Comparing Target Value Design and Value Engineering


It can also help keep projects on budget, much like value engineering does, although in a much different way. construction collaboration construction value design construction value engineering

Don’t Overlook the Engineer in Engineering – A Recruiter’s Guide

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To get the best talent, therefore, you need to take steps to bring in the best engineers for your company. For engineering recruiters, the importance of talking about what is so special about the company simply cannot be overemphasised. Focus on what engineers are looking for.

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Geosynthetics in Civil Engineering and Construction Works

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There are various types of geosynthetics used in civil engineering and construction works. Building Materials Building Technology Buildings Civil Engineering WorksProperties, functions and uses of geosynthetics are.

Survival Guide for Engineers and Architects at Large Construction Firms


Engineers and architects at large construction firms face a unique set of hurdles that they must work toward overcoming on a daily basis. However, by locating and preparing for the trends likely to impact this sector, architects and engineers can get ahead of their peers and truly succeed.

Survival Guide for Engineers and Architects at Medium-Sized Firms


Alongside increased competition in a resurgent construction industry, these factors have spurred many construction firms to bring their engineer and architectural resources in house. design build architects engineers


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Surveying is used in civil engineering for construction site investigation to check levels and distances. Principles and methods of surveying are. Surveying

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Survival Guide for Engineers and Architects at Small Firms


Being an architect or engineer at a smaller firm comes with its fair share of pros and cons. architects survival guide engineers small firms

Southland Engineering ushers in a new approach to engineering services

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Southland Industries has launched Southland Engineering, a collaborative engineering firm that specializes in the planning, engineering, design, management, and coordination of building systems.

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8 Thoughtful Gifts For Engineers And Architects

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And if you work for, with, or are related to, engineers and architects…. So, this year I want to tackle giving gifts, specifically gifts for engineers and architects. You may work 48 weeks a year, slaving away, trying to meet the demands of engineers and architects.

Engineers Propose 'River' Alternative to Border Wall

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Of all the ideas that have been suggested for the border wall, there is one that may help to bring together Mexico and the U.S., instead of pitting the countries against each another over illegal immigration


Survival Guide for Engineers and Architects (Medium-Sized Firms)


Alongside increased competition in a resurgent construction industry, these factors have spurred many construction firms to bring their engineering and architectural resources in-house. construction firms construction tips architects engineersThe construction landscape is changing fast as companies of every size rush to keep up with shifting trends in customer tastes and government regulations.

Engineers Rise to Challenge to Deliver Ideas for Infrastructure Innovation

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The American Society of Civil Engineers Innovation Contest addresses the ASCE’s Grand Challenge, which tasks civil engineers to significantly enhance the performance and life-cycle value of infrastructure by 2025

Blockchain and Engineering: A New Business Model?

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Can engineering find a valuable place in the new world of trust and encrypted transactions

Extend Engine Life

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Improvements to Tier 4 engines help burn cleaner fuel and reduce air emissions. Environmental Protection Agency fuel requirement standards, Tier 4-compliant engines—designed with high-pressure common rail (HPCR) systems and fuel injectors—use ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel

How to be Successful in your Civil Engineering Career?

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Achieving Effectiveness as a Young Civil Engineer Civil engineers spend four or more years in the institution being persuaded that if they solve the.

DTNA Unveils Detroit DD8 Midrange Engine

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Daimler Trucks North America unveiled its upcoming Detroit DD8 diesel, the second in a series of medium-duty engines, at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

Murphy Company appoints Asif Kadiani as Senior Engineer

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CEM, GBE, LEED AP, has joined Murphy Company as senior engineer, design-build. Asif Kadiani, P.E., read more. Management

Civil Engineering Subjects -Details and Importance for Civil Engineers

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Various subjects in civil engineering courses for different semesters with details and importance of these subjects for civil engineers are. Career / Jobs Career Guide Careers

The Man Engine

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Part of the 10th Anniversary of the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape, Man Engine has been walking the roads of southwestern England representing the Cornish mining industry.

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Engineering Gets IMAX Big-Screen Boost in New Film

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More than 200 New York City students donned 3D glasses for “DREAM BIG: Engineering Our World,” that will air in theatres across the U.S. to promote engineering careers

Which Was the True Golden Age of Engineering?

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After 1950, I feared that engineering was entering into a dark age of public criticism and self-doubt

Guidance for Structural Fire Engineering Making Its Debut

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The International Code Council has approved—as expected—the updated structural building-design standard, written by the American Society of Civil Engineers Structural Engineering Institute, for inclusion in the 2018 edition of the ICC’s model International Building Code

KJWW Engineering Consultants acquires Michigan-based facilities engineering services firm


The KJWW Engineering Consultants division of IMEG Corp. has expanded its footprint in the state of Michigan by merging with FES Group, a facility engineering services and architectural firm based in Wixom, Mich., was already one of the country’s largest engineering firms specializing in high-performance building systems, infrastructure, and construction-related services


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Pre-Engineered buildings are being preferred over conventional buildings for industrial construction due to its fast construction. Pre-Engineered Building Structural Engineering Buildings Steel Structures StructuralFollowing is the.


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Following are few general points to remember for civil site engineers to make the construction work easier while maintaining quality of construction. How To Guide Tips Building Tips

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Portland Engineering Firm Creating New Paid Leave Strategy

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In an effort to keep talented women from leaving the engineering firm, PAE created a new paid-leave policy that the firms says is “unique” in the nation’s engineering industry

Crowds flock to see Cornwall's Man Engine

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The Man Engine is a great big mechanical puppet – the largest that the UK has ever seen, apparently – and he has been striding his way across Cornwall for the past couple of weeks. This is the kind of eccentricity that makes this country great.

Dynamo for Engineers

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For an engineer it is sometimes hard to follow an architect’s ideas on complex modelling. Learn how to leverage Dynamo for this purpose


Engineers Debut First Tsunami-Resistant Design Standard

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The American Society of Civil Engineers is preparing to publish the world’s first standard for the design of critical structures to resist the impact of tsunamis

Marketing Best Practices for Architectural/ Engineering/Construction (AEC) Firms

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Marketing architectural, engineering and/or construction (A/E/C) services is very different than other types of marketing. Search optimize your website with all search engine optimization (SEO ) features (meta coding, site maps, reviews, etc.).


Wanted: Bold, New Ideas From Civil Engineers

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I have not-so-groundbreaking news to share: America’s infrastructure is underfunded

Engine curtains

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This was a new one for me: tarpaulin engine curtains. The engine cover is a curtain made of truck tarpaulin that simply folds back – or Seitenverkleidung mit LKW-Plane, as the locals say. More pertinent is the simplicity of engine access.

Engineering Careers IMAX Film, Education Program Are Dream Come True

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How does an engineering association come to partner with a prominent IMAX movie producer to create a film to inspire kids to pursue industry careers

Top 40 Military Engineering Firms


Workforce Training: Engineering A Skilled Workforce

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We found top-class universities and a great community college, with programs dedicated to the mechatronics sector that will grow excellent young engineers with the skills necessary to run Eldor’s advanced automated lines.”. Workforce Training: Engineering A Skilled Workforce.

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UVM Engineering Students Learn About Campus Construction

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When situated inside a college campus, a project like the UVM STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Complex can generate a lot of interest from students passing by the jobsite.

Study finds engineering, architecture among the best entry-level jobs


This is a pretty good time to be an architect or engineer fresh out of school. A WalletHub study of the best entry-level jobs found that engineers rank first and architects rank 10th out of a group of 109 professions. Also on the list are electrical engineer (sixth), industrial designer (36th), interior designer (40th), mechanical engineer (41st), and civil engineer (66th