Roof Inspection Checklists

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Roof Inspection Checklists can be automated and linked to detailed cost models for budgeting and project estimation. The post Roof Inspection Checklists appeared first on 4BT. Roof Inspection Checklists Uncategorized

The 10 Pros And Cons Of Construction Site Inspections


Inspections are an essential part of the construction process. Construction construction inspections construction site construction site inspection inspection inspectorIf done correctly, they can have tremendous advantages for anyone working in the industry.

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Inspection of Underwater Concrete Structures -Methods, Types and Purpose

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Inspection of underwater concrete structures is required for maintenance and repair works. Concrete Special Concrete Structual Inspection Structural Engineering Concrete Structures Inspection of structure special concrete Structural

Precautions for Bored Piles Construction and Inspection

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There are several precautions that need to be considered while inspection and construction of bored pile foundation is preceded. These precautions. Foundation Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Pile Foundation Foundation

Prepare for an OSHA Inspection

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Planning for an OSHA inspection is good business. Take these 5 steps to prepare for a surprise worksite inspection and you’ll also have a solid foundation of safe work practices. Ask for a copy of the complaint/reason before they begin the inspection.

City officials approve drones to monitor, inspect sites

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The Spokane Public Works Department in Washington says it will employ unmanned aerial vehicles to quickly and safely perform necessary inspections on existing infrastructure and ongoing construction projects

Weekly Product Gallery: Inspection tools

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OSHA inspections involving temporary workers up substantially

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OSHA has substantially increased its inspections of worksites where temporary workers are employed, following up on an initiative announced 18 months ago directed at temporary staffing agencies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that OSHA inspections involving temporary staffing agencies increased 322% for fiscal year 2014, with 283 worksite inspections compared with 67 inspections in 2013.

Whole-House Plumbing Inspection

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How an annual plumbing inspection can keep plumbing in better working order. read more. Video Plumbing


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Liquid penetrant inspection is a non-destructive testing method for detection of crack penetration depth in concrete. This method is used when visual. How To Guide Non-Destructive Tests Concrete Technology Concrete Test Concrete Tests

Topcon MAGNET Inspect Software for UAVs

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MAGNET Inspect is software designed to facilitate data processing workflow for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) infrastructure inspection that manages large UAV data sets to create inspection reports. It will work with models from virtually any UAV, the company says, and when combined with Intel

Some useful tips for making inspection of reinforcement in jobsite

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Though the inspection of reinforcement involves lots of complexities and huge cost, but the problem should be properly resolved by appointing a standard consulting firm for accomplishing the inspection work.

How to Respond to an OSHA Inspection

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Whether an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspection of your workplace is triggered by a workplace injury, a formal complaint or a programmed, wall-to-wall inspection, being prepared for it will help limit exposure and defend against any citations that may be issued.


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NEED FOR INSPECTION OF CONCRETE STRUCTURES: Inspection is the first step towards any maintenance. Concrete Technology How To Guide Repair/Protection Guide Repair/Maintenance Structual Inspection Structures

Visual Inspection of Underwater RCC Structures -Tools and Limitations

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Visual inspection is the most widely used method for inspection of underwater reinforced concrete structures. This technique is economical, and it.

Drone Technology Improves Infrastructure Inspections

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W hat began as a school project has turned into an exciting career for the founders of SkySpecs , an Ann Arbor-based startup that provides drone technology for the inspection of infrastructure projects, such as wind turbines, cell towers, power transmission towers, and eventually bridges. “It

SEIU uses new opening to go along on OSHA inspections

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OSHA last year cleared the way for union representatives to accompany OSHA compliance officers on worksite inspections even if the union doesn’t represent the company’s workers, and now the consequences are being felt.

Some small employers exempt from regular OSHA inspections

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Small employers may not realize that they may be exempt from “programmed” OSHA inspections if they employ 10 or fewer employees and operate in a low-hazard industry. Programmed OSHA inspections are those conducted by the agency on a regular basis. Under the 1999 Appropriations Act, smaller employers are exempt from those kind of inspections if the following requirements are met: The company must have had 10 or fewer employees currently and at all times in the previous 12 months.

Drones Used To Conduct Bridge Inspections in Minnesota

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Drones Used To Conduct Bridge Inspections in Minnesota. Technology

How to Inspect Painting Works in Building?

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Is there any procedure or method statement or guideline for inspection of painting works in buildings? Read More at How to Inspect Painting Works in

Inspection Checklists for Construction of Urban Stormwater System

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Checks that need to be carried at different stages of urban stormwater system construction includes checklist for excavation, trenching, pipes before. Construction Engineering & Management Construction

Illinois Utility Uses Drones in Field Inspections

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Ameren Illinois supplies gas and electric power to a 43,700-square mile area of midstate Illinois near Urbana is making use of specially outfitted UAVs to detect power outages, inspect transmission facilities.


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INSPECTION AND TESTING OF STRUCTURES Post concrete inspection of concrete is essential to check for any damage or defects that may require repair. Concrete How To Guide Material Testing Guide Concrete Technology

Product Snapshot: Inspection Camera and Dust Extraction

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The Micro CA 350 inspection camera provides a clear view of tight, confined spaces encountered by building trades

CA 45


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Hence, the bridge must be regularly inspected and maintained for the benefit of its users. There are three levels of inspection: 1. General inspection: Usual inspection of representative parts of a structure.

Oroville Dam Close-Call Leads to Improved Inspections

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California's Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation Monday that will bring improved inspection processes and schedules to the state's 1,250 dams that are classified as high-risk under federal guidelines

Inspection of Concrete Structures -I

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Inspection of Concrete Structures Concrete is inherently a durable material, but its durability under any given set of exposure conditions varies. Concrete Technology Structual Inspection Structural Engineering

how to inspect for painting works?

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Read More at how to inspect for painting works? Is there any procedure/method statement/guideline for painting works? The Constructor

The Importance of Inspections & Fleet Maintenance

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Recently, a crew working a “tilt-up” job in Austin, Texas, got a frightening reminder of how important regular crane maintenance and equipment inspections can be after an accident on the jobsite. You can watch live video of the accident at v=Mn6PYOG6sWw

Surface-Clinging Drone Developed for Better Bridge Inspections

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Prodrone, based in Tokyo, Japan, has released a self-propelling surface-clinging drone which is able to inspect both ceilings and vertical surfaces. The company says the PD6-CI-L is an excellent choice for the civil infrastructure inspection market

Surviving an OSHA Inspection

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Each year OSHA conducts around 50,000 workplace inspections. While the odds of a workplace being inspected are less than 1 percent, it is vital for business owners to understand how to navigate the four steps of an inspection. The representative should also ask the inspector the scope of the investigation and to provide a copy of the standards that will apply to the inspection. Step 2 the Inspection. Inspection procedures.

Cat Inspect Mobile App Improves Walkaround Process

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Cat Inspect is a mobile application that allows users to download machine-specific inspection forms and capture actionable information during their walkarounds. Inspection types include Technical Analysis (TA1) inspection forms and Preventive Maintenance (PM) checklists.

Certified home inspection done right!

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My son Mike introduced me to the home inspector, and explained I was a professional in the mechanical trades. Then the fun began

VIDEO: Drone Crashes While Inspecting Broken High-Rise Window

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A drone sent to inspect a cracked window on San Francisco’s Millennium Tower crashed to the ground after hitting another property across the street. Footage was captured by KPIX 5, showing bystanders running for cover as parts began falling down near the high-rise. Fox News reported that the

Inspection of Concrete Structures- II

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Concrete Technology Structual Inspection StructureUltrasonic Testing (Pulse Velocity Test) An ultrasonic test measures the velocity of an ultrasonic pulse through a concrete member or sample. Listed.

30th Annual International RoadCheck Inspection Date Announced

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Over a 72-hour period, CVSA-certified commercial motor vehicle inspectors in jurisdictions throughout North America will conduct inspections of commercial motor vehicles and their drivers

PNT and MiFi Allow Drones to Inspect Railroads

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The UP railroad was using drones guided by GPS technology to inspect bridges but found that the GPS signals between the drone and the operator were getting distorted or cut by the steel structures


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The method of inspection of welds in structural steel should be according to IS: 822 and extent of inspection and testing shall be in. How To Guide Material Testing Guide Steel Design Steel Structures

Why You Should Document Jobsite Safety Inspections

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They further require that an employer’s injury and illness prevention program must provide for “frequent and regular inspections of the jobsite” [reference 29 CFR 1926.20


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THIS VISUAL INSPECTION CAMERA SYSTEM is available in three new models, and is now available with a locator accessory. read more. Tools