Construction Project Management IS BETTER WHEN IT’S VISUAL

Job Order Contracting

Construction project management is better when it’s visual and includes a common data environment… including shared, locally researched unit price cost data. The post Construction Project Management IS BETTER WHEN IT’S VISUAL appeared first on 4BT.

Sketches/ Maps of Concrete Cracks Observed in Visual Inspections

The Constructor

Concrete Cracks Concrete Technology Structural Evaluation Concrete cracks concrete inspection Cracks cracks in columns Cracks in slab visual inspection


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Construction Estimating: Manual Counting Ends with Visual Search

Carol Hagen

The estimating take-off process has just been revolutionized with Bluebeam Revu 11′s Visual Search. Visual Search is just one piece of Revu’s measurement capabilities. Construction Industry - Software estimating Bluebeam construction Take-off Visual SearchConstruction Estimators have been spending much of their estimating time counting electrical recepticals, sprinkler heads, and trees.

Architectural Visualization with Alex Hogrefe


Do you have architectural visualization skills? Well, you are in luck because this episode is dedicated to discussing all things related to architectural visualization and graphics. . Maybe you’re asking yourself, “What does that even mean?”

Bluebeam Tip: Visualizing Project Percentage Completion with Your Project Owner

Carol Hagen

How to General Contractors help a project Owner Visualize the Project’s Percentage of Completion? The problem is most owners need visuals. Bluebeam Revu Bluebeam Revu Tips Custom Status Project Owner Visualizing Project Completion It’s difficult. I’ve seen many spreadsheets, reports, thousands of photos and AIA Schedule of Values all attempting to convey to the owner just how far along their project is.

Visualization Tools for Science

Collaborative Construction

The visualization chamber utilized by a variety of scientists on a multi-disciplinary basis to observe scientific data and phenomenons in new and interesting formats provides a road map to which the built industry should pay close attention. For the past couple of months, EVEREST has been down because it's getting a major upgrade, with the power wall being replaced with a new 3D projection system and another wall of the facility becoming a second visualization tool for scientists.

An Introduction to Conventional Visual Management

Lean Construction

Visual Management is a visual (sensory) communication strategy that is frequently used to realize Lean Construction goals at the operational level (i.e


Contractor Magazine

THIS VISUAL INSPECTION CAMERA SYSTEM is available in three new models, and is now available with a locator accessory. read more. Tools

Asia’s first global museum of contemporary visual culture to open in Hong Kong


M+, Asia’s first global museum of contemporary visual culture, is set to open in Hong Kong’s West Kowloon Cultural District. The nearly 700,000-sf building was designed by Herzog & de Meuron in partnership with TFP Farrells and Arup.

Badri Hiriyur: Developed AI-based Visual Analysis Tool for Facade Inspection

ENR Construction

Developing AI-based visual-analysis tool for facade inspections, changing how buildings are maintained

BIM – 3D Visualization – IFC – IFC4

Building Information Management

via – Premier cost estimating and efficient project delivery software for Job Order Contracting – JOC, IDIQ, SABER, SATOC, MATOC, MACC, POCA, BOA, featuring: Visual Estimating / QTO, enhanced 400,000 line item RS Means cost database with modifiers and full descriptions, contract / project / estimate / and document management, collaborative multi-user interface. buildingSMART International has published the last release candidate 4 of IFC4.

How to do visual checks on the reinforcement bar at site? 

The Constructor

How to do visual checks on the reinforcement bar at site? The post How to do visual checks on the reinforcement bar at site? appeared first on The

Visual Inspection of Underwater RCC Structures -Tools and Limitations

The Constructor

Visual inspection is the most widely used method for inspection of underwater reinforced concrete structures. This technique is economical, and it. Concrete Technology Guide For CIvil Engineer How To Guide Repair/Protection Guide Concrete Technology repair Repair of Concrete Repair/Maintenance

Using 3D Printing For Visualization and Communication

Construction Dive

While actually using 3D printed elements for structural components or to be incorporated into a structure is still in the development stage, Balfour Beatty has been producing models for use as a visualization and communication tool

Visual Inspection Checklist for Concrete Structure Based on ACI 201.1R

The Constructor

Checklist for concrete inspection are items that might have a bearing on the durability and performance of the concrete. The checklist can be further. How To Guide Work Procedures concrete inspection Concrete Technology

Suffolk's Smart Lab helps clients visualize projects

Construction Dive

The 3-D virtual environment lets clients "see" their projects before they are built, and can measure project progress and maximize efficiencies among trade partners

AGC Offers Dynamic New Construction Data Visualization

Construction Equipment

. . AGC has a new interactive data visualization that puts construction growth information in a dynamic map for both city data and state data. AGC's John Higgins says, "Every month the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases data about the job growth in different industries. We have been fascinated in following the construction growth data that available by both cities (more precisely metropolitan areas) and states.

Visual Analysis Tool Aims to Prevent Concrete Deck Errors

ENR Construction

When preparing to place concrete for a floor deck, it can be easy to miss a few out-of-place sleeves or other elements, which can cause problems down the line once the deck is cured

Visualization with Stadia

Revit OpEd

It's a bit closer to Revit's realistic visual style than photo real rendering. Rendering News Visualization 3rd Party Apps ServicesI recently became aware of a new application called Stadia. It works like this: Model away in Revit, when you are ready to see something you submit your model to their cloud rendering service. You register your email address with them and you just enter it in the Revit interface. When you press Enter, Revit submits your model information to their cloud.

Dynapac Launches New Product Visual Identity

Construction Equipment

We are very proud of our new visual identity, it signals we are an independent brand with our own sales-channels, own technology and own product portfolio,” Matthyssen says Dynapac revealed a new brand identity, unveiling its first red machine, a double-drum compactor. Red has always been a significant color for Dynapac, and when investigating the brand values, the red color was among the top recognition factors,” says Herman Matthyssen, global vice president marketing.

[VIDEO]: 3D Visual of Largest Croatian Infrastructure Project

Construction Equipment

Croatia’s largest infrastructure construction project is currently underway, prompting Croatian Roads to release a 3D visualization of a bridge it is building through Peljesac, a peninsula in southern Dalmatia in Croatia. The first phase of construction on the bridge ended last month, which

Visual Construction Cost Estimating – Advanced Grade Beam

Building Information Management

via – Premier software for cost estimating and efficient project delivery – job order contracting – JOC, SABER, IPD, SATOC, IDIQ, MATOC, MACC, POC, BOA … Uncategorized advanced grade beam construction cost estimating job order contracting JOC visual estimating[link]. Use of eTakeoff Advanced extension doing Grade Beam takeoff with multiple variables and four outputs.

Visual Construction Cost Estimating – Advanced Grade Beam

Building Information Management

via – Premier software for cost estimating and efficient project delivery – job order contracting – JOC, SABER, IPD, SATOC, IDIQ, MATOC, MACC, POC, BOA … Uncategorized advanced grade beam construction cost estimating job order contracting JOC visual estimating[link]. Use of eTakeoff Advanced extension doing Grade Beam takeoff with multiple variables and four outputs.

Control The Last Planner System Using Visual Management

Lean Construction

In line with the famous saying “no battle plan survives contact with the enemy”, construction production systems need solid mechanisms to control their projects on site. The Last Planner System and Takt Time Planning offer a collaborative and balanced method for planning in lean construction.

The Pillars of Sustainable Facilities Management

Job Order Contracting

Visualize, understand, and optimize your facilities management repair, renovation, and new build requirements. Visualize, understand, and optimize your facilities management repair, renovation, and new build requirements.

Creating Tactile and Visual Texture in the Garden Landscape

Green Industry Professionals

Providing textural interest in the landscape means providing contrasts of texture—both in look and feel

Best Higher Education/Research and Project of the Year Finalist: Winter Visual Arts Center - Franklin & Marshall College

ENR Construction

Envisioned by architect Steven Holl as a “pavilion on the park,” the new Winter Visual Arts Center rises four stories to meet the canopy of neighboring old-growth, large-diameter trees on the campus of Franklin & Marshall College

Augmented Reality Now: How 3D Visualization is Changing the Construction Industry

Carol Hagen

With the advent of all of these technologies put together into portable devices like the iPhone and iPad, not to mention Android based solutions like the Galaxy class phones and new Galaxy Tab, data now meets visualization in a way never imagined. Today we’d like to welcome a Guest Post from James Benham , president of SmartBidNet and JBKnowledge who has graciously contributed his time and expertise to share this article with our readership.

Visual Building - Editing roof wood construction

Construction Cost Estimating

This tutorial video demonstrates how in Visual Building you can examine and edit the wood construction components within the roof. This video is applicable to: Visual Building Lite, Visual Building Basic, Visual Building Professional, Visual Building Premium and Visual Building Solar Designer. Visual Building is a building / house design software application, that will enable you to design your own home producing quality floorplans and 3D Visualisations.

BIM is NOT 3D Visualization – 4D, 5D ….

Building Information Management

Too much focus on 3D visualization, too much “reinventing the wheel” trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, and virtually NO EMPHASIS upon the requirements for life-cycle management… associated competencies, domains, technologies, ongoing collaboration, integration, and continuous improvement. Building Information Modeling, BIM, is the life-cycle management of the built environment supported by digital technology.

The University of Iowa gets a new Visual Arts Building


The University of Iowa’s new Visual Arts Building is a 126,000-sf facility that will house the functions of the School of Art & Art history, which were previously held in the university’s 1936 Art Building. The new building provides a space for ceramics, sculpture, metals, photography, printmaking, 3D design, intermedia, animation, and graphic design. There is also space for graduate student studies, faculty and staff studios and offices, and gallery space

Are visual ergonomics the new key to project delivery?


Recently, the industry is seeing technology take the initiative to become more ergonomically focused in terms of how things are seen and visualized In the build and design world, ergonomics refers to adapting the work environment itself in the name of safety and productivity.

Introduction to Location Based Management System: CPM on Steroids Combined with Flowline Visualization

Lean Construction

System (LBMS) builds on decades of work on location-based scheduling methods. The first recorded utilization of location-based methods in vertical construction was in the Empire State Building. More systematic approaches followed.

Learn the Secrets of Data Visualization

Construction Business Owner

The growing ability to process big data has led to an era of more insightful corporate leaders and more precise decision-making. Despite the multiple benefits that big data delivers, data processing at that magnitude isn’t necessary for all organizations. However, the same benefits can be reached through data analyzing on a smaller level, opening up the possibility to see the benefits of data insights for small- and medium-sized companies

Trimble App Provides Real-Time Visual Data

Construction Equipment

Trimble introduced Trimble TrimView Direct, a mobile application that leverages existing real-time data collected by Trimble’s TrimFleet Suite for the ready mix concrete industry. Trimble has teamed with development partner, BCMI, to expand on how that data is viewed and used by top-level management. The announcement was made at World of Concrete

Visualization Tools Drive Technology Adoption

ENR Construction

Imaging technology does an end run around data processing because images naturally support quick decision-making

Why NOT reason more visually?


Why NOT reason with more graphics, visually? A kind Scandinavian Archicad-expert posted a message on my blog: Well, look at what the Norwegian government building agency (Norway’s largest building owner) is specifying: [link]. and I read through it obligingly – adamant to suspend my cynicism and find the really useful in the document. And it IS a useful document – see for yourself. The Nordic countries have long been at the forefront at anything BIM.

Award of Merit K-12 Education: Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts

ENR Construction

The new replacement campus for Houston’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts is a five-story, 168,000-sq-ft state-of-the-art facility that will accommodate 750 students specializing in theater, writing, music, visual arts and dance

North Dakota Investing $33M In UAS Infrastructure

Business Facilities

The state’s investment represents one of the largest Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) for unmanned aircraft systems investments in the U.S. Read: North Dakota Investing $33M In UAS Infrastructure at

In the spotlight: Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts shines a new beacon on Houston’s downtown


A 1.32-acre city block in downtown Houston is now home to a new five-story magnet school. The new Kinder High School replaces a two-story, 63,000-sf building in this city’s eclectic Montrose neighborhood. The original building dated back to the early 1980s but had maxed out its ability to accommodate more students or integrated technologies