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Developing the PHC Workforce

Constructor Magazine

Resources to help recruit, hire and train new workers

Types of Joints in Concrete Water Tank Structures and their Spacings

The Constructor

Joints in liquid retaining concrete structures are important part of its design as joints are required as per size and position of structure. Structural Design Structural Engineering Water Tank Design Contraction Joints Expansion joints Joints in Concrete Liquid Retaining Structure Water Tanks

Making schools more secure is imperative, but how best to do that isn't settled yet


Despite the constant drumbeat of news about the alarming frequency of school shootings around the country, many communities still view their schools as safe havens, and quite a few schools double as shelters from natural disasters. In Texas, E-class buildings must include a tornado shelter, according to Jon Moreau, Balfour Beatty Construction Services’ VP of Operations, in Houston. Some schools use underground parking garages, others use gyms or music halls.

SEC Assessment of Climate Change Risks Still Mandated

Green Building Law Update

While I was on the Baltoro glacier making my way down from K2 in Pakistan earlier this month the Securities and Exchange Commission informed Exxon Mobil Corp. that it closed its investigation into whether the company had misled investors about the risks that climate change posed to its business.

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2017 Construction Forecast: A Post-Election Update

What's on tap for construction's economic fortunes in 2017?

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McKinsey: When it comes to AI adoption, construction should look to other industries for lessons


Tip of the spear. Cutting edge. Vanguard. These are not words anyone would associate with the construction industry. And when it comes to the nascent technology of artificial intelligence, the construction industry is right near the bottom for both current and future AI adoption

Free Form Rebar Aligned Distribution in Revit 2019.1

BIM & Beam

Building on Autodesk’s strategy to make Revit a robust model authoring tool for designing and detailing, the Revit 2019.1 release includes an important update for concrete detailers and engineers that will help to increase modeling versatility, accuracy, and productivity.

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Improving the Construction Value Chain

Job Order Contracting

Improving the Construction Value Chain is possible for any real property with requisite levels of leadership, competency, and organizational support. Despite the hype, technology, i.e. BIM, IWMS, etc., is not the solution.

11 Areas of Cyber Insurance You Should Know More About

Construction Business Owner

Twenty years ago, no one had heard of cyber insurance, and a hacker was someone with a cough. As recently as 10 years ago, many people still did not know how exposed they were to clandestine attacks on their data

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

New NTSB report on FIU bridge collapse stops shy of naming a culprit

Construction Dive

The investigation has unveiled photos showing fissure-like cracks, but has still not named a probable cause of the deadly March collapse


Pelton Turbine – Parts, Working and Design Aspects

The Constructor

What is a Pelton Turbine? Pelton Turbine is a Tangential flow impulse turbine in which the pressure energy of water is converted into kinetic energy. How To Guide Hydraulics Lab Guide Turbines & Pumps GE Lab Tests

Build Business 2018: SMPS unveils new look, website, attitude

Construction Marketing Ideas

I wasn’t able to attend the annual Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Build Business conference, this year in San Diego, and as a result missed the opportunity to achieve four intensive days of brain-feeding with AEC marketing ideas and relationships.

Top 100 Most Innovative Cities Named

Business Facilities Blog

Tokyo ranks #1 in World Innovation Cities Index ahead of London and Silicon Valley. Read: Top 100 Most Innovative Cities Named at

Construction Health Indicator (We're keeping score.)

The Construction Health Indicator is a daily pulse of the construction industry.

PC Paddlers Participate in 10th Dragon Boat Festival

PC Construction Blog

On August 5, the PC Paddlers geared up and took to the waters of Lake Champlain for the annual Dragon Boat Festival, an event that brings together people young and old to support cancer survivors. All Community


Guam amid U.S. military-driven $8.7B construction boom

Construction Dive

When the approximately 60 projects are complete, around 4,100 U.S. Marines based in Japan will be able to relocate to the U.S. island territory

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Deterioration of Concrete by Cation-Exchange Reactions

The Constructor

Concrete exposed to aggressive chemical solutions will result in some deleterious reactions which is carried out by cation-exchange. The reaction. Concrete

The nitty-gritty of new technology and marketing challenges

Construction Marketing Ideas

It’s been an interesting week. I’ve italicized interesting because the problems (and solutions) combine some expected and predictable issues, and some surprises, largely related to information technology and our network of websites, including this blog.

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U.S. Steel To Invest $750M In Indiana

Business Facilities Blog

The steel company will undertake a major modernization and asset revitalization project at its Gary Works plant. Read: U.S. Steel To Invest $750M In Indiana at Capital Investment Daily News Featured Indiana Manufacturing Taxes & Incentives Workforce Development Business Incentives corporate expansion Economic Development Gary Works Indiana Economic Development Corporation Steel Mill Tax Credits U.S. Steel workforce training

Some useful tips to draw a floor plan effectively

Construction Cost Estimating

A floor plan stands for a scaled diagram of a room or building glanced from above. The floor plan may demonstrate a whole building, one floor of a building, or a single room. It may also comprise of measurements, furniture, appliances, or everything required for developing the plan.

Business Toolbox: When should contractors say no to new business?

Construction Dive

Construction companies are often reluctant to turn down work, but seasoned contractors and accountants say there are some good reasons to walk away

Sulphate Resistant Cement – Composition, Properties, Uses, Advantages

The Constructor

Sulphate Resisting Cement is a type of Portland Cement in which the amount of tricalcium aluminate (C3A) is restricted to lower than 5% and (2C 3A. Cement Concrete Concrete Admixtures Concrete Admixtures Guide Foundation Engineering Pile Foundation Special Concrete in Construction Tests on Cement

Memphis rising: Can this Mid-South city of 670,000 become the next Austin?


For years following the assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., in 1968, Memphis, the site of the horrific event, witnessed high crime, population loss, and the decline of its downtown.

The Headquarters Of Headquarters

Business Facilities Blog

Irving-Las Colinas, in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, is a magnet for Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 corporate headquarters, with more HQ per capita than other cities. Read: The Headquarters Of Headquarters at

Project Units Matter - Specify Coordinates at Point

Revit OpEd

When we use the Specify Coordinates at Point (SPaC) it is possible that the units in use will affect your results. For example, this project is using Feet and Fractional Inches (FaFI) but for SPaC to match the available survey info it was changed to Decimal Inches (DI) with six decimal places.

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MIT class designs 82,000-square-foot mass timber prototype

Construction Dive

The more tall wood structures that can be built and safely occupied, the better the chances that building codes will eventually change, a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said

Low Heat Cement- Composition, Properties, Uses and Advantages

The Constructor

Low heat cement is a special tailored cement which generates low heat of hydration during setting. It is manufactured by modifying the chemical.

Construction Employment Rises in 45 States, D.C. from July 2017 to July 2018

Construction Superintendent Magazine

Forty-five states and the District of Columbia added construction jobs between July 2017 and July 2018, while 29 states and D.C. added construction jobs between June and July, according to an analysis by the Associated General Contractors of America of Labor Department.

Green construction tips to make your facility environmentally friendly

The Korte Company

As climate science matures, the impact of built spaces on the environment has come under closer scrutiny. While juggling sustainability and profitability at the same time is a challenge, construction companies can help owners achieve both by implementing green construction principles.

Cannot Publish Coordinates

Revit OpEd

I've run into this with a couple clients recently, this warning message appears: Quirky work-around warning.

US has fewer structurally deficient bridges than 10 years ago

Construction Dive

ASCE's 2017 report card for infrastructure indicated 9% of bridges were structurally deficient compared to 12% around a decade ago

Low Heat Cement- Composition, Properties, Characteristics, Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages

The Constructor

Low heat cement is a special tailored cement which generates low heat of hydration during setting. It is manufactured by modifying the chemical.