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Collaboration, BIM and FM

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FM is getting more involved with BIM from the earliest stages of a project, and will collaborate more frequently during project delivery. The day therefore repeatedly returned to what government and industry needs to do to get more FM professionals engaged with BIM. The government push on BIM for FM. Surely, many other client organisations will want to reap similar benefits?

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Finalcad – from BI to BIM

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France-based Finalcad is helping French construction benchmark its quality performance, and building its BIM capabilities. “BIM with Boots On” FinalBIM indicates the direction of travel at Finalcad. Finalcad has developed BIM solutions for structures and for finishes. Business intelligence. against the national average.

Promises of Cloud-Based BIM


While building information modeling (BIM) continues making inroads in the AEC sector, a recent upstart is promising even more benefits to construction projects. Cloud-based BIM opens the technology to new levels of efficiency and collaborative advantages. These go beyond using BIM in an on-premise model. Meanwhile, the original advantages of BIM remain.

Is BIM the answer?

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As a collaboration commentator and occasional BIM speaker, I was one of several bloggers recently asked to comment on the UK’s BIM push for a Microsoft technology blog. Just in case anyone’s interested, here’s the rest of what I wrote … Is BIM the answer to stabilising the industry? BIM provides an opportunity to digitise many of our processes, reduce our reliance on exchange of paper (or electronic paper) and support more collaborative ways of working. Do you think BIM and ERP integration is the future?

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Zuuse targeting BIM to FM opportunity

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Australian start-up Zuuse ambitiously aims to shake up the facilities management market, bridging the gap from BIM to FM. This company, with offices in Brisbane and Melbourne, provides “ an asset lifecycle solution blending 3D BIM capability, mobility and information management.” Moving towards FM in the cloud. The market is therefore ripe for some SaaS disruption.

Aconex upgrades BIM capabilities

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Aconex has launched a ‘Connected BIM’ product, and a new Digital Manuals capability (but only if you are on Windows). According to the news release , Aconex co-founder Rob Phillpot (also senior vice president of product and engineering) says: “BIM … [is] … transforming the way that capital projects are delivered. Dynamic Manuals. Three views.

think project! thinking BIM

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Delivering BIM in the browser is now part of think project! ‘s technology roadmap and it is on track to start its first BIM project in early 2015. about its plans to augment its existing Software-as-a-Service collaboration capabilities with building information modelling (BIM) functions. No German BIM mandate. BIM in the collaboration cloud in 2015.

Autodesk raises its BIM cloud game

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BIM-based collaboration. Project teams can extend the BIM collaboration process from Revit to the construction site with Autodesk BIM 360 Field. BIM 360 Field also faces competition from other vendors of SaaS and mobile-based solutions. The collaboration back story. However, there was little (if any) convergence.

BC launch semantic BIM 1.1

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The next iteration, BIM module v1.1, has just been released, promising “ data-driven, semantic BIM software to help customers procure, design, construct and maintain assets and infrastructure efficiently” According to BC’s website , version 1.1 BC CTO Stephen says: “The team have worked incredibly hard to deliver this next phase in our BIM journey.

BIM: bigger infrastructure muscle

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I wrote recently about SaaS construction collaboration technology vendors upgrading their hosting infrastructure , noting how 4Projects, Asite, Aconex and Conject had either already upgraded, or were in the process of upgrading their hosting facilities to keep ahead of the increased usage of their platforms. The upgrade incorporates future-proofing of storage capacity. My team also noticed an immediate improvement in overall system performance, particularly when running project queries and generating enterprise and programme level reports.

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e-Builder boosts its BIM

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e-Builder , the Florida, US-based SaaS construction programme management provider has announced today that it has acquired the assets of Scenario Virtual Project Delivery (VPD), a leader in collaborative Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology for construction. This acquisition (for which the terms were not disclosed) extends e-Builder Enterprise by tightly integrating it with BIM (when I talked to e-Builder in February 2014 , co-founder Jon Antevy said BIM was still at an early stage for many of their customers, but interest was growing).

Infrakit: where BIM meets geospatial

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Infrakit is particularly aimed at digital collaboration on infrastructure projects, with strong BIM and geospatial integrations. The Infrakit toolset incorporates both desktop browser and mobile applications: The web version adopts a map interface, whereby users can view and manage BIM models, as-built information and photos. ” Geospatial working.

Conject finally enters the BIM race

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Conject is not simply extending its document collaboration approach to embrace BIM. It is deploying key components from across its product portfolio to support the requirements of a BIM Common Data Environment. “Expect to hear much more about what Conject is doing with respect to BIM,” says UK CEO Steve Cooper. Collaboration and control. conjectPM. conjectCDE.

Oumy – record your BIM model comment?

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Six years ago in February 2009, I wrote about building information modelling (BIM), integrated project delivery (IPD) and collaboration. My post was stimulated by two Cadalyst  articles by Pete Zyskowski, stressing the importance of communication in BIM. Average Oumy videos are apparently less than three minutes long, helping quickly convey the user’s ideas.

Think Project! launches BIM toolset

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has launched what it describes (see news release ) as “ a comprehensive solution package for BIM collaboration , focusing on project- wide coordination and communication processes.” BIM Review allows 3D building models from all project participants to be visualised, checked and used directly in their internet browsers.

Aconex to offer free BIM module

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Aconex launched its Connected BIM service at the end of October 2014. M&A. Without further information, it is difficult to know if “free” means a BIM project will be completely free on Aconex, or if use of the BIM module will incur no additional charge over the normal Aconex information and workflow management services. My view.

Panzura pitching to UK BIM users

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Panzura is seeking to raise its UK construction profile, but needs to understand the BIM opportunity. Meanwhile, Google lurks … Until a few months ago , I was unaware of Panzura , a US-based hardware technology provider, but it is now promoting its file server hardware vigorously to UK construction firms involved with building information modelling (BIM). Panzura targeting BIM.

Aconex developing BIM plugins

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According to the BIMcrunch blog , Australian construction collaboration company Aconex  intends to create more building information modelling (BIM) software plug-ins. AEC BIM Blogs Business/Financial Collaboration Functionality Future Marketing SaaS Vendors Aconex architecture Australia Autodesk collaboration Construction Engineering Revit The full interview with CEO Leigh Jasper will feature on BIMcrunch  soon. million).

Clearbox BIMXtra starts with BIM

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The BIM Common Data Environment, CDE, market in the UK remains very competitive. Its players include vendors previously active in what was sometimes termed document management, file collaboration or project extranets, but there are also newer players for whom BIM was the starting point. IMXtra is a BIM platform that originated in-house at UK contractor Kier , in its process and engineering division. With the BIM process fully functional, it at least halved the length of time to process. understand that the system has also been marketed in the Netherlands. My view.

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BIM = Better information mobility?

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Bringing the Bentley conference to London, however, has (I think) opened some US delegates’ eyes to the great strides that the UK industry is making with building information modelling (the original BIM) and the smaller but still significant strides that organisations such as Crossrail are making with use of mobile devices ( see May 2013 post ). SmartMarket report. ProjectWise.

Trimble and Nemetschek in open BIM alliance

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Trimble and Nemetschek have established a strategic alliance to expand adoption of open approaches to building information modelling (BIM). US-based IT provider Trimble (provider of, among other solutions, SaaS applications Trimble Connect and Project Sight – both launched in late 2014) and the Nemetschek Group (provider of the BIM+ common data environment and the Vectorworks BIM authoring application). The move might be interpreted as a concerted effort to help customers bypass other AEC software vendors which have lagged in their interoperability efforts.

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Why BIM U.K. will Fail.

Building Information Management

I just read a post titled “15 Terms Every BIM User Needs to Know”  It’s a great list, and you can view the terms and link to the associated article below. The complexity of the list and the multiple definitions associated with various terms present non-trivial obstacles to consistent BIM implementation. BIM effort. BIM Protocol. Here’s my problem.

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For Level 3 BIM, read Digital Built Britain

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Last week saw the “launch” of Digital Built Britain , the preferred branding for the UK’s Level 3 Building Information Modelling (BIM) programme. Unless I missed something, it was an oddly low-key launch for a document that is intended to continue the BIM transformation process – did it get overrun by the push towards a UK General Election in May?). Open Data.

Business Collaborator BIM 1.0 released

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Newly independent Business Collaborator has announced the latest release, v6.3, of its core Software-as-a-Service, and its first BIM module, including a “state of the art” model viewer. BC BIM 1.0. At Business Collaborator we have been working hard to deliver the right solutions for our customers who are embracing BIM ahead of the 2016 UK government mandate.”.

Why the UK BIM toolkit is a key building block

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The BIM ‘Digital toolkit’ should help UK firms, including SaaS vendors, adopt and then export BIM skills, practices, procedures and standards and apply them in other markets. The fact that the Government’s BIM Task Group had not yet defined a full set of Level 2 components did not appear to hinder the hype. NBS BIM toolkit. CapEx + OpEx = TotEx.

4Projects joins BIM forces with Solibri UK

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4Projects , the Sunderland, UK-based SaaS collaboration technology provider (and subsidiary of Viewpoint Construction Software), has announced it is partnering with Solibri UK , the British outpost of the Finland-based software company that provides BIM model validation, QA and interrogation software. The  news release says the partnership will: “provide the UK building and construction markets an end-to-end BIM solution that enables validation and co-ordination of models with a scalable model collaboration infrastructure. My view.

Should This Project Be a "BIM Project"?


Last week, in a conversation with a newer BIM Manager, we ended up discussing a question that seems to always come up during a firm''s first few years of BIM adoption. In his case, the question was worded: How can I convince my leadership team that a project is a good fit for BIM? How do we decide which projects are good candidates for BIM? What am I missing?

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Builders’ Conference surveying UK BIM uptake

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With the UK government mandating building information modelling (BIM) for public sector projects by 2016, the Builders’ Conference is keen to determine the potential impact of this on the industry ( see news ). It provides tender information and market intelligence, provides educational information, and champions the issues affecting members.

Collaborative Construction Blog: BIM Workshops Scheduled with.

Collaborative Construction

Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC helps owners craft IPD procurement strategies that enable them to acquire BIM enabled infrastructure from integrated teams and helps those teams craft, negotiate and implement integrated agreements. BIM Workshops Scheduled with CITA in Ireland. will be presenting at the 9th CITA BIM Workshop in Dublin, Ireland on October 24, 2012.

More Humpty Dumpty BIM

Collaborative Construction

Now the "consultants" aka trade contractors and specialty designers are complaining that the BIM thrown over the wall by manufacturers is too complicated, forcing the consultants to recreate the wheel. And let''s make to mandate the production of BIM in those silos. And let''s makes sure the BIM produced in those silos dies, or at minimum is orphaned in those silos. James L.

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Three Keys to Successful BIM Content Management

What Revit Wants

In the world of BIM, content management is an extremely hot topic. could write for hours about BIM content in both practical and specific terms, but in this post I want to share just three keys to good management of BIM content. Key 1 - Have a DRI (Directly Responsible Individual) A good collection of BIM content doesn't happen automatically.

BIM Levels Explained

What Revit Wants

Ever wanted to know what the BIM Levels mean? BIM Level 1 BIM Level 2 BIM Level 3 Check out this great sketch: via BIR Leaflet Number 1 at: [link] Heads-up via Case. BIMlevel BIR dutch BIM Level 1 BIM Level 2 BIM Level 3 BIM

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Docia UK pushing BIM

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In the past year, Docia has established a UK foothold independent of its MPS partner, and is now pushing its own BIM capabilities. Overall, this makes working with BIM models and BIM collaboration much more effective and adds value for everyone involved. During 2012, Docia also established its own UK office , in South Shields in north-east England.

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BIM and FM Resources

What Revit Wants

Check out this page for more on Facility Management and BIM from AUGI: BIM and FM | AUGI via [link] Links copied below: BIM Kickoff Meeting FAQ This document was posted by Robert Bell to the Revit MEP forum, as a good checklist for discussion between contractors. The GSA on BIM for FM The General Services Administration has been a forerunner in utilitzing BIM post-construction and thoroughly documenting their standards. Check out the links on the left of the page to access press releases, videos and the BIM Library. What does an Owner Want with BIM?

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Global BIM Collaboration Just Got Real

Sean Burke

In the real estate business, the biggest catch phrase of the last 30 years has been “location, location, location” In the world of BIM and how you assemble teams to work on designing buildings that has also been true. Autodesk A360 Collaboration for Revit is a service that works with Revit software to connect project teams with centralized access to BIM project data in the cloud.

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Super BIM: 7 award-winning BIM/VDC-driven projects


The AIA''s Technology in Architectural Practice (TAP) Knowledge Community recently announced the winners of the 2014 AIA TAP BIM Awards. Architects Building Owner BIM/IT Contractors Designers Engineers Facility Managers Healthcare Buildings Building Technology Sports and Recreational Facility Transit Facilities Designers / Specifiers / Landscape Architects Interior Architecture

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Humpty Dumpty BIM

Collaborative Construction

Over the last few weeks I've had a number of conversations with representatives of institutional owners who have expressed an interest in BIM, especially as a tool for managing the planning, design and construction process in a way that will arm owners with a digital asset that can be leveraged to increase efficiency in operations and maintenance. Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

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