How is Modern Technology Improving Construction Site Security

The Constructor

Technological innovations have a way of changing pretty much every industry they touch, and security is no different. Today, we’re looking at some of. Digital Construction

Securing Your Construction Business Online with SSL Technology

Construction Marketing

The internet has made it easy and affordable to connect with your customer base and advertise your small business, but online your construction company could be at risk without a strong website security plan. With seemingly unlimited options, many business owners have found it difficult to prioritize their online customers’ security needs. Knowing how to secure this private information is a major part of running a commercial website.


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Jobsite Security: Cyber and More


Jobsites are often loosely organized when it comes to security. Equally loose is the security of interaction during these COVID-19 times: how many workers are keeping their distance where possible? The post Jobsite Security: Cyber and More appeared first on Constructech.

The Importance of Security Investments in Construction

Viewpoint Construction Technology

As more construction companies integrate technology into their businesses practices, security and data privacy has become a critical component. Security investments matter. The contractor’s company used a free malware service as its security platform. Once in charge of computer hardware and safety protocols, respectively, risk departments and IT now deal with cyberthreats, security compliance, and more. And it’s not just about data security.

Securing Construction Data during COVID-19


We already know there is increased security risk due to remote work. Now we are seeing that roughly 71% of businesses do not have a plan to deal with potential cyberattacks and in the last year, small-to-medium size enterprises actually decreased their IT security by an average of $4.9

Security in Your Construction Software

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Always a priority of any IT platform, security and data privacy is just as important in the construction industry as they are in banking. As the construction industry shifts to a more technology-based approach with mobile, software, and multiple hosted applications , security and data privacy has become a critical component of every part of the construction process. Integrated security. Security and data privacy is critical to construction management software.

Information Security in the Construction Industry — What You Need to Know

Viewpoint Construction Technology

A closer look at the extensive cyber security measures Viewpoint takes to protect clients' data. Construction Best Practices

The port of the future: Secure, sustainable, and welcoming


Those border crossings simultaneously are a welcoming environment for guests and returning citizens and a beacon of safety and security Defining the “port of the future” isn’t easy. Designing one is even more challenging.

The Importance of Security Investments in Construction

Viewpoint Construction Technology

As more construction companies integrate technology into their businesses practices, security and data privacy has become a critical component

Bluebeam Tip of the Week: Quick Security Sessions

Carol Hagen

Quick security settings allow you to create permissions and passwords that you can apply to documents repeatedly without having to recreate or define them each time. Here’s how you can create a new security set: You can see how much time you’ll save when sharing your content sensitive information with others and with a simple click of the lock button you can reuse your settings in an instant. It’s great for applying security to multiple documents all at once too.

How to Integrate Fleet Security Systems

Construction Equipment

Partnering with expert integrators is enabling the combination of video surveillance, access control, and IT tailored to specific needs and dramatically driving down costs, while flagging and escalating only true dangers Equipment managers responsible for on- and off-road trucks must not only

Solstice Cam: Affordable Indoor/Outdoor Jobsite Security

Construction Equipment

Learn about a new live streaming wireless security camera that sets up in seconds, giving you affordable protection for short-term or unpowered jobsites.

Security versus Freedom

Collaborative Construction

Good summary of competing economic models in the US and Europe, though the narrator and I share the concern that more and more Americans are trading security for freedom in several different contexts. The presentation reminds me of the Ben Franklin quote about those who give up essential liberties and freedom to gain security deserving neither. In the economic context those who give up freedom to gain security ultimately receive neither, as ongoing monetary crisis proves.

Prefab Company Secures $30 Million, Announces Expansions

Pro Builder

Prefab Company Secures $30 Million, Announces Expansions. At the same time, the company announced it secured $30 million in its Series B equity round. cbroderick. Wed, 08/11/2021 - 10:58.

Construction Tech Startup Versatile Secures $80M in Series B Funding Round

ENR Construction

14 that it has secured $80 million in Series B funding. This comes on the heels of a $20 million Series A funding round secured in December 2020 Crane-mounted sensor and jobsite intelligence startup Versatile announced on Sept.

STRATTEC Security Corporation

Green Industry Professionals

Lock your equipment down with BOLT one-key lock technology from STRATTEC Security. The patented BOLT family of locks works with your vehicle key

Step-N-Secure Handle

Construction Equipment

Step-N-Secure is a patented product that installs into the truck bed stake hole, giving users a dual-purpose handle for stepping into the bed of their truck, as well as a raised tie-down for securing large cargo loads. It is manufactured in the United States and made of injection-molded glass

5 Common Security Questions Contractors Ask Before Hiring Our Service

Contractor Bookkeeping

As an accounting firm, our client's privacy and security remain our top priorities and are continually looking at ways to develop and evaluate our system to prevent breach and network holes. We utilize 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption which ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. At Fast Easy Accounting, Cloud Security is not an option- it is a fundamental requirement. Their Cloud Security rests on U.S.

Securing Better Bonding

Construction Business Owner

For contractors, securing bonding is the lifeblood of their businesses, but it comes with challenges that range from having the necessary working capital to demonstrating a track record of success. Find out how to overcome these challenges, ensuring your construction business is in a good position to attract a surety, and, in turn, profitable projects.

Tuffy Security Products In-Floor Storage Security Lid

Green Industry Professionals

As part of its expanding Tuffy Security Products Dodge Ram product line, the new new #357 In-floor Storage Security Lid replaces the existing plastic original equipment factory cover to create durable and theft-resistant storage in hidden vehicle

Season 2 – Episode 1: Data Security in a Dangerous World

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Season 2 – Episode 1: Data Security in a Dangerous World. Season 2 – Episode 1: Data Security in a Dangerous World Season 2 of A Viewpoint on Construction kicks off with an insightful discussion about cybersecurity. A Viewpoint on Construction, Modern Takes on a Transforming Industry. Season 2 of A Viewpoint on Construction kicks off with an insightful discussion about cybersecurity.

Autonomous security bot monitors construction jobsites with facial recognition technology

Construction Dive

A British firm has developed a two-wheeled robot that can recognize people and vehicles and whether they’re allowed to be on the site

Flo by Moen Smart Water Security System

Pro Builder

Flo by Moen Smart Water Security System. Flo by Moen™ is a revolutionary smart home water security system that features a suite of products to protect your home from water damage and leaks, 24/7. kcichowicz. Mon, 08/02/2021 - 10:48. The Smart Water Shutoff monitors your entire water supply system for leaks and vulnerabilities, while the Smart Water Detector senses leaks and moisture outside of the pipes, such as overflowing drains, appliance failures, or weather-related issues

Secure your Jobsite with Solstice Cam

Construction Equipment

-sponsored- Learn about a new live streaming wireless security camera that sets up in seconds, giving you affordable protection for short-term or unpowered jobsites.

How to Make Sure Your Construction Security Guards Are Doing Their Job

Lets Build

A quality construction security guard is always alert and always ready to respond to identified risks. You like to think that your security guard provides the level of service needed to protect your materials and keep your construction site secure, but how can you know? The performance metrics you use to evaluate traditional contractors rarely guarantee accurate security guard assessment. When Visiting, Converse With Your Security Guard.

Securing the Internet of Things

Collaborative Construction

Anybody in the AEC industry that's ever done work for the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, the USACE, the VA or similar departments understands security issues. Throw in an integrated building information model that is really intelligent and the security geeks begin to freak out. Securing the Internet of Things Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution!

Make jobsite security simple with Solstice Cam

Construction Equipment

Learn about a new live streaming wireless camera that sets up in seconds and provides affordable, rugged protection for short-term or unpowered jobsites. Monitor productivity, improve safety and deter crime with 120 days continuous recording. See it in action

School construction: Enhancing security through design

The Korte Company

Our success as a security-focused school construction company is underscored by our experience delivering 500 projects for our country’s Department of Defense. Exterior elements of secure school construction. That’s made easier when school security personnel (and the security cameras they often rely on) have a clear field of the facility’s perimeter. Architects must design for the security of the school without making it look like a prison.

A New Concept for Securing Earthbags

Natural Building

But then, if compared to the standard barbed wire, rebar and concrete used to secure most earthbag wall systems, the carbon footprint and amount of work involved may be similar. The post A New Concept for Securing Earthbags appeared first on Natural Building Blog.

How to Secure Coveted Government Contracts

Construction Business Owner

Every year, the federal government and state governments award billions in construction contracts. According to the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS), in 2018, the 20 federal agencies that spent the most on construction awarded $27 billion in contracts. How can you get a slice of that pie? Details here.

Cyber Security Company Expands Chicago Headquarters

Business Facilities

Trustwave will add more than 300 employees at its new Chicago headquarters; City Colleges of Chicago is launching a Cyber Security Boot Camp. Read: Cyber Security Company Expands Chicago Headquarters.

Frontier Secure Growing In Virginia

Business Facilities

Frontier Secure , a division of Frontier Communications Corporation, will locate a customer care center in Wise County, VA. Virginia Secretary of Commerce & Trade Maurice Jones announces Frontier Secure’s 500 new jobs for Wise County. Frontier Secure’s decision to locate its customer care center in Wise County will have a tremendous economic impact on the region and the Commonwealth,” said Governor Terry McAuliffe.

Season 2 – Episode 1: Data Security in a Dangerous World

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Season 2 of A Viewpoint on Construction kicks off with an insightful discussion about cybersecurity

$665M secured for Chicago tower

Construction Dive

Clark Construction will build the $761 million office high-rise, which is scheduled for completion in late 2020

Tailgating remains a critical building security threat, say security professionals


A majority of security professionals surveyed by Boon Edam Inc. , a global security entrances and architectural revolving doors vendor, say tailgating remains a critical threat and doesn’t seem to be abating

Increase Safety, Security, Profitability, and Asset Utilization

Green Industry Professionals

Find your business growth potential with a system that increases safety, security, and profitability GPS Fleet & Equipment Tracking Software can help you address your biggest challenges.

Parallel Technologies Partners to Deliver Fast-Track, Comprehensive Security Solution

ENR Construction

When a premier client needed help designing a security solution for a large, fast-track hyperscale data center, Parallel Technologies needed a partner to help it scale up with ease

How to Secure a Civil Engineering Job during your 1st year of University?

Civil Lead

Civil Engineering Civil engineering is an expert engineering practice that acts towards designing, constructing, and shapes the world nearby us. Read more. Civil Engineering Jobs Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Job Civil Engineers Construction

Duo Security, Inc. Adding 300 Jobs In Michigan

Buisness Facilities Contributed Content

Duo Security, a cloud-based access provider with locations in Michigan, California, London, and Austin, will expand its existing operations in Ann Arbor, MI. Duo Security established its Ann Arbor technology facility in 2009. Michigan, and Ann Arbor in particular, is where we want Duo to be,” said Dug Song, CEO of Duo Security. We welcome Duo’s commitment to Michigan, and in becoming a key contributor to the state’s expanding cyber security industry,” Arwood added. “A


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Building security and control system have become necessary with increasing size and complexity of buildings. The building security and control system. Building Maintenance Building Technology Building Tips Building Services