BIM Assure: cloud-based model checking

Extranet Evolution

Development of the browser-based product started in 2013, with the focus being on the ‘I’ in BIM (a phrase often heard at BIM conferences), looking to interrogate beyond the geometry in a model, and to ascertain if required information has been created and modelled correctly to meet different milestones during a project. In the upFront.Zine , Ralph Grabowski has a great article about a cloud-based BIM checking service , BIM Assure.

Oumy – record your BIM model comment?

Extranet Evolution

Six years ago in February 2009, I wrote about building information modelling (BIM), integrated project delivery (IPD) and collaboration.

'Reality modeling' arrives


Has “reality modeling” gone mainstream? Speaking at the Year in Infrastructure Conference in London last November, Bentley presented his case that more projects are benefiting from geometrically accurate 3D models created by stitching together captured images using software like his company’s ContextCapture Greg Bentley, CEO of Bentley Systems, thinks so.

Commercial Construction Trends: Why More Clients Are Choosing the Design-Assist Model

Commercial Construction

In the case of one grocery retailer, we were brought in to do site visits and evaluations and give very topline construction pricing models based on their general requirements.

Asset Competency Model & Efficient Facility Management #101

Building Information Management

Asset Competency Model & Efficient Facility Management #101. Until Owners understand and are capable of organizational wide deployment of ASSET COMPETENCY MODELS, productivity across the AEC and Facility Management sector will remain poor. What is an ASSET COMPETENCY MODEL?

BIM Interoperability Tools for Revit 2018 – Model Checker, Configurator, CoBIE, Insight 360

What Revit Wants

Model Checker for Revit Overview (Vimeo) Autodesk Model Checker for Revit 2018 shell install. —– Model Checker Configurator Autodesk Model Checker Configurator V3.0 Check out the links below to learn more and install.

Free Revit Model Checker and COBie addins

What Revit Wants

Jason over at rvit has posted about a suite of free Revit tools, and here they are: Model Checker , Model Checker Configurator , COBie Extension , and Classification Manager I'm particularly interested in the Model Checker.

Structural Model eXchange (SMX)

BIM & Beam

A new Structural Model eXchange (SMX) solution has been implemented to enable a bi-directional exchange between Autodesk® Revit® 2015 software and Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2015.

New Physical Model Helps Louisiana Coastal Planning

ENR Construction

Plans are moving forward on two major Mississippi River sediment diversion projects, considered crucial to rebuilding Louisiana’s coast

Asset Competency Model – Note 1001

Building Information Management

Asset Competency Model – Note 1001. Owners must understand and deploy Asset Competency Models in order to efficiently manage the built environment, or for that matter, even consider full BIM. FOCUS UPON LEADERSHIP.

Reconciling design energy models with real world results


Energy modeling is at the forefront of sustainability and high performance building design. How do we make energy modeling more reliable? And how do we reconcile model projections with real world results

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Alternative Project Delivery Models Gaining Traction

Collaborative Construction

Alternative Project Delivery Models Gaining Traction. Institutional owners - both public and private - continue to embrace alternative project delivery models. While CM at Risk and Design-Build dominate the headlines, Integrated Project Delivery, accompanied by the right legal framework, remains the best delivery model for integrated teams seeking to produce BIM enabled infrastructure. Alternative Delivery Models Gaining Traction. Building Information Modeling Website.

Firms Creating New Models for Student Internships

ENR Construction

When student intern Ana Padilla left her job with Sundt Construction in Tucson, Ariz., this past summer, she received plenty of hugs and well-wishes from her colleagues on the Interstate 10-Ina Road interchange project

Umbra Releases 3D Model Optmizing, Sharing Platform

ENR Construction

While augmented reality has been touted as a tool to view 3D models and on-site construction together in context, the size of a 3D model limits its application, especially with headset viewers such as Microsoft HoloLens

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BIM Interoperability Tools for Revit 2018 - Model Checker, Configurator, CoBIE, Insight 360

What Revit Wants

Model Checker for Revit Overview (Vimeo) Autodesk Model Checker for Revit 2018 shell install Quick Start Guide pdf Sample Files and other links Online Help How to (YouTube) -- Model Checker Configurator Autodesk Model Checker Configurator V3.0

Evolution of Building Information Modeling

Constructor Magazine

By Jeff Leighton, BIM Manager, Victaulic. BIM has evolved in the past few years, and continues to evolve with more and more projects having BIM requirements. Contractors able to meet those requirements may find they have a competitive advantage. read more. Software Registered User

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How Does a Revit Model Work?

What Revit Wants

If you had 5 minutes to explain to someone the basics of a Revit model, how would you go about it?

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Calif. law a model for all heat illness prevention programs

FDR Safety

law a model for all heat illness prevention programs appeared first on FDRsafety. Living out here in California, we have many parts of our state that can get very hot and stay that way all summer long. One of the best things I have seen CAL/OSHA do in the past few years is address the hazards of working in hot environments through an updated Heat Illness Prevention law.

Flawed modeling to blame for green buildings failure to live up to hype on energy efficiency


Flawed energy efficiency modeling is the reason many green buildings fail to live up to expectations on energy efficiency, according to a U.K. researcher

Asset Competency Model – The Road to Excellence

Building Information Management

Asset Competency Model – The Road to Excellence. Uncategorized asset competency model BIM for facility management BIM for FM BIM Strategy integrated project delivery IPD job order contracting lean construction

Blockchain and Engineering: A New Business Model?

ENR Construction

Can engineering find a valuable place in the new world of trust and encrypted transactions

Building Information Modeling in Construction Industry

The Constructor

Building Information Modeling is a system’s approach to show from design and construction to maintenance use, demolition and reuse of built. Building Technology Construction Buildings

As-Built Structure Scanning and Modeling Techniques, Tips and Hacks: Case Studies Managing Difficult Structural Projects

What Revit Wants

Revit 31

How To Show Clients Every Model and Upgrade From Your Office

Contractor Bookkeeping

Bring it to life through animation The 3D rendering is a program that allows interior designers, architects, builders, contractors, and developers to see, using 3D models and animations, what a project will look like before delving into it.

BIM for O+M: Less about the model, more about the data.


Like the weather, everyone in the AEC industry is talking about using BIM models for operations and maintenance, but no one—well, almost no one—is doing anything about it.

Flying Robot Builds a 3D Model and Guides Itself

ENR Construction

ARIA is a flying robot that autonomously builds 3D models of large outdoor structures as it flies. Technology

3-D Modeling On the Move

Construction Business Owner

That's how long it has been since 3-D modeling began infiltrating the construction business. Building information modeling (BIM) has evolved from simply being a way for design architects to communicate their vision to clients to becoming a means to building better structures.

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Extreme Loading Modeler Predicts Progressive Collapse

ENR Construction

Next year, European researchers plan to conclude a series of tests to integrate new technologies for rescuing survivors trapped in collapsed buildings

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Utah State Engineers Model Fix for Oroville Dam Spillway

ENR Construction

Utah State engineers test concepts in the lab on a small scale before on-site crews in California repair damaged spillway

Asset Competency Model – Note 1002

Building Information Management

Asset Competency Model – Note 1002.

Industry Groups move toward Unified Green Building Model Code in 2018


for High-Performance Green Buildings with ICC's International Green Construction Code (IgCC) into a single model code An alliance of building industry groups is working to unify ASHRAE's Standard 189.1

Big Data Drives New Traffic Models for Urban Planners

ENR Construction

Every time a driver hits the road, Big Data comes along for the ride, hitchhiking on cell phones, location-based apps and vehicle hardware

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The Simple Definiton of BIM – Building Information Modeling

Building Information Management

Uncategorized building informatoin modeling definition the simple defintion of bim

Converting 3D model files to VR, with one click


Add to the growing list of tech companies that are integrating virtual reality into the architectural design process IrisVR, a startup platform that used this week’s Autodesk University event in Las Vegas to launch two products that allow AEC professionals to instantly visualize, explore, and share 3D models with virtual reality.

Can Construction Adopt the Pixar Model?

ENR Construction

Recreating Pixar's production model for construction would be a step beyond design-build delivery, where the entity that bids a contract would perform every aspect of work, from design through construction and building lifecycle management. Technology

Asite launches BIM clash detection

Extranet Evolution

Conflicts that would have been discovered in person, can now be seen in the office before anyone sets foot on site: With the intricacies of several models (Structural, Architectural, Mechanical, MEP, etc.)

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Visual energy model database demystifies net-zero design


Designers with Toronto-based Diamond Schmitt Architects (DSA) view building design and performance much like a physician views patient health: tracking the vital signs is key to developing the proper diagnosis or optimal solution.