5 Ways to Master Construction Work-in-Progress Reporting

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The secret is timely, accurate work-in-progress (WIP) reporting. Want to better understand your construction projects' financial health? Construction Best Practices

Your Guide to the Metrics of Work-in-Progress Schedules

Construction Business Owner

Your Guide to the Metrics of Work-in-Progress Schedules. How to ensure you and your team are tracking and maintaining the numbers you need in your WIP schedule to stay profitable Elizabeth Manning. Fri, 06/26/2020 - 09:12.


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Real-Time Work-in-Progress Figures — Construction’s Secret Weapon


Work in progress figures might not sound like something you need to think much about. In the construction industry, WIPs cover the raw materials, plus labor and overhead, used as part of a project. Real-time work-in-progress figures, or WIP, allow teams to become more efficient, effective, and remain in control. In a manufacturing context, WIP allows accounting to record all inventory items that occupy an in-between state.

Lead free law a work in progress

Contractor Magazine

WASHINGTON — A few months into the recently passed lead free legislation —which mandates that the wetted surface of every pipe, fixture, and fitting sold for or installed in potable water applications not contain more than 0.25% lead by weight — the bulk of “responsibility” has now shifted to the installing contractor. BY JOHN MESENBRINK.

QuickBooks Job Costing Work In Progress (WIP) Reports

Contractor Bookkeeping

QuickBooks Job Costing Work In Progress (WIP) Reports. Job Costing Work In Progress (WIP) Reports are not included in QuickBooks For Contractors. The reports shown below are a few of the most popular Job Costing Work In Progress (WIP) Reports among our most profitable spec home builders, commercial tenant improvement contractors and high-end cost plus residential remodel contractor clients.

A decade after it debuted, Beijing’s 798 Arts District is still a work in progress


In preparation for hosting the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008, the Chinese government had a slew of mega redevelopment projects in the works. One of these, dating back to 2004, called for tearing down a decommissioned, 1950s-era weapons factory to make way for new vertical construction that the city desperately needed

Accelerate Live! talk: Work in progress—How the office environment drives innovation, SageGlass (sponsored)


During this presentation, SageGlass CEO Dr. Alan McLenaghan reviews how biophilic design and new technologies, such as dynamic glass, create a greater connection between the built and natural environments in the office . Workplaces that spur innovation challenge the conventions of the traditional office environment. They're designed to benefit the health and wellbeing of team members, above all us.

don't think: Do Revit: HAPPY HOLIDAYS


My journal of work in Revit as part of a 600+ member architecture firm. It's very new and much of it is a work in progress. Re: Coworker Looking for Job in DC. The information given in this blog should be considered for informational use only and any readers should independently verify any results. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 skip to main | skip to sidebar. dont think: Do Revit.

Report: House committee could have infrastructure bill ready by summer

Construction Dive

Upgrading the nation's infrastructure has support from both sides, but the question of how state and local governments and taxpayers will chip in is a work in progress

Construction Accounting: Always Measure Twice

Construction Business Owner

One of the most important, and often misunderstood, aspects of construction accounting is the relationship between work in progress (WIP) and the recognition of revenue. The failure to understand these concepts can often result in future cash flows from a project being insufficient to meet the costs yet to be incurred or owed.

Are you using the CWIP Enquiry?

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Jobpac Connect’s powerful CWIP Enquiry can be used to drill into every element of Cost of Work in Progress, right down to the scanned images of the invoices. The online CWIP Enquiry will allow you to analyse in detail every element of CWIP including Actual Cost, Incurred Cost and BFM Cost Accruals. It is dynamic and has fully featured filtering options making it easy to drill into and analyse your costs to date or in any given period.

QuickBooks Training For Land Developers And Spec Builders

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Many Land Developers and Spec Home Builders set up QuickBooks or hire someone to do it for them, and they do not understand the difference between Construction Accounting and Regular Accounting the results can be disastrous when you need Work-In-Progress, Job Costing, Estimates Vs. Actuals, Profit & Loss, and Balance Sheet Reports that accurately reflect the financial state of your Construction Company.

$13B Mexico City Airport Project Apparently Axed by President-Elect

ENR Construction

Three years’ worth of work in progress on a planned $13-billion airport for Mexico City were put at risk in the wake of the president-elect’s announcement that he would scrap the project after voters rejected it in a four-day referendum late last month

Top 10 ERP Solutions for Construction Firms

Construction Marketing

Though much of your work can be improved by working smarter and using the tools and skills you already have, there’s a good chance that’s not true for everything. When hard work and elbow grease can’t deliver, you often need to upgrade your tools.

Essential BIM Terminology

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Often just considered 3D design, building information modeling (BIM) also acts as a collaborative work platform. This contributes to faster project delivery as changes are minimized in the design phase. Level 2 : Working at Level 2 BIM, the goal is better collaboration and higher accuracy of information. Level 3 : With Level 3 BIM, data is open and available for all involved on one platform in a common format.

BIM 169

Construction Bookkeeping Unique Features

Contractor Bookkeeping

Regular Bookkeeping - Is roughly 80% of all accounting for businesses in the world. So it is practically the only thing taught in schools, colleges and universities. In essence you are selling a product or a service from a fixed location. Regular Bookkeeping Has These Things In Common: Sales - With 1-4 categories. So it is given very little attention in schools, colleges and universities. Chart of Accounts Warranty Work.

5 Critical Construction Project Reports your System Should Pull Without Fuss

Viewpoint Construction Technology

A modern system will also have integrated contract valuation capabilities (which results in auto-generated work-in-progress accounting entries). These basic reports are critical to business profit and loss, and if your system can’t seamlessly pull them all in a flash it’s time to take a look at what else is out there. The best systems run off real-time ledgers—making it easy for many of your business’ processes to be housed in one system.

Revit Concrete Layout and Detailing Creation from SOFiSTiK

BIM & Beam

For example at Autodesk University in Las Vegas this November it was difficult to find anyone in the exhibit hall who was doing business in the building industry and did not have a connection or solution for Revit. Even though it is still a work in progress it already does quite a bit. If you are a structural engineer or structural concrete detailer then you will want to read on.

Lean Construction – Overcoming decades of mistrust, lack of communication, and opposition between facilities owners, designers, engineers, and builders.

Job Order Contracting

Traditional design-bid-build (DBB) delivery process with design, bidding, and construction in separate, sequential steps. Construction contract is generally awarded to the lowest bidder and/or lowest qualified builder, who then utilizes the subcontractors included in his or her bid.

Mobile Tech Gains Traction on Construction Jobsites

Viewpoint Construction Technology

percent of contractors—the largest group of survey respondents—believed mobile capabilities were “not very important” in 2012. That view has changed, however, as in 2017, only 16.9 This data suggests that not only have the devices themselves changed —we’ve seen more intuitive smartphones and tablet devices, along with the rise of wearables especially in recent years—but that attitudes have also shifted quickly. Get in touch.

Sharing the Advance Steel Roadmap

BIM & Beam

We want to do this so that our customers can gain greater insight into current and upcoming investments in this product. There’s a lot more work going on behind the scenes and this roadmap doesn’t reflect everything the development teams are working on. When we can, we’ll also share videos that illustrate some of the work-in-progress software.

We Fix Costly QuickBooks Setup Problems

Contractor Bookkeeping

The QuickBooks reports number that are available number in the thousands and with any one of the hundreds of add-on software you could generate millions reports. Understanding and using the information they provide to make strategic and tactical decisions to increase sales and profits in your construction company. What if I told you there is buried treasure in your backyard and all you need is a treasure map to find it and dig it up, would you be interested?

The ABCs of BYOD in Construction

Viewpoint Construction Technology

A couple of years ago, a colleague of mine lost his iPad after leaving it in a rental car while traveling. In fact, the 2017 JBKnowledge Construction Technology Report , in which nearly 2,700 construction professionals were surveyed, noted that the importance of mobile capabilities on the job is booming. The explosion of mobile devices is evident in construction. I’ve seen hours and labor rates keyed in on tablets. percent in 2017 versus 39.8

ABC 176

Financial And Job Reports You Need Are In Our QuickBooks Template

Contractor Bookkeeping

The QuickBooks reports number that are available number in the thousands and with any one of the hundreds of add-on software you could generate millions reports. Understanding and using the information they provide to make strategic and tactical decisions to increase sales and profits in your construction company. What if I told you there is buried treasure in your backyard and all you need is a treasure map to find it and dig it up, would you be interested?

Tiny House Communities Can Solve Social Problems

Natural Building

In Detroit colorful little homes are intended to help solve desperate urban problems. Gladys Ferguson, who is in her 60s and has severe arthritis, rents Cass’s yellow gabled house for $350 a month. Charities around the country are creating similar tiny-house clusters for people in need. It looks like their own house, but on a smaller scale,” said Andrew Heben, the project director at SquareOne Villages in Eugene, Ore. Village in Austin, Tex.,

How The Cloud Is Enabling Smarter Project Management—Part 4 of 5

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Today’s construction demands, however, are making it harder and harder to operate if you can’t do so in real time. While having the best people in place, working together well and using the latest tools is critical, the construction project can still suffer if the data being tracked and reviewed is days or even weeks old. That outdated project information can make it hard to accurately gauge current job costs or work in progress.

Unique QuickBooks Setup For Contractors

Contractor Bookkeeping

Did someone setup QuickBooks by trying to follow the built in template inside QuickBooks and you figured out you cannot get any of the financial and job costing reports you need to operate and grow your construction company? Understanding and using the information they provide to make strategic and tactical decisions to increase sales and profits in your construction company. The Short List Of Essentials In Our QuickBooks Setup. Chart of Accounts Warranty Work.

Estimating- The New Normal

Chianelli Estimating

As construction workers make their way back to work whether it’s continuing a project left hanging or starting something new, realities must be faced. COVID-19 isn’t the same type of work-related hazard the industry is accustomed to. social distancing, staggered start times, wide-ranging disinfection for tools, work surfaces, equipment, machinery and hands. Unfortunately the contractor with work in progress is most vulnerable.

Cottonwood Meadow Hybrid Container Home on Sierra Nevada Blueberry Farm

Jetson Green

Kyle and Hannah have been building a hybrid container home in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California where they are attempting to grow blueberries. They have been incorporating a variety of recycle-reuse-repurpose methodologies in the design and build of the home, with some decisions being made as needs arise. The Cottonwood Meadow blog and its companion Facebook page are an excellent resource and case study in sustainable custom home design and construction.

Remodel Contractors Have Unique Bookkeeping Needs

Contractor Bookkeeping

You would never hire a construction worker with a background in new construction commercial work to be part of your residential remodeling crew because they are trained to rip and tear, yell, get aggressive and bully everyone and everything in their way. For construction bookkeeping you need people trained in construction bookkeeping. Work In Progress (WIP) Reporting. In The Long Run We Are Less Expensive Cheap Bookkeeper.

The New Preconstruction Advantage: Connected Quantification & Model Coordination in a Common Data Environment

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The New Preconstruction Advantage: Connected Quantification & Model Coordination in a Common Data Environment. Perform 2D/3D takeoffs & BIM coordination in a single software solution. Automation can eliminate a large portion of this manual work. Section In the Office.

Top 3 Tips for Improving Cash Flow as a Construction Contractor


No two projects look the same, and even the best-prepared estimates give contractors and clients only a partial picture of the actual scope of work and the costs involved. They manage multiple projects, purchase a large quantity of materials, and work with a variety of subcontractors and vendors. Here are a few things to consider: Store Records in the Cloud. As you might imagine, change orders are incredibly common in the world of construction. Source.

Free Contractors QuickBooks Review

Contractor Bookkeeping

In fact they don''t want channels they just want to start and finish construction projects. Contractors Don''t Want QuickBooks - In fact most of our clients don''t like it, some hate it and a few see it as a necessary evil that must be tolerated. Here Is Where We Come In - We offer you a FREE review and short summary report of your QuickBooks file. We work with all versions of QuickBooks including QuickBooks for Mac and all versions from year 2000 to the present.

OSHA Alert: How to Prepare for an OSHA Inspection

FDR Safety

The representative, ideally the Safety and Health Director or Manager or someone in upper management, should be well-versed in OSHA standards applicable to the business, health and safety conditions of the workplace under inspection, location of required records to be kept under OSHA (e.g.

OSHA 156

Quantity Take-offs by Construction Estimating Services can benefit Builders & General Contractors

Chianelli Estimating

Consideration is given to every division in order to provide you the details necessary for double checking self-performance work and to compare to your subcontractors proposals. Experienced Estimating Companies use the latest technology in the estimating process which provides more accuracy and inefficiency with the estimate take-off. . The use of Freelance Estimators can aid in both temporary situations or for permanent use for your construction estimating.

How to Improve Employee Engagement and Retention with Effective, Equitable Feedback Mechanisms


Do you feel engaged at work? In fact, you’re in the majority: 66% of workers in America are not engaged , meaning they’re not involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace. That breaks down into 53% of workers are not engaged and 13% are actively disengaged, meaning they have miserable work experiences. That’s not much, considering the amount of time people spend at work every week.

Lightweight Concrete Sculptural Building

Natural Building

Below is an excerpt from Home Work: Hand Built Shelter (Shelter Publications, 2004) by Lloyd Kahn. The earthbag home that I built in Colorado was featured in it. Steve Kornher worked with adobe and rammed earth as well as various types of concrete masonry construction.

What’s the Right Way for an A/E Firm to Use Instagram?

PSMJ Resources

Facebook made big news back in 2012 when it purchased Instagram for $1 billion. In fact, it’s the fastest growing of all mobile apps, having increased by 66% in 2013 to over 30 million users. Keep in mind that Instagram photos receive around 1,000 comments and 8,500 “likes” per second – that’s 1.2 People that are drawn to your account don’t just want to see your firm’s work, they want to see your firm – your employees, your fun, your thoughts and ideas.

Job Order Contracting – Recommended Best Practices

Job Order Contracting

Lack of formal written policies, procedures or guidelines is the primary reason for JOC Program failure and/or inconsistencies in project management and documentation, and compliance. Assure fair owner/contractor negotiations occur for all individual projects in order to assure quality and timely work at fair and reasonable prices. ALL Contractor proposals/estimates should be reviewed in detail, on a line item basis, by the owner and/or an owner’s designated representative.

Construction Change Order Phobia Increases Stress Reduces Profits

Contractor Bookkeeping

He Explained His Situation - For about 90 minutes and it sounded as if he had issues related to Work-In-Progress (WIP) and Earned Value reporting. Change Order Phobia - Occurs when a contractor discovers defects in the building or structure that were not obvious during the initial walk through and are only uncovered once they are involved in the construction project. Progress Invoicing. Work in progress.