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Trends in Construction: 3 Ways Technology is Changing Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

The use of technology and apps for daily construction reporting, sharing photos and scheduling look-aheads has become common practice on today’s commercial construction job sites. The impact of technology is particularly interesting in commercial construction – a field where many of the same tried-and-true construction techniques have been used for decades. Chuck Taylor.

Commercial Construction 2017 Trends and Predictions

Commercial Construction

Rounding the corner into the final weeks of 2016, it’s time for our annual post predicting the commercial construction trends that will influence the industry in the coming year. Here’s how that overall trend will drive commercial construction opportunities across different sectors in the coming year: Eat. Lounge. We’ve worked with developers on projects in Norfolk, Va. Bill Di Santo.

Commercial Construction Trends: The Highs and Lows of 2016

Commercial Construction

With December here, it’s time for our annual post reviewing some of the positives – as well as a few of the challenges – that shaped the commercial construction business in the past year. Here’s a look at our top 2016 commercial construction “highs” and “lows”: Low: Mall Retail Tenants Choose Local over National. After all, construction is and will always be a relationship business.

Commercial Construction Trends and Predictions for 2016

Commercial Construction

A continuing construction labor shortage will result in higher pricing and scheduling challenges in 2016. As we close in on the finish line for 2015, we’re happy to report it’s been a terrific year at Englewood Construction and for many others in the commercial construction industry. Locally Grown Restaurants Feed the Construction Pipeline. Bill Di Santo. President.

Construction Health Indicator (We're keeping score.)

The Construction Health Indicator is a daily pulse of the construction industry

Construction Hotspots


The winds of change are definitely blowing for construction project opportunities, and it’s difficult to find places where things aren’t at least looking up, if not performing very well. commercial construction construction professionals Here’s a rundown of reported sector hotspots with up and coming, or continuing healthy prospects.

2016 Construction Marketing Resolutions

Construction Marketing Blog

Based on some of next years top trends, we have put together some of the top construction marketing resolutions for 2016: I will make my website mobile friendly. What does this mean for your construction company? For the past three years we have discussed the rise and opportunities in content marketing for construction marketers. It’s that time of year again!

The Greatest Challenge Facing the Construction Industry

John Chaney

Overall growth in the construction industry indicates now is the time for contractors to take advantage of an improving economy to expand their business. Construction Management with John ChaneyWho would have thought that the downside of an improving economy would be a workforce shortage?

Planning for Success: Three Commercial Construction Industry Tips for 2016

Commercial Construction

As a growing national commercial construction firm, Englewood Construction has made some big transitions over the last several years, and it’s been a very deliberate process as we set annual goals for where we want to go as a company. One way we’ve deepened our client relationships is by growing our Facilities Management , Development Management and Pre-Construction Services teams.

2015 Commercial Construction Industry Trends and Predictions

Commercial Construction

It has been another whirlwind year at Englewood Construction and we are happy to report that our predicted 2014 commercial construction trends came true, which has meant a lot of new projects on our end. Now to get to it—our predictions for 2015 commercial construction trends: 1) Shopping center owners reshape the mall. Ground up construction project are on the rise.

Construction mainly technology laggards

Extranet Evolution

A survey and report from management consultant KPMG International says less than one in 10 construction companies are at the sharp end of technology – most just follow, trying to keep up (survey also reported by Construction Enquirer and The Construction Index ). Many lack a clear technology strategy, and either adopt it in a piecemeal fashion, or not at all.”.

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How to Choose the Best General Contractor to Partner with for your “First” Commercial Construction Project

Commercial Construction

One of our current commercial projects at Englewood Construction is a new Farm & Fleet store we’re building in Romeoville, Ill. It’s a pretty cool ground-up commercial construction project for us because not only is it the first time we’ve worked with this national retail brand, but it’s also the very first Farm & Fleet store in the Chicago area. Here’s how: 1. Chuck Taylor.

“Top 10 (US) Construction Apps”

Extranet Evolution

In the UK at least, we are coming up to the time of year when some construction software vendors start thinking about the Construction Computing Awards (the so-called “Hammers”). Top 10 Construction Apps. So I was interested to get an email about another construction awards or ratings programme (I was also offered an infographic – here ).

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Commercial Construction Trends: Why More Clients Are Choosing the Design-Assist Model

Commercial Construction

Working with a client on a design-assist or design-build basis, as Englewood Construction is with the reimagining of Stratford Square Mall, allows the commercial contractor to provide valuable input during the initial planning stages. If you’re interested in learning more about design-assist construction and if it’s right for your project, give me a call and I’m happy to discuss.

Construction Worker Safety Issues: Weighing in on Silica Standards

Commercial Construction

One thing I really love about my job is having the opportunity to share insights about issues affecting the commercial construction industry – whether I’m writing a post for this blog, networking at industry events or connecting with a reporter who needs a construction expert’s perspective. Construction worker safety is a priority for Englewood Construction. Questions?

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5 Success Factors for Construction Firms

Construction Marketing Blog

Since the economy’s slow improvement, the construction industry has seen growth as well. Raken, a construction reporting app, shares success factors for construction firms in a recent whitepaper. Following is a summary of the 5 factors for successful construction firms. Find an application that is made specifically for the construction industry. Threat: Silos.

Professional Construction Management and its Benefits for Construction Projects

The Constructor

A professional construction management team consists of professionally efficient construction managers and individuals. Construction Construction Management Construction Project Construction ProjectsThese professional.

Construction Jobs Growing in Texas & Louisiana


Texas and Louisiana both delivered strong construction job growth at the close of 2015. In Louisiana, a state heavily dependent on oil and gas activity, construction gained more jobs last year than it had since 1990. Texas recently ranked 2nd in the US in job creation, with construction jobs posting the biggest gain since 2005.

Construction Marketing Outlook Survey

Construction Marketing Blog

The Construction Marketing Association is now conducting a national survey on marketing plans and priorities in the construction industry. In addition, CMA Chairman Neil Brown will present a case study of a complete construction brand makeover. So please share this with out construction professionals who would be interested in taking this survey.

Southeast Construction News, Trends, and Projects


What do you think - will Southeast construction rapidly grow in the coming year? How does Southeast construction stack up and what’s been all the fuss recently? construction construction news southeast construction updateHas it changed?

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Commercial Construction Operations: Pulling Back the Curtain on Behind-the-Scenes Roles

Commercial Construction

Behind-the-scenes team members – such as Englewood Construction’s CFO, Mary Davolt, who was recently honored as a CFO of the year by the Daily Herald – play a critical role in the success of a commercial construction firm. Pre-Construction Services. Recently our CFO, Mary Davolt, was honored as a CFO of the Year by suburban Chicago’s Daily Herald newspaper. Chuck Taylor.

Technology Trends In Construction Improving Job Site Safety

Construction Marketing Blog

A series of innovative ideas in construction have been used to bring a remarkable difference in the industry.There is no shortage of tech gadgets for commercial projects as there are a number on offer for various projects. James Barrett, chief innovation officer at Turner Construction, acknowledges that there needs to be an incremental approach to tech adoption. Drones.

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2015 Commercial Construction Industry Highs and Lows

Commercial Construction

Writing our annual “Highs and Lows” commercial construction blog post was a bit more difficult this year because, on the whole, 2015 was pretty great for Englewood Construction and many others in the construction industry. Yet despite all its positives, 2015 wasn’t without its commercial construction challenges. High – A Banner Year for Englewood Construction.

3 Solutions to Help Solve the Commercial Construction Labor Shortage

Commercial Construction

Bill Di Santo, president of Englewood Construction (second from right), and the Englewood accounting team receiving recognition from the Chicago Chapter of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) for participating in their 2014 Accounting Intern Program. While activity is good, the recession still hangs over us in the form of a commercial construction labor shortage.

Is it Better to Lease or Buy Your Construction Equipment?

Construction Marketing Blog

In the world of construction, a man is only as good as his tools and the various types of construction equipment are the most important tools on the jobsite. Diggers, bulldozers, scissor lifts, and even attachments like digger buckets, grabs and grapples – all of these allow a single construction worker to do the work of ten men in a tenth of the time.

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Content Marketing for Construction – Webcast

Construction Marketing Blog

“Content is arguably the hottest topic in marketing, with the construction industry lagging others,” states CMA Chairman Neil M. Content marketing is used by 88% of B2B marketers, and construction should be no exception. At 1 PM CST on Thursday, May 19, CMA will present to you the webcast Content Marketing Strategies for Construction. See panelist bios below. Brown.

Advertising in Construction [INFOGRAPHIC]

Construction Marketing Blog

To further understand the use of advertising in the construction industry, the Construction Marketing Association conducted a national survey of construction professionals in 2013. Advertising Construction Marketing Construction Marketing Association Infographic Surveys Construction Construction Advertising using the embed code below.

The Value of Construction Software


Construction professionals traditionally rely on hard copy documentation and old technology like fax machines and endless emails with attached spreadsheets, to manage construction projects. drawing management mobile construction app construction software RFI

Billing By the Hour in Construction


There are also many projects where construction begins before final design plans are finished, often because information about existing conditions is missing. But, it also happens in new construction when the environmental conditions of a site are in question. construction accounting construction business construction subcontractors

Top 10 Construction Management Colleges


For those deciding among construction management colleges, a visit to. This article focuses on entrance options and affordability, and uses these criteria: construction project management construction project management jobs construction education There are hundreds of ways to slice and dice the differences among colleges.

Ways to Make your Construction Project More Memorable

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Everyone involved in a construction project, from the designers to the architects, builders, surveyors and more will want nothing but success for their efforts. Not only can a memorable project bring you awards and prestige, there’s also the fact that your company and clients could get more business as a trusted and established construction firm. Construction Construction Marketing

Digital construction autumn 2015

Extranet Evolution

Construction IT conferences: are we beginning to move beyond BIM and look at other, related fields, and to do so more affordably? Digital Construction Week. Last week, I met up with Ollie Hughes, one of the promoters of Digital Construction Week , which will feature a series of core events in London from 20-22 October 2015. Efficiency through Digital Projects 2015.

2015 Construction Marketing Survey Results

Construction Marketing Blog

To further understand current marketing plans and priorities in the construction industry, the Construction Marketing Association conducted a national survey of construction professionals. What construction industry trend do you anticipate will impact your business most in 2015? Related: 4 Reasons Your Construction Firm Should Use Social Media.

The 8 Best Boots in Construction


Safety is the number one most important factor when you’re working in a construction site. Here is the list with the 8 Best Boots in Construction : 1. Pit Boss offers electrical hazard protection, steel safety toe, antimicrobial treatment and a Goodyear welt construction with cast metal top hooks that prolong its durability. Check out also: 5 Best Boom Boxes for Construction.

Types of Construction Contracts and Their Comparison

The Constructor

There are different types of construction contracts and their comparison is presented in this article. A construction contract is an agreement. Construction Construction Contracts Construction Management Construction Project Construction Projects

5 Marketing Principles for your Construction Firm

Construction Marketing Blog

Choosing a construction firm, be it a large corporation or a private residence owner, is a very important decision. Therefore, construction firms need to make all relevant information available to potential customers. A well-planned marketing strategy will not only help your construction firm get more customers, but it will also get you the customers you want. To make sure your marketing team has full access to this information, you can add them as collaborators in your construction management software. Your company’s core product is not marketing, it’s construction.

California Construction Trends to Watch


construction technology construction employment california constructionCalifornia is one of the most economically successful U.S. states, and the region's prosperity even puts it on par with many countries across the globe in terms of gross domestic product (GDP). The U.S. economic recovery has been particularly good for California.

Construction Outlook for 2020


The construction market outlook over any length of time is a mixed bag of estimating and guesswork. Short-term, market indicators such as the Architectural Billings Index , Reed’s Market Intelligence Forecasts , and Engineering News Record’s Construction Forecasts provide dependable outlooks. procore construction software

Go for the Gold: 3 Keys to Finishing a Commercial Construction Project on Time

Commercial Construction

Before the 2016 Games opened, media coverage showed crews in Rio de Janeiro putting finishing touches on new-construction Olympic facilities, and reporters speculated whether venues and the athletes village would be completed in time to welcome participants and spectators. This back and forth can cause huge delays before construction even begins. Chuck Taylor. Director of Operations.