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Construction Joint in Concrete – Types, Location Selection and Advantages

The Constructor

Construction joint is placed when the mass concreting works are done and cannot be completed on a single stretch. The interface of the past. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Concrete Technology Construction Engineering & Management How To Guide Structural Design Structural Engineering

Properties and benefits of rebar cages

Construction Cost Estimating

In drilled shaft construction, rebar cages are generally utilized to reinforce the shaft throughout excavation. To retain the strength of this cage as well as complete the entire construction project successfully, the design of the cage should be perfect.

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5 technologies boosting productivity on the jobsite

Construction Dive

Here are the tech tools contractors say they are using to work smarter, more accurately and faster with fewer accidents and injuries

RELi Could be Standard Practice in Nearly Every Real Estate Transaction

Green Building Law Update

RELi 2.0, a comprehensive rating system that provides strategies and tools for resilient building and design, is expected to be launched on Monday, November 12th. The launch of RELi 2.0

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Your Guide to State-by-State Bond Thresholds

Construction Business Owner

Most contractors recognize the need for licensing and bonding in the construction industry, but it can be a challenge to understand the bond size requirements, as bonding thresholds are mandated by each state, not an overarching federal law.

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See control flow concrete in action

GCP Applied Technologies

See control flow concrete in action. Phillip.fry@gc…. Thu, 10/18/2018 - 15:13. GCP Applied Technologies. October 18, 2018. Conventional concrete has long been the material of choice for some of the world’s largest building structures.

OSHA: Design flaws caused Hurricane Irma crane collapses

Construction Dive

The three tower cranes that collapsed last year had jibs that were vulnerable to wind turbulence, according to an agency report, which is prompting manufacturers to re-evaluate their designs

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RELi Could be Standard Practice in Nearly Every Real Estate Transaction

Green Building Law Update

RELi 2.0, a comprehensive rating system that provides strategies and tools for resilient building and design, was approved last week and is being launched on Monday, November 12th. The launch of RELi 2.0

5 Tips To Make Your Construction Business More Profitable


PDF This Article. Construction is a cut-throat industry, and making your construction business more profitable can be a challenge. Making more money isn’t rocket science, by following our five tips you’ll be increasing your profits in no time!

Concrete Wall Construction Process Including Materials

The Constructor

Construction of concrete walls is a crucial phase in building construction. It transfers loads from floor to the wall below or foundation. Therefore, Concrete Work Procedure How To Guide Structural Engineering Walls Work Procedures Construction

Amazon bound to transform construction by investing in prefab startup


Amazon announced its decision to invest in Plant Prefab, an innovative startup with a focus on in-factory construction, smart technology, and sustainable building. Plant Prefab is located in California and is originated from LivingHomes, a leader in designing and developing prefabricated homes. The announcement of this game-changing deal comes at a very interesting point for. Future of Construction Amazon modular construction Plant Prefab Standar standardisation

Top 6 OSHA fines levied since May

Construction Dive

Once again, most of OSHA's biggest citations against contractors center around falls and trench safety, with $304,000 being the largest fine levied


SEO, leads services and content — How do you set your construction marketing priorities?

Construction Marketing Ideas

So which way should you go when you are planning your marketing strategies: Search Engine Optimization or effective use of leads services?


Same, same but different – My mother is not getting paperfreeconstruction, the concept.


My mother has been a solid supporter of my BIM journey over the last 3 decades. She speaks very little English but has lived with us for long enough and attended enough of my Serbian/Hungarian presentations to get the gist of what I am about.

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Footing Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) – Estimation of Steel Quantity

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Bar bending schedule (BBS) of an concrete footing provides the reinforcement details and the total steel quantity required for the footing. Concrete Technology Foundation Design Bar Bending Schedule Foundation design Isolated Footing

Job Order Contracting – Recommended Best Practices

Job Order Contracting

The following, Job Order Contracting – Recommended Best Practices, have been compiled from numerous independent third party audits of JOC Programs as well as decades of experience.

Study: Managing costs tougher for firms than finding talent

Construction Dive

Costs are a challenge for more construction industry companies than finding and retaining labor, according to a new survey, but the latter continues to sap budget dollars for technology and fleet upgrades

Budget 101

These 7 Nifty Apps Make The Job Easier of Contractors!

Contractor Bookkeeping

Today's Guest Article Is From Ashley Alex. The construction business is a demanding field that involves an array of different tasks. For contractors, it is a laborious job that calls for strenuous physical and mental work.


Colorado: Growing Their Own Talent

Business Facilities Blog

Leveraging his state’s impressive assets, Gov. John Hickenlooper aims to plant Colorado’s flag on the summit of red-hot growth sectors like cybersecurity and unmanned aerial systems. Read: Colorado: Growing Their Own Talent at

Crushed Concrete Aggregates – Properties and Uses of Recycled Aggregates

The Constructor

Crushed concrete aggregates also called as recycled concrete aggregates are fragments and pieces of concrete buildings which are demolished or. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Concrete Properties Concrete Technology Construction

Why Contractors Should Not Bank On The SEO Pot Of Gold, PART 2

Construction Marketing Ideas

In late September, I published a guest column from Corey Philip Czyz of, who took a shot at contractors focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), while suggesting that residential lead generation services could make sense.

Department of Energy halts $17B nuclear facility construction

Construction Dive

DOE nixed prime contractor CB&I Areva MOX Services, well into work at the South Carolina site, following claims of subpar construction and cost projections three times the original estimate

Construction Employment Rises by 23K Jobs in September, 315K for Year

Construction Superintendent Magazine

Construction employment increased by 23,000 jobs in September and by 315,000 jobs over the past year, reaching a 10-year high, while the industry’s unemployment rate decreased more than half-a-percentage point to 4.1

ENR 2018 Top 600 Specialty Contractors: Dealing With a Hot Market

ENR Construction

The industry is experiencing a generational high market, and specialty contractors are reaping the benefits. But who will do all the work

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Crushed Concrete- Uses of Crushed Concrete Aggregates

The Constructor

Crushed concrete are fragments and pieces of concrete buildings which are demolished or rebuild. These crushed concrete fragments are cleaned from. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Concrete Properties Concrete Technology Construction

A little more choice can go a long way, done right

Construction Marketing Ideas

In an earlier posting, I reported on the problems that occur when you give too much choice to potential decision-makers.


American Airlines breaks ground on $1.6B LAX terminal project

Construction Dive

The overhaul of terminals 4 and 5 at Los Angeles International Airport is expected to create 6,000 jobs, and public areas should be complete before the city hosts the 2028 Summer Olympics

Brief overview of Seismic Design

Construction Cost Estimating

The mass of the building to be designed manages seismic design apart from the building stiffness, since earthquake produces inertia forces which are proportional to the building mass.

Tradeswomen Seek Bigger Role in Industry Growth

ENR Construction

2,200 at union-sponsored Women Build Nations event in Seattle boost careerbuilding

Comprehensive, Efficient Capital Reinvestment Prioritization and Execution for Public Sector Real Property Portfolio Repair, Renovation, and Minor New Construction – A Robust Data-driven Approach

Job Order Contracting

Comprehensive and efficient capital reinvestment prioritization and execution for public sector real property portfolio repair, renovation, and minor new construction, first and foremost requires change management. Current antagonistic and ad-hoc methods have proven to be extremely wasteful.

Managing editorial publicity: How to get started on the right track

Construction Marketing Ideas

Positive news/video coverage of your business or practice in the news media, either local, specialized, or national, can have incredible return on investment.

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How the midterm elections will impact the construction industry

Construction Dive

The course of infrastructure funding, immigration policy, the U.S.-Mexico Mexico border wall and local mega-projects could be decided by which Congressional and gubernatorial? candidates win in November

Mississippi Plays To Win

Business Facilities Blog

From auto to aero and every sector in-between, companies of all sizes and backgrounds are achieving success with a Mississippi location. Read: Mississippi Plays To Win at