Taking the ‘Delinquent’ Out of Delinquent Accounts


Accountants will tell you that the longer a receivable is overdue, the greater the chances of it not being collected. That’s one reason to keep a close eye on delinquent accounts. construction budget construction accounting construction accounting software

CMAP targets project accounting needs

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In my previous post , I had a first look at BuilderStorm, and mentioned how the financial capabilities of its platform might be attractive to SMEs looking for online ERP/accounting functionality. Another firm in this sector is Wilmslow, UK-based CMAP Software , whose focus is on AEC project accounting (thought it also has service offerings to business consultancies, healthcare and creative businesses).

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construction technology procore cloud based construction software construction accounting software How much of your company’s overhead costs are spent on information management?

3 Reasons to Change Your Construction Accounting Software

John Chaney

Throughout the year, I talk to a lot of construction business owners and accounting staff who are considering a change in their construction accounting software.

Construction Accounting Secrets For New Contractors

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Construction Accounting Basics For Construction Contractors. Construction Accounting is not a natural mindset for Construction Contractors. Construction Accounting has own language. Regular Accounting the language is Income Minus Expenses Equals Net Profit. Construction Accounting is Income Minus Cost of Goods Minus Overhead Equals Net Profit. Outsourced Accounting Assisted Do-It-Yourself Contractor Bookkeeping

Contractors Accounting Chaos Solutions

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Marketing Headline is Contractor needs Accountant. The Answer is Yes – Every Contractor needs a Construction Accountant. The Question is Why Does the Contractor need an Accountant? Does the Contractor have an Accountant? My life and accounting is in Chaos. Does the Contractor have Bookkeeper? Sometimes the Answer Is Yes. No Charge One-Hour Consultation. We offer a Free One Hour Consulting.

ServiceTitan expands accounting capabilities with Intacct integration

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The partnership delivers a cloud-based, financial management solution to home services companies such as residential plumbing and heating contractors

Pay yourself, profit account first

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For too many contractors, profit is something they take out of the business when they sell it. It should be one of the first things that contractors get

Construction Accounting Software Selection is Strategic

Carol Hagen

Is this Your Construction Accounting Software Selection Process? Choosing a Construction Accounting Software Solution can be a daunting task. Construction Accounting systems are key to operations with integrated project management.

Unique High-Profit Contractors Need Value From Accounting Software

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Accounting Software for ContractorsPrice And Value. VS. A Cheap Price does not always give you the “biggest bang for the buck” as the saying goes (author unknown). One of the reasons that we all like unit pricing in the grocery store is that it helps us determine which is the best value when deciding between sizes and between the store brands. Take for example ice cream. There are several main types: Labeled as Non-Fat, Low Fat, Reduced Fat, Sugar-Free, Creamy, Deluxe, Premium.

Construction Accounting: Always Measure Twice

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One of the most important, and often misunderstood, aspects of construction accounting is the relationship between work in progress (WIP) and the recognition of revenue.

Contractor Vs. Tax Accountant View Of Financials

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Contractors View Of The Numbers And Tax Accountants View Are Totally Different When Tax Accountants Review The Financial Statements The Year Has Ended. The Tax Accountant’s Role Is To Review The Previous Year Financial History based on the information provided create and file the Annual Federal Tax Return, Annual State Tax Return, and other Local or Payroll Returns.

Haberberger adds project, accounts payable managers

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Ben Haberberger, who represents the fourth generation in the mechanical contracting firm, is a plumbing project manager/estimator

Enhanced Accounting Methods Add Value

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During the economic downturn, demand for construction plummeted, forcing contractors to face a new normal. Contractors were expected to maintain a high level of service at break-even or loss margins.

Audits Aren’t Only for Accounting

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They use their CPAs to examine financial transactions and statements to present an accurate account of the company’s financial business transactions. HR audits present an accurate account of the company’s compliance with federal and state labor and employment laws and regulations

Total Synergy targets AEC designers

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An accountant by background, Osborne says Synergy is designed to meet the changing needs of the AEC sector globally. Synergy offers three core function areas for AEC design businesses: project accounting, project management, and collaboration.

C.P.A. Accounting Vs. P.M.P. Construction Accounting

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Project Management Construction Accounting Professionals (PMP) work above the line focused on generating positive outcomes and results for contractors: Increase Sales. A quick review of the differences between tax accounting and management accounting would clear up any confusion.

Trump Budget Would Cut Some Construction Accounts, Spare Others

ENR Construction

OMB Director says funds cut from some programs will go into expected infrastructure investment program later this year

Procore Launches Sage 300 CRE Connector


Procore now integrates with Sage 300 CRE to create the only comprehensive cloud-based project management tool to seamlessly integrate with the gold standard for construction accounting. construction project management procore cloud based construction software construction accounting software

A Contractor’s Guide to Hiring an Accountant

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If you are a general contractor, the odds are you will require the services of an outside accountant from time to time. At first glance, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the certified public accountants (CPAs) out there. They list the same services, have the same credentials and they all claim to work with companies like yours. But do they all deliver the same value? Is one CPA as good as the next?

Your Contractor Champion Advocate At Fast Easy Accounting

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Contractor Champions At Fast Easy Accounting. Contractor Champions at Fast Easy Accounting are like concierges at a five star hotel. You get all the services at a fraction of the cost. Outsourced Contractors Bookkeeping Services Contractor Champion

Construction Accounts for 33 Percent of Work-Related Lightning Fatalities

Construction Equipment

Cloud-to-ground lightning occurs 20 to 25 million times every year and workers operating heavy equipment, doing construction, roofing, steel erection, and landscaping are at the top of the list when it comes to who gets hit. Lightning is an occupational hazard. Take it seriously.

Risk 44

Nicola Cairncross Interviews Randal DeHart, Construction Accountant

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Please be sure to let Nicola Cairncross know Randal DeHart, The Contractors Accountant, recommended you. Construction accounting is not rocket science; it is a lot harder than that and a lot more valuable to people like you so stop missing out!

Commissioning Pull Planning Session Results in Ownership and Accountability

PC Construction Blog

The Commissioning Team at the DC Water Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station and Enhanced Clarification Facility recently conducted its first Pull Planning session. Pull Planning, which is a component of the Lean-based Last Planner System, helps. All Projects Water & Wastewater Treatment Lean

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Why Construction Accountant Is The Best Bookkeeper For Your Construction Company

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This is true whether you are talking about general bookkeeping, tax accountants, your mechanic, your doctor or other business professionals. Contractor Bookkeeping Services Construction AccountingExperts Have Increased Knowledge And Skills.

Contractor Accounting Vs. Regular Accounting

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All Accounting Methods Share The Same Accounting Equations. Regular Accounting - Is roughly 80% of all accounting and Accounting for businesses in the world. Regular Accounting Has These Things In Common: Sales - With 1-4 categories.

Job Costing Accounting Vs. Regular Accounting

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There is some confusion about the differences between job costing accounting and regular accounting which leads some contractors to believe they can get what they need from any bookkeeper and the cheaper the better. Two Basic Types Of Accounting. #1

Contractors Are Skilled In Construction But Not Usually In Construction Accounting

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Your Construction Accounting System started small and easy. undefined. Almost every Contractor understands how to do basic repairs and remodels on a house. As the project grows it gets a little more complicated. Is it a kitchen remodel, a bath remodel, upgrading the laundry area? Building a Deck? Adding a second story addition? Adding a garage? Perhaps you tracked everything with bank statements and Excel sheets and it worked fine for a while.

Is Your Accounting Software Update Worth The Cost?

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Find Accounting Software - findaccountingsoftware.com‎. Accounting Software for construction Accounting Software for Contractors Accounting Software Today's Guest Article Is From Russ Davidson From. Nobody wants to pay extra for a service they buy. The premise behind signing up for support and software version updates is pretty clear. You spend a bit extra up front to protect your investment and to prevent even bigger costs down the road. But is it all worth it?

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When Your Accountant Says You Don't Need Job Costing.

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It's Because They Don't Need It. To Fill Out The Annual Tax Return! Contractors like you regularly ask us if there is a way to have Job Costing Reports and have their annual tax return prepared and the answer is Yes!

Billing By the Hour in Construction


construction accounting construction business construction subcontractorsBilling by the hour works well for projects with unusual tasks that defy accurate estimates.

Say Goodbye to Subscription Center, Hello to your Autodesk Account

What Revit Wants

On March 13, 2015 Subscription Center will be retired and all customers will be directed to Autodesk Account where they will be able to manage all of their products, services, and Subscription benefits in one place. account contract Subscription

House Builders Want Unique Construction Accounting

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Builder Accounting begins with a proper QuickBooks setup For Spec Home Builders. Understand to get good, usable information out of any accounting system that they need to be an active participant and code the paperwork. Continue Outsourced Accounting And Bookkeeping.

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Choosing the Right Financial Reporting System


Cost management systems have different goals and are more flexible in design than financial accounting systems. data analysis accounting software construction costs A good cost management system will make it easy to track the budget on your construction project as it moves forward.

When Hiring A Construction Accounting Service Makes Sense

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When John Doe* (not his real name) opened his residential remodeling company, he did just about everything himself from creating construction proposals to paying the rent, processing payroll, preparing quarterly tax returns, reconciling checking and credit card accounts and paying bills.

Follow Three Paths to Improve RFI Efficiency


communication accountability project management software RFI rfi software A surefire way to improve request for information (RFI) efficiency is to have all design questions answered before construction begins.

QuickBooks Is Not A Professional Construction Accounting Software

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If you Google “Construction Accounting Software” the results are over 20,000,000. Construction trade journals list over 4,000 construction accounting software programs that actually work well for the construction industry. Marketing | Accounting | Production) with all of them.