More Than Green Buildings, Green Roads

Green Building Law Update

If green building is going to repair the planet it will have to include green roads. But when modern American society thinks about green building, those thoughts are almost universally of buildings and not of infrastructure like roads and bridges.

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Massachusetts Ranked Tops For LEED Green Building

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2020 revealed the importance of healthy, green buildings in supporting people and communities, according USGBC's Top 10 States for LEED Green Building. Read: Massachusetts Ranked Tops For LEED Green Building at


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A Guide To Green Roof Construction and Functions


One of the many … A Guide To Green Roof Construction and Functions Read More ». House Construction Tips Civil Engineering Green Roof Green Roof Construction Green Roof Irrigation & DrainageGreen Roof Irrigation & Drainage Making a Green Roofv What is green roof

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New Green Building Tax Credit is a Progressive Effort

Green Building Law Update

This new property tax credit should be viewed against that backdrop, but moreover that the County is on the cusp of being the first to adopt the 2018 International Green Construction Code , as a mandatory code (including that LEED will no longer satisfy the County’s green building mandate).

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Green Globes 01-201X about to be Green Lighted

Green Building Law Update

There is an electric charge running through the green building industrial complex with the announcement last week that “Green Building Initiative Launches New Green Globes Pilot Program.” The real news behind that headline causing great enthusiasm is that after a 3 year process, the Green Building Initiative is nearing the end and a completely revised “Green Globes Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings” will be available in 2018. green building sector.

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Green Globes to be Approved in Maryland

Green Building Law Update

Last week the Maryland Green Building Council voted unanimously to recommend that Green Globes, at the two Green Globes level, be approved by the Maryland Secretaries of Budget and Management and General Services as a “high performance building” as defined in Maryland law. The vote is being widely heralded as a significant step forward in expanding green building in the State and across the country. There are already 48 Green Globes certified buildings in Maryland.

Saint Paul Green With Envy

Green Building Law Update

When the Saint Paul City Council votes this Wednesday on Ordinance 17-60 it should amend the legislation to not delete, from the existing law, Green Globes as one of the approved green building standards. Silver or Green Globes 2 globes or State Guidelines Building Benchmarking and Beyond (B3) or Saint Paul Port Authority Green Design Review.”. Over 100 localities and 23 states currently accept Green Globes for green building projects.

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Green Globes New Multifamily Rating Systems Respond to the Market

Green Building Law Update

On July 11 the Green Building Initiative launched the Green Globes Multifamily for New Construction and Green Globes Multifamily for Existing Buildings. Much of that market opportunity is driven by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac green financing programs. For example, the Fannie Mae Green Rewards program can be ideal for existing property owners at time of refinancing or of purchase of an existing property.

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Maryland Reverting to Certifiable In Lieu of Certified Green Building

Green Building Law Update

In response to an act of the Maryland legislature in 2018, the state is proposing a watershed revamp of its current mandatory green building requirements for new public school buildings. Existing State Finance and Procurement Section 4-809(f) was amended adding new section (6), providing in relevant part, the Maryland Green Building Council shall: (6) Develop guidelines for new public school buildings to achieve the equivalent of the current version of. Green Globes Two Globes.

Green Building Transactional Due Diligence

Green Building Law Update

As ever larger numbers of green buildings are bought and sold, due diligence related to the green features of commercial buildings takes on an increasing importance. If there is a single issue that arises most often as a surprise, although admittedly it is of only modest dollar impact, if at all, new owners have not been pleased to be learn after the fact that a multi year commitment to purchase green power was a credit achieved for LEED certification.

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The Business Benefits of Green Construction

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Economic Benefits of Green Building

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Green Buildings are Subsidizing Conventional Buildings Stymying Climate Progress

Greenbuilding Law

Green building bonds, which are higher rated and could provide cheaper capital for green building projects, can correct the current market that prices mortgages, green building or nongreen, the same, stimulating the economy and repairing the planet.

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Maryland Expanding Green Building Thru Government Leases

Green Building Law Update

The Maryland Green Building Council recommended a broad and deep expansion of green building leasing by state government and the Maryland Department of General Services has agreed to enlarge what is a “high performance building” for the purposes of state government leasing. The regulatory change is being widely heralded as a dramatic step forward in expanding green building in the State and across the country, not only because of its efficacy (i.e.,

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GBI Acquires Green Globes Expanding Sustainability

Green Building Law Update

Last week Green Building Initiative announced that it had completed the bold and innovative acquisition of Green Globes from JLL and I had an opportunity to speak with Vicki Worden, President and CEO of GBI and Bob Best, Executive Vice President of JLL. In 2008, JLL, a Fortune 500 company with more than $50 billion of real estate under asset management, purchased ECD, a Canadian sustainability consulting organization that had developed Green Globes.

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Green Building that Cleans the Air

Green Building Law Update

Today’s green building standards, rating systems and codes are stale, largely based in decades old science and do not go far enough to be efficacious for most business to invest in. But the green building industrial complex is missing that green building can be the solution to many of the environmental impacts arising from human activity and at the same time make a business case that green building can be profitable.

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23 Different Green Building Materials

The Constructor

Knowing Green Building materials is an important step in designing a green building to be more efficient and energy saver. Green Building Materials. Building Building Materials Building Technology Guide Buildings Green Buildings

The New and Improved 2020 ICC 700 National Green Building Standard

Green Building Law Update

The 2020 version of the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard (NGBS) is now available for free download and public use. You care about this because the NGBS is the most used green building standard in the United States.

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What is green concrete and Green building?

The Constructor

What is green concrete and Green building? The post What is green concrete and Green building? Where it is used? appeared first on The Constructor

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VA Goes Green (Globes)


Movies have the Golden Globes and sustainability projects have the Green Globes. Federal Properties) have achieved two Green Globes certificates for new construction. The post VA Goes Green (Globes) appeared first on Constructech.

The countries with the most green buildings


The United States is leading the way in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green buildings, according to new research by, the comparison and switching service.

Greenbuild – The Target Rich Environment for Green People

Green Building Law Update

I am often asked, “how can I expand my green building business?” But Greenbuild has been a prime source of new clients for my sustainability and green building law practice (. Green Building Council “Green Building Conference” (yes, pre Greenbuild) held in conjunction with the National Institute of Standards in Gaithersburg, Maryland in 1994 had only 450 people in attendance. Greenbuild 2018 in Chicago will be “the” target rich environment for green people this year.

Less than 20% of Green Building Contracts Properly Drafted

Green Building Law Update

BuildingGreen will be hosting a series if meetups at their booth at this is a chance to meet and hangout with other green people. In a recent review of contracts involving green building construction projects, less than 20% had properly drafted provisions addressing green building matters. 100 contracts involving green building construction projects were reviewed. 1% were pursuing Green Globes. Only 1% used the ConsensusDOCS Green Building Addendum.

Denver Voters Petition Green Roof Mandate to the Ballot

Green Building Law Update

The Denver Elections Commission has announced that the Denver Green Roof Initiative, a mandatory green roof ballot initiative will appear on the November 7 ballot. For existing buildings without sufficient loading capacity for a green roof, there will be an exemption process that will encourage implementation of a smaller green roof or some combination with solar panels. to mandate green roofs or solar panels on new buildings as of January 1, 2017.

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Green Dot Corporation Relocating HQ To Texas

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Green Dot will establish an Austin-based headquarters as it grows its tech workforce and embraces a “Work from Anywhere” model.

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The Business Benefits of Green Construction

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Green construction isn’t new anymore. These certifications highlight the growing demand from building owners to go green, but also the interest of municipalities and industry associations in encouraging this type of building. While green construction is obviously popular for environmental reasons, it also comes with many other upsides including long-term benefits for owners, occupants and the community. Economic Benefits of Green Building.

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Bioswales and Green Infrastructure and ….

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Embracing green infrastructure as an approach and installing specific interventions comes with many challenges. What is Green Infrastructure? Learn more… The post Bioswales and Green Infrastructure and … appeared first on 4BT. Bioswales and Green Infrastructure

Green Cement: Definition, Types, Advantages, and Applications

The Constructor

Green cement is an environmentally friendly product that minimizes carbon footprint of cement production. Cement Concrete Technology construction Materials Eco-friendly construction material Eco-friendly material green cement Green Concrete

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Construction Joins Green Revolution


While construction has been slow in adopting some technologies that are almost ubiquitous in other industries, many are now showing an awareness of the future need for “green” technologies such as renewable energy sources.

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Suing But Not Because it was Not a Green Building

Green Building Law Update

With the maturation of the green building industrial complex it has become clear there is no more or additional liability associated with constructing a green building versus a similar non green structure. But, the claims that have resulted in much of the recent litigation involving green building projects are different from those in other construction disputes. As with the vast majority of claims involving a green building that this law firm reviews (.

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You Need a Green Building Consultant (Who Speaks for the Trees)

Green Building Law Update

We are often asked “what is the best way to assure success in a green building project?”. Whether that query is from a Fortune 1000 businesses or an architect, the answer is the same, have the owner engage an experienced green building consultant as early as possible in the project. My go to move is to recommend Lorax Partnerships based in Baltimore who are among the best of green building consultants we work with.

Green Steel

Natural Building

Founded in 2010, IBUKU’s team of designers, architects and Balinese bamboo craftsmen have created hundreds of structures, many of which are now famous as part of the iconic Green School and Green Village. The post Green Steel appeared first on Natural Building Blog.

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2018 will be a Year for New Green Building Standards, Codes and Rating Systems

Green Building Law Update

2018 will be a watershed year in the course of green building standards, codes and rating systems. IgCC, ICC 700, Green Globes and. True believers seek to design to a reality that green building, at its foundation, is fundamentally human; that engineering is second rate without aesthetics in the building architecture; and, that buildings work best when the people who will occupy the space have the most contact possible with those who will erect it. Green Building ASHRAE 189.1

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What Is Green Construction

Lets Build

Green construction, or Green Building as many call it, has started attracting more and more attention during the last years. The concept behind green construction lies far beyond the creation of a building that doesn’t harm the environment. Green construction tries to establish those conditions that will eventually upgrade the quality of our planet. By investing in green construction, you are investing in the planet and hence in your own well-being.

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Viridi Parente Expanding Buffalo, NY Green Tech Campus

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The post Viridi Parente Expanding Buffalo, NY Green Tech Campus appeared first on Business Facilities Magazine - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions.

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Colorado, Illinois, New York Lead Nation In LEED Green Building

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Read: Colorado, Illinois, New York Lead Nation In LEED Green Building at Massachusetts and Hawaii round out Top 5 on USGBC's Top 10 States for LEED, which recognizes current leaders committed to sustainable buildings, cities, and communities.

Green Building Codes Not Eligible for Copyright Protection

Green Building Law Update

Ruling that “the law,” whether by statute, ordinance, regulations, or code, and even when its source is a judicial opinion, is not subject to federal copyright law, has broad implications, particularly for green building. Green Building Council indisputably holds a copyright in its LEED rating systems. Moreover, existing only as a creature of standards, rating systems and codes, green building is particularly vulnerable to this decision.

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Going Green Off-site


Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies , a European pioneer in clinker-free low-carbon cement, partnered with the Cougnaud Group in its first construction project undertaken off-site. meters of buildings made from Hoffmann Green low-carbon concrete slabs.

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4 Tips for Navigating Green Construction Contracts

Construction Business Owner

4 Tips for Navigating Green Construction Contracts. Elizabeth Manning. Fri, 01/29/2021 - 10:20.

ESG, including Advantaged by Green Building, Requires Risk Oversight

Green Building Law Update

Some group of investors considering ESG factors will certainly not invest in fossil fuel companies, but there are industries that are more ESG friendly than others, like green building. Third party certified green building has been a low hanging fruit ESG corporate practice approved by many boards of directors. Environmental Green Building Sustainability environmental social and governance ESG green building law intangible investment valuation Kaplow Stuart Kaplow

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Is There Lead in the Drinking Water of Your Green School?

Green Building Law Update

Other green building programs have similar targets. But a flaw in the Maryland and New York testing protocol is that they are starting with older schools, under the mistaken impression that aged pipes in pre 1988 schools are the key problem; when in fact newer green schools with water reduction features can have water age issues that results in lead in drinking water. And you might want to test the water in your green building for lead.

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