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Commercial Construction Trends: Why More Clients Are Choosing the Design-Assist Model

Commercial Construction

Working with a client on a design-assist or design-build basis, as Englewood Construction is with the reimagining of Stratford Square Mall, allows the commercial contractor to provide valuable input during the initial planning stages.


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Concrete mix design is required to achieve target strength in structures. Concrete Mix design calculation of M20, M25, M30 grade of concrete are. Concrete How To Guide Mix Design Guide Concrete Mix Design Concrete Mix Design Procedure Concrete Technology Mix Design Mix Design Example

Comparing Target Value Design and Value Engineering


Target value design is not a new idea, but it’s only recently that people in construction are paying some attention to it. construction collaboration construction value design construction value engineering

Project Management Tools for Design Build


The design-build project delivery method is unique in its demands on the contractor, but its advantages make it a viable alternative to the design-bid-build and construction-manager-at-risk methods. Meanwhile, design-build is 23% faster than CMR, with a 4.5%

Concrete Mix Design as per IS 10262-2009 – Procedure and Calculations

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Procedure for concrete mix design calculation as per IS 10262-2009 based on strength and durability, workability, economy is discussed in this. Concrete Design Guide How To Guide Concrete Mix Design Concrete Mix Design Procedure Concrete Technology Mix Design Mix Design Example

Innovative Sustainable Tree House Design

Jetson Green

The Toronto based firm Farrow Partnership Architects designed and built a unique, modern tree house, which is made from sustainable materials, and doesn’t harm the tree in any way, or restrict its growth. Conservatory House Built to Replicate the Design and Functionality of a Tree.

Cable Supported Bridge Conceptual Seismic Design and its Components

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Conceptual design of cable supported bridge starts with determining the type of the cable supported bridge to be designed and its suitable. Structural Design Structural Engineering cable Cable Stayed Bridges Structural

Soldier Pile Retaining Wall – Components and Design

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Components and design of soldier. Retaining Wall Design Structural Design Structural Engineering Retaining Wall StructuralSoldier pile wall consists of steel beams and is used to retain earth backfill temporarily at construction sites.

Segmental Retaining Wall – Types, Design and Advantages

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Types, design and advantages of segmental retaining walls are. Retaining Wall Design Structural Design Structural Engineering Retaining Wall StructuralSegmental retaining wall is constructed of large number of dry masonry blocks.

How Working with a Design-Build Construction Firm Can Boost the Bottom Line

Commercial Construction

Interestingly enough, we have found owners for many of the commercial construction projects out-to-bid are looking to work with design-build construction firms. Working with a design-build firm can include: Subcontractor harmony. Here’s to more design-build construction work in 2015.


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Before Design of Flexible Pavement by Group Index Method, let us understand What is Flexible Pavement? Pavement Design Transportation Pavements Transportation EngineeringA true flexible pavement yields “elastically”.

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Artificial Island Construction Methods, Design and Advantages

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Construction methods, loads, design and advantages of. Artificial Island is an artificially man-made structure that has not formed naturally. Construction Engineering & Management Construction

Bamboo Reinforced Concrete – Properties, Mix Proportion, Design and Construction

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Bamboo reinforced concrete mix proportion, design principles and construction technique with properties of bamboo as reinforcement in concrete is. Building Materials Building Technology Structural Design Structural Engineering Buildings Structural


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Isolated footing design example with step by step procedure and isolated footing design excel sheet (spreadsheet) is also provided for easy and fast. Design Guide Foundation Design How To Guide Structural Engineering Design Foundation Spreadsheets Structural Design


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Concrete mix design is the process of finding the proportions of concrete mix in terms of ratios of cement, sand and coarse aggregates. Concrete Concrete Properties How To Guide Mix Design Guide Concrete Mix Design Concrete Mix Design Procedure IS 456:2000 Mix Design ExampleFor e.g., a.

Design of Geogrid Segmental Retaining Wall with Calculations

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Details and design of geogrid segmental retaining wall with calculations is. Retaining Wall Design Structural Engineering Retaining Wall Structural Structural DesignGeogrid segmental retaining wall is used where tall wall is required.

16 design trends from Gensler’s 2017 Design Forecast


The process of anticipating what the future will hold and then designing and developing methods to minimize the effects of future events is known as future-proofing.

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Enhancing healthcare facility design with VR/AR


Virtual Reality is the new medium for design communication and is changing the way architects work. As architects, we are always looking for ways to improve communication with clients and shorten the feedback loop, allowing for a speedier and more lightweight design process

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Libraries: Design for evolution


The library of the future barely resembles the library of the past. Today’s libraries cease to be the hallowed temples of book-bound knowledge protected by an army of (albeit welcoming and helpful) guards. No longer are libraries the gatekeepers of access to information.

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Concrete mix design is of two types: 1. Designed concrete mix Nominal concrete mixes are those specified by standard codes. Concrete Technology How To Guide Mix Design Guide Concrete Mix Design Mix Design Nominal concrete mix 2.

Design & Construction Megatrends Revisited

ENR Construction

Louis Pasteur famously stated that "Chance favors only the prepared mind." When it comes to strategic marketing planning, how prepared is your mind? Understanding current and future trends is critical to developing strategy and setting direction for your firm

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How corporate design keeps educational design relevant


There are many different terms used to describe learning and what method is best for today’s student and how school design supports each modality. However, when we break down each description— personalized, flipped, 21st century, project based, problem based—these teaching methods are simply designed to engage students and maintain an interest in learning. .

3 Golden Rules Of Proposal Design

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Proposal design is a challenging topic. As someone trying to get a proposal out the door, dealing with proposal design can be frustrating. Especially if the people with those opinions don’t have any graphic design training. The Purpose Of A Proposal Design.

Regenerative Design in Practice

SAB Magazine

Building Case Studies Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability community’s re-greening program Jim Taggart Regenerative Design SabMagazine sustainable architecture and design The Vale Living with Lakes Centre the Vale Living With Lakes Centre for Applied Research

Passive House Design:

SAB Magazine

Too often we equate energy efficiency with sustainability, overlooking considerations of form and design. EcoHouse Casa Luca DLP Architecture ecoHouse Canada Lucio Picciano Architect nergy efficiency and ethical building practices passive house


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Factors that affects the concrete mix design strengths are: Variables in Mix Design A. Concrete Technology How To Guide Mix Design Guide Water/cement ratio B. Cement content C. Relative proportion of.

Flat Slab – Types of Flat Slab Design and its Advantages

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Types of flat slabs, its design and advantages. Slab Design Structural Engineering slab Slab design Slabs Structural Structural DesignFlat slab is a reinforced concrete slab supported directly by concrete columns without use beams.

Inclined Columns Design – Loads and Bending Moment in Inclined Columns

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Inclined column design is. Structural Design Structural Engineering Column StructuralInclined column is not vertical which is used in many construction works for aesthetics and architectural requirements.

5 innovations in high-rise building design


The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat has named two winners and three finalists of its 2013 Innovation Award. Body Image: read more.

The future of hotel design: Human-centered


Change is inevitable and it impacts on everything, not least on the way we design. Benjamin Franklin once said there are only two things certain in life: death and taxes. Well, I’d like to add a third one: change.

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10 Design-Build Best Practices


The Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) has released “Universally Applicable Best Practices Applying to Any Project Type, in Any Market Sector, of Any Size.” Based on research, case studies and industry input, DBIA has identified design-build best practices. “ Architects Designer

Wooden Concrete Formwork Design Criteria with Calculation Formulas

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Different criteria for design of wooden concrete formwork and their. Wooden formworks are generally used for construction due to its ease of use. Building Materials in Construction Building Technology and Construction Guide Formwork/Shuttering Building Materials Buildings formwork shuttering

Design of Flexible Pavement by Semi Empirical Method

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There are various methods of flexible pavement design such as empirical and semi-empirical methods. Flexible pavement design by semi-empirical method. Pavement Design Transportation Pavements Transportation Engineering

Types of Design Loads for Masonry Lintel with Calculations

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These loads must be identified & calculated for design. Design Guide How To Guide Loads masonry Structural DesignVarious types of loads act on masonry lintels which are provided on wall openings.

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The new normal: designing for climate resilience


There is no greater force than the force of nature, and there is no clock more relentless than the rhythm of our seasons. More than 70 percent of the world’s population is expected to live in cities by 2050. And people like to live by the water.

Pipemaker Victualic Dives Into Virtual Reality-Aided Design

ENR Construction

While thinking up new workflows for designing mechanical systems, Amanda Comunale is making sure that her team members are spending enough time in virtual reality

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Wellness by design


On July 25, Lendlease moved into its new global headquarters, Tower Three of the 277,200-sm International Towers Sydney in the Sydney, Australia, suburb of Barangaroo. These towers are in the process of becoming the first buildings certified under the International WELL Building Institute’s Core and Shell health and wellness standard. Tower Three is shooting for Platinum, IWBI’s highest certification level.