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3 cash flow forecasting tips for your next big construction project

John Chaney

Effectively managing cash flow is critical for contractors’ success.

Incorporate These 4 Video Trends into Your 2019 Marketing Efforts

Construction Marketing Blog

Video content has taken its rightful place in construction companies’ strategic marketing conversations. It provides a powerful way to communicate your brand, share your story, and build relationships through sight, sound and motion.

Making Sense of the Construction Tax Landscape

John Chaney

One of the biggest challenges that contractors’ finance and accounting departments face is keeping up with all of the ever-changing tax regulations, incentives and procedures.

How to Repair Active Cracks in Concrete?

The Constructor

Active cracks in concrete are live cracks which expand in length, width, and depth over time. These cracks are formed due to overloading and thermal.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Cover Story: Virginia Is Business Facilities’ 2018 State Of The Year

Business Facilities Blog

Virginia may be for lovers, but these days the Commonwealth also is getting a ton of love from emerging high-tech growth sectors and businesses looking for the perfect corporate HQ site. Read: Cover Story: Virginia Is Business Facilities’ 2018 State Of The Year at

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The epic rise of industrialized construction


The construction industry is facing colliding forces that render our current trajectory wasteful, inefficient, and unsustainable. These include a widespread skilled labor shortage and industry productivity rates that continually fail to improve.

What is Super-hydrophobic Cement? Applications and Advantages

The Constructor

What is Super-hydrophobic Cement? Super hydrophobic cement, which is also known as luminescent cement, is produced by modifying the structure of. Building Technology Guide Smart Materials

BREAKING NEWS: Amazon Cancels Plans For NYC Headquarters

Business Facilities Blog

Amazon has released a statement announcing the company is canceling its plans for a New York City headquarters as part of its HQ2 project. Read: BREAKING NEWS: Amazon Cancels Plans For NYC Headquarters at

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Forget the Big Bang - it's the big offsite construction boom that deserves your attention

Construction Dive

The once silo-driven construction industry is vertically integrating discipline, process and production and its customers only stand to benefit

5 Critical Construction Project Reports your System Should Pull Without Fuss

John Chaney

The main reason construction businesses implement an integrated project management system is for the visibility that they can gain over every aspect of a project.

Construction Analytics: A blog that takes readers far deeper than the survey headlines

Construction Marketing Ideas

Ed Zarenski‘s blog: Construction Analytics: Economics Beyond the Headlines takes a serious look behind the curtain at construction market and price surveys and data. This isn’t light reading, and certainly isn’t superficial.


Lean in Action: Small Timeframe, Big Project Plan

PC Construction Blog

The challenge: Take the third floor Intensive Care Unit at the Central Vermont Medical Center, relocate all the staff and patients in the unit to other areas of the hospital, renovate the entire 14-bed unit. All Health Care & Life Sciences Projects Technology & Innovation

2018 Economic Development Deal of the Year: Bronze Award

Business Facilities Blog

Detroit’s iconic Michigan Central Station will be restored to greatness as the centerpiece of Ford’s new 1.2 million-square-foot Corktown campus and mobility hub. Read: 2018 Economic Development Deal of the Year: Bronze Award at

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State cites sub for $12M of wage theft violations

Construction Dive

The California Labor Commissioner's Office claims that RDV Construction bounced paychecks and illegally deducted up to 25% from employees' pay

Gensler designs Texas’ first full mass timber building


Once completed in July, Texas will have its first full mass timber building in the First United Bank building.

TASBO Best Value Construction Services Procurement and Delivery

Job Order Contracting

TASBO Best Value Construction Service Procurement and Delivery Learn @ Booth #414. School business officials, visit us at Booth # 414 to learn about our BEST VALUE Construction Services Procurement and Project Delivery solution.

Hydrogel- How it Works, Applications, and Advantages

The Constructor

Rosiak and Yoshii define hydrogel as a crosslinked three-dimensional polymeric network structure, which can absorb and retain considerable amounts of. Building Technology Guide Smart Materials

2018 Economic Development Deal Of The Year: Silver Award

Business Facilities Blog

A partnership between Japanese auto giants Mazda and Toyota brings a $1.6-billion automotive assembly plant to the Huntsville, AL region. Read: 2018 Economic Development Deal Of The Year: Silver Award at

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Boston-area medical center will anchor housing, office and retail development

Construction Dive

The Quincy, Massachusetts, project will represent the largest commercial development in the downtown's $1.6 billion redevelopment surge, which started in 2011

The History of Wolgast’s Construction Management Division

Wolgast Corporation Blog

Experts claim that a form of Construction Management (CM) construction delivery was used in ancient times as far back as the pyramids. However, according to Construction Management Association of America , CM became known as a distinctive construction delivery option in the 1960s 1.

The visibility factor in construction marketing (branding)

Construction Marketing Ideas

Karl Feldmen in an article in the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Marketer Journal reminds us of the basic definition of “branding” — the core of which most marketers spend most of their time trying to achieve or resolve.


Job Order Contracting - Untitled Article

Job Order Contracting

Teamwork is the ultimate tool for success. Owners and Contractors work together seamlessly for maximum results. Gain a greater understanding of your facilities project requirements and costs.

Top 10 Countries, Regions For LEED Green Building

Business Facilities Blog

Mainland China topped USGBC'S list of global green building leaders outside the U.S., with more than 68 million gross square meters. Read: Top 10 Countries, Regions For LEED Green Building at

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Trump declares national emergency in goal of getting $8B for wall

Construction Dive

Congress' offer of $1.4 billion meant to avoid a shutdown is just a fraction of the $5.7 billion requested for border wall construction, and Democrats have vowed to fight Trump's move

How to measure superimposed loads on a column

Construction Cost Estimating

The objective of a column is to withstand axial and lateral forces and transmit them securely to the footings in the ground. In this exclusive article, you will learn how to work out the superimposed loads on a column in a structure with some easy-to-follow steps. An excellent video blog about construction legal issues

Construction Marketing Ideas

I’m reviewing all of the entries in the 2019 Best Construction Blog competition between now and the end of voting on March 31. You can learn more about the competition and voting process at this link.

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Construction Employment Increases in 2018 amid Strong Demand

Construction Superintendent Magazine

Construction employment grew in 273 out of 358 metro areas between December 2017 and December 2018, declined in 37 and was unchanged in 48, according to a new analysis of federal employment data released by the Associated General Contractors of America.

Construction Management And It’s Use in the Construction Industry


PDF This Article. Construction Management is a form of contract within the construction industry that is used throughout the world. Unlike lump sum contracts, construction management allow the general contractor to take on a universal role to help manage the overall project.

3 top contractors compete to build Los Angeles Clippers arena

Construction Dive

The NBA franchise is reportedly deciding between three teams to manage the project — AECOM-Turner, Mortenson-Clark and PCL Construction

Job Order Contracting - Untitled Article

Job Order Contracting

Tradition project delivery suffers from communication inefficiencies and poor performance due to adversarial relationships. LEAN OpenJOC(TM) Project Devliver changes the conventional relationships of contracting parties through integration and collaboration.

Marketing consistency, evolution, and revolution: Balancing the forces

Construction Marketing Ideas

In a few hours, I’ll join some local construction association leaders for a lunch where, I expect, we’ll review how we can communicate association interests to the wider community.


Top 5 Challenges of Starting a GC Business

Contractor Magazine

While all new businesses face challenges, the construction industry faces specific challenges that business owners must be prepared for

Global Machine Tool Manufacturer Moving U.S. HQ To North Carolina

Business Facilities Blog

Porta North America is expanding its operations with a North American Training Center for Flexible Production in Charlotte, NC. Read: Global Machine Tool Manufacturer Moving U.S. HQ To North Carolina at