Detail Item and Reference Plane Settings

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When this family was made they paid no attention to the IsReference setting for the reference planes. The Center (Left/Right) IsReference setting is assigned to what should be the Left reference plane. The stock Revit family Nominal Cut Lumber-Sectio n isn't built very well.

Grips Location - Reference Planes vs Lines

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When you apply an instance parameter to a strong/weak reference plane you'll get grips that let you alter the element directly in the view. When you do this to a reference line you get them too. There is a difference between the two Reference types in how they affect the grips though.


View Reference Example

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Here''s a quick example of a poorly crafted Plan View reference that can be used to indicate what sheet a plan view is from a Section or Elevation view. Download the View Reference family. Annotation Family Ideas Tips View Reference Views Related to a past POST or TWO.or THREE.

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Conferences and Memory Lane - Revit View Reference

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Reading tweets about RTC in Australia getting ready to open its doors I also read a thread about View Reference families. When Revit 2013 came out it expanded on what we could do with the View Reference tool ( wrote about that before too ).

Autodesk Shared Reference Point 2015 to facilitate Civil3D and Revit coordinate system collaboration

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Autodesk® Shared Reference Point 2015 provides functionality to export known points and elevation from AutoCAD® Civil 3D software to an external file, in which Autodesk® Revit® software can import and setup a "Shared Coordinate System." Autodesk Shared Reference Point civil3d

Book Review: Engineering Reference Book for Builders

Construction Informer

Book review of Simplified Engineering for Architects and Builders covers this compact yet thorough engineering reference book. The post Book Review: Engineering Reference Book for Builders appeared first on Construction Informer Blog - Construction Blog with Information, News, and Commentary. Google+. Construction Technology

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Temporary Dimension Size and Reference Plane Names

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The name that appears on a selected Reference Plane is based on its name parameter. Legible Reference Planes Settings Temporary Dimensions TipsIf you find their names a bit small to read we can take advantage of the Temporary Dimensions Text Appearance setting to increase it.


Reference Plane Wishes

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for now) Reference Plane Types (to give me control over how they appear and can be used) Split Tool works on them Trim tool works on them Okay four. of Wishes Reference Planes Split Tool Trim/ExtendThree wishes have I, wishes three. Filters can be used on them (for similar reasons to types).


Revit OpEd: Revit 2013 - View References

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Revit 2013 - View References. If you are familiar with Matchlines and their related View Reference concept then you already have a sense of what this can do. You start the View Reference tool with this little sneaky button. How about spending Two Minutes with View References ?

First Look: Qatar World Cup stadium design references nomadic heritage


Organizers of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar have released images of the second stadium design, Archdaily reports. Dubbed the Al Bayt Stadium, the complex is planned for Al Khor City.

Revit OpEd: Reference Planes Summary Post

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Reference Planes Summary Post. Similar to the previous summary posts for Worksets and Shared Coordinates Ive grabbed a number of past posts that have Reference Planes in common. Reference Planes and Wall Closure. Reference Plane IsReference Parameter. Revit OpEd.

View Reference User Experience Inequality

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The View Reference feature reveals information differently according to how you access the feature. When you create a new view and choose the Reference Other View option you get the sheet and detail number value (when the view is on a sheet) in the description in addition to the view name, like this. When you want to fix or change a View Reference the sheet and detail number values are not presented to us, like this. of Wishes Opinion UI User Interface View Reference

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The South Bay Construction cost reference guide: A truly innovative construction marketing application

Construction Marketing Ideas

South Bay Construction , a San Francisco-area general contractor in Campbell, CA, has adapted an already-powerful local marketing idea to the Internet and mobile communications area by redesigning its cost reference guide as a smart-phone application. south bay construction app screen shot.

Macro to Set Scope Boxes and Reference Planes to Shared Levels and Grids Workset

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Along these lines Simon over at BIM42 has written "a few line of code for set up every Scope Box, and Reference plane to the correct workset." grids levels reference plane rvt link scope box worksets

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Revit 2018 - GEO Reference and Shared Coordinates

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I replied to a thread at RFO that asked about Revit 2018 touting support for AutoCAD's GEO Reference feature. AutoCAD Coordinates Coordination Geo Reference New Features Revit 2018 Shared Coordinates Site TipsOn the surface, there is no obvious difference between how things worked in 2017 (or older versions) compared with 2018.

Naming a Reference Plane

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I read recently that just adding a name to a reference plane would cause it to be "strong". The notion of Strong, Weak and Not a Reference are related to the IsReference parameter, which I''ve written about before. I also added a dimension string across each detectable reference plane.

Shared Coordinates - Autodesk Reference Information

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It's September posts in August.time flies. This post is brief, merely a referral and suggestion. If you struggle with understanding Revit's coordinate system then have a look at THIS LINK to Autodesk's own Documentation. In the past I've been critical of the documentation they've provided on this subject, if not in posts here then certainly while talking to people about it face to face.

Revit OpEd: Reference Planes and Wall Closure

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Reference Planes and Wall Closure. You can set two Reference Planes to “Wall Closure” in a family. Reference Planes (families). Any reference to Revit, Revit Architecture, Revit MEP or Revit Structure on this site is made acknowledging this ownership.

Revit OpEd: Invalid References

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Invalid References. The Right and Left reference planes have corresponding names and IsReference settings. In this family Ive made a mistake (on purpose of course), the Right reference plane has a different IsReference setting, it is set to Weak Reference. Revit OpEd.

Revit OpEd: Revit 2013 - Double Click a View Reference

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Revit 2013 - Double Click a View Reference. I wrote about the enhancements to the existing View Reference feature in March when the software first was released. If you double click on the view reference family Revit will open the view! Labels: Revit 2013 , Tips , View Reference. Reference Planes (families). Any reference to Revit, Revit Architecture, Revit MEP or Revit Structure on this site is made acknowledging this ownership. Revit OpEd.

View Reference and Camera Location

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With the introduction of View References as associated with the Matchline tool and their subsequent expansion in later releases we don''t have to wait. If I create an enlarged detail of a column I can use a View Reference to provide the graphic look they want.

Quickly Generate 3D Reference Points in Revit from any DWG file

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3d dwg adaptive point dwg Paolo Emilio Serra reference point

Reference Plane Order

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When you draw reference planes the order they were created plays a role in how a parameter will move them later. Draw two new vertical parallel reference planes, draw one on the left and then next to the right of the first. Flex the parameter value and watch the reference plane on the right move. If you have a lot of reference planes it can get confusing but this underlying behavior is lurking there. Reference Planes Family Editor Tips Dept. This is subtle.

New Command Reference Book for Revit Architecture - Daniel Stine and Jeff Hanson

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Daniel Stine and Jeff Hanson have teamed up to create a new book called Autodesk Revit 2017 Architectural Command Reference book. Authors Book Commands Daniel Stine Jeff Hanson News Reference RevitThe inclusion of the term architectural in the book title means it does not delve into the Systems ribbon tab commands.

How To Allow Duplicate Detail Numbers on a Revit Sheet (and yes it is #BadRevit)

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detail number view reference viewportRevit Wants you to have a unique Detail Number for each Viewport placed on a Sheet. This makes total sense, and allows you to trace from a Referencing View, through a View Tag (telling you which Sheet and Detail Number that View is on), and back again.

My Federated Model Streamer Idea - Could part of the answer be in Revit 2015 External Reference API? IExternalResourceServer?

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But the External Reference possibility starts to make some of these things truly achievable. My idea from 4 months ago: So, maybe its not Glue. with the benefit of current knowledge, maybe its Project Skyscraper , or some combination of these.


Use an Underscore at the Start of a View Name to put it at the top of the Find Referring Views list

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It will look like this: characters referring views underscore


Business Facilities LiveXchange: Refer A Colleague And Get Rewarded!

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Business Facilities LiveXchange: Refer A Colleague And Get Rewarded! Business Facilities (BF) Magazine. If your referral is approved as a delegate and attends LiveXchange, you’ll receive a $200 American Express gift card. appeared first on Business Facilities (BF) Magazine. Archives Articles By Industry Articles By Location Articles By Topic Event News Featured Post BF-LiveXchange-2015 commercial real estate Economic Development Site Selection

View References

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It''s a common situation to need to refer to common details within the context of a schedule, like this. I think we''d need a new Type of Parameter called View Reference. Start by creating a schedule key(s) for each detail type that needs a reference.

Finding the Element that a Revit Tag Refers To

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Use RevitLookup , like this: revitlookup snoop db tag

Revit OpEd: Measure Between Two References

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Measure Between Two References. Use the Measure Between Two Reference (MbTR) AND check the Chain Option! Reference Planes (families). Any reference to Revit, Revit Architecture, Revit MEP or Revit Structure on this site is made acknowledging this ownership. Refer to Autodesks own web site and product pages for specific trademark and copyright information. Measure Between Two References. Revit OpEd.

Revit 2017 - Filters and Reference Planes

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Filters have been expanded to see Reference Planes. You're probably aware that Reference Planes don't have many parameters, just these three instance parameters: Scope Box, Name and Subcategory. of Quirky Filters Issues New Features Parameters Reference Planes Revit 2017

First Look: Qatar new stadium design references nomadic heritage


Organizers of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar have released images of the second stadium design, Archdaily reports.

Family Critique - Overhead Storage Bin

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The reference planes are the cause of our first issue. I've also named the Reference Planes using the same words. Now placing the family is easy because Revit sees the Strong Reference Planes. It spans from the Reference Level up to the top of the cabinet.

Screw Loose: Construction Hand Signals


Enjoy the penguin reference! Construction hand signals are a common practice on the job site. Take a look at this week''s Screw Loose for some funny parody''s of what these signals mean. construction humor humor

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Is it Too Late to Change

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I''ve always encouraged people to develop good habits when it comes to using and defining reference planes. I''ve even been teased about wasting time in a demonstration by naming each reference plane even though doing so wasn''t pertinent to the topic. While I was digging in I noticed that few if any of the reference planes were named. I also noticed that most of them did not redefine the original reference planes so that they made sense in the context of the family itself.

Controlling Reference Planes with Angle Parameters in the Family Editor

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In a somewhat unexpected post, landarchBIM has described a method of inferring the movement of a Reference Plane that is driven by an angle parameter. Personally, I will probably stick to Reference Lines, because I don''t find them too difficult to understand or control.