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What is Parametric Modeling?

The Constructor

Parametric modeling (or parametric design) is the creation of a digital model based on a series of computer-generated rules or algorithms, known as.

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Correlating Your Business Model to Profitability

Construction Business Owner

Correlating Your Business Model to Profitability ccapoccia Tue, 07/25/2023 - 04:48 Whether you identify your business model or not, your company does have one. Your company operates with specific infrastructure that includes processes, culture and priorities.


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Utilizing The Power Of Financial Modeling In The Construction Industry

Contractor Bookkeeping

In the ever-evolving world of construction, financial modeling is a game-changer. Crafting precise and insightful financial models is a valuable tool for construction companies. Financial models are invaluable tools designed to help you understand and protect your business's economic health.

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Carbon Modeling Tool – Facilities Lifecycle

Job Order Contracting

Carbon modeling tool for the facilities capital delivery process. The final Carbon Calculator assessment is used to create data points in the carbon models within the Carbon Modelling Tool. The construction carbon modeling tools estimates emissions from a variety of sources covering the whole life of a project.

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What is Digital Elevation Model? [PDF]

The Constructor

You roam around with a digital elevation model right in your pocket! A digital elevation model (DEM) is a 3-dimensional. It’s Google Maps.

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Anatomy of a model apartment


Anatomy of a model apartment 0 qpurcell Fri, 08/04/2023 - 09:47 Apartments Page’s interior designers curate model units that harmoniously cater to a range of users, allowing visitors to see a once-empty room as a place of respite and a home. The Collector model offers rounded edges and colors that pop.

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JLL rolls out proprietary generative AI model to internal employees

Construction Dive

In the first 48 hours following deployment at the commercial real estate and investment management company, more than 11,000 employees used the large language model.

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