Visual-Wise – immersive 3D on a phone

Extranet Evolution

London startup Visual-Wise can take an architectural model and, with a little help from a cardboard holder, turn your smartphone into a 3D headset.

Bluebeam Tip: Visualizing Project Percentage Completion with Your Project Owner

Carol Hagen

How to General Contractors help a project Owner Visualize the Project’s Percentage of Completion? The problem is most owners need visuals. Bluebeam Revu Bluebeam Revu Tips Custom Status Project Owner Visualizing Project Completion

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Construction Estimating: Manual Counting Ends with Visual Search

Carol Hagen

The estimating take-off process has just been revolutionized with Bluebeam Revu 11′s Visual Search. Visual Search is just one piece of Revu’s measurement capabilities. Construction Industry - Software estimating Bluebeam construction Take-off Visual Search

Agencies Court Project Stakeholders With 3D Visualization Tool

ENR Construction

Recently added cloud capability increases ease of use of RDV model

Visual Inspection of Underwater RCC Structures -Tools and Limitations

The Constructor

Visual inspection is the most widely used method for inspection of underwater reinforced concrete structures. This technique is economical, and it.

The University of Iowa gets a new Visual Arts Building


The University of Iowa’s new Visual Arts Building is a 126,000-sf facility that will house the functions of the School of Art & Art history, which were previously held in the university’s 1936 Art Building. The new building provides a space for ceramics, sculpture, metals, photography, printmaking, 3D design, intermedia, animation, and graphic design. There is also space for graduate student studies, faculty and staff studios and offices, and gallery space

Engineering Firm Goes All Out With Design Visualization Display

ENR Construction

Odeh Engineers’ immersion room uses 10 laser projectors for seamless, wall-filling technical presentations. Technology

Want a powerful new way to visualize your Revit models based on parameters? Its called ColorByNumber :)

What Revit Wants

This is one of the most exciting new addins to appear for visualizing your Revit model. Color Scheme ColorByNumber colors Greg Demchak visualisation visualize It is simple to use, powerful and intuitive, and I recommend you try it out.

AGC Offers Dynamic New Construction Data Visualization

Construction Equipment

. . AGC has a new interactive data visualization that puts construction growth information in a dynamic map for both city data and state data. AGC's John Higgins says, "Every month the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases data about the job growth in different industries. We have been fascinated in following the construction growth data that available by both cities (more precisely metropolitan areas) and states.

Learn the Secrets of Data Visualization

Construction Business Owner

The growing ability to process big data has led to an era of more insightful corporate leaders and more precise decision-making. Despite the multiple benefits that big data delivers, data processing at that magnitude isn’t necessary for all organizations.

BIM is NOT 3D Visualization – 4D, 5D ….

Building Information Management

Building Information Modeling, BIM, is the life-cycle management of the built environment supported by digital technology. As such, the core requirements of BIM include collaboration, standardized information, multiple domain competencies, and several supporting interoperable technologies.

Visualization with Stadia

Revit OpEd

It's a bit closer to Revit's realistic visual style than photo real rendering. Rendering News Visualization 3rd Party Apps ServicesI recently became aware of a new application called Stadia.

New Autodesk software allows visualization of more realistic bridge concepts


Autodesk has announced the Autodesk 2015 software portfolio of design, engineering, and construction solutions to help drive a global transformation to Building Information Modeling (BIM).


Constructor Magazine

THIS VISUAL INSPECTION CAMERA SYSTEM is available in three new models, and is now available with a locator accessory. read more. Tools

BIM and Cloud Computing – Get Beyond 3D Visualization and Focus Upon the “I”

Building Information Management

Current the most common being use of proprietary 3D visualization software for the purpose of supporting the design and construction phases of the facility life-cycle. BIM and the Cloud – SAME 2012 – 4Clicks Solutions LLC – PDF. BIM - CLOUD COMPUTING. .

Automatically Visualize Your Revit Model by Parameter Values with Color Splasher (also. free GUID Element utility)

What Revit Wants

BIM One have released a new automatic color filter addin for Revit.

Apply Visual Styles to Entourage content in any View in Revit? Now you can! Apply Here for Special Beta Opportunity.

What Revit Wants

This new way allows you to leverage your current RPC library and modify the visual style or "look" of the Entourage families.

Dynamo: Visual Programming for Revit presentation (by Zach Kron)

What Revit Wants

Dynamo: Visual Programming for Revit from Alfred Huang on Vimeo. via Dynamo: Visual Programming for Revit in Revit User Community on Vimeo. This talk will cover some of the general principles of parametric design, and specific implementations of the principles in Revit via Dynamo.

A space for all: Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired


Spanning three floors of a high rise in San Francisco, this 40,000-sf headquarters for one of the oldest social-services organizations in California represents the latest in design, technology, and training for blind and low-vision individuals.

Autodesk University Recap and Top 7 Digital Practice Trends

Sean Burke

Grasshopper, while inspiring the paradigm of visual programming employed by Dynamo, is at a disadvantage. Concurrent Design, Analysis and Visualization will be a reality in the not too distant future. This will help you document and visually check for LEED IEQc8.1

Finding Practical Uses for Mixed-Reality in Construction

ENR Construction

R & D director at interiors contractor strives to adapt cutting-edge visualization technology for regular workers on the jobsite

Using 3D Printing For Visualization and Communication

Green Building Insider

While actually using 3D printed elements for structural components or to be incorporated into a structure is still in the development stage, Balfour Beatty has been producing models for use as a visualization and communication tool

Data Center Trends: The Present And The Future

Business Facilities Blog

Archives Articles By Industry Articles By Topic Contributed Columns Data Centers Executive Analysis Featured Post Online Features data centers Solid State Technology Visualization Business Facilities (BF) Magazine.

View Recording of "Dynamo: Visual Programming for Revit and Vasari" Webinar

What Revit Wants

Webinar archive by Edwin Guerra, Summit Technologies. Heads-up: [link]. dynamo vasari webinar

BIM – 3D Visualization – IFC – IFC4

Building Information Management

buildingSMART International has published the last release candidate 4 of IFC4. The last release candidate 4 of the upcoming IFC4 standard is now available. It can be accessed and downloaded from the official buildingSMART International website, at: [link].

Bluebeam Tips: Construction Safety Hazards using Pictograms

Carol Hagen

These visual cues should heighten our awareness so why not place them on your plans to remind employees as they enter work areas what is present? Use Bluebeam to help you with safety talks, acting as a visual aid. Why visuals are so important to safety.

Visual Building - Editing roof wood construction

Construction Cost Estimating

This tutorial video demonstrates how in Visual Building you can examine and edit the wood construction components within the roof. This video is applicable to: Visual Building Lite, Visual Building Basic, Visual Building Professional, Visual Building Premium and Visual Building Solar Designer.

Free Tool to Compare Revit Models And Visualize The Differences

What Revit Wants

This is a very useful addin coded by Matt Mason during a recent Hackathon. Basically, it lets you take a Snapshot of a Revit file at a point in time and save that info to a small database file.

A Revit-centric Review of the 3Dconnexion SpacePilot Pro (SPP)

What Revit Wants

Other tips: Use your normal mouse to select objects as you visualize your building. SPP SpacePilot Pro visualize visualisation 3d 3Dconnexion 3DmouseAfter receiving and using my SpacePilot Pro, I can honestly start with a simple: Wow.

Maximizing Marketing and Sales Teamwork Webcast

Construction Marketing Blog

Panelist Sandor Kiss, VP Growth, Renoworks Visualization Software will share examples of sales and marketing teamwork for a recent program.


Revit OpEd

Between the real time visualization and no export it''s a pretty compelling option. 3rd Party Apps applications New Products News Programming Rendering Visualization While attending Autodesk University last week Elaine with NBBJ mentioned a new product she is familiar with called Fuzor.

Mondopads highlight Portland State University’s new Decision Theater


The space would be used to work on a variety of projects that link data sets, visualization, and decisions Portland State University wanted to create a high-tech collaboration space for its students, researchers, and community stakeholders to come together.

think project! adds Mapdash interface

Extranet Evolution

Version 8 makes it possible to easily view comprehensive project data via MapDash – a new visual interface for the presentation of project information – and also provides a BIM Collaboration starter pack. . Germany’s think project!

Using Lumion 5.3 with Revit for Rapid, Realistic and Effective Presentations

What Revit Wants

One area in which Revit has sometimes wavered is in pure visualization, particularly of the real-time and photorealistic variety. Will it result in a better visual result? Will it result in a better visual result? presentation realtime visualisation visualize

Visual Construction Cost Estimating – Advanced Grade Beam

Building Information Management

via – Premier software for cost estimating and efficient project delivery – job order contracting – JOC, SABER, IPD, SATOC, IDIQ, MATOC, MACC, POC, BOA … Uncategorized advanced grade beam construction cost estimating job order contracting JOC visual estimating[link]. Use of eTakeoff Advanced extension doing Grade Beam takeoff with multiple variables and four outputs.

Visual Construction Cost Estimating – Advanced Grade Beam

Building Information Management

via – Premier software for cost estimating and efficient project delivery – job order contracting – JOC, SABER, IPD, SATOC, IDIQ, MATOC, MACC, POC, BOA … Uncategorized advanced grade beam construction cost estimating job order contracting JOC visual estimating[link]. Use of eTakeoff Advanced extension doing Grade Beam takeoff with multiple variables and four outputs.

Bringing the Warmth of Wood Back to Design


In traditional architecture, a building’s exterior was often given visual interest through ornament that was added over the primary material of the building's skin.