Contractor Website Best Practices

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Construction Marketing Association sponsor Modern Marketing Partners (MMP), will share contractor website best practices , along with a Contractor Website Checklist , several diagnostic tools, contractor website examples, and a couple of website package options.

Unique Contractor Bookkeeping Problems Regarding Accounts Payable

Contractor Bookkeeping

QuickBooks For Contractors Construction Bookkeeping KPI accounts receivable for contractorsCommon Issues With Accounts Payable. It is easy to put transactions in Accounts Payable (A/P) Aging Summary, and them forget about them.

10 questions to ask a general contractor


Finding the right general contractor for your project isn’t easy. Construction Industry construction disputes construction industry general contractor main contractor

The Carpenter Contractor Trust An Introduction

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The Carpenter Contractor Trust (, or simply “The CCT,” is a labor management trust formed in 2001. It would also smooth out any possible rough edges between union carpenters and contractors. It also needed contractors to complete the circle. It’s all marketing.

Union 141

Can You Be Both Lazy and Successful Contractor?

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lazy contractor, successful contractor successful contractor lazy contractorToday's Guest Article Is From Tom Jager, professional blogger. -. American science writer Robert Heinlein once said: “Progress is made by lazy men looking for easier ways to do things.” Do you agree? That’s okay if you don’t because laziness is a quality that is not commonly associated with success.

Australian Defense Contractor Investing $2.5M In Alabama

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Read: Australian Defense Contractor Investing $2.5M Electro Optic Systems will locate its flagship U.S. manufacturing facility in Huntsville, AL, creating as many as 100 jobs in the first year. . In Alabama at

Unique App For Construction Contractors

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Click to download the Contractors APP f rom App Store or Android Store. Smartphone App Construction Contractor App Construction Accounting App iPhone app for construction contractors Android app for construction Contractors Android app for small business accountingIt’s landed! The Brand new App from Fast Easy Accounting!

Virginia Contractor Plants New Seeds

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MidAtlantic Contractor of the Year W.M. Jordan Co. announces leadership changes in its 60th year

Construction Contractors Need A Nudge To Change

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Construction Contractors know lots about the work they do. Android app for construction Contractors successful contractorAs an expert in their fields from finish carpentry, tile setter, masonry, roofer or landscaper the finished product looks beautiful. When a skilled craftsman does the work, it looks effortless. Others think I could have done that.

Revamped electrical contractor training prioritizes technology

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The National Electrical Contractors Association integrated BIM and moved to electronic documentation in an overhaul of its apprenticeship training program

Opportunities Abound with International Retailers…for the Right Contractor

Commercial Construction

I’ve been a national commercial contractor for more than 20 years, and believe me, I’ve seen it all. This has been a boon for the best retail contractors like Englewood Construction Company. International retailers are eyeing the U.S.

Retail 184

Unique Contractor Bookkeeping Problems Regarding Receivables

Contractor Bookkeeping

QuickBooks For Contractors Construction Bookkeeping KPI accounts receivable for contractorsChallenges Of Keeping Accounts Receivable Simple And Up To Date. Creating an invoice for the entire project seems like it is the simple way to track payments and have the current balance. The harsh reality is that if all of the work is NOT done Accounts receivable is reflecting a balance due that is NOT REAL.

Facility Management & Maintenance: 5 Reasons to Partner with your Commercial General Contractor

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Here are 5 reasons why you should partner with your Commercial General Contractor for facility management and maintenance: 1. When the commercial contractor that built or remodeled a facility also manages its maintenance, they are already intimately familiar with the building.

Managing from the Mother Ship: How a National Commercial Contractor Operates

Commercial Construction

The other day I was talking with a Chicago-area client who didn’t realize Englewood is a national general contractor that manages national commercial construction projects across the country.

Hurricane Florence's Approach Has Contractors Scrambling

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Storm preparations to secure construction sites and ensure storm drainage will perform in active project areas have contractors and agencies hustling from South Carolina to northern Virginia

iPads reportedly save contractor $1.8M annually

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Contractor Rogers-O'Brien says that giving field workers tablets reduces countless mistakes and saves massive amounts of time

iPad 86

How to Choose the Best General Contractor to Partner with for your “First” Commercial Construction Project

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The best way to limit those unknowns is by working with an experienced general contractor with extensive historical data to use as the basis for a sophisticated construction pricing model.

Five Marketing Tips for Contractors

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Are you a contractor that’s looking to get more clients to sign up for your services? Construction Marketing Contractor MarketingToday's Guest Article Is From Brandon Stanley. --. Then you need to learn the basics of marketing yourself so that you receive more exposure. By implementing the tips suggested in this article the amount you can earn will increase. You don’t have to spend hours every day marketing yourself in an aimless manner.

Skanska VP: Tech adoption no longer a choice for contractors

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To meet owners' requirements and attract younger workers, Stacy Scopano says contractors need to ramp up use of AI, AR/VR and other technologies

Essential SEO Tips for Contractors

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Are you a contractor that is looking to improve their SEO so that you can earn more clients? This consequently leads to more customers hiring your services as a contractor. Contractor Marketing SEO For ContractorsToday's Guest Article Is From Chris Richardson. When it comes to SEO you can always find new ways of doing things in order to improve the quality of the end result, which is to gain higher results in the search engine results pages.

Business Toolbox: When should contractors say no to new business?

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Construction companies are often reluctant to turn down work, but seasoned contractors and accountants say there are some good reasons to walk away

Unpacking BIM: How contractors can reap the rewards of a digital workflow

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BIM isn't a turnkey solution, a Yates executive says, but there's potential payoff for contractors that coordinate all the people, software and processes involved

Construction Contractor Embezzlement Detective - Kelly Paxton Part 1

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Kelly Paxton specializes in finding and helping Construction Contractors, other businesses, and government agencies root out Pink-Collar Crime in their companies. Bookkeeper Embezzlement Embezzlement Contractor Bookkeeper Embezzlement Construction Bookkeeper Embezzlement

How to Write a Winning Contractor Resume

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Contractor Contractor ResumeToday's Guest Article Is From Mary Walton. Mary Walton is one of PhD Thesis Writers , community for students who are in the process of dissertation writing. Mary has a blog - Simple Grad , where she shares her knowledge about college life. Also, she is an editor and proofreader at Research Paper Writing Service. --.

Construction Contractor Embezzlement Detective - Kelly Paxton Part 2

Contractor Bookkeeping

Kelly Paxton specializes in finding and helping Construction Contractors, other businesses, and government agencies root out Pink-Collar Crime in their companies. Bookkeeper Embezzlement Embezzlement Contractor Bookkeeper Embezzlement Construction Bookkeeper Embezzlement finance

Highly Successful Construction Contractors Have Access To Skilled Advisors

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Construction Contractors Need Help From Knowledgeable Advisors. Most contractors tell me "Actually, I don’t want the reports I only want to know "scraps of information" so I can run My Business better. There are several apps and we have one just for Construction Contractors. Construction Contractor App Contractor TipsEverywhere there a Buzz Words and lots of people who say they are Experts in their field.

Several states begin making contractors wage guarantors

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Both California and Maryland have new laws that make general contractors responsible for the wages of even their subcontractors' employees

Contractors Accounting Chaos Solutions

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Marketing Headline is Contractor needs Accountant. The Answer is Yes – Every Contractor needs a Construction Accountant. The Question is Why Does the Contractor need an Accountant? Does the Contractor have an Accountant? Does the Contractor have Bookkeeper? Definition of Free One Hour Consulting from the contractor side is: I am a General Contractor. Contractors Bookkeeping Services

Contractors Need To Reward Themselves

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Congratulations To You Construction Contractor On Your Success! Merry Christmas contractor bookeeping servicesIt's the Holiday Season which means everyone is so busy thinking of everyone else. Wrapping up the end of the year, getting one more thing done that makes sense. I want to be the person who says Merry Christmas! You have earned it. Many of Holiday movies are variations of “Scrooge” based on “This Is Good” and “That Is Bad.”

2016 Contractor Website Best Practices Webcast

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Don’t miss out on our 2016 Contractor Website Best Practices webcast on Thursday, March 24 at 1 PM CST. To register for the free 2016 Contractor Website Best Practices Webcast, click here. How up-to-date is your website design? Are you getting enough traffic or leads to your site?

Lendlease is Midwest Contractor of the Year

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Lendlease is ENR Midwest 2018 Contractor of the Year

Contractor Bookkeeping Basics Explained

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Contractor Bookkeeping contractors bookkeeping and accountingC,ontractor Bookkeeping Basics and Why. Today’s technology says “Do Everything On Your Phone”. Use an app to create an estimate, or better yet just send the estimate in the body of the email. That works when the customer’s reply is “Do It”.

How To Manage Your Money Effectively As A Construction Contractor

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If you’re unsure how to manage your money effectively as a construction contractor, then look no further than this article. Contractor TipsToday's Guest Article Is From Damien Troy. There are a number of easy ways you can manage your money effectively, including working alongside an architect who produces cost-effective designs, to investing in high-quality tools from day one.

Browz Contractor Management

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BROWZ CONTRACTOR MANAGEMENT. Welcome to Safe Friday, this week we’re going to cover the fundamentals of working with Browz for Contractor Management from a Suppliers perspective. If you’re unfamiliar with Browz, they’re an easy-to-use, web-based Supplier/Contractor Management platform.

Do Not Pass “Go” You Out-of-State, Unlicensed Contractor

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” A contractor in North Dakota wasn’t laughing when it was not allowed to pass “Go” and could not immediately collect its $200,000 for work performed. Dickinson Elks Building, LLC , the court held a contractor was not entitled to recover for labor and materials during a time period when the contractor was unlicensed. The contractor later filed a lien for approximately $200,000.

Commercial Construction Labor Trends & Hiring Strategies: Why Young Hires are Good Business for General Contractors

Commercial Construction

If you’re like me, your social media feed this month is filled with photos of happy graduates celebrating commencement and getting ready to begin the next chapter of their lives. Hopefully, we’ll see some of those fresh young graduates heading toward a career in commercial construction.

Top 130 Contractors [2018 Giants 300 Report]


TOP 130 CONTRACTORS. COMPANY. 2017 GC REVENUE. Turner Construction. 11,766,060,622.