BIM Adoption for Government Work in U.K. Is a Work-in-Progress

ENR Construction

Without national BIM standards in place, meeting the U.K.’s s 2016 implementation requirement is not yet possible. Technology

QuickBooks Job Costing Work In Progress (WIP) Reports

Contractor Bookkeeping

QuickBooks Job Costing Work In Progress (WIP) Reports. Job Costing Work In Progress (WIP) Reports are not included in QuickBooks For Contractors. These reports work well when combined with our Job Costing Reporting Services.

Lead free law a work in progress

Constructor Magazine

WASHINGTON — A few months into the recently passed lead free legislation —which mandates that the wetted surface of every pipe, fixture, and fitting sold for or installed in potable water applications not contain more than 0.25% lead by weight — the bulk of “responsibility” has now shifted to the installing contractor. BY JOHN MESENBRINK.

Accelerate Live! talk: Work in progress—How the office environment drives innovation, SageGlass (sponsored)


During this presentation, SageGlass CEO Dr. Alan McLenaghan reviews how biophilic design and new technologies, such as dynamic glass, create a greater connection between the built and natural environments in the office

Newforma gets connected

Extranet Evolution

Silos (both company and IT) have long inhibited collaboration in construction. collaboration between teams in separate companies, often via private or public clouds. Work in progress. Newforma’s ‘Connector’ strategy seeks to break them down.

Think Project! launches BIM toolset

Extranet Evolution

” I talked to the company extensively in late 2014 about its BIM strategy and saw some of the work in progress ( post ); I also met CEO Thomas Bachmaier in London more recently and we talked further about BIM and the collaboration market.

BIM 52

ShapeDo: change management in the cloud

Extranet Evolution

Its software detects differences between drawings, and can then help manage associated workflows (requests for information, change orders, etc) and can help project managers track the cost implications of changes in contracts, budgets and other agreements.

don't think: Do Revit: HAPPY HOLIDAYS


My journal of work in Revit as part of a 600+ member architecture firm. It's very new and much of it is a work in progress. Re: Coworker Looking for Job in DC. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5

BIM Documents and Standards - big list for download

What Revit Wants

It looks like it might be a work in progress - there are still plenty more that could be added (and probably will be, when Ben finds the time :-). Note - if you click the "Open in Drive" button, you can then check all the boxes and click Download to get them all at once.

Conject finally enters the BIM race

Extranet Evolution

The Munich, Germany-based SaaS construction collaboration technology provider retains a strong UK customer base, but it didn’t immediately jump aboard the BIM bandwagon when the UK Government started to talk about SaaS-based common data environments in 2011.

BIM 99

ProjectWise suite expands

Extranet Evolution

Bentley’s ProjectWise is past the tipping point in its transition from on-premise to being cloud-based, and is now the central part of an ‘ecosystem’ of cloud services. Greg Bentley presents the Connected Data Environment at Year in Infrastructure 2017 in Singapore.

Now Bentley CONNECTs with Trimble

Extranet Evolution

On Friday afternoon, I blogged about Trimble’s new entry into the cloud-based BIM collaboration market , and it appears that one thing Trimble didn’t mention ahead of its biannual user conference in Las Vegas this week was an increasingly close relationship with Bentley Systems.

Nature by Numbers

Sean Burke

I decided to get into the Dynamo Package Manager, recently added in v0.6 , released just last week. It’s probably the simplest custom node ever, however it makes short work of making many things possible. There’s a subtle yet useful addition to the zoom in/out icons.

BIM 18

Aecore repeats BuildBoxCM marketing fails

Extranet Evolution

Having worked in the Software-as-a-Service sector serving construction since the late 1990s, and having almost single-handedly delivered the marketing functions for a startup that became one of the UK’s leading providers, I think I know a bit about what works for potential customers and other influencers. OK, it may be early days, maybe this is work in progress and there is a big launch to come (if so, why not say so?).

Unique QuickBooks Setup For Contractors

Contractor Bookkeeping

Did someone setup QuickBooks by trying to follow the built in template inside QuickBooks and you figured out you cannot get any of the financial and job costing reports you need to operate and grow your construction company? The Short List Of Essentials In Our QuickBooks Setup.

Financial And Job Reports You Need Are In Our QuickBooks Template

Contractor Bookkeeping

The QuickBooks reports number that are available number in the thousands and with any one of the hundreds of add-on software you could generate millions reports. The Short List Of Essentials In Our QuickBooks Setup. Chart of Accounts Work-In-Progress For Land Developers.

What’s the Right Way for an A/E Firm to Use Instagram?

PSMJ Resources

Facebook made big news back in 2012 when it purchased Instagram for $1 billion. In fact, it’s the fastest growing of all mobile apps, having increased by 66% in 2013 to over 30 million users. Projects in progress. in order to grab more Instagram users.

Help Brok with some BIM quotes …

Extranet Evolution

I have a BuildingSMART contact, Brok Howard (he’s @Brokhoward on Twitter), at HOK in the USA, who was looking for some designers’ views on how the UK AEC sector is moving from paper to full digital model delivery. “Project life doesn’t start when you appoint an architect … you need to make a business case first” “For those working in the public sector (and private sector clients adopting the UK government BIM approach), it will be 2016.”

Revit Concrete Layout and Detailing Creation from SOFiSTiK

BIM & Beam

For example at Autodesk University in Las Vegas this November it was difficult to find anyone in the exhibit hall who was doing business in the building industry and did not have a connection or solution for Revit.

Cottonwood Meadow Hybrid Container Home on Sierra Nevada Blueberry Farm

Jetson Green

Kyle and Hannah have been building a hybrid container home in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California where they are attempting to grow blueberries. Hannah has done a wonderful job of describing their process and providing quality images to illustrate the progress.

Construction Bookkeeping Unique Features

Contractor Bookkeeping

Regular Bookkeeping - Is roughly 80% of all accounting for businesses in the world. So it is practically the only thing taught in schools, colleges and universities. In essence you are selling a product or a service from a fixed location. Chart of Accounts Warranty Work.

Deconstructing the Box

Sean Burke

While in Revit, I wanted to explore a handful of concepts. One, through the use of the Displacement option in Revit 2014, it is very simple to dedicate a view to see the walls, doors and roof removed form what ultimately is a very light-weight minimalist frame.

We Fix Costly QuickBooks Setup Problems

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The QuickBooks reports number that are available number in the thousands and with any one of the hundreds of add-on software you could generate millions reports. The Short List Of Essentials In Our QuickBooks Setup. Chart of Accounts Work-In-Progress For Land Developers.

Is Your Accountant Helping Or Hurting Your Construction Company?

Contractor Bookkeeping

I understand because as a child growing up in a construction family in the 1960''s I remember when the "Traveling Bookkeeper" would arrive at my parent''s home to do their contractors bookkeeping. Work-In-Progress. Rough-In. One Of The Biggest Complaints.

Steps To Obtaining A Surety Bond

Contractor Bookkeeping

As construction work continues to slowly improve, we see more project owners which are requiring contractors to be bonded. However, your ability to obtain and increase your bonding capacity can make a huge difference in the success of your construction business.

Remodel Contractors Have Unique Bookkeeping Needs

Contractor Bookkeeping

You would never hire a construction worker with a background in new construction commercial work to be part of your residential remodeling crew because they are trained to rip and tear, yell, get aggressive and bully everyone and everything in their way.

QuickBooks Cleanup For Contractors Can Reduce Taxes And Fees!

Contractor Bookkeeping

They may suspect you are paying too much in taxes if your QuickBooks for Contractors is a mess. Some Of Them - Will say something about how much easier it would be for them if your construction bookkeeping was in order and all the entries were in the right accounts where they belong.

Using a Pseudo Lookup Table Excel File to Drive Visibility for Many Generic Annotation Instances

What Revit Wants

These visibility states are linked to Sheets, and the Generic Annotation families themselves are placed in the Sheet views in Revit. Can we drive the Annotation family visibility states based on its 'host Sheet' in Revit?

IFC for Revit 2015 updated to v15.3.0.1 - links to download and What's New

What Revit Wants

Rooms can now be exported from 3D views even when exporting only elements visible in view. Work in progress: users can now opt to export files according to the IFC4 Reference View MVD. Improve splitting of walls in some cases when they are split by level on export.

QuickBooks For Contractors Cost of Goods Sold Vs. Expense

Contractor Bookkeeping

Get it wrong and no matter in responsible for the contractors bookkeeping services you will never get useful reports. Are you doing large projects requiring a schedule of values related to percentage of completion and change order management with progress invoicing and payment applications?

QuickBooks Vs. Xero Accounting Online For Construction

Contractor Bookkeeping

QuickBooks or Xero Accounting Online for construction depends on how you get paid, the type of work your company does and if you need Job Costing. QuickBooks Works Best If You: Takes Job Deposits. Need Work-In-Progress.

Free Contractors QuickBooks Review

Contractor Bookkeeping

In fact they don''t want channels they just want to start and finish construction projects. Contractors Don''t Want QuickBooks - In fact most of our clients don''t like it, some hate it and a few see it as a necessary evil that must be tolerated.

Copying Past Construction Accounting Entries Is A Bad Idea

Contractor Bookkeeping

It appears regular bookkeepers who are in over their head with construction accounting are trying to figure out how to input new QuickBooks transactions by copying previous transactions.

Home Builders Who Need To Keep Track Of Specialty Contractor Costs

Contractor Bookkeeping

The best way is to use Purchase Orders in QuickBooks. Spec Home Builders - Need people trained in construction accounting who understand how to put together a bank draw correctly, not someone with experience in regular bookkeeping. Work In Progress (WIP) Reporting.

Unique Contractor Bookkeeper Ride Along To Increase Company Profits

Contractor Bookkeeping

The differences in operations between the two groups are very small and yet the profit picture is massively different. The highly profitable contractors earn at least twice as much profit on each dollar of sales than average contractors and they enjoy more free time away from work.

Electrical Contractors Have Unique Bookkeeping Needs

Contractor Bookkeeping

You would never hire a rough-in electrician with a background in new construction commercial work to be part of your residential remodeling crew because they are trained to rip and tear and work fast will little or no concern for anyone or anything that gets in their way.

Contractors Job Costing Library The Key To Increased Profits

Contractor Bookkeeping

Every contractor has a Job Costing Library, some keep it in their head, some keep it on paper with names like completed jobs, bids, estimates. Other contractor''s keep it in their QuickBooks for contractors software records.