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Why Your Construction Site Needs a Portable Power Station

Construction Marketing

Getting electricity for your construction site isn’t always easy. Remote locations can mean you’re devoid of access to the local grid. If you need temporary power, we recommend a portable power station.

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You Risk Paying Twice When Sub-Contractors Don’t Pay Their Bills

Wolgast Corporation

Liens Can Wreak Havoc on Funding. By Brian Stadler, Wolgast President & CEO.

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A Real Property Owner’s Guide to Improving Construction Productivity

Job Order Contracting

A Real Property Owner’s Guide to Improving Construction Productivity. Measurable improvement in facilities repair, renovation, maintenance, and new build efficiency involves strengthening the focus on implementation.

Short Circuit: Types, Causes, and Preventive Measures

The Constructor

A short circuit occurs when there is a low-resistance connection between two conductors that supply electricity to a circuit. As a result, the power supply would experience an excessive current flow and excess voltage streaming.

The Ultimate Free Guide to Construction Project Management Software

Spreadsheets and in-house tools can no longer manage the sophistication and the demand for data of modern construction. Our free buyer’s guide will help you identify what construction software you need and the key features you should be looking for.

Construction Company Employee Vs. Contractor - What You Need To Know

Randal DeHart

Depending on the nature of your construction business, you may have workers who are employees or contractors, or you may have both. Each has its merits, but it's important to review which are to meet your tax obligations.

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Myths vs. Facts: Fix and Flip Loans In Texas


Introduction Although hard money loans in Texas have been around for quite some time, there are still some negative notions surrounding them. Hence, in this article, we’ll try to find … Myths vs. Facts: Fix and Flip Loans In Texas Read More ».

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What’s WRONG with LEAN Construction?

Job Order Contracting

The below diagram clearly shows what’s wrong with LEAN construction. Source: 2014, Wandahl, S. Lean Construction with or without Lean – Challenges of Implementing Lean Construction. Learn more? contact-form] The post What’s WRONG with LEAN Construction? appeared first on 4BT.

Life at LetsBuild: Our 2022 team camp in Belgium

Lets Build

LetsBuild is made up of diverse hybrid teams from all over Europe ????. While that comes with its advantages, it also means we don’t interact as much in person as we might like. And you can only learn so much about one another when interactions are limited to emails and Zoom meetings.

Sizing Up Compact Track Loaders for Optimal Performance

Construction Business Owner

Sizing Up Compact Track Loaders for Optimal Performance. ccapoccia. Wed, 11/30/2022 - 12:43.


The Ultimate Procurement Software Buyer’s Guide

With so many procurement solutions to choose from, it can be overwhelming without a frame of reference and a solid starting point. This free buyer’s guide is a must for anyone wanting to solve procurement or vendor management pain points.

Concrete Blocks – Its Types, Uses and Manufacturing Process

Learn Civil Engineering

Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) Concrete Blocks are also known as Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) or Cement Blocks. These are the standard-sized rectangular blocks used in many construction works. These blocks are the advanced version of brick and stone masonry.

12 Different Types of Gardens | Most Popular Types of Gardening | Top Garden Types With Pictures


Introduction To Garden At that time when the world turned out to be more enlightened and the high societies started to have the pros of getting a charge out of … 12 Different Types of Gardens | Most Popular Types of Gardening | Top Garden Types With Pictures Read More ».


Traditional Facilities Construction Cost Management Failure – Repair, Reno, Maintenance, and New Builds

Job Order Contracting

Traditional construction cost management remains problematic for most real property owners. Traditional Construction Cost Management Failure.


How Do You Ventilate Work Boots? (4 Ways)

Work Gearz

The least you can try is punching some holes on the uppers of the boots with nails! That sounds hilarious right? Oh that actually is hilarious and not at all worth given a second thought!

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Stop Making These Mistakes and Start Scaling Your Specialty Contractor Business

Anything that is built on a poor foundation will soon crumble from the ground up. This is literally the case in the construction stage of projects and it applies just the same during the pre-construction stage. This free eBook is your ultimate guide to scaling your business with customizable software as early as during the bidding stage.

Construction Business Owners, Don’t Miss This

Construction Business Owner

Construction Business Owners, Don’t Miss This. 10 big construction business problems solved in a short e-book. mhodges. Wed, 11/30/2022 - 14:09. Running a construction fleet is hard. The key is having visibility into your day-to-day operations and assets.


Best Free Home Designing Software, Apps, and Tools [2023]

Learn Civil Engineering

Do you face any challenges while you design the interior or floor of your new house? Now looking for free home designing software or Apps? Many people around the world find confusion during the décor of their new house.

Types of Patio Roof Materials | 7 Top Patio Roofing Optiobs | Patio Roof Cover Materials


Introduction To Patio Roof Materials Some people want to enjoy an amazing weekend or play some outdoor sport like badminton, basketball, chess, etc.

Construction Job Openings Decreased By 52,000 in October

Contractor Magazine

Despite a decline in the number of industry job openings, 4.6% of all construction positions are still unfilled. Construction Data

The Specialty Contractor's Guide to Job Cost Accounting

Supply chain challenges and rising material costs are forcing specialty contractors to pay more for what they need to complete each job. Following a simple set of principles, this easy-to-follow guide can help you manage job costs, ease the pains of accounting, and run a more profitable businesses.

Can Homebuyers Expect a More Balanced Market in 2023?

Pro Builder

Can Homebuyers Expect a More Balanced Market in 2023? ldeakins. Wed, 11/30/2022 - 10:34. After years of unprecedented price volatility and historic hurdles for homebuyers, market experts say more stability is expected in 2023.


Winter Watch: Rules to Protect Your Jobsite

Construction Business Owner

Winter Watch: Rules to Protect Your Jobsite. ccapoccia. Tue, 11/29/2022 - 20:56.

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DOE Sets $550M for Energy Efficiency Project Grants

ENR Construction

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant has supported a variety of projects aimed at cutting fossil fuel emissions and making buildings more efficient

How Can Smartwatches Save Lives?


We now have a plethora of possibilities to live simpler, less stressful lives thanks to advanced technology. Another innovation that exemplifies this is the advent of the smartwatch. Today, a … How Can Smartwatches Save Lives? Read More ». Smart Home Tips How Can Smartwatches Save Lives?

Report: Optimism for Construction Growth in the Next Year Remains High

Research reveals 96% of respondents are very or fairly optimistic about their organization’s growth prospects for the next year. Over half of respondents see digital technology as the greatest growth opportunity. Don't be kept in the dark when it comes to the future. Read the report today!

Do You Believe in Miracles?

Contractor Magazine

Brent Ridley of Miracle Mechanical is giving back by way of what he knows best—installing plumbing and HVAC systems for the less fortunate. Plumbing / Plumbing Contractor

This New England Nonprofit Is Creating a Market for Repurposed Building Materials

Pro Builder

This New England Nonprofit Is Creating a Market for Repurposed Building Materials. ldeakins. Wed, 11/30/2022 - 10:40. Massachusetts-based EcoBuilding Bargains sells eco- and budget-friendly building materials, each with their own unique history.


Protecting a structure against air intrusion

Construction Specifier

Photos courtesy Georgia-Pacific. By John Chamberlin. Air barriers create airtightness and help protect against energy loss, water infiltration, and other hazards impacting the durability and resiliency of a building and the comfort and health of its occupants.

Sandy Hook Memorial Opens Ahead of Shooting’s 10th Anniversary

ENR Construction

Designers for the $3.7-million memorial spent five years planning the project before construction started in August 2021

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Discover 7 Ways to Cut Construction Inefficiencies

Construction sites are often just-barely-controlled chaos. Without clear coordination, you risk everything from clashes to delays, cancellations, and missed deadlines. Get the free eBook & learn how to solve the biggest challenges in construction!

#119:  Quantum Meruit vs Unjust Enricment

NH Construction Law

It is common in construction litigation for contractors suing owners to assert a right to recover damages for more than just a breach of contract. Two of the most popular legal theories beyond breach of contract claims are “unjust enrichment” and “quantum meruit.” ” Although distinct, they share some elements, which often leads to confusion between them.

Video: Client Spotlight with Amanda von Almen & Boris Gamazaychikov, Salesforce


Salesforce is a global leader in corporate climate action and decarbonization. From setting a target to reduce its absolute emissions by 50% by 2030, to requiring 60% of its supply chain to set Science Based Targets (SBTs), the company is deeply committed to inspiring a climate positive future.

Mortgage Rates, Refinance Demand Post Consecutive Declines

Pro Builder

Mortgage Rates, Refinance Demand Post Consecutive Declines. ldeakins. Wed, 11/30/2022 - 10:45. Mortgage rates fell for the third straight week over the Thanksgiving holiday, but despite a glimmer of price relief for borrowers, refinance demand followed a similar trajectory.