Commercial Construction Trends: Three Headlines That Won’t Die In 2019

Commercial Construction

After nearly 10 years of publishing Hard Hat Chat (more to come on our blog’s 10 th anniversary later this year), we know there’s never a shortage of fresh topics and trends to discuss in the commercial construction industry.

Uncertain Times Call for Construction Technology Growth

John Chaney

Today’s leading construction firms operate as digital contractors that take advantage of the latest technologies to gain competitive edges.

How to Keep Your Construction Site Safe

Construction Marketing Blog

If you’ve been on a construction team or helped out a construction site, you understand the importance of maintaining a functional work environment.

Site 205

LEED Prerequisite Now Prohibits Smoking Cannabis

Green Building Law Update

The U.S. Green Building Council issued a LEED Interpretation in 2018 ruling, “smoking of cannabis is considered a form of smoking for the purposes of both the interior and exterior smoking provisions of the LEED Prerequisite Environmental Tobacco Smoke Control.”.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Who Matters The Most? A Few Thoughts On Distracted Driving

FDR Safety

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month meaning organizations such as OSHA, M.A.A.D, and EndDD are releasing annual studies on distracted driving.

More Trending

DuPont Investing $200M In Ohio Expansion

Business Facilities

DuPont is expanding its plant in Circleville, OH, investing in its Kapton® film production capabilities and creating 46 jobs. Read: DuPont Investing $200M In Ohio Expansion at BusinessFacilities.com.

Ohio 114

Voting begins in 2019 Best Construction Blog competition

Construction Marketing Ideas

It’s time to start voting for your favorite blog(s) in the 2019 Best Construction Blog competition. This year’s competition has 24 entries, with several returning blogs (and some former Besst Construction Blog winners) competing against first-time entries. The voting rules are simple.


4 Reasons Why the Entire Pre-Construction Phase Is Key to Project Success

Wolgast Corporation

For both Design/Build and Construction Management delivery methods, the start of Pre-Construction Phase is Architectural Design and it’s a very exciting time for most building owners. They love the ideas, options, and decorating aspects for their building.

PC Construction Receives Worksite Wellness Award

PC Construction Blog

On March 21, PC Construction was the recipient of the highest honor bestowed by the Vermont Department of Health and the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports – a GOLD level Governor’s Excellence in. Awards

How To Deal With Difficult Employees On The Job Site

Contractor Bookkeeping

At some point, we probably had similar situations having employees we wonder why we hired them. No one feels worse about a bad fit than the contractor when an employee needs to be let go gently or immediately fired.

Deals 80

Commercial Construction Project Management Trends: How to Survive the Incredible Shrinking Timeline

Commercial Construction

Bringing Industry Expertise to Your Doorstep: A Peek at Viewpoint’s 2019 Digital Contractor Roadshow Speakers

John Chaney

We’re gearing up to launch our 2019 Digital Contractor Roadshow series and we are thrilled! Last year , we visited more than 20 cities and enjoyed networking and learning about construction industry trends and challenges with over 600 contractors across the United States.

Key Construction Tradeshow Tactics for Delivering ROI

Construction Marketing Blog

Trade shows offer construction companies a unique way to connect with their target audiences for a little face-to-face time. There’s really nothing like it today.

St. Petersburg is Bold in Mandating Envision

Green Building Law Update

The City of St. Petersburg, Florida passed a progressive ordinance last week mandating that City infrastructure projects and newly constructed and renovated City building be third party certified as green. The new Ordinance 359-H, passed by the St.

OSHA Now Using Drones For Safety Inspections

FDR Safety

We are in the midst of a technological revolution. No matter the job, technology continues to find its way into every corner of every industry, including construction.

The 10 traits successful contractors have in common

Construction Dive

In a crowded AGC convention session, a seasoned consultant listed the top traits among the industry's fastest-growing and most profitable contractors

AGC 113

Commercial Hotspots Thrive In Cape Coral

Business Facilities

The city with the second largest land mass—and one of the fastest growing populations—in Florida offers plenty of opportunities for commercial development. Read: Commercial Hotspots Thrive In Cape Coral at BusinessFacilities.com.

Let’s Fix Construction: A truly serious (and effective) blog for construction businesses

Construction Marketing Ideas

Eric Lussier‘s most recent posting in Let’s Fix Construction touches close to home.


Student’s Eagle Scout project aids peers and first responders

The Korte Company

Jackson Marchal is about to be an Eagle Scout. But they don’t just give that away—he has to earn it. Like many Boy Scouts hoping to receive the organization’s highest rank , Jackson must complete projects and earn merit badges. His final project is in progress.

PC Team Pitches in for Tornado Victims

PC Construction Blog

Earlier this month, a series of tornadoes struck Alabama and Georgia, devastating neighborhoods and communities in the two states. The PC team at the Richland Creek Water Supply Program project organized a collection of items. Community

Job Order Contracting - Untitled Article

Job Order Contracting

What is OPEN Job Order Contracting ? LEAN Construction Services Procurement and Project Delivery. OPEN Job Order Contracting – LEAN Construction Service Procurement and Project Delivery.

CSI 70

Customer Relationship Management: Why Good Relationships Are Good Business in Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

Most people think of commercial construction as a physical, “bricks and sticks” industry. But if you ask me, commercial construction is first and foremost about relationships.

Test Your Construction Industry Knowledge!

John Chaney

Take a Short Quiz on Construction Trends and Statistics and See How Much You Know. Ever wonder…. What is the largest construction related project? How long did it take? How much did it cost? Do you know just how large the construction industry is or what it’s projected to be in the near future?

Social + Strategy = Fresh Ways to Find and Engage New Hires

Construction Marketing Blog

For small to mid-size businesses the hiring process is often ongoing throughout the year. Marketers need to step in and help companies realize the value of social networking platforms to help with their constant state of recruiting.

Nurdles are the Environmental Calamity of 2019

Green Building Law Update

A year ago, I thought a nurdle was a cricket term for a score by deflecting the ball rather than striking it. But in the last twelve months I learned that a nurdle is also a term for a small, lentil size, pellet of plastic that serves as raw material in the manufacture of plastic products.

Assessing Feasibility

FDR Safety

This blog complements past blogs and my most recent blog about the OSHRC overturning OSHA citations regarding LOTO on Matsu presses. General Industry is now in a position to solve many of their decades-old problems with the control of hazardous energy.

NABTU: Union, wage protections must underlie $1T infrastructure plan

Construction Dive

Union leaders and lawmakers at a conference this week called for prevailing wages, project labor agreements and other standards to be included

Union 111

Cover Story: Virginia Is Business Facilities’ 2018 State Of The Year

Business Facilities

Virginia may be for lovers, but these days the Commonwealth also is getting a ton of love from emerging high-tech growth sectors and businesses looking for the perfect corporate HQ site. Read: Cover Story: Virginia Is Business Facilities’ 2018 State Of The Year at BusinessFacilities.com.

Launching a daily newspaper in 2019

Construction Marketing Ideas

We’re about a month away from the scheduled May 1 launch of Ontario Construction News as a daily newspaper. A few years ago, I would have thought such a concept to be insane.


How education changed the course of The Korte Company

The Korte Company

There was a time when education didn’t matter much; when you could live a nice life on little more than good sense and a decent work ethic and when finishing farm chores was a lot more important than finishing high school. Ask Ralph Korte, our founder. He knows all about that. He lived it.

How To Manage Late Payments For Builders, An Expert Guide

Contractor Bookkeeping

Today's Guest Article Is From John Dela Cruz. One major headache for builders are the late payments of invoices. Builders seldom get the payment for their completed construction work at the right time and date.

AIA awards six projects with the 2019 AIA/ALA Library Building Award


The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the American Library Association will award six libraries with the 2019 AIA/ALA Library Building Awards for excellence in architectural design. You will find each project and a brief description from the AIA below.

AIA 111

Commercial Construction Delivery Methods: 3 Times To Go With A Negotiated Bid

Commercial Construction

Any long-time readers of Hard Hat Chat have probably picked up on the fact that I’m a big fan of the negotiated bid. Our firm takes pride in being a true partner to our clients, and we believe a great way to elevate that client relationship is to work on a negotiated basis – a process where the client hires a general contractor early-on in the project after agreeing on general conditions and a contractor fee.