Construction Worker Safety Issues: Weighing in on Silica Standards

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Construction worker safety is a priority for Englewood Construction. Like most successful construction firms, Englewood Construction makes construction worker safety a top priority.

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Get Safety Certified and Advance Your Construction Career


There are many companies and organizations offering safety certifications. Some certifications apply to people who need to develop safety management programs. Others are more important for people who oversee safety programs. construction safety OSHA construction education

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Bluebeam Tips: Construction Safety Hazards using Pictograms

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How’s this for trench safety? OSHA’s new Hazard Communication Standard goes into effect June 1, 2015 and will require pictograms on labels as a safety measure. Use Bluebeam to help you with safety talks, acting as a visual aid. Why visuals are so important to safety.

4 Safety Tips Every Construction Worker Should Know

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Worried about your safety at work? The best way to avoid injury is to follow these important safety tips that every construction worker should know. Wear Proper Safety Gear. By being vigilant with your safety and that of others, you are far more likely to avoid injury.

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You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage

Critical Aspects for an Effective Construction Safety Program


construction safety project management safety Construction firms commonly strive for zero accidents on the job site but that goal is challenging to achieve. Unlike a manufacturing floor where machines and activities are in set positions, no two construction sites are ever the same.

The industry has a problem with safety. Here’s how to fix it.


A culture of safety shapes the behaviors of everyone in the company, making their actions line up and improving, not only safety, but productivity, profitability, and job quality. construction safety quality and safety

How BIM is empowering safety on site


Safety BIM construction site safety safety in constructionIn most cases, the discussion around Building Information Modeling (BIM) tends to focus on the potential efficiency and financial benefits that it may entail for the construction industry.

How to Use Safety Signs So That They’re Effective


If you own or run a business and it carries any kind of hazard or risk to employees, visitors or passing members of the public then you need to use safety signs to let people know about the potential dangers. Using safety signs is a very rapid and cheap way of alerting the public and your workers about hazards in certain areas or around particular machines. Where should these safety signs be used? Six ways you can ensure that your safety signs are effective.

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How to Use Safety Signs So That They’re Effective

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If you own or run a business and it carries any kind of hazard or risk to employees, visitors or passing members of the public then you need to use safety signs to let people know about the potential dangers. Where should these safety signs be used? Resource Uncategorized Safety

Technology Trends In Construction Improving Job Site Safety

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As I mention on my website construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs out there, and incorporating more technological gadgets can certainly help with worker safety where applicable.

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Reactive vs Proactive Quality and Safety Management


construction safety procore cloud based construction software construction qualityHere’s the reality, one critical mistake could lead to a general contractor going out of business. A quick scan at ENR or any other industry publication, and it’s in your face.

Supervisory Safety Responsibilities

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Safety performance can either make or break a project and help or hinder one’s future career prospects. Front-line supervisors hold the key to unlocking your company’s potential for high safety performance.

Trip Up the Grim Reaper with a Safety Program

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This definitive guide to developing a construction safety program includes the rationale, a video overview and a list of resources. The post Trip Up the Grim Reaper with a Safety Program appeared first on Construction Informer Blog - Construction Blog with Information, News, and Commentary.

hasTalk boosts health and safety delivery

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Site-based health and safety training is not always delivered regularly, and individuals and companies may not keep detailed records of what training has been received. In November 2011 , I wrote about UK-based Darley PCM and its health and safety and e-tendering services.

Safety Procedures at Construction Site – Safety Precautions and PPEs

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Every construction site involves activities which can be dangerous for safety of workmen. So, safety procedures need to be followed PPEs to be used. How To Guide Safety Guide Construction safety

A New Truck, Bus Safety Rating Proposal Likely This Year

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While many of the rules have already been floated as proposals such as electronic logging and increases to the minimum insurance levels, one major new offering to expect this year will aim to bolster the CSA enforcement program by establishing a new way to assign official safety ratings to companies based on their CSA safety performance. Currently, the only way companies earn safety rating labels is when government agents perform an onsite full compliance review.

Is management the biggest roadblock to safety?


Unfortunately, sometimes companies prefer to stash their safety programs in the filing cabinet rather than actively prioritizing it within their work operations. The buck is passed on to safety professionals, who are then counted on to carry out duties that exceed their authority.

OSHA’s misguided view on safety incentive programs

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OSHA is again taking a misguided stand against safety incentive programs as part of an effort to protect workers from retaliation for reporting injuries or illnesses. The problem with that theory is that many companies with excellent safety programs and a strong commitment to safety use incentive programs. The post OSHA’s misguided view on safety incentive programs appeared first on FDRsafety.


Safety off the job for July 4th

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July 4th is a good time to remember that safety for employees shouldn’t end when the work day is over. Fireworks are potentially hazardous, and anyone who intends to use them this weekend should be very aware of safety. The Consumer Products Safety Commission offers the following tips for using fireworks. The post Safety off the job for July 4th appeared first on FDRsafety.

Employer, staffing firm both responsible for temporary worker safety

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OSHA has stepped up its attention to temporary worker safety, and as two recent cases show, enforcement actions can be taking against both the employer and the staffing agency that provides the workers. OSHA has made it clear that staffing agencies and host employers are jointly responsible for temporary worker safety. Host employers should make sure that their contracts with staffing agencies clearly specify the safety obligations of each party.


My Safety Internship at PC Construction

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This summer, I have been able to hone my safety skills as an intern on a $215 million design-build treatment plant project in Washington, DC. The team on this site has given me incredible responsibility. All Our Crew Intern

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Replacing Hard Hats with Safety Helmets

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The introduction of the helmets—don’t call them hard hats—is driven by the belief that helmets provide better side impact protection than traditional hard hats and won’t tumble away if a worker falls, company safety officials told Bloomberg BNA

Building a Culture of Safety

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A strong culture of safety and reduced risk requires one thing above all else: employees and management who are constantly focused on building that culture. s risk control and safety program places an emphasis on training and individual employee wellness.

Changing the Jobsite Safety Game

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Significant advancements in environmental, health and safety (EHS) software are helping employers in the construction industry save time and money and work with greater efficiency by streamlining EHS management activities.

Understanding the New Safety Language

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Conversely, if you aspire to be at the top of the bidders list in the request for proposal (RFP) screening, then your safety program should have neon around it. “Vetting” is a word we hear often.

Why should homebrewers worry about chemical safety?


Safety compliance in breweries has been questioned over the years, and is especially suspect as the craft brewing industry continues to forge ahead in membership and production. Between 2003 […] The post Why should homebrewers worry about chemical safety?

Family-Owned Firm Is Serious About Safety

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Allan Myers, ENR MidAtlantic Contractor of the Year, safety, Ross Myers, construction, highway construction

Builders Mutual Establishes Job-Site Safety Institute

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Grants from JSI will help conduct research to produce studies that guide safety practices, set new safety standards, and influence worker behavior on job-sites

ICC announces theme for 37th Annual Building Safety Month

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ICC's theme for 2017 Building Safety Month is Code Officials: Partners in Community Safety and Economic Growth. read more. Codes

Spotting Safety: Self Supporting Ladders

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Beyond incorrectly using the ladder, because the worker has more than a six-foot fall to the ground, he needs to be protected with some type of fall protection: a guardrail, safety net or personal fall arrest system. All Spotting Safety Articles: Self Supporting Ladders.

This Is Why Height Safety Equipment Is Important


When it comes to protecting your workmen/employees on site, it’s important to follow important height safety equipment care instructions in order to ensure the quality and maintenance of such equipment over a period of time.

NYC Passes Extensive Construction Safety Bill

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New York's City Council passed a new safety bill Tuesday which carries significant changes is how construction deaths are reported and what new safety procedures must be adhered to under penalty of fines up to $25,000. Worker safety

TP Mechanical wins three AGC of Ohio safety awards

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COLUMBUS, OHIO — Mechanical contractor TP Mechanical, based in Cincinnati, won three safety awards June 16 at the 2017 Associated General Contractors of Ohio safety luncheon.

Enhance Your Current Safety Procedures

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Employee safety on the jobsite is a crucial responsibility for fleet management. GPS tracking systems provide access to real-time vehicle locations to help businesses ensure safety on the jobsite and faster response time in an emergency

12 Core Safety Competencies for Construction Supervisors

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This article is the second in a six-part series about supervisory safety responsibilities, which will discuss leveraging supervisors within your company to build a stronger safety plan. Visit to read more installments from the series

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Tire Safety Dos & Don'ts

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Proper tire care contributes enormously to the overall safety of a construction fleet, and managers should pay attention to what does (and what doesn’t) constitute good tire safety practices within their fleet. By eliminating possible tire-safety concerns at the onset, owners can keep their jobsites productive and profitable and eliminate unnecessary risks to both operators and equipment. A focus on tire safety is something that should be present on any jobsite

Ignoring These 5 Areas Can Sidetrack Your Safety Program

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The standardisation of health and safety precautions is one of the biggest changes to hit working environments in recent times. Health and safety is crucial within […] Related Posts: Unnecessary and Deficient Safety Records Can Encourage Special OSHA Attention Using Tech to Deliver Safety The Sweet Spot in the Bids Wellness Programs Offer Salvation From Creeping Health Care Premiums Update: Wellness Programs Still Offering Relief From High Health Insurance Premiums.

Incentive-Based Safety Programs

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For years, safety and risk managers have been searching for a magic elixir in their quest to answer the construction industry’s age-old riddle: What can we do to keep our workers’ compensation costs down while still keeping safety awareness high and workers engaged