8 Best Practices to Decrease Your Accident Rate and Increase Your Approval Rate

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In most workplaces, accidents are a nuisance for worker and a headache for HR. However, at construction sites, accidents are potentially industry-ruining. Here are eight ways construction businesses can reduce workplace accidents and gain public approval. Understanding of perils at hand and sustaining a perpetual state of alertness is perhaps the number-one best way to prevent accidents. Accidents are more likely to occur when workers are unsure what to expect.

Ford Shares Driver Accident Data

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Ford has started sharing its own car data—which includes airbag activations, emergency braking, and fog light usage—with other manufacturers. These signals are a good indication of something problematic on the road, according to Engadget. Once that information has been sent to the cloud, it can be


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How To Efficiently Decrease Your Accident Rate

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Safety accident rate construction construction industry safetyConstruction is one of the most dangerous industries in the world. In 2015, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 937 workers lost their lives on construction sites, only in United States. The Fatal Four (falls, electrocutions, struck by object, caught in/between) represent between 65% of the.

What Should You Do When There is an Accident at Your Construction Site?

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You probably saw last month’s report about a major accident at a construction site in downtown Miami, Florida. This is a good reminder of the lessons to learn when investigating or handling an accident on a construction site. These include: Prepare before the accident.

4 Steps to Take After Const. Accident

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While workers are required to wear protective gear to avoid getting injuries while working, accidents can still happen. Below are four steps to take following an accident on site: Seek medical attention: get first aid as you wait for an ambulance to arrive. Do not neglect minor injuries; sometimes

No More Overlooking Work Zone Accidents

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While teenage accidents and deaths are undoubtedly important, they are not the only group who see dramatic rise in danger as more cars crowd the roads during the summer months. In a study recently published by the Associated General Contractors, work zones and those occupying them see an astounding amount of accidents. The post No More Overlooking Work Zone Accidents appeared first on FDRsafety

10 Years After Construction Accident – Swing Stage Collapse


It’s been 10 years since a Christmas Eve construction accident killed four migrant workers in Toronto, and while the tragedy pushed the province to make changes to workplace safety laws, experts are calling for a change in the culture on work sites. Original Article: 10 Years After Construction Accident – Swing Stage Collapse. The accident at the time was deemed to be the result of negligence by the employer to provide proper safety training to the workers.

AI Technology Predicts Jobsite Accidents

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Suffolk and Smartvid are developing technology that predicts accidents on work sites. The technology incorporates a deep-learning algorithm, and image-recognition software, according to Constructible. According to Constructible, the technology incorporates the use of cameras on site, routinely

NYC construction accidents, fatalities on the rise

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The increase in worker accidents and deaths in New York City come during a period of booming activity

Can AI Predict Construction Accidents?

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Suffolk, a construction-based company headquartered in Boston, has been developing a system that makes use of a deep-learning algorithm trained on construction site images and accident records. According to Technology Review, the system can be put to work monitoring a new construction site and

How maintaining warehouse floors can reduce the risk of accidents

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No-one wants their star employee to be laid low with a broken leg, for example, and the worst accidents could even be fatal. The post How maintaining warehouse floors can reduce the risk of accidents appeared first on Construction Marketing Association Blog. Unemployment has dropped to below 5%, with positive employment figures showing that the economy added more than 230,000 new jobs in February.

Insights Into Tree Care Accidents

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Tree Care Industry Association studies tree care-related accidents in 2014, offers trends and analysis

NYC charges construction supers in mini crane accident

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The Manhattan District Attorney's office announced criminal charges against two construction supervisors in the wake of a June crane accident that resulted in serious injuries to two workers

Worker Killed in Crane Accident

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A construction worker was killed in a crane accident on Penn State’s campus, reports Onward State. Dick can conduct an investigation of the accident Jerod Chapman, 29, was breaking down a crane to move it when another worker removed a pin. The crane swung and struck Chapman, who was later pronounced dead. Construction will be halted so that construction management firm P.J.

Handling Traffic Accidents

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Citing the amount of time consumed filling accident reports on non-injury accidents (estimated at 250 hours a week); there are a number of cities where police have decided not to respond to non-injury traffic accidents. This is good information to have even if you’re in an area where the police do respond to accidents. Drivers involved in accidents are expected to perform the steps listed below. Accidents & Fatalities Industry accidents road accidents

Worker Dies in Excavator Accident

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A worked died in a construction accident involving an excavator at a site near San Jose, Calif., reports NBC Bay Area. According to a Santa Clara County sheriff's spokesman, the bucket of an excavator struck and killed the man. The spokesperson said the victim was in his mid 20s who had been working in the site. The man's name is not yet being released

Safety Measures to Prevent Accidents at Building Construction Site

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Safety measures at construction sites helps to prevent unforeseen accidents. Accidents at construction sites may lead to loss of life and involve. Construction Construction Safety How To Guide Safety Guide safety

Construction Work Accidents- Where Do the Risks Lie?


To help highlight where the risks lie, the HSE release figures every year detailing stats on the number of injuries and accidents that have been reported and how they have been caused. Accident at work specialists, Tranter Cleere Solicitors , have trawled through the figures released for 2012/2013 to bring you an ‘at a glance’ look at some of the key statistics released; Fatal Injuries.

Anatomy of an excavator accident

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This YouTube video was posted in June 2017 but has only now come to my attention. This YouTube video was posted in June 2017 but has only now come to my attention. Read Full Article: The Construction Index

Three Construction Accidents, Two Deaths

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Worker falls from man lift, is impaled on survey stick. Durango, CO / September 23: Twenty-three-year-old Brian John Anthony Shaw was ejected from a manlift at a Bayfield, CO construction site where SEMA Construction was rebuilding the Bayfield Parkway bridge over the Los Pinos River

Accident waiting to happen

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Venting a water heater like this is asking for trouble

Construction worker killed in struck-by accident on Virginia jobsite

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The worker died at a nearby hospital after rebar being lifted by a crane fell and struck him. Fairfax County police are investigating the incident

OSHA Clears Contractor in Crane Accident

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cleared a contractor of wrongdoing related to a crane that tipped over on Aug. 15, dropping a 74-ton steel beam onto Pennsylvania’s state Route 15. The investigation concluded that the company involved, New Enterprise Stone & Lime

Construction Accident Turns Into Recovery Mission

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An accident involving a construction worker getting stuck in a sewer trench, has turned into a recovery mission, reports NBC Connecticut

Rhobina Electric Fined Following Fatal Trench Accident

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has fined Rhobina Electric $37,318 after a trench collapsed and killed a worker at a Taylor, Mississippi, job site. Rhobina, based in Batesville, Mississippi, is a commercial and plumbing contractor. The worker had been installing sewer pipe

OSHA fines Pennsylvania contractor $331K for fatal electrocution accident

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In addition to proposed penalties, OSHA added the deceased worker's employer, Insight Pipe Contracting, to its severe violator program

Worker Killed in Bridge Construction Accident

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construction worker died in an accident while working on the rehabilitation of the Bong Bridge in Duluth, Minn., reports the Duluth News Tribune. The Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office said the deceased suffered “multiple blunt force injuries due to a pedestrian-forklift mishap

Tree Care Accident Numbers on the Rise

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Tree care accident numbers are increasing, serving as a reminder of the dangers of tree care and the need for a focus on safety

Man Killed in Crane Accident

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The accident happened at 8:56 a.m. The owner of an equipment dealership was killed when a crane he was operating fell over In Allegan County, Michigan. Police identified that man as Robert Jay Geurink, 55, owner of the business. Tuesday near Holland Equipment Services, an agriculture and construction equipment dealership in Holland, Michigan

Man Dies in Excavator Accident

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A 62-year-old man died when the excavator he was operating overturned, causing him to fall approximately 80 feet down a hill, reports WDBJ7

Three Men Shocked During Landscaping Accident

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Two landscapers were shocked, then the electricity traveled about 70 feet to a man who felt tingling on a neighboring property

Top contractors partner with AI firm to prevent jobsite accidents before they happen

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By sharing images and project data, Suffolk, JE Dunn, Clayco and more will boost the Smartvid.io AI engine's ability to spot risks, which can cost contractors as much as $36,000 per incident

Worker Dies in Excavator Accident

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A construction worker was killed when an excavator dumping gravel slid into the ditch where he was working, reports MLive

[VIDEO] Testing Soil to Prevent Trenching Accidents

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“Excavations in Construction/Soil Classification,” a new video from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, highlights the importance of soil classification when performing trenching and excavation work. The video examines how visual inspection of soil is performed by a competent person

Keys to an Effective Accident Investigation

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The nature of a workplace accident will determine the extent of the investigation, the resources that will be needed, what types of investigative processes will be required, and who will need to be interviewed. Your primary goal in this step is to gather accident information that can give critical clues into the causes associated with the accident. To do that you must first secure the accident scene. Past accident reports. Accidents & Fatalities

UPDATE: NYC Crane Accident Recommendations

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Buildings Commissioner Rick Chandler have announced publication of a report by the city’s Technical Working Group with 23 crane safety recommendations. The Crane Safety Technical Working Group was formed by de Blasio after February’s crane collapse in Tribeca

Most common dangers on a construction site

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There is a big probability of accidents at a construction site, and this industry has the highest rate of fatal accidents. Guest posts accident rate construction accidentsA construction site is hazardous because of the nature of work that is performed on it, and the kind of equipment that is used there. Workers have to work at great heights, handle heavy.

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Deconstructing a crisis: After an accident, 1 tweet could ruin a contractor's reputation

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False information can spread on social media and become "almost impossible to manage,” according to a communications consultant, unless the right strategy is in place

Recent deadly accidents, new regulations put crane safety in the spotlight

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While crane companies bear the brunt of safety obligations for operators and equipment, general contractors and developers aren't off the hook and need to know their roles, industry experts say

Worker Dies in Excavator Accident

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A construction worker was operating an excavator before concrete crushed the vehicle’s cab, according to Virginia Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) officials. The cause of the incident remains unclear, but Norfolk, Va., Police Deputy Officer Daniel Hudson said there was no sign of foul play