FITWEL may be the Future of Building Sustainability

Green Building Law Update

The well being of building occupants is increasingly being described as the number one driver of sustainability. The aims for a sustainable buildings have shifted in the U.S. Green Building LEED Sustainability Center for Active Design Fitwel WELL

New Sustainable Projects Exhibit in 2017 AIA Contract Documents

Green Building Law Update

And while each of the core sets of documents are updated every 10 years, what is most significant about this update is the new AIA Document E204™ – 2017, Sustainable Projects Exhibit. The use of an exhibit for sustainable projects is new.

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Sustainable Co-working Space in the Himalayas

Jetson Green

Related Articles on Sustainable Home/Office Solution by Dwell. Village of Sustainable Homes in Norway is Well Underway. Who says co-working spaces are only for big cities? There will soon be a place where you can go work in deep, untouched wilderness.

Top Five Sustainable Building Trends

Business Facilities Blog

If you’re considering building a new facility for your company’s relocation or expansion project, the option of sustainable or “green” building has probably been a topic of discussion. Structure Tone’s sustainability team plans to conduct the survey on an annual basis.

Innovative Sustainable Tree House Design

Jetson Green

The Toronto based firm Farrow Partnership Architects designed and built a unique, modern tree house, which is made from sustainable materials, and doesn’t harm the tree in any way, or restrict its growth.

The Sensible Approach to Sustainable Housing

Jetson Green

Green houses, sustainable homes, solar panels, eco-friendly fuel, and so on. Maybe building a sustainable house is a good idea, but then adding all the rest of the greentech might just be overdoing it. Picture a sustainable house. Eco-House is Sustainable Building at its Best.

Creating a Green Yard the Sustainable Way

Jetson Green

Nearly everyone strives to be sustainable, but avoiding chemical cleaners in your home and recycling plastic bottles isn’t nearly enough to call yourself green. Here are a few ways you can ecoscape your backyard so your yard is as sustainable as you are.

Eco-Tourism Meets Sustainable Architecture

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Earlier this year a team of students from the University of Technology in Trondheim designed a very sustainable hut as part of a design- and building workshop. Related Articles on Sustainable and Affordable Housing Built in Santa Monica.

The Most Sustainable Classroom

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The aim of this project was to provide a sustainable, inspiring and healthy space for educational purposes, and it is one of only such classrooms in the US. Related Articles on Eco-House is Sustainable Building at its Best.

Nike Unveils a Sustainable Warehouse

Jetson Green

This warehouse is incredibly sustainable, which is always welcome when it comes to large companies. Related Articles on Sustainable and Grid Independent Floating Home. The Most Sustainable Classroom. Super Sustainable LivingHomes Prefabs Taking Over California.

The future of sustainable and affordable housing


Global warming is one of the main reasons why sustainable housing is ideal for future construction. Sustainable homes do not only help the environment by reducing the overall environmental impact during and after construction, but it contributes towards many social and economic benefits.

Family Experiments with Sustainable Living

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Helly Scholten of Holland has been living in an experimental sustainable house with her family since June 2015. The Scholten family will live in it for 3 years in order to experience and explore sustainable ways to live. Sustainable Rooftop Living.

Sustainable Suburbs

SAB Magazine

In 2011, for the first time in nearly a century, the rate of urban population growth outpaced suburban growth, reversing a trend that began with the invention of the automobile.

Sustainability Initiatives Can Drive Corporate Revenue Growth and Innovation

Business Facilities Blog

Sustainability innovation is powering business growth: Between 2010 and 2013, revenues from company-defined portfolios of sustainable products and services grew by 91%, according to a new study from The Conference Board. Business Facilities (BF) Magazine.

Sure House is More Than Just Sustainable

Jetson Green

The name of it is a merging of the words SUstainable and REsilient. Related Articles on ROSE Cottage Proves a Large Home Can Be Sustainable. Sustainable Mint House is Build From Corten Steel.


The Constructor

What is sustainability in construction and civil engineering? Sustainability in construction and civil engineering is the optimization of. Building Technology Buildings Construction Green Buildings Sustainable Building

Clif Bar Opens Sustainable Bakery In Idaho

Business Facilities Blog

The sustainability-focused facility in Twin Falls, ID uses biophilic design, a cutting-edge approach that connects people with nature and the well-being it provides. Read Clif Bar Opens Sustainable Bakery In Idaho on Business Facilities - Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions.

Idaho 18

World’s Most Advanced, Sustainable Paint Factory Opens In England

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Paints and coatings company AkzoNobel is celebrating the opening of the world’s most advanced and sustainable paint factory in Ashington, North-East England. Read: World’s Most Advanced, Sustainable Paint Factory Opens In England at

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Autarkhome: Sustainable Floating Passivhaus

Jetson Green

This is a floating home that is entirely self-sufficient and docked in Maastricht, Netherlands. Designed by Pieter Kromwijk and referred to as Autarkhome , the solar-powered project was built to the Passivhaus standard and is 10 times more energy efficient than the average dwelling of similar size.

UK Team to Get a Sustainable Wooden Stadium

Jetson Green

It’s always great to hear about new, large-scale construction projects getting underway in a sustainable way. It will be designed and built by Zaha Hadid Architects, and it will be a low-carbon structure made out of sustainably-sourced wood. Nike Unveils a Sustainable Warehouse.

A Modern and Sustainable Home Renovation

Jetson Green

Austin Maynard Architects (formerly Andrew Maynard Architects) of Australia have recently completed a green renovation, turning an existing and outdated house into a modern and sustainable home. Related Articles on Modern Home That’s Sustainable Through and Through.

Up-Cycled and Sustainable Home

Jetson Green

The home features lots of recycled materials and was renovated with sustainability in mind. Sustainable Home/Office Solution by Dwell. Sustainable Living in one of the Harshest Climates in the World.

The Second Best Way to Mitigate Your Risk in Green Building

Green Building Law Update

So, accepting that most readers of this blog will not engage our law firm to draft their contracts, the second best way to mitigate your risk in a green building project is to utilize The American Institute of Architects, 2017 Documents: New Sustainable Projects Exhibit.

Unique Approach to Increasing the Sustainability of Old Buildings

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Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has recently come up with an interesting and unique solution to turning an old, 1970’s apartment building into a very sustainable complex. Related Articles on Nike Unveils a Sustainable Warehouse.

Green and Sustainable Prefab Home

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The so-called Schoolmasters is a sustainable prefab home, which was recently built near Aberdeen, Scotland. Related Articles on A House That’s Sustainable From the Inside Out. ROSE Cottage Proves a Large Home Can Be Sustainable.

Sustainable and Affordable Family Home

Jetson Green

Tatiana Bilbao, an architect from Mexico has come up with an interesting design for a low cost house, which she revealed at the 2015 Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Sustainable Urban Farm

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The food production methods currently in place are not very sustainable at all. Sustainable Shipping Container Center in Albuquerque.

Sustainer Homes Made of Shipping Containers

Jetson Green

The company Sustainer Homes recently unveiled a shipping container home that can also be taken completely off-the-grid. Sustainer homes are meant to be primary residences, though they can also easily be used as hotels, holiday accommodations or emergency shelters.

Millennials’ views on sustainability could influence the workplace


Millennials’ strong views on sustainability could influence the design of workplaces and business practices

Sustainable Shipping Container Center in Albuquerque

Jetson Green

Entrepreneur Roy Solomon is currently busy overseeing the building of a unique center in Albuquerque NM, which will be build entirely out of shipping containers. The center will be located at a busy location near I-40 and Carlisle Boulevard.

Geodesic Biodomes are Sustainable and Very Cool

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Related Articles on Sustainable Living in one of the Harshest Climates in the World. The company Biodomes of Romania recently unveiled their lineup of dome homes, which can function completely independently of the grid, and can withstand high winds and severe earthquakes.

Simple Wooden House is Sustainable in More Ways Than One

Jetson Green

Wood Studio House, recently completed by Dom Arquitectura of Spain is energy efficient, prefab, sustainable, and made of wood. As for the sustainability features, it was considered from the ground up. Related Articles on A House That’s Sustainable From the Inside Out.

Harvard Program Pushes Sustainable Infrastructure in Urban Planning

ENR Construction

A Harvard University graduate school of design program has published a guidebook for municipalities in how to take an integrated approach to designing and building sustainable infrastructure in concert with urban planning

Super Sustainable LivingHomes Prefabs Taking Over California

Jetson Green

The company LivingHomes has launched their first sustainable, LEED platinum prefab home back in 2013. The company has also developed their own 6-point sustainable home standard, called the Z6 program, which, according to them, will serve to better showcase the C6 homes’ performance.

Sustainable and Portable Living in The Tricycle House

Jetson Green

Imagine affordable, sustainable living, off the grid in an urban environment or in the country, where your home goes where you go. Affordable Design Modern architecture Projects cheap housing portable housing Sustainable Living Innovations

Paradigm Sustainable Prefab at Greenbuild

Jetson Green

Related Articles on Paradigm is a Sustainable Prototype Prefab. This is a prototype prefab — Paradigm — recently on display at Greenbuild 2012 in San Francisco, California.

Ra, Sustainer of Life

Business Facilities Blog

Read Ra, Sustainer of Life on Business Facilities - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions. A nation that in ancient times worshipped The Sun God is home to a $3.5-billion solar power project. Energy (Renewable/Alternative/Green) Featured Industry News International Middle East Renewable Energy Site Selection The Editor's Blog Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Alternative Energy Benban Clean Energy egypt Energy environmental regulations Solar Power Trump