Concrete Mix Design as Per IS Code -10262: 2019


Concrete Mix Design as per IS Code means the Government of Indian release guidelines for concrete strength and quality control. Indian standard code gives proper.

How to Design Reinforced Concrete Beam for Shear? Example Included

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Shear design of reinforced concrete (RC) beam involves the determination of spacing between stirrups. Beam Design Design Guide How To Guide Structural EngineeringShear is a word used for forces that work.


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Tips and Rules for Design of Reinforced Concrete Columns

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The design of reinforced concrete (RC) column is carried out by following certain procedures. Design Guide How To Guide Structural Design Structural EngineeringHowever, some specific rules and requirements need to.

Thumb Rules and Specifications for Design of Reinforced Concrete Beam

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The design of a reinforced concrete beam is achieved through a trial and error method. However, design codes, certain thumb rules, and past. Beam Design Design Guide How To Guide Structural Engineering

Design of Doubly Reinforced Concrete Rectangular Beams with Example

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The doubly reinforced concrete beam design may be required when a beam’s cross-section is limited because of architectural or other considerations. Beam Design Design Guide How To Guide Structural Engineering

What Are Design/Build Services?

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Design/Build Construction is a project delivery method in which one forges a single contract with the owner to provide architectural/engineering design services and construction services.

Definition of Design Period | Why Design Period is Provided | Factors Affecting Design Period | Design Period Values


Definition of Design Period: Design period could be defined as the number of years in the near future in which the supply will surpass the demand. Why Design Period Is Provided? Factors Affecting Design Period: Factors affecting Design Period are given below.

Design Procedure of Reinforced Concrete T-beam with Example

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Beam Design Design Guide How To Guide Structural EngineeringT-beams are formed when reinforced concrete floor slabs, roofs, and decks are cast monolithically with their supporting beams. Generally, formworks.

The COVID-19 crisis transforming hotel design, construction

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An architect who is an author of a new white paper on hotel design in the age of the coronavirus suggests steps construction firms should take to be ready for an influx of hospitality work

Design 136

Design of Highway Alignment

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As a structural designer, you should know about these terms. What is Highway Alignment : The situation of the focal line of the highway or the design of the arranged highway line on the ground is called Highway Alignment.

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Self Compacting Concrete Mix Design


The post Self Compacting Concrete Mix Design appeared first on Civiconcepts.

How to Design One-way Slab as per ACI 318-19? | Example Included

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Design Guide How To Guide Slab Design Structural EngineeringOne-way slab is a type of concrete slab in which loads are transferred in one direction to the supporting beams and columns. Therefore, the bending.

Retaining Wall Its Design, Types & Definition

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Civil Engineering Design of Structures definition Design Retaining wall Retaining Wall Its Design step by step Types & Definition | ExplainedWhat is retaining wall? Retaining wall is constructed on ground to resist pressure of soil acting laterally due to change in ground elevation that would exceed soils angle of response with ground.Retaining wall is constructed to support soil on sloping surface. They are rigid walls used to retain soil from landscapes.

Specifications for design-build projects

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Specifications originally intended for design-bid-build (DBB) projects require significant revisions to be suitable for design-build or integrated project delivery (IPD). Greater challenges arise when adapting DBB source documents for design-build.

Understanding the Difference Between Design-Assist & Delegated Design

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Understanding the Difference Between Design-Assist & Delegated Design. Elizabeth Manning. Tue, 11/17/2020 - 15:47.

What is Column? – Types of Column, Reinforcement, Design Procedure

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– Types of Column, Reinforcement, Design Procedure. RCC Civil Engineering Civil Engineers Construction Structural DesignWhat is Column? A column is an essential component of an RCC structure. A column may be described as a. Read more What is Column?


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can you please tell me how a column and beam is designed for a commercial building

What are Load Factors and Strength Reduction Factors in Concrete Strength Design Method?

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In the strength design method, the safety of concrete structures is ensured by using load factors and strength reduction factors. Beam Design Structural Analysis Structural Design Structural Engineering

Concrete Design Methods: Uses, Comparison, and Advantages

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Concrete design methods or concrete design philosophies such as working stress method, ultimate strength method, and limit state method are used for. Design Guide How To Guide Structural Design Structural Engineering concrete design Concrete Design Methods Design philosophy

Design-Build contract tools

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Discover how the emergence of design-build project delivery has led to shorter project delivery times and reduced scheduling costs

Want to know about Soak Pit Design

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Civil Engineering soak pit soak pit designIn our society, just think of that if there is no need to reuse wastewater, collected rainwater, then soak pits can provide the best alternative for a partial treatment of wastewater or ash. For example, septic tanks, double pits for flush toilets, anaerobic reactors, biogas collectors, etc. It’s a very safe and healthy way to […].

The pros and cons of design-build

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The collaborative design-build delivery method can save time and money, but experts say there are key factors contractors should consider before making the switch

Plans for Populous-designed performance venue unveiled


Populous’s design is meant to reflect a modern expression of a new age of theatre for sports and entertainment. OverActive Media has recently revealed details of its new $500 million performance venue located in Toronto.

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Design of Two-way Slab by Coefficient Method

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There are several methods by which two-way slabs can be designed. Slab Design Structural Engineering Slab design Structural DesignAll methods are viable provided that the safety and serviceability of the element.

Seismic Design of Retaining Wall

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Seismic design of retaining wall is considerably complicated problem in which assumptions have to be considered in order to make indeterminable issue. Earthquake Engineering Retaining Wall Design Structural Engineering Earthquake Earthquake Design Retaining Wall Structural Structural Design

What are the Basic Design Features of Tall Structures?

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A tall framework is a structural system designed to resist lateral forces due to wind or earthquakes, considering the criteria for strength, drift, Structural Design Structural Engineering

Raft Foundation- Design Requirements and Applicability

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Foundation Design Structural Engineering Foundation Structural Structural DesignA raft or mat foundation is a sizable concrete slab or slab and beam system which support all the loads of superstructure through walls or columns in.


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There are many factors affecting pavement design. These factors are appropriately considered for design and construction of good quality. Highway Engineering Pavement Design Roads/Highways Transportation Pavements Roads Transportation Engineering


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Specifications for Design of footings as per IS 456: 2000 The important guidelines given in IS 456: 2000 for the design of isolated footings are as. Design Guide Foundation Design How To Guide Structural Design Structural Engineering Design Design cosiderations Foundation

Contractors increasingly involved in shaping blueprints through Generative Design practices

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Proponents of generative design believe that it can streamline the design process and allow contractors to exert influence that is beneficial to a project’s ultimate design

Fundamental Assumptions for Reinforced Concrete Design

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The fundamental assumptions of reinforced concrete Design are the basis for the structural mechanics which is one of the main tools used for the. Beam Design Structural Engineering Beams RCC design Structural Design

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Healthcare design in a post-COVID world


America’s healthcare sector found itself in an ambivalent state in late 2020, as the coronavirus raged relentlessly across the country and as the distribution of two newly approved vaccines started rolling out to inoculate vulnerable population groups.

7 Common Design Faults Causing Damage to Concrete

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There are number of common design faults that lead to the damage of concrete and hence the capacity of the structural member would be reduced. Detailing Guide How To Guide Structural Design Structural Engineering Design

One Way Slab and Two Way Slab Design Step by Step


Design Considerations: . The post One Way Slab and Two Way Slab Design Step by Step appeared first on CivilJungle. One Way Slab. Effective Depth (d). For deflection control . L/d = 20 X M.F. Modifiction factor from— IS: 456, p.38.Fig-4. Assume % steel 0.3 to 0.6%. Fs = 0.58


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Concrete mix design is required to achieve target strength in structures. Concrete Mix design calculation of M20, M25, M30 grade of concrete are. Concrete How To Guide Mix Design Guide Concrete Mix Design Concrete Mix Design Procedure Concrete Technology Mix Design Mix Design Example


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Structural design basis starts with the type of structure to be designed. For any structural design to commence, we require certain data. Structural Design Structural Engineering Beam Design Column Design cosiderations Earthquake Design Loads on Structures Slab design Structural Structures These data.

How to design Formwork?

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What is the procedure of designing the formwork? The post How to design Formwork? appeared first on The Constructor

Soak Pit Design | Design Considerations


Introduction of Soak Pit Design If there is no intention or need to reuse wastewater, collected rainwater or gray water, immersion pits can offer an economic opportunity for partial treatment of wastewater or ash from a primary treatment (eg septic tank, double pits for flush toilets, biogas collector, deflector anaerobic reactor, etc.) Cement Civil Design

Download West Point Bridge Designer

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The West point bridge designer software is for designing of the bridge. Bridge Design Contest is to give center school and secondary school understudies a sensible, drawing in prologue to building. Official software used to enter the West Point Bridge Design Contest.

I.S Codes on Earthquake Resistant Building Design

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Earthquake resistant building design guidelines are provided by set of Indian Standard codes (IS Codes). Earthquake Engineering Earthquake DesignAfter observing Indian earthquakes for.