The Construction Industry’s Recovery

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Despite many positives in the construction industry right now such as the high demand for skilled labor and that most construction firms are willing to prove higher wages for skilled workers, Alan Greenspan is pointing a finger of blame in construction’s direction. Housing Industry.

The Greatest Challenge Facing the Construction Industry

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Overall growth in the construction industry indicates now is the time for contractors to take advantage of an improving economy to expand their business. Yet that’s exactly what contractors across the country are faced with as the industry prepares to hire again.

Colorado’s Advanced Industries Are Booming

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The Rocky Mountain State is supporting advanced industries through phases of growth with four types of grants and two global business programs. Read: Colorado’s Advanced Industries Are Booming at

Construction Industry LinkedIn Statistics

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LinkedIn is being embraced by the US Construction Industry. Citation: Construction Industry Linkedin Statistics by Country April 24 2012,, viewed 24th April, 2012, Are there countries (or cities) you need the numbers on?

Software Trends in the Construction Industry

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Though the construction industry has significantly ramped up its adoption of new technologies in recent years, there are still some growing pains and learning curves when it comes to pulling the trigger on software.

How industry drone leaders scaled their programs

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Drone experts at Skanska USA and PCL Construction outline the steps their firms took from early adoption to enterprise expansion

2019 construction industry trade show and conference guide

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Here are the leading industry events professionals should consider attending to help elevate their businesses and careers

Check-Mate Industries Creating 230 Jobs In Georgia

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Read: Check-Mate Industries Creating 230 Jobs In Georgia at Advanced Manufacturing Capital Investment Daily News Featured Georgia Manufacturing Quality Of Life Taxes & Incentives Check-Mate Industries corporate expansion Economic Development Georgia Department of Economic Development metal stamping Site Selection Thomas County Thomasville Payroll Development Authority

Common Construction Industry Myths – Debunked


The construction industry has been the subject of jokes, myths and rumours for decades and, while some jokes are funny, the misconceptions have actually harmed the industry. Getting the wrong idea about the construction industry has led to lots of talented, creative people – of all stripes – choosing to work in other sectors, leaving construction short of good workers.

New Industrial Cleaning Method


For many years sandblasting has been used in a variety of industries for its ability to clean, smooth, and remove surface finished quickly and efficiently. Dry Ice Blasting is an industrial cleaning process in which particles of solid carbon dioxide are propelled at high velocities at a surface to clean and remove contaminants in the same way as sandblasting. Additionally, dry ice is obtained as a byproduct of other industrial processes.

Eco Friendly Industrial Advancements


The industrial manufacturing industry has long embraced powder coating as the preferred method of applying paint to finished metal surfaces. Industrial Convection Oven (Curing).

The European Construction Industry Manifesto for digitalisation: An insight into a smarter and cost-efficient sector


A few months ago the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC) in collaboration with other leading European construction associations published the European Construction Industry Manifesto for digitalisation. The manifesto focuses on the numerous actions that EU could take in order to facilitate the digital transformation of the construction industry. Future of Construction construction industry construction industry manifesto european construction european union

Miller Industries Expansion Creates 175 Jobs In Tennessee

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Read: Miller Industries Expansion Creates 175 Jobs In Tennessee at Automotive Daily News Featured Manufacturing Tennessee Workforce Development corporate expansion Employment Hamilton County Miller Industries Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development towing equipmentOver a five-year period, the towing equipment manufacturer has made a significant investment to expand its operations in Ooltewah, TN.

2015 Commercial Construction Industry Trends and Predictions

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It’s always good to see this much dirt moving in the commercial construction industry and this activity should gain velocity in 2015.

Industrial Automation Firm Relocating Operations To Indiana

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The industrial automation and information company will move operations from Illinois and Tennessee, creating 231 jobs in Boone County, IN. Read: Industrial Automation Firm Relocating Operations To Indiana at

Industry experts talk AI: Colin Smith on why construction should care about AI


Today we are back with the third part of our interview series ‘Industry experts talk AI’. Future of Construction AI experts Artificial Intelligence industry experts industry experts talk AISome weeks ago we talked with Benjamin Dyer, CEO and co-founder of Powered Now, about the crucial role of Artificial Intelligence on the new age of construction. We have a quick chat on the reasons why construction should care about.

Embracing Digitalization in Construction Industry

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“It is high time that the Construction Industry adopts and adapts to the digital environment as it has proved to be efficient and beneficial on all.

New England’s Regional Defense Industry Collaboration

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Read: New England’s Regional Defense Industry Collaboration at The new organization, funded with a $1.5-million grant from the department of defense, will coordinate the growth of defense-related business across the six-state region.

BYOD and the Construction Industry

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Not too long ago, our marketing director lost his iPad after leaving it in a rental car while traveling. For many, this would be a near catastrophic event, given the amount of personal (and often business) data that is often kept on any mobile device.

Workplace Sexual Harassment: Construction Industry Speaks

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Two-thirds of 1,248 respondents to ENR's first-ever survey report an incident in construction-sector workplaces, but gender bias issues are not clearly understood, universally accepted or easily fixed, the analysis shows

2014 Commercial Construction Industry Trends and Predictions

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We are coming into the final stretch of 2013, a year that has been rather good for the commercial construction industry. This year, I thought I’d take a look at our lengthy, active bid sheet in making 2014 commercial construction industry trends and predictions in the coming year.

Industry Trends You Should Keep an Eye on in 2019

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Construction industry trends to keep an eye on in 2019

The Built Industry's Backwards Bicycle

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Tanner Clark , the Director of BIM/VDC Construction Services for Stuart Olson out of Canada recently asked me, "Why is the uptake of BIM and IPD so slow in the Built Industry?" Riding a Backwards Bicycles is dangerous and the industry crashes it a lot.

Mohawk Industries Expanding Virginia Manufacturing Operation

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Read: Mohawk Industries Expanding Virginia Manufacturing Operation at Capital Investment Daily News Featured Manufacturing Taxes & Incentives Virginia Workforce Development Carpet corporate expansion Industrial Advancement Alliance Mohawk Industries Site Selection Tobacco Region Opportunity Funds Virginia Economic Development Partnership Virginia Jobs Investment Program

Industry Focus: Aerospace Moving Onward And Upward

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Industry Focus: Aerospace Moving Onward And Upward appeared first on Business Facilities (BF) Magazine. Business Facilities (BF) Magazine.

Energy/Industrial: Holland Energy Park

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A new, cleaner power plant that educates as well as keeps the lights one

The four pillars of collaboration in the construction industry


That’s the challenge this industry is facing.’ Construction Industry collaboration collaboration in construction construction industry construction partnership ulrik branner‘We need to change the way we collaborate and communicate in construction.

Commercial/Industrial [Small] Award Winner

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Building Case Studies 2018 Canadian Green Building Awards BC Canadian Green Building Awards Commercial/Industrial [Small] Award Winner SABMag Sustainable Architecture and Building Magazine UBC CAMPUS ENERGY CENTRE - Vancouver

2015 Commercial Construction Industry Highs and Lows

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Writing our annual “Highs and Lows” commercial construction blog post was a bit more difficult this year because, on the whole, 2015 was pretty great for Englewood Construction and many others in the construction industry.

German construction 2018: What’s next for the industry?


Construction Industry construction boom construction industry german construction GermanyGermany is the financial powerhouse of Europe and construction is probably its most significant driver of growth.

Saran Industries Growing in Howard County, IN

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Saran Industries LLC, an industrial finishing manufacturer, will locate new manufacturing operations in Kokomo, IN, creating up to 60 new jobs by 2019. Saran Industries Growing in Howard County, IN appeared first on Business Facilities (BF) Magazine.

The benefits of real-time collaboration in the construction industry


The importance of collaboration for more effective projects is increasingly recognized across the construction industry, demonstrated by the extensive research that was conducted by Dodge Data & Analytics.

Industry petitions OSHA to establish heat standard

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More than 130 organizations asked the agency to establish protection rules for workers exposed to heat, the leading weather-related killer in the U.S.


Industry experts talk AI: Rene Morkos on the uptake of AI in construction


Future of construction AI experts Artificial Intelligence industry experts industry experts talk AIWe recently hosted on our blog Oliver Hughes, co-Founder and Director of Digital Construction Week, who referred to the great potential of Artificial Intelligence in construction.

Market Research In The Construction Industry

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Research is increasingly important in the construction market where economic trends influence the outlook for the industry as a whole and poor decisions are costly. Niche markets within the construction industry likely do not have available secondary research, thus requiring primary research.

November 2018 Construction Industry Stats

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The Construction Business Owner team compiles statistics from multiple sources each month, including the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the United States Census Bureau, to give you a better understanding of the current state of affairs for the construction industry.

4 Surprising Benefits of Industrialized Construction

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When many people hear the term prefabrication, they think of uniform, unattractive tract housing—the “little boxes made of ticky-tacky” derided in Malvina Reynolds’ satirical anthem.

Construction Industry Workplace Injuries Decline for Second Consecutive Year

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Recordable injuries and illnesses in the construction industry fell for the third straight year in 2017. According to a report by EHS Today, the industry reported 198,000 incidents, according to data from the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Cloud Computing and the Construction Industry

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A while ago, I read an article called 3 Reasons Your Company Still Hasn’t Moved to the Cloud. As a provider of cloud-based construction software , I’ve heard many reasons why companies don’t want to move to the cloud, most of which can be put into two categories: real and perceived problems.

Can New Construction Keep Up With Industrial Real Estate Demand?

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Industrial real estate is facing a squeeze with record-high rents and historic vacancy lows, according to new research from JL. Read: Can New Construction Keep Up With Industrial Real Estate Demand? Corporate Real Estate Featured Logistics & Distribution Surveys & Research Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Distribution Expansion industrial construction industrial market Industrial Outlook 2017 industrial space JLL Real Estate Site Selection Warehouse