Entering Retail Space as a Non-Retailer

Wolgast Corporation

Retail space is becoming attractive to non-retailers as more of it becomes available. Mall and shopping center managers are seeking retailers, restaurants, mom and pop shops, and non-traditional businesses to fill their open spaces. Remodel Retail

Home Center Retail Opportunities for Construction Brands

Construction Marketing

Many construction brands in building materials, fixtures, supplies, tool and related categories sell to industrial or pro channels of distribution, as well as retail home centers like Home Depot and Lowe’s. They are demanding custom or retailer-specific merchandising from manufacturers.

Retail 288

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Retail Home Center Marketing Best Practices – Webcast

Construction Marketing

A webcast on retail home center marketing and merchandising best practices for construction products is now open for registration on the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) website. The Retail Marketing Survey is available at: [link]. For many building products, construction tools and supplies, retail is a major channel. Yet very little information exists on how to develop effective merchandising programs, or what these big retailers require from vendors,” states Neil M.

Retail 230

Medical offices are filling space vacated by retail


yesterday disclosed its plans for a $100 million-plus expansion that will add a hotel, grocery, multifamily housing, fitness centers, restaurants, coworking spaces, more retail, and a medical office building The 1.2-million-sf shopping mall Rosedale Center in Roseville, Minn.,

Retail 100

Best Office/Retail/Mixed-Use: Union Tempe

ENR Construction

In just 19 months, the project team transformed a 3.2-acre surface parking lot into a dynamic 806,081-sq-ft residential and retail development adjacent to Arizona State University

The new office has roots in retail


In our workplace practice, CallisonRTKL’s roots in retail have inspired our workplace design and have put us in a unique position to apply these ideas to our office projects Think of the last store that wowed you.

Best Office/Retail/Mixed-Use: First Tech Federal Credit Union Oregon Corporate Office

ENR Construction

Though built as one of the largest mass timber projects in the country, the 156,000-sq-ft First Tech Federal Credit Union corporate office was erected in a relatively short time

Viva Las Vegas: CRE and Retail Construction Insights and Trends from ICSC RECon

Commercial Construction

Earlier this month, the Englewood team headed to Las Vegas for RECon , the global retail real estate convention hosted annually by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). Big Discussion Around Repositioning Vacant Retail Space.

ICSC 185

240 Lorton: Office/Retail/Mixed-Use

ENR Construction

The four-story 240 Lorton, home to street-level retail and offices for a venture capitalist and Dewey Land Co. DLC), the project’s developer, features a gray stone exterior and an aluminum window system that echoes neighborhood architecture

Boston-area medical center will anchor housing, office and retail development

Construction Dive

The Quincy, Massachusetts, project will represent the largest commercial development in the downtown's $1.6 billion redevelopment surge, which started in 2011

888 South Hope: Office/Retail/Mixed-Use

ENR Construction

In addition to 525 apartments and 6,000 sq ft of retail, the 34-story 888 South Hope houses a sky lounge club, fitness room, yoga studio and entertainment lounge

Best Office/Retail/Mixed-Use: Frost Tower

ENR Construction

The team behind the $113-million Frost Tower project faced the task of constructing San Antonio’s first office high-rise in nearly three decades, bringing a 21st-century addition to the city’s skyline

Best Office/Retail Mixed-Use Developments: Unisphere

ENR Construction

Constructing one of the largest net-zero commercial buildings in the U.S. required high levels of coordination while working on a dense urban campus

Retailers Pay Millions for Hazardous Waste Violations

Green Building Law Update

Retailers across the nation are buttressing their trash disposal practices after Dollar General Stores and Big Lots Stores paid Millions of dollars to settle civil suits for environmental violations for the unlawful disposal of hazardous waste, including customer returned merchandise and batteries.

Retail 156

Best Office/Retail/Mixed-Use: 16 Chestnut

ENR Construction

The 250-ft-tall, 650,000-sq-ft 16 Chestnut is one of the final buildings to be constructed in Denver’s Union Station neighborhood

Industry Focus – Retail: Less Than Six Degrees of Separation

Buisness Facilities Contributed Content

Retail accounts for more than $2 trillion in total GDP impact with consumer spending accounting for more than two-thirds of the U.S. The Tarpon Point Resort at Marina Village is home to a number of upscale retail shops and restaurants. CAPE CORAL: PRIMED FOR RETAILERS.

Retail Construction Trends 2010 Update: Outside the Big Box

Commercial Construction

The big shopping center landlords and office building owners aren’t going to release any funds until a deal is signed. And edgy clothing retailer AllSaints is taking advantage of vacated vertical shopping centers to transform common shopping center space into usable retail space.

Retail 204

Microsoft Adding 1,500 New Jobs In Atlanta

Business Facilities

The company will invest $75 million in a new facility focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud services in the West Midtown section of Atlanta, GA. Read: Microsoft Adding 1,500 New Jobs In Atlanta at BusinessFacilities.com.

Project of the Year, Office/Retail/Mixed-Use Development Best Project: 1144 15th Street Office Building

ENR Construction

Completed in January, 1144 15th Street is Denver’s fourth-tallest office building

Retail Development and Construction: Getting Started

Commercial Construction

What Every Developer Should Ask General Contractors During the Retail Construction Bid Process. For my first blog post, a lot of people at Englewood Construction suggested I write about how to choose a retail construction company.

Retail 159

Best Project: Office/Retail/Mixed-Use: First Tech Federal Credit Union, Oregon Corporate Office

ENR Construction

Located in the Dawson Creek nature area near Hillsboro, Ore., the First Tech Federal Credit Union is a new workspace for 500 employees

Award of Merit: Office/Retail/Mixed-Use: The Grand 2

ENR Construction

The nine-story, 355,000-sq-ft Grand 2 is one of Arizona’s largest-ever office buildings developed as fully speculative space

Commercial Construction Tips on Dividing a Retail Box into a Multi-Tenant Space

Commercial Construction

As a shopping center landlord or retail developer, you might find yourself with a big empty retail space you need fill – especially if you had Borders or Circuit City as a tenant. What was once an Ethan Allen store in Wheaton….

Retail 212

Office/Retail/Mixed-Use Best Project: 450 Alaskan

ENR Construction

Located a few feet from the soon-to-be-demolished Alaskan Way Viaduct, 450 Alaskan posed structural and environmental challenges

Award of Merit Office/Retail/Mixed-Use: Lehi Tech

ENR Construction

This 74,000-sq-ft, four-story office building includes a balcony on every floor, providing outdoor access and expansive views for tenants, an important feature for attracting technology companies to the area

Award of Merit, Office/Retail/Mixed-Use: Jackson Healthcare Headquarters

ENR Construction

Inspired by ancient Italian architecture, the Jackson Healthcare corporate headquarters project included a 262,000-sq-ft, eight-story office building and a three-story amenity building that features columns, arches, a piazza and fountains.

Apartments outperform office, retail, industrial properties: NMHC research


Apartments outperform other commercial real estate property types, on both a risk-adjusted and unadjusted basis, regardless of holding period, geographic region, metro size, and growth rate according to new research from the National Multifamily Housing Council Research Foundation.

Metro 62

The Keys to Making Big Box Retail Construction Projects Successfully Fit Smaller, Urban Footprints like CityTarget on State Street

Commercial Construction

Englewood Construction has worked on a number of Chicago retail construction projects in high-traffic urban areas, such as American Girl Place on Michigan Avenue. Is this a new retail construction trend ? Who do you think will be the next big box retailer to offer a small store concept?

Retail 200

Best Office/Retail/Mixed-Use: Mountain America Credit Union Office Building

ENR Construction

The Mountain America Credit Union (MACU) corporate headquarters is a 326,000-sq-ft, 11-story office building located just off Interstate 15 in Sandy, Utah

Utah 36

Best Office/Retail/Mixed-Use: Markor Art Center

ENR Construction

Overcoming the barriers of distance and language, a North Carolina- and China-based project team created the $34.6-million Markor Art Center, which doubles as a high-profile entertainment venue for two leading furniture brands during High Point’s semi-annual Furniture Market

Office/Retail/Mixed-Use Development: Award of Merit: Whole Foods

ENR Construction

The design-build team leading this 43,000-sq-ft project in an upscale resort town merged numerous finishes to evoke a neighborhood grocery store feel with the high-tech applications of modern retail

Office/Retail/Mixed-Use Merit: Hubbard Radio Phoenix

ENR Construction

Hubbard Radio Phoenix integrates broadcasting studios for five radio stations, regional executive offices and a sales and marketing workspace within a two-story building totaling 23,000 sq ft

Best Office/Retail/Mixed-Use: 3 World Trade Center

ENR Construction

During a visit to the 76th floor of 3 World Trade Center, project team members showed ENR how there are places for eight corner offices, rather than the usual four per story

Office/Retail/Mixed Use Award of Merit: DPR Pasadena Office

ENR Construction

Built in busy, historic Old Town Pasadena with no laydown space, DPR’s new $2.5-million office was squeezed into the site of a former steakhouse

Site 36

Elegance personified: New life for a neglected but still imposing retail/office space.


The Union Trust Building, commissioned by coal magnate Henry Clay Frick and completed in 1917, originally was a 240-store shopping arcade with 700 offices on its upper floors.

Union 77

Award of Merit Office/Retail/Mixed-Use: Border States Electric Branch Support Center

ENR Construction

Border States Electric is a product and supply-chain powerhouse in the electrical, utility and industrial industries. The company’s 120,000-sq-ft multistory Branch Support Center consolidated employees who were previously located in multiple buildings

Office/Retail/Mixed-Use Award of Merit: Porcelanosa Flagship Showroom

ENR Construction

Porcelanosa, the world-renowned manufacturer of ceramic wall and floor tiles, recently converted a landmark property in Manhattan formerly known as the Commodore Criterion building into a “white glove” retail environment

ENR California Best Projects 2018 Office/Retail/Mixed Use: C3

ENR Construction

The C3 office building in Culver City, Calif., offers shared “hackable” spaces that can be easily changed to suit tenants’ needs

Office/Retail/Mixed-Use Development Best Project: 1920 McKinney Office Building

ENR Construction

To deliver this $33-million project on an accelerated 15-month schedule, the team juggled the construction timeline to contend with some of the wettest weather in Dallas-Fort Worth history

Best Office/Retail/Mixed-Use: Grand Canyon University Offices

ENR Construction

Serving to consolidate student services operations for Grand Canyon University as well as provide new development to a crime-ridden area of Phoenix, the project team used extensive daylighting, color, glass and ceiling forms and textures to create a 325,000-sq-ft work environment