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Important LOTO Ruling for Die Changes

FDR Safety

A decision by the Occupational Safety Health and Review Commission offers importance guidance to all industries, particularly stamping, about when OSHA’s lockout/tagout regulations should be applied and when not. The 2016 ruling involved an automotive supplier, Matsu Ohio, that did not deploy lockout/tagout around its 10 partial revolution mechanical power presses.

Precautions for Bored Piles Construction and Inspection

The Constructor

There are several precautions that need to be considered while inspection and construction of bored pile foundation is preceded. These precautions. Foundation Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Pile Foundation Foundation

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Old ways, new opportunities: The changing (and unchanging) rules in communication

Construction Marketing Ideas

Last night, I searched out a piece of writing from late December 1978, when I had just arrived in Rhodesia at the start of an 18-month journalistic adventure, living through the end of the civil war there and the birth of Zimbabwe.


St. Jude building Memphis research facility, part of $1B hospital expansion

Construction Dive

Jude's new $412 million research center at its downtown Memphis campus reflects a national trend for new and expanded children's hospital projects

2017 Construction Forecast: A Post-Election Update

What's on tap for construction's economic fortunes in 2017?

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How to Prepare Engineering Report of Foundation Investigation?

The Constructor

According to Eurocode 7, engineering report of foundation investigation need to be prepared and submitted to the client or owner as part of design. Foundation Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Foundation

173,000-Pound Bridge Erected for Richland Creek Water Supply Program

PC Construction Blog

Last week, the PC Construction team installed an access bridge to the reservoir intake tower at the Richland Creek Water Supply Program project in Dallas, Georgia. At just over 173,000 pounds, the bridge is 150. All Integrated Delivery Projects Water & Wastewater Treatment

7 ways to prevent construction insurance losses

Construction Dive

Here are the major insurance issues to consider to avoid financial setbacks, as well as damage to professional and personal relationships

A-Plant inventory under the hammer

Digger Blog

A-Plant clearly looks after its equipment reasonably well, judging by the success of a recent auction of surplus inventory. A-Plant clearly looks after its equipment reasonably well, judging by the success of a recent auction of surplus inventory. Read Full Article: The Construction Index

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

A position is vacant for Senior Project Manager and Project Manager in construction sector (VIC – Melbourne)

Construction Cost Estimating

A position is vacant for senior project manager in Melbourne, Australia. The prospective candidate has to report to the deputy general manager (construction) as well as supervise assistant project manager or project administrator.

How to Mitigate Human Induced Vibrations in Reinforced Concrete Structures?

The Constructor

Human induced vibration may create serious serviceability problems in reinforced concrete structures. There are several modern strategic projects. Structural Design Structural Engineering reinforced concrete Structural

Project Update: Blue Plains AWWTP TDPS/ECF Passes Operational Demonstration

PC Construction Blog

Starting-up equipment and moving millions of gallons of water at 3 a.m. has become the norm on the Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station and Enhanced Clarification Facility (TDPS/ECF) project as the team has worked toward, and. All Projects Water & Wastewater Treatment

Agreement to kick start feasibility study of Cleveland-Chicago hyperloop

Construction Dive

Hyperloops and other high-speed tube systems are gaining ground in the U.S., with several proposed routes and studies underway

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Construction Health Indicator (We're keeping score.)

The Construction Health Indicator is a daily pulse of the construction industry.

Visible changes to Yanmar minis

Digger Blog

Here’s news of two new models from Yanmar in its 2.5- to 3-tonne zero tail swing range. Here’s news of two new models from Yanmar in its 2.5- to 3-tonne zero tail swing range. Read Full Article: The Construction Index

Blogging from a specifier’s perspective: Thoughtful observations about the construction documentation process

Construction Marketing Ideas

This is another in a continuing series of reviews about entries for the 2018 Best Construction Blog competition.

Cost of Reinforced Concrete FRP Strengthening System and other Methods

The Constructor

There are various techniques which are used to enhance both ultimate load capacity and serviceability of reinforced concrete structures. How To Guide Strengthening & Retrofitting strengthening Strengthnening of Structures

7 Prime liabilities of a Civil Site Engineer in a Building Construction Project

Construction Cost Estimating

A site civil engineer takes lots of responsibilities as per the company’s rules and structure of the project management team. Given below, the complete liabilities of a civil site engineer :- 1.

Report: House committee could have infrastructure bill ready by summer

Construction Dive

Upgrading the nation's infrastructure has support from both sides, but the question of how state and local governments and taxpayers will chip in is a work in progress

Eurovia feels the benefit of Hydradig versatility

Digger Blog

A JCB Hydradig is being credited with helping Eurovia Contracting to come in three months early on a Lincolnshire road building contract. A JCB Hydradig is being credited with helping Eurovia Contracting to come in three months early on a Lincolnshire road building contract.

Micro Tiny Home is a Minimalist’s Dream

Jetson Green

Italian architect and engineer Leonardo Di Chiara recently designed and built a prototype of a micro tiny home, which is seriously small yet still wonderfully functional. The so-called aVOID tiny house measures just 96 sq ft (9 sq) and is easily towable.

Operations in Embankment Dam Construction

The Constructor

Construction of Embankment Dam The construction operation of embankment dams is divided into four major groups of construction activities which. Dams Water Resources Dam

About construction marketing: Let’s keep it simple (but not so stupid)

Construction Marketing Ideas

Adams Hudson has recently posted an article reminding us of the three pillars of business survival/success.

The Dotted Line: Why is design-bid-build still the No. 1 process?

Construction Dive

Despite their benefits, collaborative project delivery methods haven't made a big impact on the use of the DBB process. Here are the reasons why


Construction Cost Estimating

Building Information Management

B est practice, consistent, and efficient construction cost estimating should consider Owner, Builder, and AE requirements. Here’s a shortlist for your consideration and comment. EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE.

Why Do Customers Choose Design/Build?

Wolgast Corporation Blog

The Design/Build approach to project construction puts one company in charge of a customer's entire project. Which means, owners have a direct line of communication to one firm in providing all services needed to complete a project.

Types of Loads Causing Vibration Serviceability Issues in Buildings

The Constructor

There are various types of loads such as ground borne vibration, vibrating machinery, human induced excitation, etc. that cause vibration. Structural Design Structural Engineering Buildings Structural

Estimating Integration

Construction Cost Estimating

Smart Infrastructure Challenge launched for cities, regional bodies

Construction Dive

The competition will encourage governments and agencies to work together on shared regional plans

Tiny Home Design With a Hidden Bed

Jetson Green

The tiny home builder Cubist Engineering, which is based in Greenwich, New York has created a very interesting tiny home, which has no standard bedroom. Instead, the bed is stowed away under the ceiling in the living room and lowered with the press of a button when needed.

Construction Tendering – Everything You Need To Know


Construction tendering is something every project manager will need to go through in their career. Tendering on construction projects typically signals that a project is close to starting, therefore it can be an exciting time period.

What are the Thickness Requirements of Strip Foundations?

The Constructor

There are number of factors that control a thickness of strip foundation such as losing condition, types of soil, and depth of foundation. Foundation Design Foundation Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Structural Engineering Foundation Structural Structural Design