Green Building that Cleans the Air

Green Building Law Update

Today’s green building standards, rating systems and codes are stale, largely based in decades old science and do not go far enough to be efficacious for most business to invest in. But the green building industrial complex is missing that green building can be the solution to many of the environmental impacts arising from human activity and at the same time make a business case that green building can be profitable.

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Green Globes 01-201X about to be Green Lighted

Green Building Law Update

There is an electric charge running through the green building industrial complex with the announcement last week that “Green Building Initiative Launches New Green Globes Pilot Program.” The real news behind that headline causing great enthusiasm is that after a 3 year process, the Green Building Initiative is nearing the end and a completely revised “Green Globes Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings” will be available in 2018. green building sector.

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Green Globes to be Approved in Maryland

Green Building Law Update

Last week the Maryland Green Building Council voted unanimously to recommend that Green Globes, at the two Green Globes level, be approved by the Maryland Secretaries of Budget and Management and General Services as a “high performance building” as defined in Maryland law.

Saint Paul Green With Envy

Green Building Law Update

When the Saint Paul City Council votes this Wednesday on Ordinance 17-60 it should amend the legislation to not delete, from the existing law, Green Globes as one of the approved green building standards. Silver or Green Globes 2 globes or State Guidelines Building Benchmarking and Beyond (B3) or Saint Paul Port Authority Green Design Review.”. Over 100 localities and 23 states currently accept Green Globes for green building projects.

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Maryland Expanding Green Building Thru Government Leases

Green Building Law Update

The Maryland Green Building Council recommended a broad and deep expansion of green building leasing by state government and the Maryland Department of General Services has agreed to enlarge what is a “high performance building” for the purposes of state government leasing. The regulatory change is being widely heralded as a dramatic step forward in expanding green building in the State and across the country, not only because of its efficacy (i.e.,

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GBI Acquires Green Globes Expanding Sustainability

Green Building Law Update

Last week Green Building Initiative announced that it had completed the bold and innovative acquisition of Green Globes from JLL and I had an opportunity to speak with Vicki Worden, President and CEO of GBI and Bob Best, Executive Vice President of JLL. In 2008, JLL, a Fortune 500 company with more than $50 billion of real estate under asset management, purchased ECD, a Canadian sustainability consulting organization that had developed Green Globes.

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5 Green Construction Practices that are becoming Standard Commercial Construction Procedures

Commercial Construction

Anyone in the commercial construction industry knows there are a variety of certifications and designations that individuals, companies and projects can achieve to show they follow a high level of green commercial construction practices.

Denver Voters Petition Green Roof Mandate to the Ballot

Green Building Law Update

The Denver Elections Commission has announced that the Denver Green Roof Initiative, a mandatory green roof ballot initiative will appear on the November 7 ballot. This is believed to be the first successful voter initiative petitioning a green roof mandate to voter ballot.

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Less than 20% of Green Building Contracts Properly Drafted

Green Building Law Update

BuildingGreen will be hosting a series if meetups at their booth at this is a chance to meet and hangout with other green people. In a recent review of contracts involving green building construction projects, less than 20% had properly drafted provisions addressing green building matters.

You Need a Green Building Consultant (Who Speaks for the Trees)

Green Building Law Update

We are often asked “what is the best way to assure success in a green building project?”. Whether that query is from a Fortune 1000 businesses or an architect, the answer is the same, have the owner engage an experienced green building consultant as early as possible in the project.

Suing But Not Because it was Not a Green Building

Green Building Law Update

With the maturation of the green building industrial complex it has become clear there is no more or additional liability associated with constructing a green building versus a similar non green structure.

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2018 will be a Year for New Green Building Standards, Codes and Rating Systems

Green Building Law Update

2018 will be a watershed year in the course of green building standards, codes and rating systems. IgCC, ICC 700, Green Globes and. True believers seek to design to a reality that green building, at its foundation, is fundamentally human; that engineering is second rate without aesthetics in the building architecture; and, that buildings work best when the people who will occupy the space have the most contact possible with those who will erect it. Green Building ASHRAE 189.1

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Is there Lead in the Water of your Green Building?

Green Building Law Update

But the broad growth of green buildings, including green schools, that include water conservation strategies has the potential to negatively impact the quality of drinking water in those green building plumbing systems.

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Orientation of Green Office Buildings for Efficiency and Functionality

The Constructor

The orientation of green buildings for efficiency and functionality is considered during construction. Read More at Orientation of Green Office. Building Technology and Construction Guide Buildings Green Buildings

A Super Green Building Planned for Brussels

Jetson Green

Among the green tech planned for this project are the already mentioned large solar power arrays, wind turbines, airtight building envelopes, natural ventilation, and rainwater collection systems.

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European Data Privacy Law Applicable to Green Buildings

Green Building Law Update

With the upcoming May 25, 2018 effective date for the new European General Data Protection Regulation, the European Union law drafted to provide greater protections for the personal data of individuals, it is a good time to review and consider the large quantity of data generated by green buildings. And among our most read blog posts last years was, Green Building Data has Enormous Economic Upside.

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Green Building Data Risk as an Opportunity

Green Building Law Update

Green buildings generate large quantities of data. In an age when many have opinions about Edward Snowden’s disclosures, foreign state sponsored hacking, and Uber’s massive customer data hack, most people have not considered matters of data protection from their real estate, green building or otherwise. So there are implications for owners and operators of green buildings.

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Refocus the EPA through the Lens of Green Building

Green Building Law Update

In a time of changing national environmental agendas, including the Trump Pence Transition Team announced plan “to refocus the EPA” it is an ideal moment to articulate how green building is “the” ideal means of voluntarily mitigating the negative impacts that human activity has on the planet.

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Prospering thru Green Building in a Changing Environment

Green Building Law Update

I spoke to a gathering of construction industry attorneys the other day about that t he changing environment of Federal government regulation portends huge business opportunities for green building. More correctly, as stated below, green building can save mankind and our current way of life.

A Day in the Life of a Green Building Attorney

Green Building Law Update

But rather, this responds to a question I was recently asked when speaking at a law school forum on innovation in the law, “ what does a green building attorney do? ”. Reviewing and approving quotes in draft third party journal article on defects in green building contracts.

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What Is Green Construction


Green construction, or Green Building as many call it, has started attracting more and more attention during the last years. The concept behind green construction lies far beyond the creation of a building that doesn’t harm the environment. The True Value Of Green Construction.

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Keurig Green Mountain Creating New Facility, 500 Jobs In South Carolina

Business Facilities Blog

Read: Keurig Green Mountain Creating New Facility, 500 Jobs In South Carolina at The coffee company will invest $350 million to build a new, state-of-the art roasting and packaging facility in Spartanburg County, SC. .

LEED Rating System For Green Buildings and Other Building Types

The Constructor

The LEED system is more associated with the construction of green buildings. This is not for a particular type of green building, but any type for. Building Technology and Construction Guide Buildings Green Buildings

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Miami Beach’s New Green Building Tax

Green Building Law Update

A builder has up to two years to obtain a full or partial refund of the fee depending on the level of green building certification achieved.

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Deadline to Propose Changes to National Green Building Standard

Green Building Law Update

Development of the 2018 version of the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) is now underway. Participating in this development process is hugely significant because as of this date there are 98,120 NGBS Green Certified Homes!

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Green products and materials

SAB Magazine

s most green building professionals in Canada now know, demand for products and materials with third-party verification is growing, and this trend will continue well into the foreseeable future.

Guinness Goes Green

Jetson Green

It’s always nice to see businesses taking steps to go green. They also added facilities for cyclists and low-fuel/fuel-efficient vehicles, and have a carpooling scheme, which are all aimed at encouraging green commuting.

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The Second Best Way to Mitigate Your Risk in Green Building

Green Building Law Update

The best way to mitigate risk in your green building project are properly drafted contract documents prepared by this law firm or by another attorney with green building experience. All of this works to allocate the legal risks of the green building project.

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Green Bay Packaging to build $500M plant

Construction Dive

The company could receive up to $60 million of Wisconsin tax credits that would go toward expansion costs

Site Selection for Green Office Building based on LEED System

The Constructor

The location where the green building is indented to be constructed and the environment surround the location play an important role in the overall. Building Technology and Construction Guide Buildings Green Buildings

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Maryland: Green Energy Institute Brings Innovation To Market

Business Facilities Blog

million to the University of Maryland to create a green energy research center. The goal of the Green Energy Institute—a collaboration between the University of Maryland Energy Research Center (UMERC) at the A. The new green energy research facility is the centerpiece of Gov.

CLT for Enduring Green Construction Infrastructure

Jetson Green

Weighted with data from the US Green Building Council that 40% of national CO 2 emissions come from buildings, it is more than clear that we must reexamine our go-to for construction materials. For green building, wood is an obvious choice.

Green Walls in High Rise Buildings -Types, Features and Benefits

The Constructor

Green walls are systems in which plants grow on a vertical surface over the building facade. Types, benefits and features of green walls are. Building Technology and Construction Guide Buildings Green Buildings

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Creating a Green Yard the Sustainable Way

Jetson Green

Nearly everyone strives to be sustainable, but avoiding chemical cleaners in your home and recycling plastic bottles isn’t nearly enough to call yourself green. For another, green, healthy lawns are quite beautiful. Green and Sustainable Prefab Home.

Oil Shale in the Green River Formation

Collaborative Construction

trillion barrels of oil shale contained in the Green River Formation combine to guarantee the US energy independence for the next 200 years. The image below - borrowed from the article linked below - buts the vastness of the oil shale in the Green River Formation in perspective.

The Green Executive Landscape Industry Peer Group

Green Industry Professionals

Green industry professional launches The Green Executive, a landscape industry peer group and consulting firm

Michael Green Architecture joins Katerra


Katerra and Michael Green Architecture Inc. MGA) recently announced a partnership today that underscores an evolution in the design and construction industries.