Say What? The Rise of Criminal Liability for Construction Accidents

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For employers, criminal liability for job site construction accidents is more and more a concern. There appears to be a trend toward construction incidents being investigated by various agencies for criminal liability. Best Practices Safety Cheri Gatlin Chris Meyers CISI Criminal liability in construction IFF OSHA Safety WeekToday’s guest post is by Chris Meyers and Cheri Gatlin , two of my fellow partners at Burr & Forman, LLP.

Risks Construction Contractors Face While On The Job

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Contractor Liability Insurance Construction Liability InsuranceToday's Guest Article Is From Rachel Porter. Content Specialist At Custom Contractors Insurance. Many people look at someone who has made it as a contractor and often find themselves wishing they were contractors too.

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Does Your Construction Business Need Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

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In addition to lawsuits filed by private citizens, claims filed by federal, state and city regulators are causing more businesses to purchase Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI

Activities and liabilities of Quantity Surveyor and Quality Manager

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Quantity Surveyor: The prime intention of the quantity surveyor is to measure the amount of materials required for building work as well as estimate the cost of the materials.

Nor'easters Force Designers to Consider Climate Liability

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As multiple nor’easters bore down on the East Coast in the last 10 weeks, architects and engineers worried about more than the physical impact to their projects

Airbnb presents legal liability for multifamily owners


When renters sign up to be Airbnb hosts, they open liability issues for building owners. Airbnb’s popularity has skyrocketed, offering appealing, affordable experiences to travelers and an easy way for renters to make quick cash.

Liability Rates Hold Steady as Risks Grow More Complex

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Insurers are writing more professional liability coverage for designers, with rates holding steady in the buyer’s market, says a new survey by insurance broker and risk consultant Ames & Gough

Understanding Design Defect Legal Liability

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Owners, contractors and designers must understand their potential liability for design issues on a project before the project starts. Design and construction services on projects are more integrated now than ever before.

OSHA extends record-keeping liability to five years

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The post OSHA extends record-keeping liability to five years appeared first on FDRsafety Employers are now liable for potential problems with their OSHA-required records of work-related injuries and illnesses for five years after the occurrence of any violation, under recently revised regulations, and may need to revise their record-keeping practices. The new regulation, which takes effect Jan. 18, is OSHA’s response to a 2012 U.S.


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Remember that OSHA fines and penalties are a direct connection to employer liability; these consequences fall in addition to the myriad blows to a business’ bottom line. Keep in mind that many liability lawsuits have arisen from negligence occurring after training; formal initial training is not enough. As an employer, your greatest responsibility is that of your workers’ well-being.

6 Major Liabilities that Estimators Can Overcome

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When pencils, paper and calculators were the go-to tools for estimating, spreadsheets represented a major breakthrough to contractors looking for a smarter solution.

Liability and BIM Participation

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is gaining ground as construction participants recognize the benefits of computer modeling. However, participants should enter this new modeling world recognizing that these opportunities come with costs and risks.

Pollution Legal Liability Insurance More Valuable as a Result of High Court Ruling

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Among the most common of the insurance coverages is a pollution legal liability policy.

Are Limited Liability Companies Effective Shields?

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By Bruce Jervis A primary purpose of a limited liability company, much like a corporation, is to shield company owners from personal liability for business losses.

Airbnb presents legal liability for multi-family owners


When renters sign up to be Airbnb hosts, they open liability issues for building owners. Airbnb’s popularity has skyrocketed, offering appealing, affordable experiences to travelers and an easy way for renters to make quick cash.

Insurers Fine-Tune Professional Liability Premiums

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A survey by Ames & Gough provides clues to costs for 2017

An Alarming Expansion of Architect Liability?

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By Bruce Jervis Design professionals have long sought to control their liability exposure. The argument has been that their potential liability is disproportionate to the compensation they receive and the role they play on a construction project. In particular, the engineering disciplines have gained increasing acceptance of contractual limitations of liability.

7 Prime liabilities of a Civil Site Engineer in a Building Construction Project

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Given below, the complete liabilities of a civil site engineer :- 1. Accomplishment of the project in due course: The key liability of the project management team is to deliver the project in scheduled time. In this regard, the project manager should take the sole liability.

Liability Issues Related to IPD Addressed

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Liability Concerns… and some answers Introduction to IPD in 3D™ Sophisticated consumers of construction and design services are demanding increased efficiency and productivity from the array of professionals that deliver such services. This article briefly describes the foundation upon which an effective IPD program must be built and then tackles liability concerns raised by many stakeholders.

Pollution Liability Insurance Market Tilts Heavily to Buyer's Side

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Soft pricing and a surplus of competition that has squeezed the bottom line of carriers

Managing Professional Liability Loss Exposures

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Managing professional liability risks in construction can be difficult. These points rely on the ability to understand and manage contractual risk, which is arguably the most critical element to managing professional liability loss exposures Although not all-inclusive, the following practices should enhance your risk-management strategy and reduce your long-term exposure to unforeseen professional losses.

Liability Arises for California Contractors Hiring Temporary Help

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Come January 1, 2015, construction contractors operating in California who hire temporary workers can be held liable if the labor contractor doesn’t supply workers compensation, or doesn’t pay wages owed to a temporary worker. It doesn’t matter if the contractor didn’t have knowledge of violations, or even if the contractor and labor supplier are joint […]. Managing People

Professional liability insurance rates for architects and engineers expected to be stable in 2017


Insurance premiums for architects and engineers professional liability stabilized in 2015 after three straight years of moderate increases. The survey of 14 insurance companies that write more than 75% of the architects and engineers liability (A&E) policies in the U.S.

China Construction America faces billions of dollars in liability in lawsuit


billion in liability stemming from the lawsuit filed by the project’s original owner, BML Properties Ltd. China Construction America, Inc.

Construction Week: Contractor Admits Liability in UK Blacklist; Mass. Nuke Plant to Close

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Contractor Admits Liability in UK Blacklist. Business Management

Are Limitation-of-Liability Clauses Used Fairly?

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By Bruce Jervis Limitation-of-liability clauses have become popular among engineering professionals. These clauses state that the engineer’s liability to the client or any other party relying on the engineer’s work product is limited to the amount of the engineer’s fee or a stipulated amount, whichever is greater.

MRGO Ruling Opens Big Liability for Corps

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federal Appeals Court Judge rules that flooding from Katrina and other storms was a result of Corps construction, operation and maintenance. Infrastructure

New Specifier Article: Three Ways to Limit your Liability

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A new article, Three Ways to Limit your Liability, has been published on the Construction Specifier website. This article discusses three contract provisions that can help an architect limit her liability exposure to clients. contracts Weblogs

New Specifier Article: Three Ways to Limit your Liability

Construction Lawyer Blog

A new article, Three Ways to Limit your Liability, has been published on the Construction Specifier website. This article discusses three contract provisions that can help an architect limit her liability exposure to clients. contracts Weblogs

New Article about Limitation of Liability Clauses

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A new article entitled "Limitation-of-Liability Clauses Effective When Enforceable" authored by Shawn Goodman is available here. This article is an overview of the current state of the law involving contractual provisions that can limit the liability of a design professional in certain circumstances. contracts general litigation

Prices Bottom, Terms Stretch on Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance

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Pollution insurance for contractors has never been cheaper, with prices down 50% in the past five years, say brokers and contractors

constructionattorneyblog: Liability for green design

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Sabo & Zahn LLC is an Illinois Limited Liability Company. Liability for green design. Gary Cole has written an interesting blog entry about designers' liability for green projects here:  [link]. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Liability for green design : Recent Posts. Unlimited liability for designers and contractors. constructionattorneyblog. Attorneys at Sabo & Zahn. Sabo & Zahn. Werner Sabo.

Designer Liability to Third Parties: Beacon Distinguished

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The appellate court found that Beacon was distinguishable and did not support the imposition of negligence liability on the engineer in favor of the contractor. The imposition of designer liability to third parties was "based in large part on the substantial control and influence the defendant architects exercised over the actual construction of the project."

OSHA Testing Can Reduce Employer Liability, Saves Companies Money

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In fact, the study shows that OSHA testing can actually result in significant savings for companies along with reducing company liability. Reduced Employer Liability. This guest post was contributed by Joseph A. Ginarte. He is a specialist New York accident lawyer and the proprietor of the Ginarte Law firm. He enjoys writing and sharing his insights on various legal blogs.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court strikes down broad liability law

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recently, as it struck down the state’s broad liability law. The state of Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of Omega Flex, Inc. read more. Contractor Marketplace Piping

Crime & Employment Practices Liability Insurance

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No construction firm is immune to employee dishonesty or crime losses. While crime exposures for some businesses can be measured and quantified by the amount of cash or other valuables on hand, employee fidelity claims in the construction industry and the losses arising out of such acts can be difficult to identify or quantify

Insurance expert: Managing green liability risk not so different from 'normal' risk mitigation


Worries about legal liability have long dogged the sustainable building movement, but insurance expert Karen Erger (Locton Companies) and attorney Eric Singer (Ice Miller LLP) say sustainability lawsuits are caused by the same types of issues that have always prompted clients to sue AEC firms.

California Imposes Additional Liability on Architects

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In a recent case, Beacon Residential Community Association v. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP , the California Supreme Court held that architects owe a duty of care to purchasers of condominium units and can be sued by those purchasers for design negligence. In many states, including California up to this point, a designer cannot be directly sued by a third party with whom it had no contract (such as a condominium purchaser). .

Construction Death May Set New Standard for Liability on Construction Sites

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. . April 6, 2015 Carlos Moncayo, 22, was working for subcontractor Sky Materials on a project at 9-19th Ninth Avenue in New York City, generalled by Harco Construction, owned by Kenneth Hart.

The Expanding Scope of Liability for Condominium Projects

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Shawn Goodman has authored an article for Licensed Architect , beginning at page 10, about condominium projects and how the liability of the architect continues to expand. A must-read for any design professionals doing work on condo projects. . contracts general litigation