Aging infrastructure. Urban environment.

ENR Construction

The city of Pasadena needed to replace an aging boiler and steam turbine generator at its Glenarm Power Plant. The problem? The site was just yards away from a historic neighborhood and high school

Prospering thru Green Building in a Changing Environment

Green Building Law Update

I spoke to a gathering of construction industry attorneys the other day about that t he changing environment of Federal government regulation portends huge business opportunities for green building.

Uberization of Education in the Built Environment

Collaborative Construction

These “Value Add” business models thrive in the open and transparent environment of the world wide web, and prevail in head to head competition when deployed against “Waste Based” business models that extract profits from a known waste stream.

Podcasts for BIM and the Built Environment

What Revit Wants

2015 may be remembered as 'the year the BIM podcast became a reality' (among other things, I'm sure :) Here is a list of recently established but active podcasts related to BIM and the Built Environment.

Why corporate branded environments matter


What is a brand? In my opinion, one of the best definitions is: a collection of perceptions and emotions in the mind of a customer or user that add value and enable choices. Strong brands are consistent, they know their audience, they differentiate with memorable experiences, and they inspire positive emotions among their users or audiences. A brand may be experienced in a variety of media and forms.

Architecture that helps children fall in love with the environment


It’s a simple story, but it illustrates the power of teaching children to respect the environment I remember a children’s story about a man who got angry when neighborhood kids threw rocks at ducks. He’d yell at them, but they would keep coming back to throw more rocks.

Building the Urban Environment: Earth Sensitive Design

Construction Informer

This podcast about building the urban environment examines where design meets the environmental challenges of cities. The post Building the Urban Environment: Earth Sensitive Design appeared first on Construction Informer Blog - Construction Blog with Information, News, and Commentary. Google+. Construction Podcast

How to create healthy learning environments with active design


An active environment helps students develop the body and mind, creating a setting where they learn to make healthy choices and establish habits that last a lifetime. The philosophy of active design makes a student’s well-being and health a key priority in campus design.


Best Water/Environment - Southern Delivery System Program

ENR Construction

The Southern Delivery System is an $825-million regional Colorado project that moves Arkansas River water from Pueblo Reservoir to the cities of Colorado Springs and Fountain, the Security Water District and Pueblo West Metropolitan District

7 design elements for creating timeless pediatric health environments


It is vital for healthcare architects to design for flexibility in ways that are cost effective over the life of the building, and to redefine the imagery of pediatric hospitals in ways that are both timeless and ageless, state the authors of a new report by Shepley Bulfinch. .


The Constructor

Ever since the existence of earth human being has been a unique and unequal creature. As it is said “necessity is the mother of invention”, the same. Building Technology Buildings Green Buildings Environmental Impact

Award of Merit Water/Environment: The Dalles Navigation Lock Gate Replacement

ENR Construction

To minimize disruption of the Columbia-Snake River navigation system, the gate replacement at the Dalles Dam Navigation Lock was completed in the depths of an Oregon winter

Building in the Urban Environment: The Chance & Challenge of Design

Construction Informer

Building in the urban environment makes design a delicate balance of risk and opportunity. The post Building in the Urban Environment: The Chance & Challenge of Design appeared first on Construction Informer Blog - Construction Blog with Information, News, and Commentary. Google+. Explore this topic by listening to this podcast, or by reading it.

Risk 25

Home That Blends Into Its Environment

Jetson Green

The design was inspired by nature itself and the wish to “insert the building into the environment,” according to the architects. It is a very cool idea in terms of blending with its environment though.

Building in the Urban Environment: The Challenge of Construction Waste

Construction Informer

This podcast digs into construction waste in the urban environment and features perspectives from a USGBC official. The post Building in the Urban Environment: The Challenge of Construction Waste appeared first on Construction Informer Blog - Construction Blog with Information, News, and Commentary. Google+.

Winning Expertise for the Auction Environment

Construction Business Owner

No construction company can complete a project without access to the right equipment. As your business fluctuates, it is important to monitor your equipment inventory, reallocate when necessary or expand your fleet to keep up with project schedules and potentially gain an edge over the competition

Thinking about BIM, SaaS and the Common Data Environment

Extranet Evolution

A lengthy Twitter conversation last night and this morning has got me thinking about the Common Data Environment (CDE), BIM and the role of the various Software-as-a-Service collaboration vendors that operate in the architecture, engineering and construction space. Common Data Environment.

Governance Mechanisms that Work in the Built Environment

Collaborative Construction

Water/Environment Best Project - Tempe Town Lake Downstream Dam Replacement

ENR Construction

After the original rubber-bladder dam failed in 2010 and drained 1 billion gallons of water without warning from Tempe Town Lake, the city of Tempe, Ariz., engaged the construction team to design and build a more permanent replacement

Setting Safety Precedent in a Frozen Environment

ENR Construction

Willmott led an onsite crew of 80 workers to complete a science station in Antarctica without a single safety incident, despite significant logistical hurdles. People

CannonDesign releases new white paper on advancements in operating room environments


CannonDesign released a new white paper on the evolving surgical environment.

AIA 35

Built Environment Life-Management, BIM, LEAN, and Efficient Project Delivery

Building Information Management

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the life-cycle management of the built environment supported by digital technology. Life-cycle Management 101. Discrepancies in construction delivery methods and contracts lead to the failure of BIM, or many/most facility renovation, repair projects.

Green Design Saves Time and Environment

Jetson Green

So why not use Jarvis or some fancy engineering relative software and help save the environment? Home That Blends Into Its Environment. The most solar-panelled, sustainable material-using, eco-friendly building can still leave an unnecessary environmental footprint.

ABC 16

Collaborative Construction Blog: Makers of the Environment. a BIM.

Collaborative Construction

Makers of the Environment. Finith Jernigan, the author of the revolutionary BIG BIM little BIM has written a BIM oriented novel, Makers of the Environment. While BIG BIM little bim was a practical hands on guide to BIM adoption, Makers of the Environment takes the concept of information management to new heights. Makers of the Environment. Makers of the Environment. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Collaborative Construction Blog.

Import any 3D geometry (like Google Earth terrain) to Revit environment via Memento and Recap

What Revit Wants

hypothetically, it allows you to use any good series of images to automatically make some 3d geometry and bring it into the Revit environment for further modelling. I got a virtual tap on the shoulder from Brian Nickel over at The Revit Saver today.

EPA Administrator Pruitt Promises to be Pro-Jobs, Pro-Environment

ENR Construction

In his first speech to EPA employees on Feb. 21, new Administrator Scott Pruitt said the agency would work more closely with states and follow statues

BC QuickStart launched

Extranet Evolution

Reading, UK-based GroupBC , provider of the enterprise-class Business Collaborator and BC Assure platforms, is looking to command an increased share of the building information modelling common data environment market by launching an SME-friendly version of its CDE platform.

Outdoor educational environments provide a campus experience


When thinking back to our own elementary school days, most people would agree that recess was our favorite “subject.” Recess provided us a break from the confinement of the classroom, where we learned how to socialize with our peers in an unstructured manner. From that early age, we quickly discovered that spending time outside is important

Water/Environment Best Project (tie): Port Everglades Wetlands Restoration

ENR Construction

To expand Port Everglades, the facility arranged for the construction of the Southport Turning Notch, a series of five new berths designed to handle the future influx of Super Post Panamax Container cargo ships

Multifamily development in Miami will feature healthy indoor environments


The design of a home and the materials used in constructing it can go a long way in determining if that living space is healthy or not. And as more and more people begin to focus on doing their best to live a healthy lifestyle, they do not want to get home from a day of eating healthy, exercising, and just generally taking care of themselves to find their home working to unravel all of their efforts

Miami 23

10 Steps Toward Real Property Stewardship & Life-cycle Management of the Built Environment

Building Information Management

Life-cycle Management of the Built Environment. Efficient life-cycle management of the built environment requires ALL of the following. 10 Steps Toward Real Property Stewardship. As a Real Property Owner, how do are you doing?

BIM Strategy for the Built Environment

Building Information Management

Link built environment to organizational mission and efficiently manage all physical and functional aspects. Goals. Move from being 80% Reactive 20% Preventative to 80% Preventative 20% Reactive (or less)… and reduce overall cost and environmental impact.

Best Water/Environment

ENR Construction

Alewife Stormwater Wetland Project. Bonus Regions

Drone Introduced for Explosive Environments

ENR Construction

In a catalogue that offers specialized lighting and power equipment for use in hazardous locations, a company now is offering an explosion-proof drone with an impressive range and flight time, a useful payload capacity and a high price tag to match

Sovereign Power And the Built Environment

Collaborative Construction

Many advocates of BIM, consumed by their own hubris, mistakenly believe BIM – or as I define it (BIM)X – serves as a magic elixir, healing ills of all kinds in the built environment. As mandates for the use of BIM proliferate long term advocates of BIM – yours truly included – tend to cheer. But let''s not get too drunk on our own whiskey.

BIM 16

Green Construction Tax Benefits and Incentives


renewable energy environment recycle The green building tax benefits and incentives offered by governments continually shift with the economic and political winds. But contractors of all types, construction managers, owners, and developers can all find opportunities by keeping up with them.

Green 92

Water/Environment Award of Merit - Val Vista Water Transmission Main Rehabilitation

ENR Construction

The $12.1-million Val Vista Water Transmission Main Rehabilitation project was performed on more than 6,000 linear ft of pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe that delivers water to more than 60% of the population in the city of Phoenix