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PFOA Contamination is Found in 49 States

Green Building Law Update

Four Themes around Construction in the Cloud


A look at four findings from contractors surveyed on the cloud from the Dodge Data & Analytics report, "Improving Performance with Project Data" Construction Technology/News

What is the Effective Stress Principle in Soil Engineering?

The Constructor

The effective stress principle in soil engineering is one of the important theories put forward by Karl Terzaghi in the year 1936. It is the. Geotechnical Engineering determination of effective stress effective stress principle of soil importance of effective stress

Counting progress with simple marketing strategies

Construction Marketing Ideas

We’re continuing our marketing to develop Ontario Construction News. The primary customer-building tool continues to be direct mail, (about 80 per cent) followed by Google Ads, association and joint venture partnership relationships, and a smattering of referral inquiries.


You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Difference Between Flyover and Bridge | What Is Flyover | What Is Bridge


What Is Flyover? Flyovers, over a flyover, underpasses, overpasses, etc. are some examples of the engineering marvels that allow for the effort of people and saving of time, vehicles, and even trains.

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TST Fabrications Investing $4.1M To Expand In Virginia

Business Facilities

The specialty construction services company will create 34 new manufacturing jobs in the City of Norfolk, VA. Read: TST Fabrications Investing $4.1M To Expand In Virginia at

What are the Contents of Construction Documents?

The Constructor

Construction documents are written, graphic, and pictorial documents prepared or assembled for describing and communicating the design, location, and. Building Bye Laws Building Technology Guide Detailing Guide How To Guide Specifications Construction construction document

Jay Korte: Bridging the gap

The Korte Company

Jay Korte, our Director of Client Relations, will tell you he’s been with The Korte Company full-time since he graduated from the University of Illinois in 1990. His company bio says he started here in 1987, working as a laborer during summer breaks.

Difference Between Bridge and Culvert | What Is Bridge | What Is Culvert


What is Bridge? A Bridge, a connecting structure, create bonding between different disconnected parts of a country, two banks of the ocean, or parts of two countries. A Bridge is a structural marvel which is Bridge Information on Bridge.

OSHA: Faulty wiring at Universal Orlando caused electric shocks to employees, guests

Construction Dive

The theme park was not fined for the incident, but one legal expert says the company and contractors that built the park could be sued by individuals who were injured

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Polk County – Florida’s Best Place For Business

Business Facilities

Polk County, Florida located along the heart of the I4 corridor is a multifaceted economic engine centered on innovation, technological advances, manufacturing, logistics and so much more. Read: Polk County – Florida’s Best Place For Business at

What are Permanent and Temporary Works at Construction Sites?

The Constructor

Construction site works are generally classified into permanent site works and temporary site works. Permanent site works are required for the entire. Building Building Technology Guide Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management Construction

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Three Steps to LinkedIn Success for Your Architecture Firm


Does Your Architecture Firm Need Better Connections? Relationships. Reputation. Referrals. We know those are the “Three Rs” at the heart of business development for architects.

Difference Between Pre-Tensioning and Post-Tensioning | What Is Prestressed | Methods of Prestress


What Is Prestressed? In ordinary reinforced concrete, tensile stresses by steel alone and compressive stresses are taken up by concrete. This concrete below the neutral axis is ignored since it is weak in tension.

P3s can add significant costs to Canadian highway projects, study finds

Construction Dive

An analysis by a progressive think tank of one Nova Scotia highway project found it cost about $175 million more as a P3 than it would have if it were government financed

Chemetall Completes German Expansion Project

Business Facilities

The new laboratory and office building in Langelsheim, Germany is part of the Surface Treatment global business unit of BASF's Coatings division’s commitment to aerospace customers. Read: Chemetall Completes German Expansion Project at

Cantilevered Beams and Trusses- Applications and Advantages

The Constructor

A cantilever is a rigid structural member such as beam fixed at one end to a commonly vertical support from which it protrudes. It can also be. Beam Design Structural Engineering Truss cantilevered beams

Building over a building: A radical project from the archives

The Korte Company

Ralph Korte was fed up. He’d been in the factory at the corner of 6 th and Zschokke streets in Highland, Illinois many times to talk about problems with the building. On every visit, the factory’s managers complained about the state of the structure: It was flimsy. Its roof leaked.

 What Is Cover in Concrete | Clear Cover in Beams, Slab, Column, Footing


What Is Cover in Concrete? Cover in Concrete The space amid the surface of fixed reinforcement and the outside of concrete of an RCC member is the concrete cover. Mostly, it describes as “ clear cover” or “minimum concrete cover” in general speaking on construction site.

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Electrical subcontractor switches tech platforms for more sub-focused features

Construction Dive

Power Design Inc. has transitioned more than 2,000 users from PlanGrid to Fieldwire, saying the latter has an edge over most other software available that caters primarily to GCs

Permian Basin Is Booming In Southeast New Mexico

Business Facilities

Logistics are being upgraded to support expanding oil and gas production, including a larger regional airport in Lea County now offering non-stop flights to Denver. Read: Permian Basin Is Booming In Southeast New Mexico at

Standard Brick Dimensions Based on Different Codes

The Constructor

Brick dimensions is one of the most crucial parameters that need to be considered during the selection of bricks in order to ensure they fit with.

World’s Largest Adobe Building

Natural Building

Arg-e Bam, the world’s largest adobe building in the route of Silk Road, is located in Kerman, southern Iran. You can see even more pictures at The post World’s Largest Adobe Building appeared first on Natural Building Blog. Arches Building Styles Design Education History

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Repower off-highway diesel equipment with EPA-compliant replacement engines

CK Power

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been phasing in stricter and stricter emissions regulations for off-highway diesel engines since 1996. The cascading compliance deadlines for Tiers 1, 2, 3 and 4-interim have passed, and Tier 4 Final (T4F) regulations are in full effect for nonroad diesel engines. Today, all newly manufactured off-highway diesel equipment (e.g., generators, air compressors, construction equipment) must be powered by a T4F-certified engine.

Barton Malow sets its sights on a VDC-enabled workforce

Construction Dive

To help streamline communication and decrease problems, the contractor is putting technology solutions into the hands of its field workers

Tesla To Locate Gigafactory, Design Center In Germany 

Business Facilities

Tesla will create an estimated 10,000 jobs at a manufacturing plant and a design and engineering center in Germany's Berlin-Brandenburg region. Read: Tesla To Locate Gigafactory, Design Center In Germany at

Upgrading your roof with metal panels


In a recent blog post, we reviewed key considerations to help a building owner decide whether to repair or replace a damaged roof. In this post, we’ll address some ways metal roofing systems are an advantage when upgrading your roof and restoring your building to “like-new”, weathertight condition.


What’s the best professional advice you’ve received regarding risk mitigation?

Construction Business Owner

Construction industry experts discuss the basis of their risk mitigation strategies

STIHL BGA 57 Battery-Powered Handheld Blower

Green Industry Professionals

The slim design and even weight distribution allow the blower to be held close to the user’s body

AIA updates construction management contract documents

Construction Dive

The AIA's revisions address the larger industry trend of early collaboration in preconstruction and integrated project delivery methods

Mersen To Invest $65M In New Tennessee Manufacturing Operations

Business Facilities

The French advanced materials and electrical power company will create approximately 100 jobs in Columbia, TN. Read: Mersen To Invest $65M In New Tennessee Manufacturing Operations at

Manitou ATJ 60 MEWP

Construction Equipment

Manitou ATJ articulated boom aerial platform has a platform height of 59 feet 11 inches. It has up-and-over reach or 26 feet 3 inches, and horizontal reach of 39 feet 4 inches. It has a 42.9-horsepower Kubota engine and a front oscillating axle. The mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) has 17

Contracting Offficer’s Belief That Contractor Could Not Meet Schedule Requirements Insufficient to Support Default Termination

Best Practices Construction Law

There is objection evidence. There is subjective evidence.