Information Chaos in the Construction Industry

Carol Hagen

Without a strategic plan and integrated solutions to document workflow you are highly susceptible to Information Chaos. This slide presentation by John Mancini presented at the AIIM conference explains the challenges, how to plan and prepare for Information Chaos in a Digital World. Your construction company has already felt the information chaos pain as you have worked with digital documents.

The Evolution of Information

Construction Business Owner

In the ever-evolving world of instantly available information, contractors must be able to determine which information is accurate and usable on the jobsite.

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Evolution of Building Information Modeling

Constructor Magazine

By Jeff Leighton, BIM Manager, Victaulic. BIM has evolved in the past few years, and continues to evolve with more and more projects having BIM requirements. Contractors able to meet those requirements may find they have a competitive advantage. read more. Software Registered User

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Bluebeam Tip: How to Transfer the.DWG file layer information to PDF

Carol Hagen

Bluebeam has had many people request that they transfer the DWG layers from AutoCAD into a Revu PDF. While presently on Revu 12.1 this feature is not present, there is a workaround.

How LaFleur Uses Bonusly to Turbocharge Praise

And for our employees who work out of state, Bonusly keeps them informed of the challenges we are tackling together, which further promotes the team environment we are trying to foster.

App Provides Real-Time Mapping Information From Drone Surveys

ENR Construction

The software for the popular DJI drones can stich together basic 2D and 3D maps of surveyed areas on the fly

Ministry of Information

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The FBI’s initiative to use a single warrant to hack the information of thousands or even millions of hacking victims sounds to us a lot like the excuse the NYPD used for years to justify it’s “stop-and-frisk” program.

Building Information Modeling in Construction Industry

The Constructor

Building Information Modeling is a system’s approach to show from design and construction to maintenance use, demolition and reuse of built. Building Technology Construction Buildings

Asset Life-cycle Model, Asset Information Model, and Why BIM Won’t Work

Building Information Management

The U.S. tried to foster BIM with NBIMS, also others in the world tried PAS this and PAS that, and ISO this and ISO that… the issue remains that standards can’t replace knowledge and competency.

Field crews need mobile information

Constructor Magazine

Your employees are connected to the Internet most of the time, so why should they not be when they’re at work? read more. Technology

Trends of Building Information Modeling and Geospatial Use in Construction

ENR Construction

Geospatial Media and Communications, an India-based market research firm, released a market report on August 2 about the state of Geospatial and BIM use in the construction industry and linking it to the construction economy as a whole

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More Knowledge and Information Economy with BIM?

Collaborative Construction

He nails the basics and does a good job of painting one vision of the future exchanges we might see in a Knowledge and Information economy. Jared Banks, who runs the Shoegnome Blog , has an interesting blog post up that imagines the future of BIM.

QuickBooks Product Information Screen On Word Document

Contractor Bookkeeping

How To Put QuickBooks Product Information On Word Document. Whenever you need to find out about the size of your QuickBooks file or other statistics simply open QuickBooks and push the F2 button.

Beating the Seven Trolls of the Information Age

Collaborative Construction

The information revolution is doing the same to manufacturing. Advocates of IPD, BIM and lean processes need to pay attention to the economic revolution sweeping the world. Don't let the Tsunami crash over you and your organization.

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Micromine's Rhonda Bulmer on Business Information Modeling

Collaborative Construction

Micromines Rhonda Bulmer on Business Information Modeling. Specifically, she is opening eyes in the mining industry to the value of BIM, which she defines as Business Information Modelling. Building Information Modeling Website. skip to main | skip to sidebar.

Humpty Dumpty Information

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The Humpty Dumpty analogy aplies equally to information generally. Effective integrated teams share information in a collaborative and cooperative environment. Examples: Owners toss Program information over the wall to designers. Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Obvious and Hidden Benefits of Taking Project Information Mobile

ENR Construction

The blatant and hidden benefits of harnessing mobile and cloud systems for construction management. Technology

A process of analysis and synthesis gives architects and designers the information they need to create


I enjoy gleaning the important details out of the information they provide and seeing the patterns that start to emerge. When doing strategic planning work for our clients, I often sift through lines and lines of data. What other might see as tedious and time-consuming, I find interesting. I frequently end up knowing more about their site and facilities than they do

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Time to Think Differently About Information Technology

Construction Business Owner

If you view information technology (IT) as a necessary evil, you’re not alone. The construction industry traditionally has spent less on IT as a percent of revenue than most other industries. However, that’s quickly changing

The Simple Definiton of BIM – Building Information Modeling

Building Information Management

Information Age v Digital Age

Collaborative Construction

The information age is dead. Any end user in any sector can attache him or herself to a fire hose of information that no human being can possibly digest intelligently. In the new knowledge economy the supply of data exponentially increases everyday.

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White paper from Perkins Eastman and Three H examines how design can inform employee productivity and wellbeing


International design and architecture firm Perkins Eastman and furniture designer Three H recently announced the publication of the joint white paper “The Effect of Individualized Work Settings on Productivity and Well-Being.”

DATA CENTER GIANTS: Information overload is pushing the limits of mission-critical facilities


To keep pace with the tsunami of Internet ones and zeroes, businesses are investing heavily in data centers, deploying new applications, embracing cloud storage, and renovating out-of-date facilities. TOP 30 DATA CENTER ARCHITECTURE FIRMS. Rank, Firm, 2015 Revenue. Gensler $34,240,000.

Construction Data Company blog: Lots of useful information

Construction Marketing Ideas

The Construction Data Building Blocks Blog. Leads service Construction Data Company publishes the Building Blocks Blog that has been a contender as a finalist in last year’s Best Construction Blog competition, and will likely become one as well in 2015, for good reason.

U.S. Energy Information Administration releases preliminary Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey results


Energy Information Administration has posted preliminary results from its periodic Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption survey. The U.S. Data for the project were collected in 2012 and detailed analyses of energy consumption will be released beginning next spring.

Are Private Contracting Practices Too Informal?

Construction Dive

By Bruce Jervis The public competitive bidding process is formal and structured. The underlying policy is to treat all bidders fairly and equally, as well as to protect taxpayer dollars through open competition. The mere appearance of favoritism or impropriety is offensive to the public procurement system. A formal process with a stipulated bid form and price breakdown avoids problems. The private procurement of construction contracts is quite different.

New tool makes it easier to share building energy efficiency information


The Building Button, a new tool launched by the Investor Confidence Project (ICP), standardizes the collection of data from energy efficiency projects, and “makes it easy to share that information with investors, building owners, developers, and utilities,” according to a news release

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Informed design: A dynamic approach to athletic facilities design


Established in 1889, Marlborough School , located in Los Angeles, California, is the oldest independent girls’ school in Southern California.

Shared Coordinates - Autodesk Reference Information

Revit OpEd

Help documentation should provide background information that helps us care and understand the reason it exists. In this case I think the information shared via the above link attempts to do just that. It's September posts in August.time flies. This post is brief, merely a referral and suggestion. If you struggle with understanding Revit's coordinate system then have a look at THIS LINK to Autodesk's own Documentation.

Latest Cobie Information – Spreadsheets

Building Information Management

COBie – May 20, 2016. COBie Design Template. COBie Construction Template. Copy of COBieConstructionTemplate. BIM BIM and Facility Management BIM Usage COBIE Standards Uncategorized

Onuma Demos Knowledge Applied to Information

Collaborative Construction

Watching videos like this remind me how quickly the knowledge and information economy is descending on us. Meanwhile, watch Kimon demonstrate the power of KNOWLEDGE applied to INFORMATION in the video below.

Detailed information on Shallow Foundation

Construction Cost Estimating

Shallow foundation A shallow foundation is defined as the foundation that transmits the building loads to the earth adjacent to the surface. It’s depth is equivalent to or under its width. Categories of shallow foundation: 1.

Modernizing Medicine Creating Over 800 Jobs In Palm Beach County

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The healthcare information technology company will invest more than $15 million to expand its Boca Raton facility. Capital Investment Daily News Featured Florida Office, IT & Call Centers Workforce Development Economic Development Employment Enterprise Florida Expansion healthcare information technology Modernizing Medicine Palm Beach County Site SelectionRead: Modernizing Medicine Creating Over 800 Jobs In Palm Beach County.

Lower Risk and Raise Profits by Capturing, Storing and Analyzing Information

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Most people would probably agree that more information is always better, particularly as it relates to understanding complex scenarios and making tough financial decisions.

Know Your Enemy: Construction Industry Needs Better Information About Cyber Crime Risk

ENR Construction

Cyber attack incidents often go unreported to protect business reputations, resulting in a dearth of data on the threat and rising risk. Officials are taking steps to require notification. Technology

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Industrial Leads: Project Planning Information

ENR Construction

Sempertrans USA LLC, a joint venture of Semperit AG Holding and Shaw Almex Industries Ltd., is considering establishing a conveyor-belt manufacturing plant in the Atlanta area

What Information Should You Send To Potential Clients?

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The key thing is that your lead magnet provides information that only potential customers would want and want BAD! Sitting in the presentation, I knew the information was so useful I had to do something with it. How Do You Get This Information.

A Step Closer to BIM? NIBS and AIA Working toward Centralized Building Information Resource

Building Information Management

Building Information Management Framework - BIMF. Let’s face it, the virtually singularly low rate of productivity of the AECOO (architecture, engineering, construction, operations, owner) sector for the past several decades is due to our CULTURE.

Insurance firm and two senior figures handed record data breach fines

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The fines, totalling more than £150,000, were described by an official watchdog as the highest ever imposed under the Data Protection Act for unlawfully acquiring personal information. Data protection Data and computer security Technology Insurance industry Information commissioner Business UK news