BuilderStorm targets SME contractors

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UK start-up BuilderStorm seems focused on the SME contractor market, and it is claiming to be BIM level 2 compliant. A relatively recent arrival on the UK SaaS construction software landscape is BuilderStorm.

Managing from the Mother Ship: How a National Commercial Contractor Operates

Commercial Construction

The other day I was talking with a Chicago-area client who didn’t realize Englewood is a national general contractor that manages national commercial construction projects across the country.

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Survival Guide for General Contractors at Large Construction Firms


As the point person for a client, the main wranglers of subcontractors and the supervisor for a project, general contractors at large construction firms have considerable responsibilities that impact the full range of operations at a company.

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How to Choose the Best General Contractor to Partner with for your “First” Commercial Construction Project

Commercial Construction

The best way to limit those unknowns is by working with an experienced general contractor with extensive historical data to use as the basis for a sophisticated construction pricing model.

Contractors Are Confused About Bookkeeping

Contractor Bookkeeping

Many of you may begin with the thought; I am just a contractor. Contractors usually go from one extreme (doing nothing) to the other (trying to count every bean, every paperclip, all the nails and, the scraps of 2x4’s). Restarting Contractors ContractorsI don’t want to be the business owner; I just want to do the work. That is what is important. Yes, doing the work is important.

Successful Contractors Employees Produce Results

Contractor Bookkeeping

Hiring Employees Contractors Are The Real HerosExcited that you are busy and hiring employees. How do I know this is true? The number of emails I receive about continuing education that reference employees are increasing. The topics you are sharing include wages, access to company funds, providing employee warm and fuzzies and you want to know what is the true cost including payroll taxes of having a Construction Worker on your payroll.

Contractor Bookkeeping Basics Explained

Contractor Bookkeeping

Contractor Bookkeeping contractors bookkeeping and accountingC,ontractor Bookkeeping Basics and Why. Today’s technology says “Do Everything On Your Phone”. Use an app to create an estimate, or better yet just send the estimate in the body of the email. That works when the customer’s reply is “Do It”.

Commercial Construction Labor Trends & Hiring Strategies: Why Young Hires are Good Business for General Contractors

Commercial Construction

If you’re like me, your social media feed this month is filled with photos of happy graduates celebrating commencement and getting ready to begin the next chapter of their lives. Hopefully, we’ll see some of those fresh young graduates heading toward a career in commercial construction.

Contractors’ favorite apps for efficiency, productivity

Constructor Magazine

There are the apps that mechanical contractors use, such as HVAC design software, thermostats monitoring and/or changing settings, and many manufacturers’ apps, just to name a few.

Contractor of the Month:Gold Medal Service

Constructor Magazine

It’s only fitting that Gold Medal Service is CONTRACTOR's Contractor of the Month for January. Gold Medal Service is our Contractor of the Year too! Find out why we at CONTRACTOR magazine believe Gold Medal Service is a top-notch contractor! Plumbing Contractor

The Connected Contractor

Constructor Magazine

I am very pleased to be asked to help kick off the launch of a new magazine called The Connected Contractor. The newsletter title conjures thoughts of a contractor who provides connections to the latest trends. Ken Sinclair, owner/editor/founder

Cream of the Crop Contractor: Applewood Plumbing Heating & Electric

Constructor Magazine

Applewood Plumbing Heating & Electric is one of CONTRACTOR’s Cream of the Crop Contractors! Find out why we at CONTRACTOR believe Applewood Plumbing Heating & Electric is a top-notch contractor. Plumbing Contractorread more.

Contractors Messy Bookkeeping Issues Solved

Contractor Bookkeeping

When Contractors are doing their own bookkeeping, it becomes a problem that grows and grows. Contractor BookkeepingMessy Bookkeeping Happens Just A Little At A Time. There is not any limits to the number of transactions that can be entered into QuickBooks improperly. Messy files build transaction by transaction or more simply put invoice by invoice, receipt by receipt all can be entered into QuickBooks improperly. There is no popup that says “This Is WRONG” – Do It Over.

Survival Guide for General Contractors at Small Firms


construction general contractors small construction firms survival guideThe construction market's resurgence is good news for firms of all sizes.

Contractors Accounting Chaos Solutions

Contractor Bookkeeping

Marketing Headline is Contractor needs Accountant. The Answer is Yes – Every Contractor needs a Construction Accountant. The Question is Why Does the Contractor need an Accountant? Does the Contractor have an Accountant? Does the Contractor have Bookkeeper? Definition of Free One Hour Consulting from the contractor side is: I am a General Contractor. Contractors Bookkeeping Services

New Year’s Resolutions for Commercial Contractors: Goals and Strategies for Growth

Commercial Construction

Pretty much any national general contractor will tell you they’re in the client service business, but over the years we’ve developed a philosophy that focuses on building relationships with our clients so that we’re a trusted construction partner, not just another vendor.

Contractors Want Better Results Without Changing Anything

Contractor Bookkeeping

Contractors Are Torn Between Over Or Under Managing Their Bookkeeping. Contractors want to maintain control without making any changes. Business Process Management For ContractorsKeep doing the same thing but expecting a different result.”

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CONTRACTOR Master Class: Uponor

Constructor Magazine

One of the great things about writing for CONTRACTOR is getting to see the high-quality work of plumbing and heating industry professionals. read more. Piping

Contractors Are Self Motivated To Be Successful

Contractor Bookkeeping

A person makes the decision to become a contractor. New Contractors Contractor ChatIt’s easy. Now you are the boss; no one to tell you what to do, how to do it when to do it. Yes – It’s easy. It’s Morning, Are you ready?

Experience vs. Credentials: Does Your Commercial Construction Contractor Make the Grade?

Commercial Construction

But a client vetting a commercial construction firm might wonder if there are specific credentials they should look for to ensure a successful construction job, or if they should place more weight on the contractor’s real-world experience?

Proven Contractor Bookkeeping Road Map

Contractor Bookkeeping

We Make Contractor Bookkeeping Look Easy. We can speak with conviction about the basics and the more complex issues as you grow your Construction Company, Handyman Company, Trade Contractor or any one of the dozens of Construction Company types we serve. Short List Construction Contractors We Serve. HVAC Contractor. Carpentry Contractor. Insulation Contractor. Carpet And Tile Contractor. Commercial Tenant Improvement Contractor. Contractor.

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Highly Profitable Contractors Continually Adapt To change

Contractor Bookkeeping

When starting out one of the first decisions to be made is “What Type Of Contractor Am I?” This decided during the process of the contractor talking to the Bonding Company, Insurance Company and The State Licensing Board who approves the company’s Contractors License. Are you most comfortable being a Trade or Specialty Contractor? Are you most comfortable being a General Contractor? Are you most comfortable being a Remodel Contractor?

2017 Book of Giants: Contractors as manufacturers

Constructor Magazine

Mechanical contractors have run fab shops for years, but the response of major mechanicals to the workforce shortage is taking the strategy much further.

Client Relationships: 3 Reasons You Should Listen If Your Commercial Contractor Tells You No

Commercial Construction

Working with a commercial contractor on a negotiated-bid basis, as Englewood Construction does with long-term client American Girl, can minimize the likelihood you’ll hear “no” from your GC during the bidding process.

Is Your Commercial General Contractor More Relevant Than You?

Commercial Construction

It’s rare for the words “cool” and “general contractor” to be used in the same sentence. In person, he embodies the definition of an old-school general contractor.

Top 115 Contractor Firms


Secret To Highly Profitable Contractor Is The Construction Accountant

Contractor Bookkeeping

Contractors Need Help Understanding Role of Accountants. Contractors should have two primary accountants. These are two of the Five Board Of Advisors Successful Highly Profitable Contractors Use To Operate And Grow Their Contracting Company Cash Flow And Profits. One is the Tax Accountant the other is your Construction Accountant. Tax Accountant who does the Annual tax return for your business and your personal tax return.

How Contractors Maximize Lines Of Credit To Grow Their Businesses

Contractor Bookkeeping

Today's Guest Article Is From Candace Jones Representing AAA Credit Guide Contractors that want to grow their businesses have only a few funding options. This is when lines of credit offer the best funding source for contractors to grow their businesses. Contractor Lines Of Credit

Contractor of the Month: JM Lapp Plumbing & Heating

Constructor Magazine

JM Lapp Plumbing & Heating, Bird-In-Hand, Pennsylvania, is CONTRACTOR's Contractor of the Month for February. Find out why we at CONTRACTOR believe JM Lapp Plumbing & Heating is a top-notch contractor. Plumbing Contractorread more.

Contractor Vs. Tax Accountant View Of Financials

Contractor Bookkeeping

Contractors View Of The Numbers And Tax Accountants View Are Totally Different When Tax Accountants Review The Financial Statements The Year Has Ended. The Contractors Role Is To Review What Is Happening Now and make Strategic Decisions about what to know in order to have a brighter financial future. Profit and Growth Strategies For Contractors Annual Tax Return construction company strategy

Despite Residential Decline, Southeast Contractors Keep Busy

ENR Construction

The multifamily market is slowing, but other project types are keeping contractors busy and labor markets stressed

Optimism Reigns for Region's Contractors

ENR Construction

Revenue rose 9% last year and most see more growth to come

Contractor of the Month: Demand Mechanical

Constructor Magazine

Demand Mechanical, Nashville, Tennessee, is CONTRACTOR's Contractor of the Month for June. Find out why we at CONTRACTOR magazine believe Demand Mechanical is a top-notch contractor. Plumbing Contractor

Why Some Contractors Hate Surety Bonds

Construction Business Owner

But the likely reason some contractors dislike them is that they can’t get them. Maybe the project or conditions are not what was anticipated, or the contractor needs more resources than expected Yes, surety bonds can be a hassle.

Lochinvar celebrates winning VIP contractors at CMA Fest

Constructor Magazine

Top contractors receive VIP treatment during Nashville Experience trip. Lochinvar recently hosted 16 of its top VIP Contractors and their guests for the annual four-day Nashville Experience. Plumbing Contractor Management

Can Contractors Use Deadly Force?

Construction Equipment

The Associated Press reports that contractors submitting proposals to build the U.S.-Mexico Questions posed on a website for government contractors included if the government would indemnify companies whose workers use deadly force

ENR Texas & Louisiana Names 2017 Contractor of the Year

ENR Construction

ENR Texas & Louisiana has selected Manhattan Construction Group as its 2017 Contractor of the Year