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2018 CMA STAR Awards – Winners Announced

Construction Marketing Blog

Winners of the 2018 CMA STAR Awards and CONSTRUCTION MARKETER OF THE YEAR Awards are announced by program sponsor, the Construction Marketing Association (CMA). The STAR awards recognize excellence in 16 marketing categories and 80 sub-categories.

Embrace creative destruction to build better buildings

Construction Dive

The challenges presented by the traditional Design-Bid-Build process has forced project managers to come up with innovative solutions to deliver high-quality projects on time and on budget

4 Commercial Construction Industry Trends and Predictions for 2019

Commercial Construction

It has been another successful year for Englewood Construction, and with the calendar flipping over to December we’re excited to see what 2019 will bring. Here are our predictions of the four commercial construction industry trends we expect will shape our work in different sectors – and the construction landscape overall – in the year ahead: Senior Housing Communities Woo Workers with Facility Updates.

ABC: Construction momentum should remain strong in 2019

Construction Dive

Contractors can expect continued industry upticks through next year, but factors like rising material prices and the labor shortage could present some obstacles beyond that

ABC 105

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

State Not County has Authority to Regulate Solar Farms

Green Building Law Update

At a time when solar panels are de riguere a recent decision by a Maryland appellate court limiting the authority of local governments to regulate the location and specifics of construction of a solar farm has broad implications far beyond this case.

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The Problem With OSHA Record Keeping

FDR Safety

OSHA record keeping was introduced in the 1970’s with the goal of creating safer workplaces. While a good and helpful idea, OSHA recordable and lost work-day case rates may be too much of a focus for many companies, while off the job injuries often go unaddressed.

OSHA 130

Job Order Contracting - Untitled Article

Job Order Contracting

Does your Job Order Contracting Management Software work like this? It may be time to upgrade to a B EST Value solution. Transparently control your JOC Program. Automate repetitive tasks to save time. Robust locally researched unit price book. Independent audit of every project.

How industry drone leaders scaled their programs

Construction Dive

Drone experts at Skanska USA and PCL Construction outline the steps their firms took from early adoption to enterprise expansion

Can you get ahead of the changes (and help your customers along the way)?

Construction Marketing Ideas

I enjoy Mark Mitchell’s weekly eletter because the advice he imparts goes far beyond the specific niche he effectively serves: building products manufacturers.

How to Make Chamfered Edge in Concrete

The Constructor

A chamfer edge on a concrete is a sloped or angled corner made for improving the aesthetical appearance, safety and easily removal of formwork of. Building Technology Guide Building Tips Concrete Technology Formwork/Shuttering How To Guide

PC Construction Recognized with Awards by AGC and ENR

PC Construction Blog

Last night, PC Construction proudly accepted a Best Builders Award for the Ben & Jerry’s Project Extra Chunk expansion in St. Albans, Vermont. The award was presented by the Associated General Contractors of Vermont for. All Awards Manufacturing & Industrial

The Effect of Digitalization on Construction

Construction Business Owner

Technologically speaking, the greatest obstacle to success in construction today is the proliferation of the data silo.

The Problem With OSHA Recording Keeping

FDR Safety

OSHA record keeping was introduced in the 1970’s with the goal of creating safer workplaces. While a good and helpful idea, OSHA recordable and lost work-day case rates may be too much of a focus for many companies, while off the job injuries often go unaddressed. The cry for leading indicators has been going on for many years but we still benchmark and worry over the OSHA recordable and lost work-day case rates.

OSHA 100

Brick Basement Wall- Construction Procedure, Practical Consideration

The Constructor

Brick masonry walls are not commonly used as a basement wall but it can be constructed to serve this purpose. Brick basement wall must be built. Brick Masonry Brickwork Building Technology Guide How To Guide Masonry Construction Work Procedures

Can your really differentiate your architectural, engineering or construction business/practice?

Construction Marketing Ideas

Mel Lester in has raised a powerful question in his blog posting: “Is Differentiation Really Worth Pursuing?”

REHAU Appoints Theo Haast President and Dr. Thomas Troeger CMO of Americas

Contractor Magazine

Former Regional Head Christian Fabian transfers to Group Executive Board in Germany

Michigan lawmakers advance $350M to $500M pipeline tunnel

Construction Dive

Critics of the project have accused Gov. Rick Snyder of trying to push the project through before he leaves office in January

Details about R-value and U-value of Concrete Slab

Construction Cost Estimating

The conduction of heat regarding the materials utilized in its construction is measured with the thermal conductivity coefficient alias k-value (W/m.K), of the materials used in its construction. It belongs to the rate at which heat moves through a material among points at dissimilar temperatures.

Shifting and Tilting of Well Foundations

The Constructor

Shifting and tilting problems occurs generally during sinking process of well foundations. If proper care is not taken, they will cause serious. Foundation Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Others Caisson Foundation Foundation tilting well foundations

Managing transitions (and building for the future)

Construction Marketing Ideas

As I write this on the new version of WordPress, I am thinking about a major business transition/restructuring that the company’s lawyers had suggested a couple of months ago, but I put on hold after receiving initial advice from our accountants.

ABC predicts construction sector will remain strong in 2019


ABC 96

$136B North Texas transportation plan clears key environmental hurdle

Construction Dive

DOT determined that the Mobility 2045 plan — which is funding rail, bus and highway systems to accommodate an estimated 51% regional population increase — meets federal air quality requirements

DOT 83

How to design rectangular and T shape beam

Construction Cost Estimating

Beams are defined as members which are exposed to flexure. So, it is important to give attention to the analysis of bending moment, shear and deflection. When the bending moment operates on the beam, bending strain is created. The resisting moment is formed with internal stresses.

Alliance Steel Creating Up To 130 Jobs In Northwest Indiana

Business Facilities Blog

The Illinois-based steel company is investing nearly $20 million to move to Gary, IN. Read: Alliance Steel Creating Up To 130 Jobs In Northwest Indiana at Capital Investment Daily News Featured Indiana Manufacturing Taxes & Incentives Workforce Development Alliance Steel Business Incentives corporate expansion Economic Development Employment Indiana Economic Development Corporation Tax Credits training grants

PMI Develops Guidance for Utilities on Indoor Recycled Water

Contractor Magazine

Document developed to ensure that plumbing products function as intended by manufacturers

The art and science of drawing: Humanizing the design process with a bit of controlled mayhem


Today’s architects are living in interesting times. Long gone are the days when we had to be experts in drafting by hand; computer-aided design (CAD) software and 3-D modeling tools can generate measured drawings and photorealistic renderings with a keystroke. Is this a good thing? Not always.

CAD 82

Queens calls on Amazon to help fund $2.7B Brooklyn-Queens Connector

Construction Dive

Borough of Queens President Melinda Katz said Amazon support for the streetcar project, which will be the only direct connection between the two New York City boroughs, would be a "fair investment "

Caterpillar Plant in Joliet to Close, Laying off 285

Construction Equipment

The Herald reports that Caterpillar’s Joliet, Illinois, plant will close in 2019. The report said 285 workers received layoff notices, stating that they will lose their jobs starting Jan. Caterpillar has not confirmed when the plant is closing for sure. Caterpillar spokeswoman Katie Young said

Check-Mate Industries Creating 230 Jobs In Georgia

Business Facilities Blog

The manufacturer of metal stampings, assemblies, tools and dies will invest $16 million in a new manufacturing plant in Thomasville, GA. . Read: Check-Mate Industries Creating 230 Jobs In Georgia at

Best practices and basic principles (construction marketing can be sophisticated but doesn’t need to be rocket science)

Construction Marketing Ideas

There are some simple ground rules for building an effective construction marketing strategy, and they don’t need to involve complex or expensive processes and plans.

Plans 61

Planning and constructing a hybrid operating room: Lessons learned


On average, 51 Million surgical inpatient procedures are performed in the United States each year.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, approves $2.5B light-rail project

Construction Dive

The agreement is one of several that the regional transportation authority must secure before the state moves ahead with design and construction of the 17-mile line between Durham and Chapel Hill

What is R-value and U-value of Concrete Slab per inch, Calculation

The Constructor

R-value is the measurement of concrete slab (or other material) capacity to resist heat flow i.e. it measures the effectiveness of insulation or. Building Technology Guide Concrete Properties