$7.5B Digital Infrastructure City To Be Built In Las Vegas

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Digital Infrastructure City To Be Built In Las Vegas at BusinessFacilities.com. Bleutech Park Las Vegas, the first city in the world to boast a digital revolution in motion, will break ground in the Las Vegas Valley this December.

North Dakota Investing $33M In UAS Infrastructure

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Read: North Dakota Investing $33M In UAS Infrastructure at BusinessFacilities.com. The state’s investment represents one of the largest Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) for unmanned aircraft systems investments in the U.S.

Orlando Invests $10 Billion In Transportation Infrastructure

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Read: Orlando Invests $10 Billion In Transportation Infrastructure at BusinessFacilities.com. Daily News Featured Florida Tourism Transportation & Infrastructure Central Florida Infrastructure KPMG Orlando Economic Partnership Orlando International Airport Sponsored Content TransportationFrom a world renowned airport to new commuter rail, Orlando knows how to gets things moving.

Stormwater Added to Infrastructure Report Card

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The decision reflects increased interest in stormwater infrastructure by decision-makers

Analysts: Infrastructure, modularization, resiliency top industry drivers

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While a recession is likely on the horizon, several segments of the construction industry will experience massive growth in the next few years, say experts from McKinsey and Dodge

Infrastructure Roundup

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Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said Thursday the House intends to do a piecemeal infrastructure overhaul with five or six bills instead of one huge umbrella bill. “We

Trump authorizes $6B of water infrastructure projects

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The legislation, which the president signed into law this week, also reauthorizes the EPA's WIFIA program, allowing the agency to loan money to contractors and others for eligible water and wastewater infrastructure projects

Bill For Infrastructure Job Training Reintroduced

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Infrastructure by Leveraging Demands for Skills Act, aiming to ensure workers are well-trained for infrastructure jobs in fields like construction. CBS 19 Washington reports that Senators Tim Kaine (D-MN) and Rob Portman (R-OH) have reintroduced the Building U.S.

Googlizing Infrastructure

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The question for the built industry - and the professionals who deliver planning, design, and construction services is how do we googlize the infrastructure we deliver for our clients? As you read the article think in terms of how arming your clients with "Big Data" related to the infrastructure you deliver. Big data is having a big impact on business and the internet.

Presidential Candidates to Discuss Infrastructure at Forum

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Transportation and manufacturing associations will host a forum for presidential candidates to discuss infrastructure issues called Moving America Forward.

President Trump outlines $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill

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The Legislative Outline for Rebuilding Infrastructure in America is divided into four parts — and is light on specifics

Google Investing $600M In Nevada’s Internet Infrastructure

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Read: Google Investing $600M In Nevada’s Internet Infrastructure at BusinessFacilities.com. Google.org Impact Challenge will award $1M to Nevada nonprofits with bold ideas to create economic opportunity .

Infrastructure project management in construction: The path to success


Infrastructure projects are vital for every country around the world. Schools, motorways, new metro stations are only a few examples of why infrastructure construction projects are so important for a nation.

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Federal bill could cut water infrastructure project costs by $371B

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A bill introduced to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee could put an end to mandates requiring iron pipes in water main projects

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Lendlease seeks buyers for troubled infrastructure division

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While selling its Engineering Services Division, the Australian firm continues being a leader in U.S. mixed-use development

What construction wants from Trump's infrastructure plan

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Six industry influencers weigh in on what they want to see in the details of a national infrastructure plan

Infrastructure Funding Detour

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The Washington Post writes that President Trump told lawmakers Tuesday he was abandoning a key element of his planned $1 trillion infrastructure package, complaining that certain partnerships between the private sector and federal government simply don’t work

Green Infrastructure For Better Communities

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A new online guide launched by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) explains the many benefits of “green infrastructure”—designed systems that harness nature to create proven benefits for communities. billion less than a comparable grey infrastructure approach.

Report: OR has nation's best infrastructure

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News & World Report infrastructure ranking of 50 states is based on scores in energy, transportation and internet access, among others The U.S.

Report: Infrastructure Deal Must Consider Environment

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Instead of building new roads and widening highways, StreetsBlog says there’s a better way to spend $2 trillion in infrastructure. According to a recent article, the authors of a U.S.

Leaked White House infrastructure draft suggests private investment on track

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Details of the $1 trillion infrastructure spend were supposed to be unveiled this month, though reports have pointed to a possible overview being revealed during President Donald Trump's State of the Union address next week

Trump planning another pass at $1T infrastructure package

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A massive program of infrastructure construction and rehabilitation was one of the linchpins of President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign but the initiative has not yet come to fruition

President's Infrastructure Plan Pothole

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The President has said his infrastructure plan will be made public after the tax reform legislation is passed but the Republican tax proposal could significantly discourage private investments in public projects

National Infrastructure Performance Council to address ‘national security crisis’


A new advocacy group, the National Infrastructure Performance Council , has been launched with the aim of doubling the annual level of investment in infrastructure through 2030

NABTU: Union, wage protections must underlie $1T infrastructure plan

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Union leaders and lawmakers at a conference this week called for prevailing wages, project labor agreements and other standards to be included

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Federal shutdown threatening some infrastructure projects

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States are holding off on cementing plans for 2019 surface transportation projects since much of their funding has been cut off

Trump Administration to Attempt Infrastructure Pledge Again

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The Trump administration is in preparation for another attempt at a $1 trillion upgrade of the nation’s road, rail, and energy infrastructure.

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4 ways states will fund infrastructure projects in 2018

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President Donald Trump's soon-to-be-revealed $1 trillion infrastructure plan will likely leave many states funding projects with P3s, bond issues, infrastructure banks and taxes and fees

Tennessee, Memphis Invest $37M To Improve City Infrastructure

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The investments will improve public infrastructure surrounding the St. Read Tennessee, Memphis Invest $37M To Improve City Infrastructure on Business Facilities - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions. Daily News Featured Public-Private Partnerships Research & Development Tennessee Transportation & Infrastructure Economic Development Employment Expansion FastTrack Infrastructure Memphis Pinch District St.

EPA Announces New WIFIA Funding for Water Infrastructure

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EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler announced an estimated $6 billion in Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) loans in 2019

Iowa approves $3.4B infrastructure plan

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The transportation commission approved a 2019-2023 program that includes airport, transit, railroad, trail and highway projects

Iowa 70

Banks are investing big in infrastructure despite stalled federal plan

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Even though the president's infrastructure plan is pending, investors such as Blackstone, Carlyle and others continue to raise billions for projects

Top 10 States for Infrastructure

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Keyword 'Infrastructure' has found its way into almost daily conversations as the country continues to organize and find funding to repair and rebuild U.S.

Trump's Infrastructure Package Likely Delayed

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TheHill.com reports that during Monday's press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders indicated work on the promised $1 trillion infrastructure package will likely be delayed until next year, after the legislature takes care of tax reform.

Bipartisan congressional caucus introduces infrastructure guidelines

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infrastructure has lagged other countries and faces a potential $2 trillion gap by 2025 In its report, the group said the quality of U.S.

Energy Infrastructure Required

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Meanwhile, we need to upgrade our energy infrastructure and embrace the reality that fossil fuels must be used to ensure lower energy costs until renewable technologies become competitive. In doing so, this country will have to upgrade and improve our existing energy infrastructure.

Poll: White House shirking U.S. infrastructure

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trillion infrastructure plan will gain traction Only 10% of those polled said it was very likely that the president's $1.5

Report: House committee could have infrastructure bill ready by summer

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Upgrading the nation's infrastructure has support from both sides, but the question of how state and local governments and taxpayers will chip in is a work in progress

Resilient Infrastructure Could Save $4.2 Trillion

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The World Bank report says making infrastructure strong, more able to respond to natural disasters and regular stressors saves $4 to every $1 spent

VIDEO: Trump Calls Infrastructure a ‘Bipartisan Policy’

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infrastructure policy may improve after President Donald Trump declared the policy capable of bringing Democrats and Republicans together. Transport Topics reports that the U.S.