Construction Project Management Software

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When it comes to project management software , contractors have numerous options, from spreadsheets and generic applications to software designed for the construction industry. Construction Management with John Chaney

The 10 Questions You Should Ask When Considering Project Management Software—Part 5 of 5

John Chaney

Editor’s Note: This is the final installment in a five-part series on Construction Project Management — how innovative technologies and software are helping project managers streamline processes to build faster, smarter projects. While many project managers today are still utilizing manual processes or working with significantly outdated software, it is becoming clear that this is less of a matter of choice.

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Project Managers: Learn to Maximize Your Software Use at Collaborate 2018

John Chaney

Project Managers: Learn to Maximize Your Software Use at Collaborate 2018. If there’s one role touching virtually all aspects of construction operations, it’s the project manager. We’ve put together 63 sessions specific to construction project management.

Rethinking Traditional Construction Project Management—Part 1 of 5

John Chaney

Editor’s Note: This is Part 1 of a five-part series on Construction Project Management. The lifeblood of any construction company is the construction project itself. How those projects are managed can make or break the company. That makes project managers (or in some companies, project sponsors who oversee teams of project managers) arguably the most important role in an organization.

Continuous Job Cost and Billing Data for Project Managers

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Viewpoint Team improves project manager data self-sufficiency by providing job cost and billing actuals data without jumping to another application. Although project managers have broad responsibilities, keeping track of job financials is key.

Getting Started With Project Management Software

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You’ve made the decision to commit to the future of your company by deciding on a construction project management software solution. By now you’ve hopefully determined your immediate and long-term goals for using a project management software.

How The Cloud Is Enabling Smarter Project Management—Part 4 of 5

John Chaney

Editor’s Note: This is Part 4 of a five-part series on Construction Project Management. Over the past three weeks, we’ve looked at complex construction projects, the people that run them and the technology tools they use. While having the best people in place, working together well and using the latest tools is critical, the construction project can still suffer if the data being tracked and reviewed is days or even weeks old.

Are You Still Using Spreadsheets for Project Management?

John Chaney

To keep things organized, most contractors use technology in some capacity to facilitate day-to-day workflows for project management , scheduling, accounting , estimating and more. For project management specifically, 46.1 The report points out that companies often use multiple technologies to manage projects, which can result in duplicate data entry as people move information from a spreadsheet to software or from email to a spreadsheet.

Project Management Technology Tools Helping Contractors Modernize, Streamline Operations—Part 3 of 5

John Chaney

Editor’s Note: This is Part 3 of a five-part series on Construction Project Management. Previously, we looked at the complexity of construction projects and the importance of the folks working on project teams—especially the project manager who has to keep all people and processes moving on a daily basis. Construction project managers probably relate to that statement more that anyone. Tech Tools for Better Construction Management.

Construction Project Managers Go Mobile

Carol Hagen

Update September 27, 2010: Project Manager views Job Alerts on iPad using Corecon Mobile. Update: Project Manager uses iPhone to access construction documentation. Construction Project Managers main line of communication is their mobile device. Project Leads.

A Guide to Selecting the Right Construction Software

John Chaney

Construction management is no easy task, as today’s contractors have a lot to juggle: job costs and budgets, progress reporting, overseeing subcontractors, field crews and schedules, materials and equipment, constantly moving timelines and much more.

Construction Project Management Questions and Answers

Carol Hagen

Construction project management has many sources for great content. Software vendors, certification programs and forums abound that focus on the project manager and they create great content.

Pitfalls of the Disconnected Jobsite

John Chaney

Having the integrated software to connect the office and field can help avoid costly project delays. In today’s fast-paced construction environment, speed and accuracy are critical to project success.

How To Know When You Need Real-Time Project Management Software


Staying up to date with what’s happening on your project at any moment is fundamental in construction. Construction Management construction construction software project management real-time

Just How Much is Your Disconnected Jobsite Costing You?

John Chaney

An Interactive Infographic Comparing Two Very Different Construction Projects. Best Practices Featured North America Software cloud based construction software cloud construction management software construction field software construction productivity construction project management infographics integrated construction softwareThe post Just How Much is Your Disconnected Jobsite Costing You? appeared first on Viewpoint Surveyor.

Project Management Software Maker InEight Picks Up a Smart Scheduler

ENR Construction

InEight, a developer of construction project management software, has acquired BASIS, a planning-assist tool built for capital projects that complements and enhances critical path method scheduling.

Plans 47

Why Are Contractors Using Fewer Software Applications?

John Chaney

The majority of construction companies are using a variety of software solutions for accounting, project management, estimating, and other important functions. The 2017 report includes many insights about software use in our industry.

Xoom for the Construction Project Manager

Carol Hagen

Update 3/23/11: With Firefox 4 for Android soon to be available, it is expected that Corecon will run the full version of their software on the Xoom! ” Who needs apps when smart software developers offer access to their applications in the cloud? For instance, Corecon, a construction project management and estimating system. Corecon project management and videos on other devices can be viewed in a previous post entitled: Project Managers Go Mobile.

Project Management Survey

Collaborative Construction

Derek Singleton, with Software Advice out of Austin, Texas asked me to share the survey linked below. I completed the survey and it reminded me of the pain points project managers, with boots on the ground, experience when it comes to day to day operations.

Mitigate Construction Risk at Project Closeout

John Chaney

Risk and construction projects go hand in hand. The post Mitigate Construction Risk at Project Closeout appeared first on Viewpoint Surveyor.

Risk 164

Utilize real-time data to improve project management

Construction Dive

With the connected jobsite slowly becoming the norm, the importance of jobsite automation software continues to rise


The Constructor

There are four phases of project management which are required to manage projects efficiently on quality, time and costs. Defining and organizing the project: Defining project is the first step in the project management process.

Managing the Complexities of Construction Drawing Sets

John Chaney

Drawings are foundational to construction project management. Sheet counts in the approved construction set are often large to begin with and grow even larger as a project progresses. Project Management Connected Drawings.

Project Management Trends: 2018 Topics to Watch

Construction Equipment

And yet, we had some significant shifts this year, most notably PMI releasing the sixth edition of “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge” ( PMBOK® Guide ), alongside the Agile Practice Guide. Here are five trends that project managers should be watching out for in 2018.

8 Benefits of Using Web-Based Software in Construction

John Chaney

Web-based software has changed the face of the construction industry. Large or small, construction jobs can be made easier with the right support system, especially when it comes to management software. Organized work order management. Comprehensive equipment management.

8-Point Guide to Project Management Software

Construction Business Owner

Construction business owners and project managers alike know how tough it can be to manage a project, but some are reluctant to change processes to find an easier solution to management.

Why You Need a Long-Term Construction Software Partner

John Chaney

In case you haven’t heard, construction software use is on the rise. Meanwhile, JBKnowledge’s Construction Technology Report noted that workflows like accounting, estimating and project management depend more and more on integrated software. As companies adopt new software solutions, though, many have already seen some of the drawbacks of adding multiple, separate software systems by department or need. Why Viewpoint Construction Software?

Better Project Management through Better Communication

John Chaney

Last week, I discussed three important areas of project management and ended by briefly discussing project communication – or the glue to a project. Hopefully, you’ve had the chance to consider how deliberate your project communications are. Project Collaboration.

Better logistics with integrated software

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Often, estimating, accounting and project management are handled through different systems. Problems that directly lessen the profitability of projects. At the end of a project, there are write-offs for items that were never billed to the client. Software

How Mobile Project Management Can Improve Jobsite Efficiency


Construction sites are infinitely complicated places that require multiple projects working at once to deliver the project on time and under budget. Mobile project management software gains its mobility and ease of use by living in the cloud.


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WHAT IS PROJECT MANAGEMENT? Tweet A project is a set of interrelated activities, usually involving a group of people working together toward a common goal or objective over a period of time. By managing projects effectively, you generate immense benefits for your company.

Will Project Management Software Developers Learn What Baseball Knows?

ENR Construction

Project Management System's Users Meeting Heralds Change

ENR Construction

Job Order Contracting Software

Job Order Contracting

Job Order Contracting Software and more! Building in Cloud (BiC) and the 4BT-PE/4BT-CE modules support LEAN COLLABORATIVE OpenJOC(TM) Job Order Contract via Software as a Service (SaaS). Documents management. Project management. Asset management.

Lower costs with integrated construction software

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If time is tracked daily and made available to managers, you know in advance when overtime might occur, and can put in place systems to avoid it. With the right software, project managers have access to all project information at any time.

Dropbox Syncs Up With Project Management Software Suites

ENR Construction

Building on a late 2017 partnership with Autodesk to support file transfers within AutoCAD, cloud-based data storage company Dropbox now is adding document format support and software integration for the Aconex, BulldozAIR, Fieldwire and PlanGrid project data management systems as well

The Construction Software Toolbox Part 1: Why It Pays To Work With A Tech-Savvy Commercial Contractor

Commercial Construction

Business seems to be booming for construction software products that help commercial contractors manage various aspects of their business. Lately, it seems like I receive daily calls and emails from technology companies highlighting new software products, many of which are trying to be a multi-purpose solution to serve the many facets of the construction business. Managing the Moving Pieces.

Collaboration, Technology Among Key Takeaways from CFMA National Conference

John Chaney

Another year, another amazing national conference for the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA). By improving project collaboration across entire teams, contractors are building bigger and better projects, quicker and more efficiently.

CFMA 179

Construction Software Partly Cloud(y)

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No extra hardware or software needed, just a web browser and internet connection from your PC, smartphone or iPad. There are many mature software systems that did not start on the Internet and their cloud offering is actually a patchwork. This occurs frequently to computer software.

Service Management Construction Software | Construction Manager Software

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Service Management. Spectrum ® Service Management Construction Software streamlines your service operations for a better customer experience. Spectrum Service Management Construction Software is part of the integrated Spectrum Construction Software.