4 Key Tips for Managing Construction Drawings in Viewpoint Team

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Managing papers and drawings in the construction field can be a pain. Luckily, Viewpoint Team is here to help simplify those processes. Construction Technology/News

Types of Drawings used in Building Construction

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Different types of drawings is used in construction such as architectural drawings, structural, electrical, plumbing and finishing drawings. These. Architecture Building Building Bye Laws Building Technology Guide Construction Project Design Guide IS Codes Structural Engineering


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Managing the Complexities of Construction Drawing Sets

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Drawings are foundational to construction project management. While dedicated drawing management capabilities are the best way to keep sheets organized and accessible to the extended project team, the reality is that paper processes and cloud drives are still the norm. Project Management Connected Drawings. Construction drawings are unlike construction documents. Viewpoint Team organizes drawings by set and discipline from the get-go. Team Drawings.

Managing the Complexities of Construction Drawing Sets

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Project Management Connected Drawings

Oblique Drawing, Projection – its Types, Examples.


In this article, You are going to learn about the Oblique Projection, Oblique Drawing, Its Types, Dimensioning, etc. Read more Oblique Drawing, Projection – its Types, Examples. The post Oblique Drawing, Projection – its Types, Examples. Drafting More oblique drawing oblique projectionSo, Let’s Get Started. Oblique Projection. This is such type of projection. appeared first on CivilSeek.

Perspective Projection, Drawing – Its Types, Objectives, Methods.


This is such type of pictorial drawing in which the shape of an object looks same as its construction. Read more Perspective Projection, Drawing – Its Types, Objectives, Methods. The post Perspective Projection, Drawing – Its Types, Objectives, Methods. Drafting More methods of perspective drawing one point perspective drawing perspective drawing perspective projection types of perspective drawingSo, Let’s Get Started.

What are As-Built Drawings and Why are they Important?

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An as-built drawing is defined as a drawing created and submitted by a contractor after completing the project. Due to some specific inevitable. Construction Engineering & Management

Difference Between Sketching and Drawing | What Are Conceptual Sketches | Architecture Concept Drawing | Types of Drawings for Building Design


Architecture Concept Drawing. An architecture concept drawing is a technical drawing of a building (or building project) that falls within the definition of architecture. Types of Drawings for Building Design. The types of drawing for building design are as follows.

Orthographic Projection, Drawing: A Comprehensive Guide.


This is such a type of drawing in which Parallel Projection is used for the preparation of the drawing of an object. Read more Orthographic Projection, Drawing: A Comprehensive Guide. The post Orthographic Projection, Drawing: A Comprehensive Guide. Drafting first angle projection orthographic drawing orthographic projection third angle projectionSo, Let’s Get Started. Orthographic Projection.

Construction Drawing Types In Building

Construction Cost Estimating

In construction several types of drawings are used to fulfill various purposes. These are known as construction drawings or working drawings. As for example, working drawing is created for construction project, drawing for approval is intended for submitting to government agencies for sanction and sanctioned drawing is finally delivered to construction site. Architectural drawing: This type of drawing provides the entire view of building.

Isometric Drawing, Projection – Its Types, Methods.


In this article, you’ll learn Isometric Drawing, Isometric Projection – Its Types, Methods, etc. Read more Isometric Drawing, Projection – Its Types, Methods. The post Isometric Drawing, Projection – Its Types, Methods. Drafting More isometric drawing isometric projection isometric viewin details. So, Let’s Get Started. Isometric Projection. In an isometric projection, the plane is placed.

What Is Oblique Drawing | Oblique Drawing Examples | What Is Oblique View | Oblique Projection | Oblique Shape | Cabinet Oblique | What Is Cavalier Drawing


What Is Oblique Drawing? Oblique Drawing is a type of projective drawing in which the frontal lines are given in true proportions and relations and all others at suitable angles other than 90 degree without thinking about the rules of linear perspective. Oblique Drawing.

As-Built Drawings 101: What you should keep in mind

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As-built drawings are a very important component of a construction project. ConTech as-built drawingsThey serve as copies or recreations of how the project is constructed, and pinpoint all changes made as it is being built. Construction projects, regardless of their size, go through multiple modifications, adjustments, and changes before their completion. It doesn’t matter how minor the.

Civil Engineering Drawing – Its Instruments. [A Complete Guide].


What is Civil Engineering Drawing? Drawing is such an Art through which expression of thoughts and imaginations is done with the help of lines forming various. Read more Civil Engineering Drawing – Its Instruments. [A The post Civil Engineering Drawing – Its Instruments. [A Drafting civil engineering drawing drawing instrumentsSo, Let’s Get Started.

Some crucial technical drawings terms in construction

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Given below the details lists of technical drawings terms essential at construction site. Tender drawings: These types of drawings are provided to the bidders at the tender time to estimate the blank BOQ. As for instance, sometimes supports are not cited in tender drawings but if it is given in specification, bidder should take the cost of that supports into consideration at the time of estimating the specific item. Both the drawings are dependent on each other.

How to Study Civil Engineering Drawings

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This is called the drawing, a visual representation of the project with dimensions and appropriations so that civil engineers can understand what the architect actually wants them to build. Here is a brief guide on how to study civil engineering drawings.

What Is Auxiliary Plane | Types of Auxiliary Plane | Types of Auxiliary View | How to Draw Auxiliary View | Drawing Steps for Auxiliary View


Auxiliary Plane The plane which we draw to get the true shape of the inclined surface ( often parallel to Principal Plane ) is an auxiliary plane. Also, Read: Standard Room Size | How to Draw House Plan Step By Step. While drawing, it’s hooked up to the highest plane.

UpCodes building code database draws ICC ire

Construction Dive

The startup says its searchable platform gives users "free, unfettered access" to law. The International Code Council's copyright suit claims damages to its revenue model

Design and Construction Week Draws Over 100,000 Attendees

Contractor Magazine

International Builders' Show draws largest crowd in 10 years

Video: Synchronized Collaboration with CMiC Drawing Management

ENR Construction

With hundreds or thousands of images and plans created for every construction job, managing drawings effectively becomes essential for delivering your projects on time and on budget

Understanding the lines Used in Architectural Drawings

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The structure that is planned to be built is described by using lines, symbols and notes in architectural drawings. Read More at Understanding the. How To Guide

How to Calculate Slab Steel Quantity from Drawing


For cutting and bending purposes, schedules should be provided as separate A4 sheets and not as part of the detailed reinforcement drawings. • Every civil engineer must know the method of calculation of steel quantity from drawing.

What safeguards do you use to avoid mistakes in drawing a plan?

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What safeguards do you use to avoid mistakes in drawing a plan? The post What safeguards do you use to avoid mistakes in drawing a plan? appeared


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Types of Drawings prepared by Structural Engineers There are four different types of drawing: 1) Structural Drawings 2) Reinforcement Drawings 3). Detailing Guide How To Guide

Types of Drawings used in House Construction Industry

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Various sorts of drawings are utilized in development, for example, architectural drawings, auxiliary, electrical, plumbing and finishing drawings. These drawings give design plans and subtleties to development of every single piece of the structure.

Instruments Used in Engineering Drawing -its Uses and Importance

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In engineering drawing, engineering related objects like buildings, walls, electrical fittings, pipes, machines etc. are represented with. Construction Engineering & Management Construction

Las Vegas building boom drawing more development

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Billions of dollars' worth of construction projects have put Nevada's Sin City on the radar of even more developers

Some useful tips to read civil engineering drawings efficiently

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This construction video tutorial sifts through the process for evaluating engineering drawing easily. In this video, some crucial topics like grid lines in civil engineering, problems found in the drawing, are explained briefly. A civil drawing contains a series of various types of site drawings. It is a type of technical drawing that provides information on utility, grading and drainage, site improvements, and landscaping plans as well as other site details.

House-Passed Apprenticeship Bill Draws Mixed Construction Reactions

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Unions praise bill, contractor groups say it puts training programs not affiliated with unions at a disadvantage

Union 64

Stok Draws Senior Leadership Additions to Rapidly Expanding Team


The post Stok Draws Senior Leadership Additions to Rapidly Expanding Team appeared first on Stok.

stok Draws Senior Leadership Additions to Rapidly Expanding Team


The post stok Draws Senior Leadership Additions to Rapidly Expanding Team appeared first on stok.

Why is precision essential for construction drawings?


In construction, the phrase ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ is never more true than when a property owner uses chaotic, imprecise drawings to plan and execute their project. We’ve seen first-hand what happens when someone tries to build using sloppy drawings. So, we’ve put together a list of reasons why precise, accurate drawings are essential to a successful construction project. If your original drawings are inaccurate or misleading, you run the risk of two problems: 1.

National Landscaping Competition Draws Hundreds

Green Industry Professionals

The National Association of Landscape Professionals held a competition for college students to test lawn-and-garden know-how

Classification of civil engineering drawings and importance of engineering drawings

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Classification of civil engineering drawings and importance of engineering drawings Engineering drawings square calculate however engineers and draftsmen speak the styles for a building project to a contractor , builder, or technician. In engineering science, elaborate drawings square calculate made for each stage of a building project, from tendering the agreement to post-completion. Tender drawings are geared up by engineers with clearness of sympathetic in mind.

Standard Room Sizes & Their Location In Residential Building

Civil Lead

Building Design & Drawing Building Construction Civil Engineering Civil Engineers ConstructionStandard Room Sizes When we plan to construct our dream house, we want it to have proper sunlight and ventilation. Read more.

Construction Collaboration: PDF Secrets Part 3 – Large Format Drawings and Markups

Carol Hagen

Collaboration on large format construction drawings often has the expectation that all the team players have the same tools. Architects and engineers spend countless hours in AutoCad then share their drawings with the General Contractor. To share details and collaborate the next best thing is make a PDF, but depending upon the PDF software, the drawings may not turn out as detailed as the designer created them.

Video game-like tech draws younger, more skeptical workforce to construction

Construction Dive

The modern jobsite's move to simulators, controllers, VR headsets and more is bucking the perspective that careers in the industry are all grunt work

How to study column footing drawing for a structure

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This construction video offers detailed guidelines on how to check column footing drawing. AutoCAD Drawing Building Structure Design Concrete Column Design Design CAD Drawing Steel Structure Drawing structure VideosFootings stand for structural elements which deliver the loads of column or wall to the elementary soil underneath the structure.

7 hip high-rise developments on the drawing board


In each issue of Building Design+Construction , we feature the latest new construction and renovation projects in our On the Drawing Board section. On the Drawing Board Education Facility Government Buildings Multifamily Housing Construction Office Building Retail Centers High-rise Construction Here''s a collection of recently profiled high-rise projects in the works around the world.

Museum of Mayan Culture draws inspiration from temple design [slideshow]


Drawing inspiration from traditional temple architecture, a monolithic box will be perched atop blocks of stone, accompanied by staggered stone screens and overscaled loggias. Architects Building Owner On the Drawing Board Contractors Designers Cultural Facilities Engineers Facility Managers Museums The Museo Maya de América in Guatemala City will be the world’s largest museum of Mayan history and culture, at 60,000 sf.