Subcontractor Risk Management


Subcontractor risk management is unique because of their place in the construction money chain. Contracts are the primary way risks get managed in construction. For subcontractors, the risks often flow down to them. construction risk management construction subcontractors

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Reducing Risk Through Transparency and Accountability


Mitigating or outright eliminating risks is one of the key objectives for any construction company. construction risk management

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Evaluating Natural Disaster Risk In Site Selection

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Companies are asking themselves in the wake of these catastrophic and costly storms, are we adequately evaluating the risk of natural disasters when deciding where to locate new facilities? Hurricane Risk. Earthquake Risk. Wildfire Risk. Tornado Risk.

The power of risk assessment

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But the fact is that resources and time are finite and that is where a very real-world tool, used extensively by professionals in finance, operations and other disciplines, becomes extraordinarily valuable to safety professionals – risk assessment. Simply put, risk assessment prioritizes the safety hazards in a workplace according to their severity and likelihood of occurrence. The truth is that in the workplace, as in life, there is no such thing as a totally risk free environment.

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You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage

A simple way to do risk assessments

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Recently I’ve done dozens of Task Based Risk Assessments (TaBRA) for clients, and the experience always reinforces for me the importance of worker input and the relative speed in which an assessment can be performed. Risk assessment from the perspective of the worker began with, “I’m your kid… What part of your job has the greatest risk of injury?” The first level of risk assessment comes from the worker.

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Defining acceptable risk in LOTO or machine guarding

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Safety professionals concerned with safety, efficiency and compliance should have the concepts of “acceptable risk” and “feasibility” in the forefront of their thinking. In every case, the “acceptable risk” and “feasibility” of lockout/tagout or machine guarding was the central issue. and international safety standards recognize that zero risk does not exist. Risk can be reduced or traded but not eliminated.

Task based risk assessment provides ‘voice of factory floor’

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When assessing the safety risks of a work task, the devil is in the details, and who knows the details better than the employees who perform the task. That is one of the guiding principles behind Task Based Risk Assessment, or TaBRA for short. It can be thought of as the “voice of the factory floor” and is a very important tool in the safety pro’s kit because it quickly and efficiently determines the risk of a particular task.

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Construction Risk Management Boosts Profits

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While 73 percent of executives feel that risks to their companies are on the rise, companies in general are not meeting the increased risks with improved risk management. In fact, only 12 percent of responding companies demonstrated qualities that marked them as true risk management leaders, according to a PwC U.S. risk review. Google+.

Progress photos at risk of FoP changes?

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Proposed EU changes to national Freedom of Panorama (FoP) rights could affect individuals and organisations taking photographs or videos of construction works and sharing them in commercial platforms.

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OSHA citing maintenance equipment violations despite low risk

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Typically, these machines are used for low-risk tasks performed by skilled workers. Despite the low risk, OSHA often is alleging that typical equipment in maintenance areas is “non-compliant.” The end result is that very reputable companies are experiencing serious violations with thousands of dollars in penalties where compliance is, at best, a very gray area. Despite the very low risk, OSHA is indeed citing for the things noted above.


Working to Reduce the Risk

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According to industry experts at risk management and commercial insurance brokerage firm Cavignac & Associates, in 2017, most business owners will be able to negotiate flat rates and some businesses may even see rate reductions

Construction Risk Management: What to do when your project goes wrong


There is a number of parameters that you should think about and an efficient management of the risk is surely necessary. In other words, you can’t really define risk on the exact same way in every construction project. How we could define risk in a construction project.

Working to Reduce Risk in Your Company

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According to industry experts at risk management and commercial insurance brokerage firm Cavignac & Associates, in 2017, most business owners will be able to negotiate flat rates and some businesses may even see rate reductions

10 Ways to Reduce Construction Risk with Collaboration

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10 Ways to Reduce Construction Risk with Collaboration. Risk is reduced by sharing information will a project participant from concept through completion. Shared risk/reward.

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Hurricanes Propel Forward Thinking on Risk, Resilience

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Businesses At Risk Of Losing Top Talent

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Businesses At Risk Of Losing Top Talent originally appeared on Business Facilities (BF) Magazine. Businesses must adjust how they nurture loyalty among Millennials or risk losing a large percentage of their workforces, according to Deloitte’s fifth annual Millennial Survey.

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How Bechtel Limits Risk on Possible Big Plant-Vogtle Role

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Federal Facilities at High Risk

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Each year the GAO updates its “High Risk Series” This is a report on areas of critical concern at the Federal level, yet not being properly address.

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Construction Work Accidents- Where Do the Risks Lie?


Whilst the UK construction industry continues to see growth month on month, it still remains a potentially dangerous industry to be a part of, with the risk of injury apparent every day. To help highlight where the risks lie, the HSE release figures every year detailing stats on the number of injuries and accidents that have been reported and how they have been caused.

Risks of Creating Commercial Construction Timetables


The construction timetable provides a broad overview of the parts of a project and the durations of each part. Timetables for commercial construction can be used by bankers, underwriters, investors as well as many others to make decisions about the overall project.

Survey: Workers Intentionally Take 'Calculated' Safety Risks

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What remains to be learned is exactly why workers do it so often

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Check Out Part 1 of Our Newest Project Management Guide


From assessing risk to organizing documentation and ensuring that projects stay on schedule, project managers have a vast amount of responsibility and are crucial to the overall success of a project. risk management project management drawing management

Risk Allocation: What AIA's New Standard Form Agreements Say

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The new AIA standard form agreements take a more expansive view of risk allocation

Inside the Risks of Construction Drawings: The Case of the Hourglass


Of all construction documents, construction drawings hold the most promise of communicating design intent, but also the greatest chance of missing that opportunity.

Risk Evaluation Data Provides Money-Saving Insight

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You might know your company’s annual revenue, but have you ever conducted a risk evaluation? What are the true numbers of your business? Have you analyzed the data you provide to your insurance carrier to identify areas of improvement within your company

The Risk Picture Remained Busy in 2016

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An uptick in fatalities raises awareness and unusual bridge flaws led to many problems

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Contractors Request and Pay For Untested Builders Risk Exclusions

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Until recently, the list of what would be covered or excluded in a typical builders risk insurance policy was often a cut-and-dried affair

Black & Veatch's Triplett: Risk Control Shouldn't Hinder Growth

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Triplett of Black & Veatch outlines the company’s risk-control framework as it aims for better than 20% annual growth. Timothy W. Business Management

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Commercial Construction Operations: Pulling Back the Curtain on Behind-the-Scenes Roles

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Risk Manager and Safety Officer. Everyone on a construction job site is responsible for creating a safe work environment, but typically a commercial contractor also has a designated risk manager and/or safety officer who ensures construction safety guidelines are being followed.

What Area of Risk Has Most Affected the Industry this Year?

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As an EHS guy, I believe the biggest risk in construction continues to be people and their safety Glenn Trout. President & CEO. VelocityEHS.

Fluor's Paul Bruno: How We Approach Risk Management

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“If it can be identified, managed and mitigated, any risk can be tolerated,” the company's managing general counsel told the ENR Risk Summit audience in Dallas.

Ports And FTZs: Enter With Less Risk

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Read Ports And FTZs: Enter With Less Risk on Business Facilities - Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions. By the BF Staff. From the September/October 2016 Issue.

Update: Hanford Nuclear Site at High Risk for Another Collapse

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Department of Energy said Friday that a second tunnel filled with radio-active waste is at high risk of collapsing at the Hanford site. The U.S. Hanford is located in south-central Washington state and for decades made plutonium for nuclear weapons

Managing risk when building in challenging locations


To remain competitive and expand their businesses, smart leaders of architecture and engineering firms are constantly on the lookout for fresh opportunities. This can mean collaborating with new partners and patrons, acquiring new expertise, and exploring new geographical frontiers. The latter case holds some strong appeal.

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Airports Assess The Risks to Runways of Rising Seas

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After Superstorm Sandy hit in 2012, science and news organization Climate Central identified the top 12 U.S. airports vulnerable to storm-surge flooding accelerated by sea-level rise

Team Outwits Deadly Risks on Copenhagen Metro Expansion

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At Copenhagen’s lengthy Metro expansion, construction crews dodge killer contaminants, skirt around historic building foundations and stay on track

Risk and the Energy Industry

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The interest in rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system installation continues to steadily increase. The growth of the solar industry has led to an investment of more than $17.8 billion in 2014. Last year alone, the U.S.

Major Risks Facing Public Real Property Owners

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Major Risks Facing Public Real Property Owners. projects create inherent risks during the procurement and execution processes. I regularly see articles about how great real property owners are, or how the facility management staff performs well, but may be misunderstood. Unfortunately, I am reminded of the story about the emperor with no clothes. Do real property owners and facility managers actually think they are doing a good job?

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