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How College Basketball Can Change Your Workplace Safety Culture

FDR Safety

Picture via 247sports. As Safety Professionals we are constantly asked, “how can we improve our safety performance?” Our response is typically a variation of the same answer: You have to develop and practice a workplace culture that values safety and rewards your employees for being safe.

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The Dotted Line: How to develop a collaborative team that wins bids

Construction Dive

The most effective partners possess unique skill sets, have extensive lists of contacts and stay aligned with the project's overall goals

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Selling a House with Solar Panels is Not for the Faint of Heart

Green Building Law Update

There are more than a Million houses in the U.S. with solar panels installed on the roof and that number is increasing. It can be difficult if not dangerous to fail to properly address rooftop solar panels at the time of sale of a house. Among the most often made inquiries to this law firm arise from the failure to properly transfer installed solar panels.

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18 Types of Fixtures and Fastenings for Doors and Windows

The Constructor

Fixtures and fastenings are provided for doors and windows to provide operating facilities, security for rooms and ease of opening and closing etc. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Buildings

2017 Construction Forecast: A Post-Election Update

What's on tap for construction's economic fortunes in 2017?

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The labor shortage: How military veterans can help fill the gap

Construction Dive

Construction company officials and advocates say their intense loyalty, dedication and teamwork make veterans inherently good employees

Location Spotlight: Cape Coral – A Strategic Location

Business Facilities Blog

Ranked among the best places to live and do business, and located in the tax-friendly state of Florida, Cape Coral is a top contender for corporate relocations and business expansions for companies worldwide. Read: Location Spotlight: Cape Coral – A Strategic Location at All Location Spotlights Florida

24 Different Components used for Pitched Roof Construction

The Constructor

What is Pitched Roof? Pitched roof is a type of roof which is provided with some slope as structure covering. We know that the roofs are generally. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Buildings

Before Collapse, Bridge Builders Dismissed Concerns About Cracks

ENR Construction

Among other unanswered questions is whether traffic controls should been used


You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Brief overview of metal casting

Construction Cost Estimating

Casting means development of hot liquid metals or several metals which are cooled after obtaining the constituents like clay, plaster and concrete mixed in. This method is also utilized in forming cars or planes. Various types of castings are found in construction industries.

California bullet train costs skyrocket to $77B, opening delayed

Construction Dive

The California High Speed Rail Authority says the first phase's opening is delayed four years and the total cost of the project could rise to $98.1 billion

Defense: The Best Offense

Business Facilities Blog

Nations around the world are increasing their defense budgets; the sophisticated weaponry of the U.S. aerospace industry guarantees it will get a big slice of the pie. Read: Defense: The Best Offense at

Types of Underground Drainage Pipes

The Constructor

Different types of pipes are used for underground drains construction. The properties of these pipes and type of drainage required decides the. Construction Engineering & Management Construction

Construction Health Indicator (We're keeping score.)

The Construction Health Indicator is a daily pulse of the construction industry.

Bridge Collapse at Florida University Kills Four

ENR Construction

The 950-ton pedestrian bridge structure, just placed five days earlier, was still under construction when it collapsed onto traveling motorists

How to perform slump cone test for testing the workability of concrete

Construction Cost Estimating

This construction video tutorial is based on slump cone test. It is one of the most recognized field tests on fresh concrete. Slump test is undertaken to evaluate the functionality of fresh concrete as well as verify the water ratio and the consistency of concrete from batch to batch.

Wood nanocrystals in a California bridge could change how concrete is made

Construction Dive

The nanocrystals are expected to strengthen concrete and decrease the need to use as much of the material

The Toro Company Acquires L.T. Rich Products

Green Industry Professionals

Rich Products is a manufacturer of spreaders, sprayers, aerators, and snow and ice management equipment

Strategies to Protect Buildings Close to Deep Excavation

The Constructor

Building structures close to the excavation for deep foundations may suffer settlement and subsequent cracking and even failure. Therefore, it is. Building Technology Guide Building Tips Buildings

Javits Center Expansion Aims to Defy Conventions

ENR Construction

A design-build approach helps the team tackle challenges on the $1.2-billion project—like digging on top of the Lincoln Tunnel

Movers + Shapers: Tech takeover


The developer Sterling Bay has proposed adding a combined 1.7 million sf of office space within Chicago’s West Loop by replacing several surface parking lots with three office towers ranging from 19 to 21 stories, along with a nine-story building with retail and an eight-screen movie theater

Building in 2018 with smart technology

Construction Dive

With the cost of materials rising to their highest price in more than 5 years, construction companies are looking for news ways to adapt to changing times

Civil Engineering: Conventional and Objective Type (2018-19 Session) – An exclusive e-book for civil engineering students

Construction Cost Estimating

Civil Engineering: Conventional and Objective Type (2018-19 Session) is an exclusive e-book written by R.S.Khurmi and J.K. Gupta. The book is available in paperback format. The book comprises of 724 pages as well as near about 4800 topic-wise solved and unsolved questions.

Materials and Methods of Thermal Insulation of Buildings

The Constructor

What is Thermal Insulation of Buildings? In general, people living in hot regions wants to make their inside atmosphere very cool similarly people. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Building Tips Buildings

Theories Outrun Reliable Facts in Florida Bridge Collapse

ENR Construction

For now, the Florida bridge collapse has many possible causes

Grainger emphasizes value to customer

Constructor Magazine

Grainger pushes forward adhering to its core message of “a company that sells value


Exxon Mobil planning multibillion-dollar Gulf Coast expansion

Construction Dive

The expansion would make the company's Beaumont, Texas, refinery the biggest of its kind in North America

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Mowy Lawn Brings Augmented Reality Lawn Mowing to Mobile

Green Industry Professionals

With a number of souped-up mowers available to pick from, players have options to tackle overgrown lawns

Construction Defects in Deep Excavation and their Remedies

The Constructor

Various defects occur during construction in deep excavations such as leakage through retaining wall, dewatering during excavation, retaining wall. Construction Engineering & Management Construction

Bridge Collapse at Florida University Kills Six

ENR Construction

The 950-ton pedestrian bridge structure, just placed five days earlier, was still under construction when it collapsed onto traveling motorists

Meta-Morphing Mashup for Self-Creation

Constructor Magazine

I am sure my readers think I simply make up these column titles as I attempted to describe the various pieces of our ongoing digital transformation


Utah DOT plans $275M spend to convert highway into 6-lane freeway

Construction Dive

One group is already threatening a lawsuit to stop the project, citing poor planning by the department

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