Massachusetts Tops California As Most Energy Efficient State

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Massachusetts Tops California As Most Energy Efficient State appeared first on Business Facilities (BF) Magazine. Business Facilities (BF) Magazine. Top 10 states are MA, CA, RI, OR, VT, CT, NY, WA, MD, and MN; five states most in need of improvement are ND, WY, SD, MS, and AK.

Less than 20% of Green Building Contracts Properly Drafted

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BuildingGreen will be hosting a series if meetups at their booth at this is a chance to meet and hangout with other green people. In a recent review of contracts involving green building construction projects, less than 20% had properly drafted provisions addressing green building matters.

Massachusetts, Colorado, Illinois lead annual Top 10 States for LEED Green Building list


Massachusetts, Colorado, and Illinois lead the list of the Top 10 States for LEED, an annual ranking of U.S. states that made significant strides in sustainable building design, construction, and transformation over the past year. Washington, D.C., is not included in the list of top states due to its status as a federal territory, but its 29.04 sf of LEED space per resident is more than any individual state

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Massachusetts tops California as most energy-efficient state

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Green Arkansas, D.C., Kentucky, and Wisconsin are Most Improved.

Massachusetts Reboots Stalled Green Line Rail-Extension Job

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has won a program and construction management contract for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s rebooted Green Line Extension CH2M Hill Inc.

MBTA Hires Construction Manager To Oversee Green Line Extension

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The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority is hiring a construction manager to administer the long-delayed $2.3 billion Green Line Extension project, according to an MBTA press release

CH2M Chosen As Construction Manager For MBTA Green Line Extension Project

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was awarded a program and construction management contract for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s rebooted Green Line Extension. The Federal Transit Administration, which has pledged $1 billon for the project, green lighted the new estimated cost structure in April

Stop & Shop Turns Inedible Food Into Energy

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Just in time for Earth Day, the Stop & Shop Supermarket Company LLC celebrated the opening of its Green Energy Facility in Freetown, MA on April 15. ” New England Stores Power the Green Energy Facility. The Green Energy Facility was created and is operated by Divert, Inc.,

Three Design-Build Teams Short Listed for MBTA Green Line Extension Project

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The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has short listed three design-build teams to compete for the long-awaited Green Line Extension.

Saving Time And Money On The Estimation Process – Massachusetts Contractors Academy

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By Massachusetts Contractors on May 19, 2015 – [link]. This course should be required for all General Contracting estimators and electrical subcontract estimators.” – Rick Garcia, Sr Estimator/LEED Green Associate, Herman Construction Group, Inc. About Us. Contact Us. Expert Interview with Peter Cholakis Of 4Clicks On Saving Time And Money On The Estimation Process. Estimation is an important aspect of the bidding process.

Cape Cod Heat Pumps, LLC opens new HVACR interactive showroom in New England

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Briggs Heating and Air Conditioning announces the opening of its new location, Cape Cod Heat Pumps, LLC, in Bourne, Massachusetts, on September 24, 2016. Green

Less Is More In New England

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percent, Massachusetts’ 3.7 The Massachusetts unemployment rate dropped to 2.8 Since then Albany International has expanded, employing more than 400 and moving their corporate headquarters from New York and R&D facilities from Massachusetts. FRANKLIN, MASSACHUSETTS: THE 2.0

Massachusetts Holds On To Top Energy Efficiency Ranking

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Massachusetts broke its 2016 tie with California by holding on to the No. California, Massachusetts, and New York continue to lead the way in energy-efficient transportation policies for the second consecutive year.

Modern Park Passivhaus in Somerville

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This is Park Passivhaus in Somerville, Massachusetts. This is an excellent project to track, especially if you’re interested in Passive House detail. [+] Follow the build of Park Passivhaus in Massachusetts. East Coast Passivhaus with a Green Roof.

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Economic Development Energy (Renewable/Alternative/Green) Featured Industry News Renewable Energy Site Selection The Editor's Blog USA - Far West USA - Great Lakes USA - Mid Atlantic Cape Wind Deep Water Wind Department of Energy Energy massachusetts offshore wind energy Rankings rhode island TurbinesThe U.S. offshore wind energy sector appears to be ready for prime time, and the potential is enormous. Read: Offshoring.

Boston's Green Line Extension Project Budget Grows to $2.3B

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. . . Massachusetts state transportation officials and MBTA fiscal overseers voted unanimously yesterday to support a scaled-down Green Line extension.

2016 State Rankings: CA, TX Repeat As Solar, Wind Power Capacity Kings

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Arizona California Daily News Energy (Renewable/Alternative/Green) Featured Posts Massachusetts Nevada New Jersey North Carolina Rankings & Awards Texas 12th annual rankings report 2016 rankings blog-August-2016 Business Facilities california Economic Development rankings renewable energy Site Selection Solar Energy solar power capacity wind power

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Top 10 States Ranked In Energy Efficiency Scorecard

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Massachusetts edges out California as most energy-efficient state, Maryland among most improved, according to the State Energy Efficiency Scorecard from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). Business Facilities (BF) Magazine.

City Momentum Index Identifies The World’s 20 Most Dynamic Cities

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Demonstrating success factors relating to education, innovation, sustainability and transparency, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam, for example, are distinguished by their strengths in talent and new technologies, while Copenhagen has among the world’s strongest “green” credentials.

BF Expands State Energy Rankings With Natural Gas, Lowest Emissions And Biofuels Leaders

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“Those who liked to snicker at the development of what we used to call green energy, denigrating non-fossil power sources as a passing fad, probably should join the climate-change skeptics in the witness protection program,” Rogers said. Massachusetts, New York and Maryland join NJ as states that have achieved leadership positions in solar power without the advantage of a Sun Belt location.

Can Solar Gardens Grow Jobs?

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They’re trying this out in half of Massachusetts right now, according to a recent report in The New York Times. Massachusetts passed its law enabling community renewable energy projects in 2008; this was followed by a town solar garden in Brewster in 2012.

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Massachusetts Most Energy-Efficient State; Mississippi Most Improved

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Department of Energy secretary, Dr. Ernest Moniz, along with a top elected official of a state, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. Massachusetts retains the top spot for the third year in a row based on its continued commitment to energy efficiency under its Green Communities Act.

Green Roof Performance Monitoring



One Year Later

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One year ago on this date, a storm named Sandy made a sharp left turn off the coast of New Jersey and moved ashore a few miles north of Atlantic City.

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A Day in the Life of a Green Building Attorney

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But rather, this responds to a question I was recently asked when speaking at a law school forum on innovation in the law, “ what does a green building attorney do? ”. Reviewing and approving quotes in draft third party journal article on defects in green building contracts.

Big Budget Historical Renovation Gets the (LEED) Gold

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One of the twenty-one projects that have been named as winners by REMODELING magazine in the 2013 Remodeling Design Awards , the Shornecliffe Residence gets its recognition in the category, Green Remodeling Over $250,000.

Feature Story: 2016 Economic Development Awards

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The wind turbines operating at Buffalo’s green energy complex on Lake Erie generate enough electricity to power roughly 15,000 homes; the turbines are under contract to a local utility, Constellation Energy Resources. By Business Facilities Editorial Staff From the March/April 2016 Issue.

Boston’s New Fenway Center Development To Begin Construction

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Fenway Center will also feature one of the largest private solar power plants in Massachusetts, and the Metropolitan Boston Transit Authority’s first net-zero-energy train station. Posted by Heidi Schwartz.

Massachusetts Makes Top Five of LEED-Certified States

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Green Building Council (USGBC) released its ranking for the Top 10 LEED-certified states —those states that best exemplify green, sustainable design. Massachusetts made the fourth spot on the list, with 101 LEED-certified projects, including the LEED-platinum certified Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center in Holyoke—the first university research computing center to ever achieve Platinum status. Last week, the U.S.

Two Teams Certify Costs for Boston Green Line Extension

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below the $1.3-billion cost limit to build the long-awaited Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s Green Line Extension project in metropolitan Boston The joint venture of Walsh Group, Barletta Construction and Granite Construction appears to have been.

Report Ranks U.S. Cities’ Efforts To Save Energy

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Archives Articles By Industry Articles By Location Articles By Topic Contributed Columns Energy (Renewable/Alternative/Green) Executive Analysis Featured Post Massachusetts Online Features Renewable Energy U.S. - Posted by Heidi Schwartz.

Two Design-Build Teams Guarantee Costs for MBTA Green Line Extension Project

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Two of the three design-build teams shortlisted to build the long-awaited Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s Green Line Extension project have certified that their proposals will meet or be below the MBTA’s $1.3

California, Illinois, Texas Lead The Charge Toward A Modernized Electric Grid

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Massachusetts required its utilities to submit grid modernization plans by September 2015. California, Illinois, Texas Lead The Charge Toward A Modernized Electric Grid originally appeared on Business Facilities (BF) Magazine.

Blue vs. Grey Over Green in Murray v. EPA; Cross-Border Rule Goes Ahead

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Last week, the states of New York, State of Connecticut, State of Delaware, State of Maine, State of New Mexico, State of Oregon, State of Rhode Island, State of Vermont, State of Washington, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, District of Columbia filed notice of their intention to participate as amicus curiae. Grey over Green" battle, with the western states thrown in as well. Happy Monday! As I posted earlier, in Murray, et al v.

USGBC Massachusetts Affiliate Town Meeting


1 After the breakout sessions, when each group was reporting on the sessions, I noticed something about the way people were speaking about LEED, green building and the affiliate. If you replace LEED and green with BIM or VDC, it could be the conversation that Mo & I had yesterday, the presentation that John gave last week or the message of any progressive organization. 2 Jim Newman, of Building Green, recommended this article on BIM and green design to me. green

COVER STORY: 2013 Business Facilities Rankings Report – State Rankings

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Those who liked to snicker at the development of what we used to call green energy, denigrating non-fossil power sources as a passing fad, probably should join the climate-change skeptics in the witness protection program. By Business Facilities Staff. From the July/August 2013 issue .

New Tools for Alternative Energy Design

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The first comes from Mapdwell, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology spin-off with the superterrestrial goal of making solar potential very transparent. Green passive design solar power Two recent initiatives promise to make alternative energy design quicker and easier.