Commercial Construction Project Management: Managing What You Don’t Control

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However, from time to time, we have to manage things that are out of our direct control – particularly when a project specifies owner furnished items (OFIs) or an owner vendor.

What is Construction Management?

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Construction management is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a construction process from the start to the end. Building Technology Guide Construction Management

Construction Project Management Software

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When it comes to project management software , contractors have numerous options, from spreadsheets and generic applications to software designed for the construction industry. Construction Management with John Chaney

Risk Management in Construction Projects

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Risk management in construction industry is an important part of the project planning and management. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management Construction ProjectVarious risks associated with construction.

Risk 101

Turning Your Project Managers into Business Managers

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Project managers often control in excess of $1 MM, $5 MM, even $ 10 MM in annual contract revenue and risk. However, project managers often do not view themselves as business managers. They view themselves as middle management – cogs in the wheel of a great machine that churns through backlog year-in and year-out – leaving the business issues up to division managers and executives. Construction Management with John Chaney

Facility Management Software – Construction STAR Ratings

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Following are the Construction STAR Ratings for Facilities Management software (FM software). . Facilities Management software allow businesses or organizations to manage their maintenance and repair program from, typically, a web-based interface or dashboard.

Facility Management & Maintenance: 5 Reasons to Partner with your Commercial General Contractor

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One of the things we’ve been most proud of at Englewood Construction over the last several years is the growth of our Facilities Management Group. It turns out we were right – and a lot of clients agree – because today our facilities management team is busier than ever.

Service Management Construction Software | Construction Manager Software

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Service Management. Spectrum ® Service Management Construction Software streamlines your service operations for a better customer experience. Spectrum Service Management Construction Software is part of the integrated Spectrum Construction Software. Service Management Brochure.

Managing the Constant of Change

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Construction Management with John Chaney To paraphrase a popular phrase, “Change is the only constant.” As a company, we’ve been going through a number of changes ourselves.

Construction Management and Quickbooks

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The challenge is achieving an integrated solution with estimating, scheduling and project management capabilities while addressing detailed job costing.

Straddling the Project Management Fence

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So when a project manager friend of mine and I were talking recently and he said that he spends much of his day straddling the fence, I was confused since this particular individual happens to be fairly opinionated. Construction Management with John Chaney

Construction Delivery Change Management

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The reason why all owners, designers, and builders don’t use these alternative construction delivery methods is that they require change management. The post Construction Delivery Change Management appeared first on 4BT.

Managing Managers Made Easy

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Managing people does not come naturally to most construction business owners. Often, project managers, estimators, general superintendents, superintendents, foremen and engineers are not born managers either.

Jobsite Information Management (JIM)

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To fully realize the potential of the automated job site, real-time visual information is essential

Cloud Computing & Centralized Document Management

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Construction Management with John ChaneyInformation is everywhere, and I don’t just mean that there’s a lot of it. I mean that it’s stored everywhere – in the cloud, on hard drives, on any number of other various storage devices.

Construction Management – the ultimate guide


Construction management (CM) is a long and extremely demanding process. The main purpose of construction management is to sharply control and monitor the progress of a project in terms of quality, cost and time. Construction Management construction books construction industry construction management construction manager construction schools project managementIt’s the foundation for every building project and the key to its success.

The 6 Best Construction Project Management Books to Learn From

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Being a manager, especially in such a challenging industry as construction, can be very demanding. Today's Guest Article Is From Laura Buckler. You have to look confident, even in situations when you are not that familiar with the topic or don’t really know how to handle certain situations.

Managing Construction Submittals


Managing the submittal process is fairly straight forward but to do so you need an understanding of some basic concepts, work flows and to help you along the way, technology. The post Managing Construction Submittals appeared first on cnstrctr.

Paying Bills & Construction Business Management

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Construction Management with John ChaneyA friend of mine has a habit of not paying his bills until the day they are due. He’s also known for driving to the post office right before it closes on April 15 to file his taxes.

Construction Management: Up and to the Right

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A colleague recently shared with me this graphic from a Caterpillar presentation he attended, which got me thinking about how managers and owners run their construction businesses. I know the way I’ve managed my company over the years has changed.

Construction Disputes and Project Document Management

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Construction Management with John ChaneyAbout a month ago, I read an article discussing the value of disputes in the construction industry.

10 helpful tips for construction managers


Guest Posts construction manager construction workers guest post project collaboration tips for construction managersFinishing homework in school was always an achievement. Be it an hour before the school started or a day before the holidays ended.

Construction Project Managers Go Mobile

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Update September 27, 2010: Project Manager views Job Alerts on iPad using Corecon Mobile. Update: Project Manager uses iPhone to access construction documentation. Construction Project Managers main line of communication is their mobile device. Contact Management.

Crisis management

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It is how we deal with unexpected situations that can either make you a better businessman or one of the many short-lived company management executives we’ve all seen come and go

Top 5 Strategy Tips to Project Management Success

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Managing an entire project on your own can be overwhelming. We will provide you 5 strategy tips to project management success that might save you from going insane! Project Management Project Management For Construction

LEAN Facilities Management Roadmap

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A LEAN Facilities Management Roadmap can help any committed organization maximize value from its built environment. What is a LEAN Facilities Management Roadmap? Core Components of a LEAN Facilities Management Roadmap are: Goals. Senior management. Facilities management.

Role of an Owner JOC Program Manager

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A critical role of a Owner JOC Program Manager is the ability to review and negotiate JOC Contractor Estimates. Learn more about JOC Program, Project, Estimate, and Document Management… The post Role of an Owner JOC Program Manager appeared first on 4BT.

Managing Your Construction Projects by Exception

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Construction Management with John Chaney A few days ago, I got into the office a little late after meeting a colleague for coffee. When I finally sat down to my desk, I had five voicemails, about 30 emails, some mail to go through (yes, I still get snail mail), and a few text messages.

Utilize real-time data to improve project management

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With the connected jobsite slowly becoming the norm, the importance of jobsite automation software continues to rise

Managing Millennials

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In a 2013 Ernst & Young survey, 75 percent of managers said that managing multi-generational teams is a challenge; 77 percent said that different work expectations among generations is a leading challenge they face

Pre-Qualification of Construction Managers – An Essential Ingredient for a Successful Project

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For example, Clemson University and Texas A&M are now placing language in their Requests for Qualifcations and/or Request for Proposal documents indicating preference in their contractor selection method for those companies who will have CPCs as part of their project management teams.

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Invaluable Advice for Project Management Success In 2018

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When it comes to project management, techniques are generally shaped by a mix of what is trendy and what is traditional in a given enterprise environment. Today's Guest Article Is From Alyssa Johnson. Professional Academic Writer, Blogger, And Coach.

Construction Project Management Processes: Everything You Need to Know


Project management is the basis on which every construction project is founded. A construction project manager has to obtain a variety of skills and competences in order to navigate through the project and to establish a functional connection with the numerous teams.

Field and Fleet Management Solutions

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Profiles and features of WorkWave Service and Fleetio (Advanced Plan

Plans 72

Construction manager named for $1.6B aluminum mill

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Industrial Project Innovation LLC will oversee Braidy Industries' 2.5 million-square-foot facility in Ashland, Kentucky, which should create more than 1,000 construction jobs before its projected 2020 completion

Proposal Management Process – The Ultimate Guide

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The right proposal management process is essential to any successful proposal writing effort. And they end up becoming frustrated with proposal management. Plus, we’ll even touch on some proposal management best practices. My Research Into Proposal Management Frustrations.

3 Layers of Construction Project Management

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Over the years, I’ve come to learn that project management can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Most construction companies have dedicated project or construction managers to oversee their projects – the core of a contractor’s business.

Browz Contractor Management

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BROWZ CONTRACTOR MANAGEMENT. Welcome to Safe Friday, this week we’re going to cover the fundamentals of working with Browz for Contractor Management from a Suppliers perspective. If you’re unfamiliar with Browz, they’re an easy-to-use, web-based Supplier/Contractor Management platform.

Navigating (M)sds Management and Deployment in The Digital Age

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I remember when lasers became popular on the jobsite, cellphones, project management software, fax became email… And now it’s time to embrace technology for (M)sds management and deployment.

Study: Managing costs tougher for firms than finding talent

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Costs are a challenge for more construction industry companies than finding and retaining labor, according to a new survey, but the latter continues to sap budget dollars for technology and fleet upgrades

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