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Real-World Examples of the Power of Real-Time, Integrated Construction Data


Why Viewpoint clients Precision Concrete Construction and Satterfield & Pontikes Construction chose an integrated cloud construction solution. Client Spotlight

Shopping Mall Development Trends: Are Ghost Kitchens the Answer for Vacant Mall Space?

Commercial Construction

CRE developers and owners are continuing to think creatively about filling vacant shopping mall space, and recently the idea of bringing in “ghost kitchens” to fill obsolete retail square footage has started to gain traction.

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“Safety Professionals Staffing Safety Professionals” – Behind The Curtain at FDRsafety

FDR Safety

Staffing construction projects is a hectic job regardless of the scenario. Staffing safety professionals can be even more difficult. We have a unique process to ease the pain of staffing safety positions for our clients.

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One Trillion Trees

Green Building Law Update

The One Trillion Trees Initiative was launched at the World Economic Forum last month.

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You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Boston Dynamics showcases robot dog's construction capabilities

Construction Dive

The robotics maker has teamed with national contractor HITT to demonstrate how Spot performs on automated and remote-controlled image capture and other tech innovations

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Visual Inspection Checklist for Concrete Structure Based on ACI 201.1R

The Constructor

Checklist for concrete inspection are items that might have a bearing on the durability and performance of the concrete. The checklist can be further. How To Guide Work Procedures concrete inspection Concrete Technology

Why Your Construction Business Needs You To Say No

Contractor Bookkeeping

Being open to new possibilities is a positive trait shared by most construction company owners —but saying yes to all the people you meet and opportunities that come your way can get you into trouble.

Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Janet LaBar, Charlotte Regional Business Alliance

Business Facilities

Janet LaBar, Chief Executive Officer, Charlotte Regional Business Alliance, discusses Lowe's $153M global tech center, tech jobs, and the region's vision for economic growth. Read: Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Janet LaBar, Charlotte Regional Business Alliance at

California bullet train construction update shows costs could reach $100B

Construction Dive

To date, around 3,500 construction workers are working on 36 active construction sites covering 350 miles, but that's a fraction of the work it will take to finish the full North-South line by 2033

5 Tips to Achieving the Best Construction Project Management


Effectively managing today’s construction projects can be a complex, exhaustive process. But it doesn’t have to be. Construction Best Practices

Frequency of Earthquakes Worldwide

The Constructor

Frequency of earthquake is how often a given earthquake with certain magnitude occurs. On average, earthquake with magnitude of 2 and smaller, which. Earthquake Engineering Earthquake Earthquake frequency

Construction Employment Increases by 44K in January, 142K Over 12 Months

Construction Superintendent Magazine

Construction employment increased by 44,000 jobs in January and by 142,000 over the past 12 months, as the industry’s unemployment rate hit a new January low, according to an analysis of new government data by the Associated General Contractors of America.

Niagara Bottling Investing $70M In South Carolina

Business Facilities

The beverage manufacturer will create 70 new jobs at its new operations in Florence, SC. Read: Niagara Bottling Investing $70M In South Carolina at

Construction companies subpoenaed by San Francisco City

Construction Dive

Officials are investigating alleged corruption by a public works official and restaurateur and seeing how Webcor, Pankow, Clark and more may have been involved

Difference Between 33, 43 and 53 Grade Cement


The cement grades indicate how much cement has a rolling resistance. The strength of the cement (Compressive strength) was generally measured after 28 days with adequate curing.

Value Engineering in Construction

Job Order Contracting

Construction value engineering is a process structured to obtain the best possible balance among cost, reliability, and performance of a program, project, and/or work order. It should be an integral component of every repair, renovation, maintenance, or new construction activity.

Indian Standard Codes for Brick Work

The Constructor

Indian standard codes for brick work are a list of documents that provide general guidance on brick works. These standard codes ensure high quality. How To Guide IS Codes BRICKWORK INDIAN STANDARDS IS CODE

Your Time To Register For LiveXchange Is Running Out!

Business Facilities

If your company is planning a corporate expansion or relocation project, then you can't afford to miss LiveXchange. Registration closes in 30 days! Read: Your Time To Register For LiveXchange Is Running Out! at

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Fluor decides to keep government business, faces SEC investigation

Construction Dive

Due to the Securities and Exchange Commission probe, the Texas-based contractor released limited FY 2019 financial information today, and noted that 2020 "is going to be a transition year" for the firm

Difference Between M25 and M30 Concrete | What Is M25 Grade | What Is M30 Grade


What Is Concrete? Contrary to popular belief, concrete and cement are not the same; cement is really just one component of concrete. Concrete consists of three basic components: water, aggregate (rock, sand or gravel), and Portland cement.

Construction Requirements Management

Job Order Contracting

Early and ongoing requirements management is a key focus of any LEAN construction planning, procurement, and project delivery process. It resides as a shared goal and primary component of the 4BT OpenBUILD(TM) Solution.

Concrete calculator

GCP Applied Technologies

Concrete calculator. michael.delros…. Thu, 02/20/2020 - 19:50. GCP Applied Technologies. February 20, 2020. App details and downloads.

Top Utilities: Power To The People

Business Facilities

New electric generating capacity in 2020 will come primarily from wind and solar, with renewables making up 76 percent of the 42 gigawatts that will be added. Read: Top Utilities: Power To The People at

Report: Nearly half of big AEC firms believe they are ahead in tech adoption

Construction Dive

Hiring experienced employees and piloting new tech programs can lead to successful initiatives, a Building Design + Construction study finds

Heartwood Vs Sapwood | What Is Sapwood | What Is Heartwood


Difference Between Heartwood and Sapwood The main difference between the heartwood and the sapwood is that the heartwood is deadwood, interior, while the sapwood is the outermost portion of a wood that is alive.

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Pre-Cast Concrete Walls – Types, Connections, and Advantages

The Constructor

Precast concrete walls are constructed by casting concrete in a reusable wall mold or form which is then cured in a controlled environment, Building Technology Guide Concrete Technology Precast Concrete advantages characterstics of precast Precast Precast Connections types Walls

City-owned buildings to go carbon-free in Los Angeles


An executive directive by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti commits the city to constructing 100% carbon-free buildings and to use less carbon-intensive building materials.

Spirit Airlines Investing $11M To Move Operations To Tennessee

Business Facilities

Over the next five years, the commercial airline will bring nearly 350 jobs to Williamson County, TN as it relocates the Operations Control Center (OCC) from Florida. Read: Spirit Airlines Investing $11M To Move Operations To Tennessee at

Skanska-Corman-McLean JV to start $463M Maryland bridge

Construction Dive

Once the design-build bridge and roadway construction is complete, the existing bridge will be demolished and used to create artificial reefs in the Chesapeake Bay watershed

From Zero to Hero: Construction Risk Management

Safety Services Company

How Well Does Your Business Prioritize Construction Risk Management? Truth be told, every industry involves risk. The same can be said for the field of construction.

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What Is Scaffolding | Types of Scaffolding


What Is Scaffolding? Scaffolding is a temporary platform used to lift, support, and supply materials during a construction process for the repair or cleaning of a structure. It is installed before construction or maintenance work begins.

Coastal RCC Structures: Types, Vulnerabilities, and Protection Strategies

The Constructor

Reinforced concrete structures in coastal areas are subjected to extremely corrosive environment. This is due to the presence of chloride ions in the. Structures Tips RCC Structure

Bronze Award: 2019 Economic Development Deal Of The Year

Business Facilities

BRONZE AWARD Project Title: Uber Technologies General and Administrative Hub Entered By: City of Dallas Office of Economic Development Uber’s selection of the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas for its new U.S.

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