Job Order Contracting – The Legal Side

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This is an example of Job Order Contracting from a legal perspective and that of a school district in Texas. This is NOT intended as ANY form of legal advice or counsel, but simply to share information relative to efficient construction project delivery methods.

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Legalized Pot in Canada Worries Contractors

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Enforcement and test protocol questions for employees surround allowed recreational use, set to take effect nationally in mid-2018

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Marijuana now legal in California, but employers can still enforce anti-drug policies

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Zero-tolerance rules can remain despite recreational marijuana being legal — but employers nationwide must keep an eye on the issue

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Purple Line Notches Another Legal Victory

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Construction of Maryland’s Purple Line light-rail transit system will continue as scheduled, at least for now, following a federal appeals court ruling that frees Maryland from having to update the project’s environmental studies

How LaFleur Uses Bonusly to Turbocharge Praise

LaFleur is a rapidly growing Michigan-based digital marketing agency focused on serving legal, healthcare, and corporate clients across the US.

Legal Risks of Using Automated Drones in Construction

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What are the implications and liability exposure for using or relying on data gathered by an automated drone in a construction project? This fast-paced technology evolution could leave existing law behind and force courts to rely on outdated precedents to resolve disputes involving drone technology

Legals for Drones on Construction Job Sites

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Drones are turning up with increasing frequency on construction projects, taking videos of a project's progress, mapping for software programs, surveying, and monitoring. We've reminded you to register your drones or face a hefty fine.

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Understanding Design Defect Legal Liability

Construction Business Owner

Design and construction services on projects are more integrated now than ever before. As construction and design firms are using BIM software and other resources to improve construction efficiency, that integration is only going to increase.

Disruption in the Legal Industry is Good News for the Built Industry

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The article linked here, Is Axiom a Bell Weather for Disruption in the Legal Industry , and quoted below suggests sufficient innovation takes place within the legal industry to support the spread of disruptive innovations like BIM and IPD.

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Legal Issues for Drones on Construction Job Sites

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Drones are turning up with increasing frequency on construction projects, taking videos of a project's progress, mapping for software programs, surveying, and monitoring. We've reminded you to register your drones or face a hefty fine.

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An Integrated Legal Framework for IPD BIM and Lean

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I've been kicking around the idea of a new legal framework within which to deploy IPD, BIM and Lean processes and the idea seems to be gaining a bit of traction. Integrated Legal Frameworks An Executive Summary for Institutional Stakeholders A New Legal Framework Innovation, modern problems and modern solutions create complexity and opportunities for innovators. New legal frameworks will empower owners to procure built industry services more efficiently.

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Do We Even Have a Legal Framework that Supports a Smart Built Culture?

Collaborative Construction

As Collaborative Construction prepares to deliver its portion of the MSc BIM Management Course for Middlesex University this fall I''ve begun a comprehensive review of the collaborative and integrated legal agreements available off the shelf in the industry.

New Legal Guide and Resource For Your Construction Business

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Whether just starting out or operating for years, there are many legal obligations and issues that confront a small business owner. You can download a copy here – Small Business Legal Guide: Top 10 Legal Requirements.

Blockchain has come to Real Estate

Green Building Law Update

Legal Developments blockchain cryptocurremncy green building Stuart KaplowEarlier this fall an apartment in Kiev became the first real estate purchased using blockchain, portending a new era in the sale of land and improvements. It is suggested blockchain may do for the $217 trillion real estate market what the Internet did for communication.

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Is it Legal for Iowa's DOT to Write Tickets?

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Peyton Atzen, a 16-year old student at Southeast Polk High School in Pleasant Hill, Iowa, decided to fight a speeding ticket he received from an Iowa DOT officer, citing a 70-year old Iowa Supreme Court case that said DOT officers have limited ticketing authority that does not include speeding or arrests

Practical Legal Strategies: Contractor Remedies for Unforeseen Site Conditions Seemingly Precluded by Contract

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Highlights from the Greenbuild Legal Forum : Green Building Law.

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Substantial Payouts End Harmon Hotel Legal Saga in Las Vegas

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MGM Resorts will pay contractor Tutor Perini $153 million, a projected year-long trial will not happen, and demolition of the structure will continue. Business Management

How to beat IRS double-tax monster. legally

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Are you lucky enough to be rich (my definition of rich: you are irrevocably in the highest income tax bracket and highest estate tax bracket)? read more. Blackman Taxes Silver

The Legality of Employee Pay Cards

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Our world is becoming more and more electronic, and people are becoming increasingly accustomed to paying for goods and services with the swipe of a plastic card. Employers and even some employees are beginning to consider pay cards an attractive payment option.

Airbnb presents legal liability for multifamily owners


When renters sign up to be Airbnb hosts, they open liability issues for building owners. Airbnb’s popularity has skyrocketed, offering appealing, affordable experiences to travelers and an easy way for renters to make quick cash.

Maryland Purple Line Dodges New Legal Hurdles

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Legal challenges have once again played havoc with the construction schedule for Maryland’s Purple Line, raising the possibility that the 16-mile light rail system may miss its planned 2022 start-up date according to state transportation officials

Clean Water Advocates Seek Legal Pressure in Baltimore

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Not confident that necessary sewage and water repairs will be finished on time, the Blue Water Baltimore filed this week for legal status to help enforce a federal court order that requires Baltimore to make $1.2

Legal Implications of BIM - CITA Presentation in Ireland

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I presented last year at CITA''s BIM Workshop Series. Below is a YouTube presentation that you may find of interest. Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution! James L. Salmon, Esq. Collaborative Construction 300 Pike Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 Summary of Services and James L.

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Want to Pick My Green Building Legal Brain.for Free? : Green.

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Certified Parts Corporation Wins Seven-Figure Favorable Legal Decision

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The company is eager to bring engines back into production in the snow thrower, generator, and lawn and garden markets

Project Documentation: The Bad Little Email That Got Produced

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Best Practices Legal Trends email production litigation support project management tips training for project managersBelieve it or not, there are always a wealth of emails and other documents produced in litigation that help “make the case” for the other side.

Construction Contracts And Arbitration Provisions: Is The Word “May” Mandatory? Maybe!

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Given the trend that the courts have interpreted the term “ may ” as “ shall ” in the context of arbitration agreements, parties to a construction contract must be careful in understanding both the plain, ordinary meaning and the legal meaning of the particular words used.

High-Growth Sector

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Statewide legal marijuana is a $6.7-billion industry that may all go up in smoke if the Justice Department enforces federal laws prohibiting it. Read High-Growth Sector on Business Facilities - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions.

How to create tax-free wealth while beating up the IRS — legally

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This article is about a new and unique concept called the Comprehensive Tax Plan (CTP for short.). read more. Blackman Taxes Registered User

3 Legal Concerns for Social Media in the Construction Industry

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As this technology segment continues to grow, employers must follow state and federal laws that relate to social media, or they will likely find themselves in an unwanted legal dispute

Spearin Doctrine: A Construction Case Described in A Tweet!

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Case Law Claims Federal Construction Legal Trends damages for delay defective specifications penzel construction spearin doctrineI read in my Twitter feed this morning about a recent case where the Missouri Court of Appeals formally adopted the Spearin Doctrine.

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Contractor Asks: Are Pre-Employment Physical Exams Legal.

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What Is Inefficient Risk Transfer? The Use of Indemnification in Construction Contracts

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Legal Trends andrew wallace construction contracts hold harmless indemnification journal of canadian college of construction lawyers victoria merritt

Flat Fees – Pre-Packaged Legal

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Legal products are no different. Here at Wolfe Law Group we love flat fees. This is an area of our practice that has been blossoming for good reason. Business owners and contractors like to know what they are getting when they buy products. Many potential clients avoid using lawyers because of the often complex and expensive fee structure.

What the LEED Pilot for Wood Is and What It Is Not

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Green Building Council is to be applauded for the release last week of the new pilot credit MRpc102 – Legal Wood. What USGBC did do within the April 5, 2016 quarterly addenda to LEED was include a new temporary alternative compliance path credit, MRpc102 Legal Wood| Possible 1 point.

Free Webinar: Best Legal Apps for Construction Lawyers : Best.

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Chicago Bridge & Iron's Latest Setback: A $558M Charge

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The company's recent financial and legal developments have been a roller-coaster

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James L Salmon on BIM Legal Issues

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Salmon, President of Collaborative Construction, BIM & IPD Consultant for Benjamin Yocum & Heather , LLC and Adjunct Instructor on BIM Strategy for Middlesex University out of London leads the discussion at the BIM Legal Issues table during the event.