Carbon Modeling Tool – Facilities Lifecycle

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Carbon modeling tool for the facilities capital delivery process. The final Carbon Calculator assessment is used to create data points in the carbon models within the Carbon Modelling Tool. The post Carbon Modeling Tool – Facilities Lifecycle appeared first on 4BT.

What is Parametric Modeling?

The Constructor

Parametric modeling (or parametric design) is the creation of a digital model based on a series of computer-generated rules or algorithms, known as.


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Construction Cost Model

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Oddly, few real property owners create a detailed construction cost model for their renovation, repair, maintenance, or new build projects. WHAT IS A MODEL? WHAT IS A CONSTRUCTION COST MODEL? Let’s start with the basics… what is a model? INTRODUCTION.

What is Digital Elevation Model? [PDF]

The Constructor

You roam around with a digital elevation model right in your pocket! A digital elevation model (DEM) is a 3-dimensional. Digital tools 3D ArcGIS dem digital elevation model dsm dtm geogrids GIS LIDAR Technology Topographic Survey topography Topograpic Mapping

#117:  Building Information Modeling

NH Construction Law

Over the past decade, Building Information Modeling (“BIM”) – computerized 3D portrayal of integrated building elements that allows a project or project subset to be built virtually before being built in the field – has become prolific in commercial construction. With a keystroke or a touch pad swipe, any part of the model and any trade’s work can be isolated to display connections and dimensions or to identify potential clashes arising from any design change.

Building a Performance Model

Pro Builder

Building a Performance Model. It's one of the first things we model," he says. "We Smith models home performance with Energy Gauge, a simulation software developed by the Florida Solar Energy Center. kcichowicz. Tue, 08/09/2022 - 12:18. Case Study Image.

Kenworth Launches First Battery-Electric Model

Construction Equipment

Kenworth has announced the launch of the Kenworth T680E, the company’s first-ever Class 8 battery-electric model. The zero-emission Kenworth T680E, now available for order from Kenworth dealers in the United States and Canada, will enter into production in 2021.

Building information modeling for infrastructure: An engineer's perspective

Construction Dive

Dive deeper into the transportation asset life cycle with Building Information Modeling (BIM) for infrastructure

'Reality modeling' arrives


Has “reality modeling” gone mainstream? Speaking at the Year in Infrastructure Conference in London last November, Bentley presented his case that more projects are benefiting from geometrically accurate 3D models created by stitching together captured images using software like his company’s ContextCapture Greg Bentley, CEO of Bentley Systems, thinks so.

BI(m): BIM data without models


Over the last several years, owners have begun to grasp that BIM can deliver more than just 3D models and better trade coordination. As a result, many organizations now require BIM data deliverables intended for downstream operations, and have developed transfer standards for embedding data in models during design.

Groundbreaking Model Code for Green Construction Released

Contractor Magazine

The IgCC is part of the Code Council’s family of comprehensive, coordinated and modern model codes

Walker Model B27i

Green Industry Professionals

A more powerful, efficient version of the Walker Model B for running larger decks

A reality simulation platform accommodates multiple modeling software programs


One of the roadblocks to collaboration among AEC firms has been the clunkiness of trying to reconcile different modeling and simulation software plug-ins.

A Fresh Take on Model Homes

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A Fresh Take on Model Homes. The Houzz Inspired Home is an all-new, immersive, in-person and online model home experience that brings inspiration to life and puts the customer at the center of the creative process. cbroderick. Fri, 06/11/2021 - 10:00.

Pettibone Enters MEWP Market with 13 Models

Construction Equipment

Pettibone has entered the mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) market with 13 models. Working heights on the line range from 18.4 to 46 feet. “We

Models for Providing Affordable, Ecological Housing

Natural Building

Models for housing vary enormously, from self-build, to socially provided housing and speculative, private markets. Innovative models of home ownership can help make low-carbon homes more affordable.

Asset Competency Model – Note 1001

Building Information Management

Asset Competency Model – Note 1001. Owners must understand and deploy Asset Competency Models in order to efficiently manage the built environment, or for that matter, even consider full BIM. Uncategorized asset competency model asset life-cycle model bim competency model bim execution model integrated project delivery IPD Job order contract job order contracting JOC LEAN lean constructionFOCUS UPON LEADERSHIP.

Miller Formless Acquires Two MBW Slipform Models

Construction Equipment

Miller Formless has acquired slipform paver models C-101 and CG-200 from MBW, Inc. “In an effort to expand market share and continue our corporate growth strategies, we saw this small paver as an excellent opportunity to add a quality machine to our existing line of products,” said Darick L

California is a Model for PACE Loan Reform

Green Building Law Update

California’s statutory changes to its existing residential Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing program, that became effective January 1, 2017, may be a model for residential PACE programs across the nation. The first residential PACE program started in Berkeley, California in 2007. Today there are laws in at least 34 states that allow some form of PACE financing, however, there are very few residential PACE programs up and running.

How to Maximize Your Model Home's Impact

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How to Maximize Your Model Home's Impact. Is it worth it to build and furnish a model home at this time? What matters the most right now, the company says, is to make the most out of your model home by photographing it effectively. cbroderick. Tue, 11/03/2020 - 09:11.

Manage Cloud Models - UI Real Estate

Revit OpEd

I wish the list of projects I get when I use Manage Cloud Models (BIM 360 projects) didn't waste sooo much real estate. of Wishes GUI Icons Models Quirks Revit UI Whine-Mode

Design unveiled for ALDI Corner Store, a small-format model for urban settings


Landini Associates has announced the debut of its design for ALDI Corner Store, an art-infused, small-format retail model that embraces fresh food, local artist collaborations, and an elevated customer experience.

Mississippi: Modeling A Battle Plan For COVID-19

Business Facilities

Scientists at Vicksburg’s ERDC have been deploying Supercomputers to develop models illustrating how the coronavirus spreads. Read: Mississippi: Modeling A Battle Plan For COVID-19 at

Structural Model eXchange (SMX)

BIM & Beam

A new Structural Model eXchange (SMX) solution has been implemented to enable a bi-directional exchange between Autodesk® Revit® 2015 software and Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2015. The SMX feature addresses several limitations of the former link, such as the systematic modification of the Revit model during the export for example.

Alternative Project Delivery Models Gaining Traction

Collaborative Construction

Alternative Project Delivery Models Gaining Traction. Institutional owners - both public and private - continue to embrace alternative project delivery models. While CM at Risk and Design-Build dominate the headlines, Integrated Project Delivery, accompanied by the right legal framework, remains the best delivery model for integrated teams seeking to produce BIM enabled infrastructure. Alternative Delivery Models Gaining Traction. Building Information Modeling Website.

Polaris Releases Pro XD Models

Construction Equipment

The Polaris Pro XD UTV series includes 2000D and 4000D models, powered by a Kubota Tier 4-F diesel engine with 24.5 Both models feature an upgraded towing capacity at 2,500 pounds, and hauling capacity of 1,250 pounds, along with heavy-duty driveline components built to resist corrosive horsepower.

The True Value of 3D Modeling for Home Builders

Pro Builder

The True Value of 3D Modeling for Home Builders. More than a marketing tool, 3D modeling can save time and money by providing greater accuracy. For an increasing number of them, this transition entails moving from two-dimensional (2D) drawings to three-dimensional (3D) digital modeling.

Component-based model for interim housing completes in Downtown Los Angeles


Solis Care First Village (HSCFV), a new component-based model for interim housing, has completed construction in Downtown Los Angeles. The Hilda L. The project met a highly aggressive schedule while also meeting the individual and social needs of the residents

Ford Expands Telematics to All Makes and Models

Construction Equipment

Ford is expanding Ford Telematics to support all makes and models–regardless of automaker. This new capability alongside new tools offered by Ford Telematics gives businesses the flexibility they need to manage their fleets, while helping to better manage driver behavior, performance, and

[VIDEO] How It’s Made: Tesla Cybertruck Scale Model

Construction Equipment

EVANNEX, a company that makes and sells aftermarket Tesla accessories, built a 1/3-size scale model of Tesla’s Cybertruck. The group debuted the model at the Evs and Tea event, the largest Tesla meetup on the East Coast, according to Inside Evs.

Building Information Modeling for Infrastructure: An Engineer’s Perspective

ENR Construction

There have been tens of thousands of blogs over the years about Building Information Modeling (BIM). If we count other communication venues, the number is in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions

BIM 63

Inland Empire: A National Model For Apprenticeship

Business Facilities

Read: Inland Empire: A National Model For Apprenticeship at An advanced manufacturing apprenticeship program is being expanded in California's Inland Empire and desert regions with a $700,000 grant.

Modeling elevates engineering design


Modeling is often used to study the architecture of a building or a campus throughout the design of a project to help inform good decisions and elevate the level of design. When modeling is applied to engineering systems, the same benefits can be realized by both our project teams and clients

A Tour of a New Model Earthship

Natural Building

Earthship Biotecture has just completed their first Encounter, a somewhat more affordable model that provides all the power, water and food of a more costly home. She gives us a tour of the first Encounter, as well as the Global model she is test-living.

Building Cost Models – Uniformat II

Building Information Management

Building cost models are based upon major buildings systems as defined by the Uniformat II classification system. Building and/or system models are experience-based and useful for conceptual cost estimating and/or capital renewal and/or life-cycle capital planning. building cost models Uncategorized uniformat bulding cost models cost estimating

Building Cost Models – Uniformat II

Building Information Management

Building cost models are based upon major buildings systems as defined by the Uniformat II classification system. Building and/or system models are experience-based and useful for conceptual cost estimating and/or capital renewal and/or life-cycle capital planning. building cost models Uncategorized uniformat bulding cost models cost estimating

Defective Business & Delivery Models in Construction

Collaborative Construction

In the article excerpted and linked below Mark Wakeford , the Managing Director of Stepnell, Ltd out of the UK comments on the dangerous nature of the "cash generation" and "hibernation" business models prevalent in the construction industry. Mark''s article describe the bumpy ride associated with the "cash generation" model during a boom and the "hibernation" during a bust. Here''s a link to Mark''s article titled, A Dangerous Business Model.

3-D Modeling On the Move

Construction Business Owner

That's how long it has been since 3-D modeling began infiltrating the construction business. Building information modeling (BIM) has evolved from simply being a way for design architects to communicate their vision to clients to becoming a means to building better structures. Recent advances in 3-D modeling technology acknowledge the value to the construction industry of working from an accurate buildable model throughout the entire construction process

Improving the PROCURMENT MODEL for Facilities Repair, Renovation, Maintenance and Construction

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Improving the PROCURMENT MODEL for Facilities Repair, Renovation, Maintenance and Construction begins with a gap analysis, a quantitative review of the current situation and a target of how things can be when improved. The procurement model is broken.

BIM Guide for Owners – Building Information Management, Model, Modeling

Building Information Management

Building Information Management, Model and Modeling. effectively developing an asset lifecycle process and model from conception to final retirement. Building Information Model: Is the DIGITAL REPRESENTATION of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. Building Information Modeling: Is a BUSINESS PROCESS for generating and leveraging building data to design, construct and operate the building during its lifecycle.