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BIM GIANTS: A ranking of the nation's top BIM design and construction firms


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Bobcat Names 2016 Create & Conserve Contest Winner

Construction Equipment

Glenn and Judy Stevens, of Unity, Maine, experienced the ultimate land transformation after they were named the 2016 Create & Conserve Habitat Event contest winners.

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Employer, staffing firm both responsible for temporary worker safety

FDR Safety

OSHA has stepped up its attention to temporary worker safety, and as two recent cases show, enforcement actions can be taking against both the employer and the staffing agency that provides the workers. OSHA has made it clear that staffing agencies and host employers are jointly responsible for temporary worker safety. That can pose a particular challenge for employers , since many staffing agencies lack the expertise to provide training or to ensure that recordkeeping requirements are met. The agency cited manufacturer and its staffing firm, which face combined penalties of $106,020.

Tweets Shut Down Illegal Construction in Chicago

Construction Equipment

Electrical contractor Archon Construction, working for SBC Communications, was shut down Tuesday while working on Dearborn Street in Chicago's Loop after Twitter users reported the contractor was blocking the bike lane on the street illegally.

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Nashville International Airport Installs Geothermal Energy System

ENR Construction

Nashville International Airport has turned a former quarry on the site into the water source for a lake plate geothermal cooling system that is cutting energy consumption by more than 50

Vancouver Leaving LEED for Zero Emission Building Mandate, But.

Green Building Law Update

On July 13, 2016, the Vancouver City Council approved a Zero Emissions Building Plan that is among the most aggressive by any government with the stated purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. While much of the media attention has described that Vancouver is the first major city in North America to establish specific actions to achieve zero emissions in all new construction by 2030, what may be most significant is what is being implemented now. Since 2004, Vancouver required civic buildings be certified LEED Gold and the move to Passive House is dramatic.

NBBJ’s Goldilocks sensor technology can help employees find a workspace that is just right


Besides being one of the more famous cases of breaking and entering, what is the one thing Goldilocks is known for? No, not her love of porridge or under-the-covers naps. It is her persnickety nature that shines through most and, as much as we may not want to admit it, we all have a little bit of that Goldilocks mentality in us

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US 22

The GPS Tracking Solution for Small Businesses

Constructor Magazine

Content Sponsored by GPS Insight. If you are a small business looking for a simple, yet effective GPS tracking solution that will give you real-time fleet visibility an. read more. Video


Keeping Your Construction Technology Up to Date

Why 2016 is the year to retire your old project management system.

How Does a Revit Model Work?

What Revit Wants

If you had 5 minutes to explain to someone the basics of a Revit model, how would you go about it? wanted to share this very basic (and rough) sketch with you, that I put together to describe the main data structures in Revit, along with key management components: Hope you can read my hand-writing :). training what revit wants

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Salini Impregilo Expects U.S. Acquisition To Cut Risk, Raise Profit Margins

ENR Construction

One afternoon this May, a group of journalists and market analysts convened in London at the Royal Society headquarters in Carleton House to hear the CEO of Salini Impregilo unveil the Italian engineering and construction conglomerate’s strategy for the next four years

Placing Bets on a New Vegas Raiders Stadium

Construction Equipment

Last night, a Las Vegas oversight committee was told by Sands president Rob Goldstein, speaking on behalf of billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and his family, that if his group doesn't get $750 million in public money, all bets are off for construction of a new sports stadium to house the Raiders

Infographic: Top trends in field service management 2016

Constructor Magazine

Take a look at the key trends shown in this infographic and let this be your guide to prepare for the field service management setting in 2016. read more. IoT Management

Construction Health Indicator (We're keeping score.)

The Construction Health Indicator is a daily pulse of the construction industry.

Start-Up Your Contracting Company With Equipment Auctions

Contractor Bookkeeping

You Started Your Cоnѕtruсtіоn Company, And Now You Need Tools, Equipment, Trucks, And Vans And You Are Dismayed By What Everything Costs! The соѕt of ѕtаrtіng a Cоnѕtruсtіоn business саn be daunting and scary, tо ѕау thе least. Nо mаttеr whісh part of this wide wonderful іnduѕtrу you choose or hоw profitable іt may bе, еvery Contractor fасеѕ the same оbѕtасlеѕ fоr асԛuіrіng hand tools, power tools, truсkѕ, vans and heavy equipment. The bіggеѕt оbѕtасlе you will face is getting the money to buу what you need. So еԛuірmеnt аuсtіоnѕ can bе a grеаt hеlр to a Contractor like you.

Panama Canal Disputes Still Unresolved

ENR Construction

Two months after the $5.4-billion third lane of the Panama Canal opened, more than 100 ships have made passage


Cat VP Jean Savage to Lead New R&D Division

Construction Equipment

Caterpillar announced it will form a single research, technology and product development division to deliver high-quality product differentiation and system integration. Current Advanced Component & System Division (ACSD) Vice President Jean Savage will lead this newly formed team of ACSD and PD&GT employees

Home maintenance 101: How uninformed homeowners can cause developers big headaches, and what to do about it


There’s a saying that owners of older houses know all too well: “When you buy a home, you also buy a hardware store.” That wisdom is increasingly lost on new homebuyers, whose expectations of their domicile reveal a stunning degree of ignorance when it comes to matters of basic home repair and maintenance

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Stay Ahead of Risk and Avoid Construction Disasters

Most failures can be traced back to the designers' or builders' blatant disregard of codes or laws, but not every structural failure happens because of criminal negligence.

IAPMO solicits public comments toward development of 2017 WE*Stand

Constructor Magazine

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials is calling for public comments on formal proposals toward the development of the 2017 Water Efficiency and Sanitation Standard. read more. Codes


Blunt Force Revit Formulas

CAD Shack

I got asked by a friend to create a formula that will pass a value from 1-4 to a parameter called IP. The 1,2,3, or 4 will come from one of 4 Yes/No parameters ( LB, LC,LF , and LO ). As a given check-box is checked "on", the other check-boxes should turn off and the value set into the IP parameter. Here is what I cam up with. If any are true it sets IP to BADpick or zero. LB and LC and LF and LO.

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Louisiana Flood Recovery Begins, Federal Aid Starts to Flow

ENR Construction

FEMA has provided $107 million in grants to individuals for home repairs, other needs; FHWA released $2 million for road and bridge work

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Guess What Day it Is? IT'S DRONE DAY!

Construction Equipment

“Monday is a big day. We’re introducing a brand new rule,” Earl Lawrence, director of the FAA’s drone integration office, said during a congressional briefing last week. “We’ve done that before, but we don’t usually have as much interest.”. About 5,000 drones are currently operating under the 333 waiver

How Construction Professionals Can Break Free From the Iron Triangle

Use the Power of a Software Platform to Manage the Three Cornerstones of Project Management: Time, Cost, and Quality

Building bonds: The role of “Trusted Advisor” is earned not acquired


Equal parts colleague and confidant, the trusted advisor is a valuable asset in the world of business. Particularly in the demanding realm of architecture, engineering, and construction industries, a person who brings a high level of professional expertise and personal empathy to the team can play a major role—albeit one that’s typically behind the scenes—in shaping a successful practice and project

Building materials: they comply with code, but are they safe?

Constructor Magazine

Are building materials safe just because they meet code? An interesting concept —and most people believe that’s the case — but is it a fact? read more. Best Practices Codes Registered User

Of course one can do BIM with Revit, but why should one even try?


I know. Every time I write about Revit, its shortcomings and my relationship with the software and its supporting people/companies, I lose another BIM friend or an interested in BIM -blog-reader otherwise supportive of my ramblings on the current status of the AEC industry. So be it. So, I can openly be anti-Revit. Revit. Just a tool, one would say. And they do say it, regularly. So what?

Spanish Firm FCC Bids Abroad As Home Workload Slows

ENR Construction

The Aug. completion of the world’s largest concrete-arch railroad bridge, which reaches 384 meters, at the Alcantara reservoir in western Spain adds another link in the nation’s big and growing high-speed network

The Extinction of Paper-Based Construction Specs

Pack up your things--we're movin' to the cloud.

Peterbilt Introduces Cummins Natural Gas Engine for 3 Models

Construction Equipment

Peterbilt Motors Company is introducing the Cummins Westport ISL-G Near Zero NOx emissions natural gas engine for Models 567, 520 and 320. The ISL-G Near Zero engine emissions are 90 percent lower than the current EPA NOx limit through the introduction of a unique three way catalyst in the after-treatment, advanced engine calibration and a closed crankcase ventilation system (CCV


Colorado’s largest charter school opens


In 1994, a group of parents founded Stargate School in Thornton, Colo., 10 miles northeast of Denver. And for more than two decades, Stargate has served gifted and talented students from kindergarten through 8 th grade. Last year, Stargate rented space from a nearby church in order to expand its educational services to 9 th graders. But that move betrayed Stargate’s need for a much bigger facility to realize its goal of becoming a K-12 learning center

Rogers Corporation Relocating Global HQ To Arizona

Business Facilities Blog

Rogers Corporation, a global leader in engineered materials solutions, will relocate its global headquarters from Rogers, CT to Chandler, AZ. Read Rogers Corporation Relocating Global HQ To Arizona on Business Facilities - Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions. Arizona Corporate Headquarters Daily News Featured Posts Office, IT & Call Centers blog-August-2016 corporate real estate Economic Development Employment expansion global headquarters manufacturing Rogers Corporation Site Selection Technology