Construction Program Portfolio Management

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Construction Program Portfolio Management provides significant advantages to project management. Program management applies a robust process to each project and/or work order. Learn more about Construction Program Portfolio Management?

7 Tips For Effective Warehouse Management

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Managing a warehouse is definitely not a simple task, and it takes a considerable amount of work and effort to do it effectively and efficiently. Construction Management


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Lean Asset Management

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Lean Asset Management significant improve the availability, dependability, usefulness, safety of facilities and other physical assets, while also lowering life-cycle costs. Lean Asset Management differs from traditional approaches in several ways. LEAN Asset Management v

Boosting Cybersecurity for Better Construction Management

Viewpoint Construction Technology

How Viewpoint For Projects is helping UK contractors better control who gets access to vital project data, when and how. Construction Best Practices

Huh? Ugh! LOL: The Top Ten-tions of Construction Law and Contracts

Speaker: Matthew DeVries, Construction Law Attorney and National Blogger

The construction environment changed more in 2020 than any prior year—whether the parties were faced with government shutdowns, new health and safety restrictions, or overall financial strains. Yet, many projects remained on target and successfully reached the finish line this year. The rights and responsibilities of parties involved in a construction project are mainly dependent upon the contract or agreement between them, and there is no better time than to review your contractual obligations to identify risk pitfalls and ensure success. Join construction law attorney and national blogger Matthew DeVries as he discusses the top tensions on a construction project and how to avoid disputes.

The Pillars of Sustainable Facilities Management

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Do you agree that the following are pillars of sustainable facilities management? Robust LEAN programmatic processes are used to efficiently manage all repair, renovation, and new build requirements. Change orders are managed and virtually eliminated.

Construction Cost Knowledge Management

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Construction cost knowledge management is a component of integrated LEAN construction planning, procurement, and project delivery. Technology alone, however, is not enough to harvest the value of cost knowledge management.

How to efficiently manage and resolve project constraints

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Many project managers rely on WhatsApp, Excel, Messenger, phone calls, and emails to communicate their progress with their teams on site. Many project managers tend to lack focus in the preparation of a construction project. Move your schedule and all project communication to the cloud.

Facilities Management Training Needed

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9 1% of FM managers say there’s a gap between the knowledge and skills their team has and what they need to excel. #1 1 FM managers identify capital planning and compliance & standards as their top training priorities for themselves. #2 Facilities Management Training Needed

Decision Tree: An Effective Project Management Tool

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A decision tree is a project management tool based on a tree-like structure used for effective decision-making and predicting the potential outcomes. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management Construction Project

Redefining Construction Document Management

Viewpoint Construction Technology

That’s why effectively managing these changes is crucial to contractors’ success. These mistakes and delays can have a significant impact on your bottom line as a contractor — and leave your clients unimpressed with your teams’ abilities to manage projects. Many project managers or supervisors keep a duplicate set of plans in field offices, but even those can get lost, or if changes were made to the current set that was being used, the backup may not reflect these.

Risk Management in Construction Projects

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Risk management in construction industry is an important part of the project planning and management. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management Construction ProjectVarious risks associated with construction.

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4 Important Construction Project Management Approaches

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Construction Engineering & Management Construction ManagementA construction project involves several contractors and service providers, which results in inevitable complexities throughout the project. With that.

Strategic facilities portfolio management technology

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This requires strong strategy-to-execution alignment and management from both “top-down” and “bottom-up” perspectives. Process change management is a primary need. contact-form] The post Strategic facilities portfolio management technology appeared first on 4BT.

Merger Management


MX Deposit simplifies and controls how drill hole and other field data is collected, managed, and shared throughout the lifecycle of a deposit. Seequent has also acquired Imago , a developer of cloud-based software for the capture and management of geoscientific imagery.

Construction project management 101 – Checklist

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The term construction project management can be used to describe a vast number of tasks, roles and responsibilities. Additionally, the basics and essentials of budgeting, finance, organisation, scheduling, conflicts, and legal issues are also covered by the project manager.

Managing Field Workers Effectively In Your Construction Business

Contractor Bookkeeping

The construction manager is conditioned to avoid emergencies by being proactive. After the crisis has passed, the effective project manager evaluates the root cause of the trouble and implements change in the system to avoid a repeat performance.

10 helpful tips for construction managers

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Architects, construction managers, or contractors are passionate people who work tirelessly to bring ambitious plans to reality and contribute to society in their own way. Managing a team of so many people is a herculean task. How to manage a construction project step by step.

Construction Project Risk Management


Construction Project Insurance – Phases Involved in Risk Management Process. The post Construction Project Risk Management appeared first on CivilSeek. Every construction project stage involves a certain magnitude of risk, which may begin or. Read more ?.

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The Military’s Project-Management Musts

Construction Business Owner

The Military’s Project-Management Musts. Having had the opportunity to train thousands of managers and staff over my 30 years as a consultant, I have always emphasized a key approach to project management: utilizing before action reviews (BARs) and after action reviews (AARs).

Of Warriors and Managers


Conti Federal Services , a construction and engineering firm specializing in complex critical infrastructure, disaster response and recovery, and environmental remediation projects, uses an in-house developed management tool called Warrior Lean to deliver projects on-time and on-budget.

Managing Best Value Construction

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Solutions: Focus upon owner building improved and continuous owner leadership FM and organizational mission alignment Widespread adoption of robust asset total-cost-of-ownership management and LEAN integrated planning, procurement, and project delivery processes.

Public Sector Facilities Portfolio Management 101

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At the end of the day, Public Sector Facilities Portfolio Management 101 is a PASS/FAIL course for practicing professionals. As a public sector facilities management professional, your days are as endless as the list of repairs, renos, and new builds.

Equipment Maintenance Management in Construction Sites with 7 Strategies

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Construction Engineering & Management Construction EquipmentsIt’s no secret that the pieces of equipment used in construction firms are expensive, complex, and crucial for completing projects within the.

The Proactive Construction Project Management Solution

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Public sector facilities management professionals now have a proactive construction project management solution to assure quality, on-time, and on-budget repair, renovation, and new builds. Proactive Construction Project Management

Construction Management – the ultimate guide

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Construction management (CM) is a long and extremely demanding process. The main purpose of construction management is to sharply control and monitor the progress of a project in terms of quality, cost and time. Construction Management construction books construction industry construction management construction manager construction schools project managementIt’s the foundation for every building project and the key to its success.

What is Construction Management?

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Construction management is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a construction process from the start to the end. Building Technology Guide Construction ManagementThe objectives of.

How to Manage Construction Workforce Effectively?

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Effective management of the construction workforce helps finish projects on time and within the stipulated budget. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management Construction Project

Construction Project Manager Field Guide


When I first started my career in the construction industry I had no idea what a construction project manager was or did. So what exactly is a construction project manager and what do they do on a project? A construction project manager is someone who is responsible for the execution of a construction project. They manage the trades, financials, schedule, quality and administration. Construction project managers are are at the center of every construction project.

EP00: Welcome to The Safety Management Show

Safety Services Company

Just search for The Safety Management Show in your favorite podcast player. _. Every Safety Professional has a Unique Story to Tell.

How Better Construction Project Management Projections Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Learn best practices for construction project management projections. Construction Best Practices

Turning Your Project Managers into Business Managers

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Project managers often control in excess of $1 MM, $5 MM, even $ 10 MM in annual contract revenue and risk. However, project managers often do not view themselves as business managers. They view themselves as middle management – cogs in the wheel of a great machine that churns through backlog year-in and year-out – leaving the business issues up to division managers and executives. Construction Management with John Chaney

Why Managing Compliance is a Construction HR Priority

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Modern solutions and workflows are helping construction HR managers streamline employee compliance documentation and empower their workforces. Construction Best Practices

Construction Cost Management is now Possible

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Construction Cost Management is now possible with the adoption of a robust programmatic process that integrates associated planning, procurement, and project delivery activities and people, information, and enabling technologies. Change order management is beyond the capability of many owners.

Sage Intacct Construction Brings Financial Management to the Cloud

Construction Junkie

There’s no doubt that one of the most important aspects of managing a construction project is being able to quickly and easily analyze your financials. Project Management Technology

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14 Methods of Solid Waste Disposal and Management

Learn Civil Engineering

Solid Waste Disposal and Management Improper removal of city strong waste can make unsanitary conditions, and these conditions can prompt contamination of the climate and flare-ups of vector-borne infection. In this case, methods of solid waste disposal and management are very important.

Smart Home Energy Management


Many will help owners to manage energy use and aid in the fight against emissions and environmental damage. With this is mind, companies have introduced new energy management tools empowering homeowners and builders to make homes not only be smart, but connected and sustainable as well.

Equipment Manager Confidence Unchanged

Construction Equipment

Confidence among equipment managers held steady in August, according to the Equipment Manager Confidence Index, published by Construction Equipment.

Construction Project Management IS BETTER WHEN IT’S VISUAL

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Construction project management is better when it’s visual and includes a common data environment… including shared, locally researched unit price cost data. The post Construction Project Management IS BETTER WHEN IT’S VISUAL appeared first on 4BT.

Creative water management

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Leakage to the interior of the building was so extensive occupants resorted to creative water management techniques, including placing plastic sheets and a variety of receptacles to collect water entering the building during rainstorms.