. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Collaborative Construction Blog.

Collaborative Construction Blog: Collaborative Workshops Available

Collaborative Construction

Collaborative Construction has events scheduled in Ireland in October and will likely be presenting in Canada that month as well. Abbreviated versions of the collaborative workshop presentations listed below were presented online last year as part of the IPD Round Table series and many of the topics are now being explored in detail in the BUILT - BIM to FM section of the AUGIWorld Magazine each month. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Collaborative Construction Blog.

3 Approaches to the ‘New Normal’ of Business Development


Changes in the competitive environment as well as how companies are doing business have created a “new normal.” Here is what I took away from Scott’s presentation.

BOARDROOM BIM – Is Building Information Modeling Relevant to C-level Executives?

Building Information Management

Efficient life-cycle management of the built environment (BIM) is critical to many/most members of senior management, if just that they don’t know it. So, why has the “BOARDROOM” virtually ignored the efficient management of the built environment?

Construction Marketing Association 2018 Marketing Outlook – Survey

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With such immense and rapid change on the horizon, it’s important to identify tactics, strategies, and best practices in the construction marketing environment so that you can close more leads and make more money in the coming year.

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Barbados And Medical Tourism: A Perfect Match

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Over the years Barbados has built upon the appeal of its natural climate, and together with its sound infrastructure and business friendly environment makes the jurisdiction an ideal destination for not only leisure tourism but medical tourism investment. Content Sponsored By.

LEED Abandoned by DOD?

Building Information Management

In the recent past, all new DOD construction projects were required to meet the LEED Silver or an equivalent standard and/or to comply with the five principles of High Performance Sustainable Buildings.

Voice of Blockchain Event

Collaborative Construction

I'll be presenting at the Voice of Blockchain event in Chicago at the Navy Pier this Saturday. Anyone interested in learning more about how blockchain connects the digital world to the built environment need to attend.

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Public sector procurement: The rules are different (yet there are consistencies)

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However, within this environment, you need to get the paperwork right. business and sales management proposals and presentationsPublic sector work is a “horse of a different color” for marketing and business development.

Groundbreaking Construction Technology Event Sweeping the Country


Viewpoint’s Digital Contractor Roadshow has provided attendees with an interactive environment designed to foster conversation, learn how to improve workflows and processes, identify untapped opportunities and drive more profitability in their construction companies.

Brokk Introduces New Explosion-Protected Demolition Robots

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Brokk Ex Series explosion-protected machines are designed for use in hazardous environments, such as oil and gas industries, underground industries and other environments where there is risk of explosive gas being present.

Revit OpEd: In-Place Massing and Project Orientation Inequity

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In-Place families are necessary for some geometry, in particular the massing environment. Ive also been a frequent presenter at Autodesk University. Revit OpEd. Welcome to Steve Staffords Blog ~ Revit OpEd = OPinion EDitorial ~ My view of things Revit, both real and imagined.

Quantity, quality or both: The numbers game revisited

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That sort of “subbing” occurs in other cold-calling environments, reflected on the internet in spam/bulk emails, and in marketing come-on offers designed to elicit large numbers of responses, which can be processed through the so-called sales funnel.

Consider these three key considerations in proposals

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This of course is a great environment for building relationships for the business where he works, which provides marketing services to the AEC and other industries. proposals and presentations relationships and service sales and business development

BOARDROOM BIM – Is Building Information Modeling Relevant to C-level Executives?

Building Information Management

Efficient life-cycle management of the built environment (BIM) is critical to many/most members of senior management, if just that they don’t know it. The success or failure of many organizations is directly linked to the built environment for the majority of public and private organizations. So, why has the “BOARDROOM” virtually ignored the efficient management of the built environment?

Green Home Building and Sustainable Architecture: Haitian Wisdom

Green Home Building

With all of the recent interest in helping to rebuild the fallen built environment in Haiti, I would like to recommend an excellent resource for understanding how the Haitian culture has been reflected in their architecture over the years. Green Home Building and Sustainable Architecture.

The Rise of Business Intelligence in Construction


The merging of so much project data and the complexity of jobsites, however, requires solutions that can handle the influx of information and present it in ways that don’t add layers of confusion or frustration to the end users.

Smart Built Culture Series News

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Simultaneously with the launch of the online presentations for MDX I intend to launch an online series called the Smart Built Cultures Series which will be modeled after the highly successful IPD Round Table Series offered by Collaborative Construction a few years ago.

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