Top 15 Civil Engineering SOFTWARE


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Top 10 Construction Estimating Softwares


Construction Estimating Softwares are the tool that helps to build owners, contractors, architects, engineers, and other professionals within the construction industry to prepare cost estimates.


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Construction Cloud Software: The Benefits of a Hosted Solution

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Learn five benefits of having a hosted solution versus on-premise software. Construction Best Practices

Paper vs. Clunky Software vs. Integrated Construction Solution

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Besides paper, many organizations are holding on to older software and systems, but don’t deliver what is needed for the business to enhance collaboration and streamline processes because the software is typically outdated and doesn’t fit the needs of the current organization’s climate. Meet the Contenders: Standing in the right corner, approximately 10 to 20 years old, introducing stand-alone construction software. Place your bets.

Facility Management Software – Construction STAR Ratings

Construction Marketing

Following are the Construction STAR Ratings for Facilities Management software (FM software). . Facilities Management software allow businesses or organizations to manage their maintenance and repair program from, typically, a web-based interface or dashboard. FM software helps facilities save time and money by managing their buildings, spaces, and occupants both efficiently and effectively. So what are the highest rated Facility Management Software alternatives?

Declare Your Independence from Subpar Construction Software

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Integrated Construction Software Boosts Productivity

Monthly Windows Patching + Software Release

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Sunday 16th June 2019: Patching 6am-12pm AEST + Next Jobpac Connect software release 7pm-10pm AEST. Software Jobpac EnhancementsMonthly updates will be carried out on all Windows servers to improve stability and security. Release notes are available via: [link].

Increase Profitability with Integrated Software

Viewpoint Construction Technology

When your software is integrated, everyone has the ability to make decisions in real time. Best Practices North America Software construction softwareNo one wants to experience profit fade. You want to maximize your profit on every job, and eliminate wasteful practices and spending. Even expenditures like utilities and office expenses can be difficult to track.

Collaborative LEAN Construction Software

Job Order Contracting

The innovate and exclusive Collaborative LEAN Construction Software for the Enterprise or Single Organization offering all of these features. The post Collaborative LEAN Construction Software appeared first on 4BT. 4BT LEAN CONSTRUCTION COLLABORATION SaaS Solution.

Trimble Expands BIM Software to NA

Construction Equipment

Trimble announced the availability of Trimble Quadri Building Information Modeling (BIM) collaboration software in North America.

Why You Need a Long-Term Construction Software Partner

Viewpoint Construction Technology

In case you haven’t heard, construction software use is on the rise. Meanwhile, JBKnowledge’s Construction Technology Report noted that workflows like accounting, estimating and project management depend more and more on integrated software. As companies adopt new software solutions, though, many have already seen some of the drawbacks of adding multiple, separate software systems by department or need. Choosing a Dependable Software Provider for the Long Haul.

Construction Software According to Kids

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Construction Software According to Kids. A second reminder that “software” is “cool stuff”. Which of these child-created construction software ads was your favorite? “If we experienced life through the eyes of a child, everything would be magical and extraordinary. Let our curiosity, adventure and wonder of life never end.” ” – Akaine Kramarik. Yesterday, our Portland office participated in Take Your Child to Work Day, and we’re certainly glad we did.

Security in Your Construction Software

Viewpoint Construction Technology

As the construction industry shifts to a more technology-based approach with mobile, software, and multiple hosted applications , security and data privacy has become a critical component of every part of the construction process. It’s no secret that the right construction software sets you and your business up for success, having a direct effect on the management of estimates, bids, timelines, payroll, and more. Beyond the software.

Declare Your Independence From Subpar Construction Software

Viewpoint Construction Technology

While this type of software keeps your whole team in one system, it often fails to meet all of your needs. It’s also common for construction businesses to adopt software piecemeal or at the department level. In this case, you often end up with data in multiple software programs that don’t talk to each other. You can declare your independence from subpar software and put your business on the path to a more efficient, cost-effective and successful future.

Why Are Contractors Using Fewer Software Applications?

Viewpoint Construction Technology

The majority of construction companies are using a variety of software solutions for accounting, project management, estimating, and other important functions. The 2017 report includes many insights about software use in our industry. Particularly interesting is data suggesting companies are using fewer software solutions than they were in 2012. percent of respondents—the largest group—reported only using two software applications.

Why You Need Integrated Construction Software

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Having integrated software is key to your success as a modern contractor. Without software that connects your back office, project team and field staff, it’s too easy to miss project deadlines. Integrated software (like Viewpoint’s Jobpac Connect ERP ). Data must be delivered to office and re-keyed into software. Or if you’d like to keep learning about how to choose the best software for your business, download our Construction Software Buyer’s Guide.

Software firm introduces contactless orientation platform

Construction Dive

Contractors using MindForge can send orientation videos to workers through the software's web portal, rather than violate social distancing practices by showing videos in person

Top Products 2021 – Explorer Software


Explorer Software. A provider of enterprise software solutions, Explorer Software offers Eclipse, which is an integrated job cost, accounting, equipment control, and project-management solution. The post Top Products 2021 – Explorer Software appeared first on Constructech.

ELFA: Equipment, Software Investment Growth to Hit 11.2% This Year

Construction Equipment

The Equipment Leasing & Finance Association says equipment and software investment growth is expected to be robust this year with annual equipment and software investment growth forecast at 11.2

Maintenance Software Drops $5M to Bottom Line

Construction Equipment

GeoStabilization International (GSI) says using a maintenance software program helped it put $5 million to the company’s bottom line in the first year of use. GSI was recognized by the software vendor, B2W, for Best ROI for its use of the company’s B2W Maintain.

Construction Software Companies – 2017

Lets Build

Much like any other industry, the construction industry is also benefitting massively from a wide variety of software tools and apps. With our previous blog post, the Best Construction Software Companies of 2017 , we tried to compile a list of the most valuable construction software tools and break it up categories. Construction Software Companies Spreadsheet & Map.

Seattle’s Software


Aurigo Software, a provider focused on the public sector, entered into a multiyear, multimillion dollar contract with the City of Seattle to automate the entire city’s contract management process including more than 5,000 individual construction and non-construction contracts annually.

8 Software every Civil Engineer Should know

The Constructor

Digital tools ArcGIS AutoCAD civil engineer software M S Excel MSP Navisworks Primavera Revit STAAD proIt doesn’t matter how hard the construction industry tries to cling on to the traditional methods for execution, the increasing complexities and.

5 Tips for Successful Construction Software Implementation

Construction Business Owner

5 Tips for Successful Construction Software Implementation. Elizabeth Manning. Thu, 05/28/2020 - 11:57.

A Guide to Selecting the Right Construction Software

Viewpoint Construction Technology

That’s why many turn to modern software solutions to streamline and manage a wide variety of workflows. And if you choose the wrong solution, your ROI likely won’t be great, and the software may end up hindering your jobs rather than helping them. How to Choose Construction Management Software. To select the right software, you should first and foremost understand your own business needs, as well as its challenges. Viewpoint’s new construction software selection guide.

5 Reasons to Use Mechanical Contractor Software

Pro Builder

5 Reasons to Use Mechanical Contractor Software. Construction software technology has not only helped general contractors but assisted trade contractors to provide their vital services and bring projects to completion. Building Software. Building Software. Software + Apps.

Top Free Construction Software

The Constructor

Various free construction software are available in online which increases productivity, efficiency and helps in scheduling and costing of project. Building Technology Guide Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management Construction Project

Why construction should stop thinking of software as a cost

Lets Build

Construction software construction industry construction software costsIn construction, technology has been gradually replacing outdated machines and systems. Nevertheless, a digital tool is not a cure. It’s not a system that can function independently without us. It is an investment to improve current work processes and fix a problem. But in order for a digital solution to succeed, there needs to be.

Benefits of 4BT JOB ORDER CONTRACTING Software and Cost Data

Job Order Contracting

Here are just a few of the many benefits of 4BT JOB ORDER CONTRACTING Software and Cost Data that drive best value JOC Programs for public sector real property owners and their service partners. JOB ORDER CONTRACTING Software and Cost Data 4BT JOB ORDER CONTRACTING Software and Cost Data

The Right Accounting Software Can Increase Your Profits

Contractor Bookkeeping

Most construction business owners who use accounting software quickly master the basics. They automate processes like invoicing and payroll, track expenses, and view real-time financial reports to manage cash flow and make better business decisions.

DTSI Software

Green Industry Professionals

DTSI SOFTWARE is a group of software and industry professionals with actual experience in the industries that we serve. We know first hand the challenges that we strive to overcome with our technology solutions. Over the past 30 years, our

Integrated Project Delivery Software and Support Services

Job Order Contracting

Integrated project delivery software and support services are now available for facilities operations and maintenance as well as new construction. View and analyse data from BIM models (RVT and IFC formats) directly from your browser without the need to purchase expensive software.

Efficiency Enhancing Software

Contractor Magazine

Reviews of advances to Fieldpoint software, the Routzy standalone mobile CRM app, and Esticom workflow management software

Construction Accounting Software Selection is Strategic

Carol Hagen

Is this Your Construction Accounting Software Selection Process? Choosing a Construction Accounting Software Solution can be a daunting task. It’s the vision of where you are going, recognizing that today’s construction accounting software impacts more than the finance department. Decisions on accounting software are no longer left up to just the controller or CFO. Huge Construction Software News!

Championing Regulatory Compliance with the Right Construction Management Software

Viewpoint Construction Technology

The right construction management software can help construction organisations stay on top of compliance issues. Utilising Integrated Construct ion Software or SaaS Solutions on Your Compliance Journey. We have developed purpose-built construction site management software (well truth be told it is a SaaS framework), designed to help you conquer compliance challenges with the added advantage of site-specific reporting and other features.

Foundation Software's 2020 Construction Business Report

Construction Business Owner

Foundation Software's 2020 Construction Business Report. See the results of Foundation Software's second annual survey by downloading a free copy of the 2020 Construction Business Report, complete with over 25 pages of fully visualized data and insights from industry leaders. Software.

Construction Project Management Software

Viewpoint Construction Technology

When it comes to project management software , contractors have numerous options, from spreadsheets and generic applications to software designed for the construction industry. I recently read an industry survey on the subject that not only provided some interesting insight, but also confirmed the things I’ve been saying about project management software.

Trimble SE Starter Edition Surveying Software

Construction Equipment

Siteworks SE Starter Edition is entry-level construction surveying software. Using a construction GNSS receiver, a supervisor, foreman, grade checker, or site engineer can easily check a grade, slope or alignment and navigate the project more accurately and in less time than with traditional

Cloud Software Conclusions

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Not too long ago, Google released its Chrome Book – a laptop that runs everything in the cloud and doesn’t require any software downloads. As a developer of cloud-based software, I couldn’t help but try one out. In doing so, I came to several conclusions about how the cloud is shaping the behaviors of both software users and developers. I’m constantly amazed by the speed with which new technology and new devices are reaching the marketplace.

Important questions to ask when considering telematics software

Construction Dive

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right software for your operation. The good news is that technology keeps improving, data keeps getting more accurate and capabilities keep broadening