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5 Hoisting And Rigging Hazards To Watch Out For

Construction Marketing

When working on manufacturing or construction sites, safety is always a top priority. Many hazards can endanger the lives of those who work in these environments, and it’s essential to be aware of them before they become an issue.

Automatic for the People — Modern Tools for Construction Hiring

Viewpoint Construction Technology

With the help of Viewpoint’s HR Management software, construction HR departments can automate their onboarding, training and reporting processes. Construction Technology/News


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Zaha Hadid Architects to Design New Italian Hyperloop

The Constructor

Zaha Hadid Architects has partnered with Hyperloop Italia to jointly design a Hyperloop high-speed transport system across Italy. The announcement. Transportation

Rebuilding Trust After A Negative Online Review

Contractor Bookkeeping

Online reviews are an essential marketing tool for many small businesses, especially for service-based businesses like yours.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Wentworth Students Receive Glimpse of Estimating at PC

PC Construction

It is not often that we are given the opportunity to see or shape our future outside of our normal working regimen. I was presented with a chance to do just that when PC was. The post Wentworth Students Receive Glimpse of Estimating at PC first appeared on PC Construction Company Blog. All Our Crew

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Top 5 Best Logger Boots Reviews and Comparison

Work Gearz

Are you looking for boots which can withstand the harshest of conditions? Are you constantly involved in a job that not only includes a lot of walking but also a lot climbing up and down? If that’s what your job is all about then you need the best logger boots for your job.

What is a Construction Checklist?

The Constructor

A construction checklist is a set of items or activities that a site in-charge must verify, check, and inspect to ensure the systematic progress of a. Construction Engineering & Management

Density of Cement | Density of Sand | Sand Density | Cement Density |Density of Aggregate | Density of concrete


Density Of Cement, Sand, And Aggregate Density is mass per unit volume of a substance i.e. unit weight of that respective substance.

8 Types of Stairs, Flight of Stairs

Civil Lead

What is Stair? A structure with a series of steps affords up and down between the floors or landings known. Read more. Building Design & Drawing Civil Engineering Civil Engineers Construction Interior Design

Huh? Ugh! LOL: The Top Ten-tions of Construction Law and Contracts

Speaker: Matthew DeVries, Construction Law Attorney and National Blogger

The construction environment changed more in 2020 than any prior year—whether the parties were faced with government shutdowns, new health and safety restrictions, or overall financial strains. Yet, many projects remained on target and successfully reached the finish line this year. The rights and responsibilities of parties involved in a construction project are mainly dependent upon the contract or agreement between them, and there is no better time than to review your contractual obligations to identify risk pitfalls and ensure success. Join construction law attorney and national blogger Matthew DeVries as he discusses the top tensions on a construction project and how to avoid disputes.

3 steps for building a strong culture around planning

Lets Build

Project managers and their teams on site should be continuously connected around the same, live version of the programme to avoid miscommunication and work as one towards safeguarding their tasks, and by extension the entire project, from uncertainties that could lead to increased operational costs, downtime, delays or even disputes and penalties.

Plans 78

8 Best Ear Protection for High-Frequency Noise

Work Gearz

Most noise from industrial or construction worksites can be measured within the range of human hearing and specifically between 20 and 20,000 Hertz. Some machinery, however, may produce sounds in the extreme upper limits such as a high-frequency piercing sound from an ultrasonic welder.

Smart Construction: Artificial Intelligence for Building Efficiently

The Constructor

Artificial intelligence (AI) is usually used to conjure up images of futuristic machines we see in sci-fi movies. However, in recent times, AI is. Artificial Intelligence Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management Digital Construction

Digital Transformation in Construction: Post COVID


We are in the midst of a blog series looking at what construction work will look like in a post COVID-19 era. Today, let’s embark on answering the question: What will digital transformation look like in the construction industry in the next 1-3 years?

Bridge Abutment |10 Bridge Abutment Types | Abutment Bridge


Bridge Abutment Means Bridge Abutment is an element of a bridge, that gives vertical support to the bridge superstructure at the bridge ends, adjoins the bridge with the approach roadway, … Bridge Abutment |10 Bridge Abutment Types | Abutment Bridge Read More ».

Analysis Reports Construction Employment Slips by 20K in May, Supply-Chain Problems Plague Nonresidential Contractors

Construction Superintendent Magazine

Construction employment declined for the third time in the past four months in May as nonresidential contractors coped with lengthening and unpredictable delivery times that limited their ability to start or complete projects, according to an analysis by the Associated General Contractors of America of government data.

The Best Industrial Work Shirts Reviewed

Work Gearz

The perfect industrial work shirt does exist. Our best industrial work shirt reviews focus in-depth on a new generation of comfortable, durable, and even stylish work attire. Shirts that keep you looking neat, comfortable, and professional on the job.

How to Get a General Contractor License in Mississippi?

The Constructor

In Mississippi, a general contractor license is provided by the Mississippi State Board of Contractors (MSBOC). The license is issued for residential. Careers and Licensing

Stephen Tucker, a helping hand

The Korte Company

Doorbells ring across Houston, Texas. Soldiers in fatigues stand at a safe distance. On the porches rest boxes of food. For months — in Houston and all over the U.S. Army National Guard soldiers have been standing in for food bank volunteers ordered to shelter in place.

Space Frame | Space Frame Structures | Space Frame Architecture | Types of Space Frame Structure |Space Frame System


What Is Space Frame? A Space Frame Structure can be defined as a stiff, lightweight, truss-like structure. It is constructed with interlocking struts in a geometric pattern.

Contractor Confidence up Despite Slow Recovery, Finds Marcum Commercial Construction Index

Construction Superintendent Magazine

The Marcum Commercial Construction Index for the first quarter of 2021 reports that the industry has yet to reach the broader economy’s pace of recovery despite elevated contractor confidence.

How Often Should You Swap the Insoles of Your Boots?

Work Gearz

We all know the importance of insoles and their role in keeping our boots and feet healthy. Not only do they fit almost all the boots but also provide the long lasting comfort and stability to your feet so that you keep doing your work enthusiastically. .

Practical Tips for Placement of Reinforcements in Concrete Members

The Constructor

The placement of reinforcement in concrete members should conform to the applicable code and design requirements. It should also be ensured that. Building Technology Guide Building Tips How To Guide Reinforcement Guide

The CAT S62 Pro Rugged Smartphone Unleashes the Power of Thermal Imaging

Construction Junkie

CAT S62 Pro. Cat Phones is known to make some pretty rugged smartphones, the kind of phone you don’t have to worry about on the jobsite – even without a case. Licensed by the construction equipment giant, Caterpillar, the phones are made by the UK-based Bullitt Group.

Three AEC firms launch a mass timber product for quicker school construction


The website estimates that the value of the global cross-laminated timber market hit $779 million in 2020, and is expected to grow annually by 13% to $1.624 billion in 2026

The Cost of an Inadequate Digital Experience


We are living in a remote world these days. Even as some companies move to a hybrid model, remote work still presents distractions, less effective collaboration and teamwork, data and privacy issues, and the list goes on and on.

Wolverine 1000 Mile Vs Thursday Boots Comparison

Work Gearz

Everyone looks for durability, comfort, and quality in buying boots, and Wolverine and Thursday boots make sure that they orient the same in their boots but according to their terms. Wolverine and Thursday boots have been adopted by people very widely. .

Laying and Jointing of Asbestos Cement Pressure Pipe

The Constructor

Asbestos cement pressure pipe is used for the transmission of water under pressure. It contains asbestos fiber instead of reinforcing steel, making. Concrete Technology How To Guide Work Procedures

Building a Strong Safety Culture

Safety Services Company

In recent years, many companies have started to realize the importance of building a strong safety culture within their workplace. The term “safety culture” can be defined as a company’s values, attitudes and beliefs about safety.

Frito-Lay To Create 160 Jobs With Texas Plant Expansion

Business Facilities

Snack manufacturer Frito-Lay will invest $200 million in its Rosenberg site, bringing total investment at the location to more than $330 million. Read: Frito-Lay To Create 160 Jobs With Texas Plant Expansion at

Texas 65

2021 Housing Giants Report: An Unforgettable Forgettable Year

Pro Builder

2021 Housing Giants Report: An Unforgettable Forgettable Year. ibush. Mon, 12/06/2021 - 12:00. New and old challenges confronted the housing industry in 2020, and it may never be the same. Rich Binsacca, Editor-in-Chief. How will 2020 be remembered in the history of the U.S. housing industry?

Thorogood Boots Vs Irish Setter Boots (Features Comparison)

Work Gearz

If you have any of these brands in mind you have nothing to worry about as both offer high quality and durability. Both have a history of providing value for money. They offer comfort levels that are difficult to beat. Thorogood boots and Irish setter boots offer a range of boots for work.

More Fun Bamboo Architecture

Natural Building

Bamboo is being used to create beautiful and majestic forms that are green and respect their surrounding environment. Here is a collection of structures built from bamboo that prove sustainability, comfort, and luxury can be combined.