Fundamental Assumptions for Reinforced Concrete Design

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The fundamental assumptions of reinforced concrete Design are the basis for the structural mechanics which is one of the main tools used for the. Beam Design Structural Engineering Beams RCC design Structural Design

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Design of Two-way Slab by Coefficient Method

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There are several methods by which two-way slabs can be designed. Slab Design Structural Engineering Slab design Structural DesignAll methods are viable provided that the safety and serviceability of the element.

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Raft Foundation- Design Requirements and Applicability

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Foundation Design Structural Engineering Foundation Structural Structural DesignA raft or mat foundation is a sizable concrete slab or slab and beam system which support all the loads of superstructure through walls or columns in.

Home Design Trends for Summer 2019

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Which means it’s time to freshen up your homes curb appeal with the latest home design trends. Home design trends are always a fascinating predictor of what people want to see in a property. House Design custom build home design home design trends home renovation interior design trend

M30 Grade of Concrete Mix Design Calculation Procedure

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M30 Grade of Concrete Mix Design Calculation Procedure is all about achieving target strength , water cement ratio and perfect proportions of Cement, Sand and Aggregate to produce a good concrete to achieve its target strength. Concrete Mix Design IS Code.

Advanced Design Solutions Creating 180 Jobs In Tennessee

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Read: Advanced Design Solutions Creating 180 Jobs In Tennessee at The Canadian auto supplier will invest $10 million in Lawrenceburg, TN: the location was selected for its proximity to OEMs.

Commercial Construction Trends: Why More Clients Are Choosing the Design-Assist Model

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Working with a client on a design-assist or design-build basis, as Englewood Construction is with the reimagining of Stratford Square Mall, allows the commercial contractor to provide valuable input during the initial planning stages.

Isolated Footing Design Guidelines Based on ACI 318-14

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Isolated or single footings are structural elements which are designed to transmit and distribute loads of single columns to the soil without. Foundation Engineering Geotechnical Engineering ACI Code Foundation design Isolated Footing

Top Restaurant & Bar Architectural Design Ideas

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Innovating restaurant and bar design ideas make a huge impact on your experience as a food establishment. The post Top Restaurant & Bar Architectural Design Ideas appeared first on BRIKS Design-Build Group | Custom Homes | Major Renovations | Residential | Commercial. Commercial Design Lifestyle architecture design ideas bars commercial design commercial properties design ideas food establishments restaurant and bar design restaurants


Can machines design?


Last year, in a tech report on artificial intelligence (AI) , BD+C reported that Arup had applied a “neural network” to a light rail design and reduced the number of utility clashes by over 90%, saving nearly 800 hours of engineering

Design of Beam

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Design of the section. Design of column: 1. If lef/b ratio<12 it will be designed as short column or else as long column; define the area of steel Asc. DESIGN OF FOOTING: The width B of the footing will obviously be equivalent to [W+W?]/qo. Estimation of constants.

Seismic Design of Retaining Wall

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Seismic design of retaining wall is considerably complicated problem in which assumptions have to be considered in order to make indeterminable issue. Earthquake Engineering Retaining Wall Design Structural Engineering Earthquake Earthquake Design Retaining Wall Structural Structural Design

Some useful notes on Pile Cap Design

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In this stage of design, precautions should be undertaken to disperse the load to the piles evenly by placing the center of gravity of the column to match up with the center of gravity of the pile cap.


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There are many factors affecting pavement design. These factors are appropriately considered for design and construction of good quality. Highway Engineering Pavement Design Roads/Highways Transportation Pavements Roads Transportation Engineering

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can you please tell me how a column and beam is designed for a commercial building

10 Design Flaws to avoid in Earthquake-prone areas.

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Buildings require great designs and sound construction practices to be able to withstand the disastrous forces of an earthquake. Earthquake Engineering Earthquake Design

Overview of BIM 360 Design

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BIM 360 Design is Autodesk’s cloud worksharing, design collaboration, and data management product for improved project delivery. The new Design Collaboration module for milestone tracking and deliverable coordination.

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Design-Build contract tools

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Discover how the emergence of design-build project delivery has led to shorter project delivery times and reduced scheduling costs


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Concrete mix design is required to achieve target strength in structures. Concrete Mix design calculation of M20, M25, M30 grade of concrete are. Concrete How To Guide Mix Design Guide Concrete Mix Design Concrete Mix Design Procedure Concrete Technology Mix Design Mix Design Example

Two Way Slab Design by Direct Design Method as per ACI 318-11

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Two way slab design by direct design method as per ACI 318-11, step by step procedure and limitations of direct design method for two way slab is. Slab Design Structural Design Structural Engineering Slab design Structural

Bioswale – Design, Applications and Advantages

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A Bioswale or biofiltration swale is a narrow strip of a vegetated area that redirects and filters stormwater. A typical bioswale is long, linear and. Environmental Engg Water Resources Water Supply Biofiltration swales Bioswales Drainage system Low Impact development Sustainable development


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Requirements of concrete mix design should be known before calculations for concrete mix. Mix design is done in the laboratory and samples from each. Concrete Technology How To Guide Mix Design Guide Concrete Mix Design Concrete Mix Design Procedure Mix Design

What is a hidden beam? Purpose, Applications and Design

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Beam Design Structural Design Structural Engineering Beams StructuralWhat is a Hidden Beam? Hidden beam is a reinforced concrete beam, also called concealed beam provided within the depth of supporting slabs. So, the.

Download truss design spreadsheet

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This estimating spreadsheet is specifically created for designing truss. By using this spreadsheet one can design light gage truss on the basis of AISI S100/SI-10 & ER-4943P. The following design criterion is required for truss analysis.

Combined Pad Foundation Design Spreadsheets

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Combined Pad Foundation Design Spreadsheets comprise of a series of spreadsheets which can be used for stability analysis and structural design of a combined rectangular pad foundation.

Structural Design of ASDIP Concrete

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ASDIP Concrete is a set of modules which are fully devoted for the design of concrete members like beams, columns and walls depended on the newest ACI 318 specifications. ASDIP: It is a 13-module structural ser with a board of design solutions for new structural engineers.

Brief overview of Seismic Design

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The mass of the building to be designed manages seismic design apart from the building stiffness, since earthquake produces inertia forces which are proportional to the building mass. SEISMIC DESIGN FACTORS: The following factors provide a great impact on the building design.

10 Design and Construction Mistakes Cause Earthquake Failure of Buildings

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Buildings require great design and suitable construction practice to be able to withstand earthquake forces. There several common design and. Earthquake Engineering Earthquake Design

Think Like a Designer

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Design thinking is not an algorithm; unlike in math and science problems, there is no single, right, absolute answer

12 Types of Loads Considered for Design of Bridge Structures

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Various types of loads are considered for design of bridge structures. Bridges Structural Design Structural Engineering Structures Bridge Bridge Design StructuralThese loads and their combinations decides the safety of the bridge.

Awesomely Designed Tiny Home

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Builder John McFarlane of Camera Buildings did a great job designing and constructing this home. It’s great how its boxy shape enabled the designer to make the most of the available space. Isabella Mori of Vancouver, BC recently moved into her brand new tiny home.

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In its latest design forecast, Gensler emphasizes the human touch


Design that “puts people back at the center” is now the driving force behind resilient, livable cities, according to Gensler’s just-released 2018 Design Forecast, “Shaping the Future of Cities

Introduction to Design-Build for Water Projects: An AWWA Webinar

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On March 13, I will join with a panel of water design-build experts to present a webinar on the essentials of design-build for water projects. All Integrated Delivery Water & Wastewater Treatment Design-Build

Ductility of Building Structures for Earthquake Resistant Design

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Ductility for earthquake resistant design is important for buildings, structures and building materials. Ductility and its importance in design is. Earthquake Engineering Earthquake Resistant Design Structural Design Structural Engineering Earthquake Earthquake Design Structural

Sedimentation Tank Design Parameters

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Sedimentation is the process of removing suspended coarser particles in water by settling down them to the bottom of tank. For a particle to settle. Environmental Engg Environmental Engineering

Roof Slab Design Process

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The design of a roof slab is based on the thickness of slab, size of bars, distances of bars, hooks, cranks and laps of bars, minimum cover of concrete etc. Based on the span, an RCC slab should be designed as either one way reinforced slab or two way reinforced slab.

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Brick Ledge- Design and Construction Procedure

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Concrete Work Procedure Design Guide How To Guide Work ProceduresBrick ledge is reinforced concrete bearing which supports the weight (100Kg per square meter or more) of finish materials such as Brick, stone or.

Structural Design of Bunkers with Procedure and Design Considerations

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Structural Design Structural Engineering StructuralBunkers and silos are structure that are used as storage tanks. They are used to store materials like grain, cereals, coal cement etc. They both.


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Specifications for Design of footings as per IS 456: 2000 The important guidelines given in IS 456: 2000 for the design of isolated footings are as. Design Guide Foundation Design How To Guide Structural Design Structural Engineering Design Design cosiderations Foundation

Economical Design of Reinforced Concrete Columns to Reduce Cost

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Economical design of reinforced concrete columns and its construction practices and recommendations to reduce its cost of construction is. Structural Design Structural Engineering Column Structural

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