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Over the last several years, owners have begun to grasp that BIM can deliver more than just 3D models and better trade coordination.

[VIDEO] 3D Modeling On the Job

Construction Equipment

Hensel Phelps is currently using Propeller, a drone and analytics platform, to perform 3D modeling site surveys and track, map, and measure the job site while building the Daniel K.

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Asset Competency Model – Note 1001

Building Information Management

Asset Competency Model – Note 1001. Owners must understand and deploy Asset Competency Models in order to efficiently manage the built environment, or for that matter, even consider full BIM. FOCUS UPON LEADERSHIP.

Groundbreaking Model Code for Green Construction Released

Contractor Magazine

The IgCC is part of the Code Council’s family of comprehensive, coordinated and modern model codes

Structural Model eXchange (SMX)

BIM & Beam

A new Structural Model eXchange (SMX) solution has been implemented to enable a bi-directional exchange between Autodesk® Revit® 2015 software and Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2015.

Modeling elevates engineering design


Modeling is often used to study the architecture of a building or a campus throughout the design of a project to help inform good decisions and elevate the level of design. When modeling is applied to engineering systems, the same benefits can be realized by both our project teams and client

Commercial Construction Trends: Why More Clients Are Choosing the Design-Assist Model

Commercial Construction

In the case of one grocery retailer, we were brought in to do site visits and evaluations and give very topline construction pricing models based on their general requirements.

Building Cost Models – Uniformat II

Building Information Management

Building cost models are based upon major buildings systems as defined by the Uniformat II classification system. Building and/or system models are experience-based and useful for conceptual cost estimating and/or capital renewal and/or life-cycle capital planning.

Building Cost Models – Uniformat II

Building Information Management

Building cost models are based upon major buildings systems as defined by the Uniformat II classification system. Building and/or system models are experience-based and useful for conceptual cost estimating and/or capital renewal and/or life-cycle capital planning.

Building Information Modeling in Construction Industry

The Constructor

Building Information Modeling is a system’s approach to show from design and construction to maintenance use, demolition and reuse of built. Building Technology Construction Buildings

Defective Business & Delivery Models in Construction

Collaborative Construction

In the article excerpted and linked below Mark Wakeford , the Managing Director of Stepnell, Ltd out of the UK comments on the dangerous nature of the "cash generation" and "hibernation" business models prevalent in the construction industry.

InsiteVR integrates with Autodesk BIM 360 for immersive modeling

Construction Dive

The virtual reality tool, which allows users from any location to collaborate on a design, is the latest to pair with Autodesk's construction management hub

BIM Guide for Owners – Building Information Management, Model, Modeling

Building Information Management

Building Information Management, Model and Modeling. effectively developing an asset lifecycle process and model from conception to final retirement. Building Information Model: Is the DIGITAL REPRESENTATION of physical and functional characteristics of a facility.

Mobile BIM Viewer Brings the Model to Trades on Site

ENR Construction

Getting BIM models to the field has had mixed success on mobile platforms, but a new BIM viewer from Procore is the latest attempt to put full 3D models in the hands of site workers

Asset Competency Model & Efficient Facility Management #101

Building Information Management

Asset Competency Model & Efficient Facility Management #101. Until Owners understand and are capable of organizational wide deployment of ASSET COMPETENCY MODELS, productivity across the AEC and Facility Management sector will remain poor. What is an ASSET COMPETENCY MODEL?

Building Information Modeling - BIM - Experiencing Explosive Growth

Collaborative Construction

A new study finds a rise in the use of BIM tools, with growth in Asia especially impressive.

Resource Management Maturity Model

ENR Construction

How mature is YOUR resource management practice? About 55% of respondents in our GAUGE survey said they have reached resource management maturity for their organization

'Reality modeling' arrives


Has “reality modeling” gone mainstream? Speaking at the Year in Infrastructure Conference in London last November, Bentley presented his case that more projects are benefiting from geometrically accurate 3D models created by stitching together captured images using software like his company’s ContextCapture Greg Bentley, CEO of Bentley Systems, thinks so.

ConXtech Model Coordination.

Collaborative Construction

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution! A little more from the folks at ConXtech. James L. Salmon, Esq.

Alternative Project Delivery Models Gaining Traction

Collaborative Construction

Alternative Project Delivery Models Gaining Traction. Institutional owners - both public and private - continue to embrace alternative project delivery models. While CM at Risk and Design-Build dominate the headlines, Integrated Project Delivery, accompanied by the right legal framework, remains the best delivery model for integrated teams seeking to produce BIM enabled infrastructure. Alternative Delivery Models Gaining Traction. Building Information Modeling Website.

Earth & Turf Product LLC Model 45HP Topdresser

Green Industry Professionals

Model 45HP provides ease of maneuverability for spreading screened compost on lawns and small turf areas

Robot learns to build, adapt, using Lego models

Construction Dive

Autodesk's BrickBot is programmed to autonomously build from 3D models and could be a precursor to construction and manufacturing applications

Enhanced Analytical Model in Autodesk Revit 2014

BIM & Beam

In this release the structural analytical model was improved in several different areas. You can find enhancements to help create and manage the structural analytical model, such as better visibility and greater control over the analytical model.

Building Information Model as an effective cost estimating software

Contractor Bookkeeping

Building Information Modelling (BIM Today's Guest Article Is From K. Shakti Prasad.

Our Model is Clash Free

Revit OpEd

Offering a "clash free model" is a bit like the car ads on television that offer a 100k car for $299/month. We can''t offer a clash free model if everyone else working on the project isn''t working toward that goal themselves.

California is a Model for PACE Loan Reform

Green Building Law Update

California’s statutory changes to its existing residential Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing program, that became effective January 1, 2017, may be a model for residential PACE programs across the nation.

Asset Life-cycle Model, Asset Information Model, and Why BIM Won’t Work

Building Information Management

Owners must be required to develop technical and business competencies with respect to asset life-cycle modeling and total cost of ownership, and be able to LEAD collaborative teams of service providers. Until this happens… nothing will change, it is indeed as simple as that.

BIM Basics 2014 – Building Information Modeling, Models, and Management

Building Information Management

Uncategorized 2014 and Managment basics BIM building information modeling job order constracting job order contact Models TCO total cost of ownership BIM is the life-cycle management of the built environment supported by technology.

Re-Thinking the Compensation Model in Construction

Collaborative Construction

Accordingly, at Collaborative Construction, we try to create new compensation models that incentivize the kind of behavior we want to see more of and deter the kind of behaviors we don''t want more of on the project. BIM implementation is hard. IPD is hard.

CSiBridge 20.2.0 is recently launched to make the bridge modeling process smarter

Construction Cost Estimating

Bridge Modeler: The rapid bridge template is extended to help in explaining a more complete model along with substructure, superstructure, loading, and design criteria. User specified diaphragm depths can now be stipulated for precast I-girder and concrete tee bridges Modeling.

Travelers Models Chronic Pain Probability

ENR Construction

Severity Predictor aims to get ahead of chronic pain and to avoid opioid dependence

3-D Modeling On the Move

Construction Business Owner

That's how long it has been since 3-D modeling began infiltrating the construction business. Building information modeling (BIM) has evolved from simply being a way for design architects to communicate their vision to clients to becoming a means to building better structures.

LCOR partners with Boingo to deliver a new connectivity model


The multifamily industry is experiencing a digital transformation that promises to make apartment living safer, more comfortable, more convenient, and more entertaining than ever before.

AI program 'spell checks' a BIM model's code compliance

Construction Dive

UpCodes AI scans 3D models and flags any areas that do not meet the latest building code requirements, the company said

Understanding Building Information Modeling

Contractor Magazine

Questions contractors ask when using BIM

BIM 61

5 ways 3D modeling benefits the construction industry


Guest Posts 3D modeling 3D technology 3D-printingIt’s no surprise that many people have started to incorporate 3D technology even within their homes in the form of 3D televisions.

Adjusting the Compensation Model

Collaborative Construction

Crafting an incentive based compensation mechanism, tied to metrics that matter to the owner, is a critical step in negotiating an integrated agreement that works for the owner, designer and contractor. The article linked below mentions the concept of Value-Based Design fees but fails to explore the topic in depth. The topic is very important.

Asset Competency Model – The Road to Excellence

Building Information Management

Asset Competency Model – The Road to Excellence. Uncategorized asset competency model BIM for facility management BIM for FM BIM Strategy integrated project delivery IPD job order contracting lean construction

Model-based approach smooths twists and turns of Texas linear park project

Construction Dive

Converting an active drainage ditch to a cultural centerpiece in San Antonio required collaborative risk mitigation by Sundt, HDR and others

Debunking another BIM myth: FM enabled BIM models do not automatically pop out of Construction BIM models


In all mainstream BIM strategies, FM models sit at the end of the chain of Ds – numbered from the 6 th D onwards, following the 3 spatial Ds, cost and time. Waste of modelling efforts’ is a major ‘thing’ among those that know little of the realities of BIMming but are deeply invested into it.