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Bullied by BIM? Fight back! Go paperfree!


Despite BIM having been around for 3+ decades, it is by no means embraced by the global AEC. There is a thin layer of participants that push the idea for various reasons (usually superficial), and there are people (in a very small minority) that practice it wholeheartedly. (my

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Tensile Fabric Structures – Properties, Types and Advantages

The Constructor

Fabric tensile structures are tensile structures in which a membrane is ‘stretched’ to form a three-dimensional surface that can be used. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Construction Engineering & Management Structural Design Structural Engineering

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Three ways construction leaders harness digital transformation

Construction Dive

The industry's old-school ways mean contractors waste time and money mailing revisions to blueprints, tracking paper receipts and invoices, or traveling long distances to do on-site inspections of small changes

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Court Limits Scope Of OSHA Inspections

FDR Safety

Based upon a communication from Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit recently found that OSHA could not expand the scope of an injury-based inspection to a wall-to-wall inspection based on the employer’s OSHA 300 Logs.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

3D scanning data provides solutions for challenging tilt-up panel casino project


Jaynes Corp., a premier general contracting firm with locations in New Mexico and Colorado, eschewed traditional methods and instead used state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology to document the location of rebar in tilt-up panels at the Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sandia Casino and Resort. The project included a 28,000-sq-ft, two-story office complex adjacent to the main casino.

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7 giant airport projects around the world take flight

Construction Dive

Global airport construction is valued at $737.3 billion as many projects, including some in the U.S., undertake ambitious growth plans to process more passengers and get more planes in the air

Types of Stirrups in Column

The Constructor

Different types of stirrups are designed for columns based on their varying cross-sections, the number of longitudinal reinforcement bars and the. Detailing Guide How To Guide Reinforcement Guide column reinforcement

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The Myths Of Lockout/Tagout – Part 2

FDR Safety

We continue to encounter many mistaken beliefs about OSHA’s regulation CFR,1910.147 , The Control of Hazardous Energy. In this blog, we address the “myths” of Lockout/Tagout using verbatim quotes from OSHA’s Preamble to the regulation ( OSHA text in bold italics ).

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For 8 long years, I’ve been writing this blog. While its impact on anyone else has been less than miniscule, the act of writing helped me out of some rough patches. And for the latter, I am thankful. I stumbled into the industry of creating buildings in my early teens.


4 Surprising Benefits of Industrialized Construction

Construction Business Owner

When many people hear the term prefabrication, they think of uniform, unattractive tract housing—the “little boxes made of ticky-tacky” derided in Malvina Reynolds’ satirical anthem.

Utilize real-time data to improve project management

Construction Dive

With the connected jobsite slowly becoming the norm, the importance of jobsite automation software continues to rise

Inspection and Testing of Ready Mix Concrete

The Constructor

Inspection and testing of ready mix concrete is crucial to ensure that all specified conditions meet the acceptable criteria.

The Myths Of Lockout/Tagout – Part 1

FDR Safety

We continue to encounter many mistaken beliefs about OSHA’s regulation CFR,1910.147 , The Control of Hazardous Energy. In this blog, we address the “myths” of Lockout/Tagout using verbatim quotes from OSHA’s Preamble to the regulation ( OSHA text in bold italics ).

Why is the absence of paper so important for paperfreeconstruction?


Paperfreeconstruction is a goal, an idea, an ideal to work towards, something to believe in. The road to it is via building up paperfreemodules, that are self-contained, autonomous and self-sufficient. Paperfreemodules can be created at any level within the industry.

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The big, small world (and capturing opportunities with an open mind)

Construction Marketing Ideas

Our business (and this blog) had a serious problem as the weekend approached. Efforts to solve a recurring problem that probably had an innocent cause had cascaded into a crisis. Our weekly e-letters, calibrated and “hardened” for security and to avoid spam risks, would not send.

5 stadium projects that are knocking construction out of the park

Construction Dive

These projects feature billion-dollar mixed-use developments to keep consumers coming back — and spending money — after game day

Types of Material Used in Pile Foundation

The Constructor

Different types of material used in the pile foundation are cement, steel, timber and plastic which are a slender, structural member installed in the. Building Technology Guide Concrete Technology Foundation Engineering Geotechnical Engineering How To Guide Structural Engineering

Remembering Josh Seidel

The Korte Company

Josh Seidel was not one in a million. One in a million isn’t rare enough. He was a doer and a fixer, an engineer and an entrepreneur. He stood up in more weddings than you could count and was known as “the Swiss Army Knife” of friends.

Geothermal and Solar Combine in Net-Zero Community

Constructor Magazine

Homeowner Energy Bills Drop from $300 to $20 per month


Seven pieces of advice: Ideas that could change your life

Construction Marketing Ideas

Matt Handal has recently blogged with this title: 7 Pieces Of Advice That Changed My Life (And Can Change Yours) and the thoughts here are certainly worthy of your attention. One of his advice points in fact provides the inspiration for


How smarter use of data can boost project quality, competitive advantage

Construction Dive

Contractors using tools like BIM and reality capture to improve their work output have a competitive edge, said panelists at the Advancing Construction Quality conference last week

Drive Productivity Improvement for Facilities Repair, Renovation, and Construction Today!

Job Order Contracting

It’s time more organizations use a facilities repair, renovation, and construction model that is proven to deliver radical transparency, provides adaptability, drives innovation, and consistently assures customer satisfaction, performance, as well as significant benefit for all participants.

How the 179D Deduction is Driving the Industry Forward

Construction Business Owner

Looking at the numbers, it is safe to say there have been major strides made in the area of energy efficiency in recent years. According to the United States Green Building Council , the green building sector is set to outpace overall construction growth and is anticipated to contribute 1.1

ASHRAE and ASPE Strengthen Partnership with Signing of New MOU Agreement

Constructor Magazine

he agreement defines parameters on how the two societies will collaborate more closely


How much choice is a good thing (and how much is bad)

Construction Marketing Ideas

There’s a paradox in choice. Not enough — a take-it-or-leave-it option — generally fuels resentment and dissatisfaction — but too much causes paralysis, and in fact the choice becomes “none of the above” when excessive selections are offered.


Drones, smartphones and tablets taking over jobsites, survey shows

Construction Dive

A whopping 92% use smartphones and 57% employ drones, but contractors still struggle to pay for and implement new technologies, according to respondents of JBKnowledge's 2018 ConTech survey

7 Pieces Of Advice That Changed My Life (And Can Change Yours)

Help Everybody Everyday

What are the pieces of advice that have defined your life? The world is full of advice for us. Just open up your web browser and you’ll see what I mean. But how much of it really changes your life? Which pieces of advice have had a personal impact on you?

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Initial and Final Setting Time of Cement

The Constructor

What is Initial Setting Time and Final Setting Time of Cement? Initial setting time is the period taken by the cement to start hardening itself from. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Cement Concrete Technology How To Guide Tests on Cement

Building Drawing and Its Types. [A Comprehensive Guide].


In Building Construction, building drawing plays an important role. If you don’t have the sufficient knowledge of drawing, then its almost impossible to construct a building. Building Drawing. A drawing. Read more Building Drawing and Its Types. [A A Comprehensive Guide].

Does GrowthGenius provide an effective lead-generating option for your AEC business?

Construction Marketing Ideas

Some Globe and Mail publicity about start-up Canadian lead generation business led me to a brief but informative phone conversation with a GrowthGenius sales representative.


Salini Impregilo to lead $12B to $15B Texas bullet train construction

Construction Dive

The Italian firm's Lane Construction business unit and other design-build partners will start the engineering and design of the Dallas-to-Houston high-speed rail system under a limited notice to proceed

Benefits of post lintel structure

Construction Cost Estimating

Post & Lintel is an easy form of construction that includes posts to bear horizontal beams or lintels found in timber-framed work or in columnar and trabeated architecture. Stonehenge is a good example of post and lintel construction. Post & Lintel System : 1.

Initial Setting Time and Final Setting Time of Concrete

The Constructor

Initial setting time of concrete is the time when cement paste starts hardening while final setting time is the time when cement paste has hardened. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Cement Concrete Technology How To Guide Tests on Cement