Strategic Sustainability

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Among the growing green markets across the U.S. and Canada, recycling operations, electric vehicles, and supporting technology are making inroads.

Improving Facilities Sustainment Outcomes

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Improving facilities sustainment outcomes is critical to meeting mission, environment, and financial requirements. What is facilities sustainment? Sustainment includes all maintenance and repair activities necessary to keep an inventory of facilities in good working order.


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Principles of Sustainable Construction

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Principles of Sustainable Construction. sustainable design. sustainable building materials. The Principles of Sustainable Construction (Adapted from CIB, 1994 and Kibert, 2008). Principles of Sustainable ConstructionMaterials. Transport. Water. Energy. Waste.

Sustainable Homes | Eco-Friendly House | How to Build A Sustainable House


Sustainable Homes promotes a far better quality of life and involves less waste, higher responsibility, lower life-cycle environmental impacts, less maintenance, and a lot of utilization of eco-friendly resources.

Sustainability in Construction: What Trimble Viewpoint Customers Are Doing

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Real-world stories of green construction and sustainable building practices—direct from our clients! Construction Best Practices

Facilities Sustainment – Public Sector

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Most public sector agencies do not have an efficient facilities sustainment capability. Δ The post Facilities Sustainment – Public Sector appeared first on 4BT. Facilities Sustainment

Built Environment Sustainability – A Critical Need

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Built environment sustainability is critical. Built Environment Sustainability is critical to environmental and economic security. The post Built Environment Sustainability – A Critical Need appeared first on 4BT.

Sustainable Manufacturers Invest $24.5M In South Carolina Growth

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Greif will invest $13 million over the next five years to expand in Greenville County; Aerofoam USA is establishing a $11.5 million operation in Abbeville County. .

CBO's 2022 Sustainability VIPs

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CBO's 2022 Sustainability VIPs. Special section recognizes the industry’s foremost leaders of sustainable practices & programs. Sustainable cities and communities. Send us your nomination(s) to share the story of your coworker or colleague’s sustainability expertise.

What is Sustainable Sludge Management?

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Sustainable sludge treatment processes focus on the elimination of risks to the environment and human health occurring from sludge, along with the.

Sustainable Agriculture Standard Announced

Green Building Law Update

Almost on cue (despite being in the works for more than 4 years), Leonardo Academy has announced that its LEO 4000 National Sustainable Agriculture Standard is now available for use. Leonardo Academy is well respected, including for its work on the LEED Existing Building standard, for its non-profit model of “leveraging the competitive market to advance sustainability.”. LEO 4000 responds by defining “what constitutes sustainable agriculture.”.

Integrate Planning, Procurement, and Project Delivery – An Efficient Approach to Facilities Sustainment

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An Efficient Approach to Facilities Sustainment requires the Integration of Planning, Procurement, and Project Delivery Teams, a robust programmatic process, and a common data environment inclusive of locally researched granular cost data. An Efficient Approach to Facilities Sustainment

20 Sustainable Innovative Eco-Friendly Building Materials

Learn Civil Engineering

Construction Materials Building Material Eco-Friendly Eco-Friendly Building Material Green Building Materials Innovative Properties SustainableWhat Are Eco-Friendly Materials? Eco-friendly building materials are those that can be recycled.

Sustainability VIPs 2021

Construction Business Owner

Sustainability VIPs 2021. As the demand for more sustainable building continues to increase, and the practice of green building becomes increasingly more profitable, construction today is positioned to lead the world by example. Alex Headley. Wed, 09/01/2021 - 07:30.

The Hottest Environmental Trend is Sustainable Business Practices

Green Building Law Update

In a dramatic shift the fastest growing environmental issue in 2018 is sustainable business practices. What are fast growing and emergent are sustainable business practices. Barron’s earlier this month published an article about environmental, social and governance issues, “The New Allure of Sustainable Investing.” There is a definite gender difference and woman are much more interested in sustainability than men.

Jury Awards Millions in Sustainable Hog Case

Green Building Law Update

And while there is no doubt that the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals will review these verdicts, including how statutory damages caps reduce the amounts actually collectible, these cases present a harsh reality of farms being pushed to respond to demand for sustainable agricultural products while battling nuisance claims brought by carpetbagger trial lawyers on behalf of city slickers who have moved to rural farm communities.

Sustainable Suburbs

SAB Magazine

Site & Landscaping Dermot Sweeny Re-designing for the conservation of resources Re-development of suburban land Re-imagining infrastructure Re-thinking conventions SabMagazine sustainable architecture and building sustainable solutions Sustainable Suburbs The Spectrum Square project transformative urban centres

Coating for sustainability

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So, the core goal of most industrial coatings is sustainability. All of these sustainability requirements have restricted the use of solvent-borne products, forcing the industry to come up with inventive, low-emitting coating systems. All images courtesy Tnemec Company, Inc.

Nominate Your Company's Sustainability VIP

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Nominate Your Company's Sustainability VIP. Special section recognizing the industry’s foremost leaders of sustainable practices & programs. Sustainable cities and communities. sustainability. sustainability VIP. sustainable.

Sustainability at Queen’s University in Canada

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Sustainability Professor, Steven Moore, wants Queen’s University in Ontario Canada to be a moral and sustainable leader through their actions. Moore models sustainability through his own lifestyle, living in an earth-sheltered house in Tamworth, facing the Salmon River.

Building a Sustainable, Scalable & Sellable Construction Company

Construction Business Owner

Building a Sustainable, Scalable & Sellable Construction Company. Building a sustainable, scalable and sellable business is something all business owners should strive for. Alex Headley. Tue, 09/28/2021 - 13:34.

New Sustainable Projects Exhibit in 2017 AIA Contract Documents

Green Building Law Update

And while each of the core sets of documents are updated every 10 years, what is most significant about this update is the new AIA Document E204™ – 2017, Sustainable Projects Exhibit. The use of an exhibit for sustainable projects is new. AIA has previously published Sustainable Project versions of its core documents integrating specific green building text within each contract. If you are regular reader of this blog you are aware there has been a hiatus in postings.

Sustainably built environments: specifying low-carbon concrete

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Sustainability attributes of concrete. Sustainable construction considers the entire life cycle of a structure and aims to reduce the environmental damage at every stage, from the initial choice of products to demolition. Photo courtesy Jackie Ricciardi.

Sustainable Building and Design in Australia

Natural Building

This contemporary Australian home by Sustainable Building and Design, completed in 2020, showcases what is possible when sustainability is the goal. The post Sustainable Building and Design in Australia appeared first on Natural Building Blog.

Are 3D-printed buildings the future of sustainable construction?

Lets Build

3D-printed buildings have been popping up more frequently over the last few years, but are they a gimmick, or could they be the future of sustainable construction ? The benefits of 3D-printed buildings in sustainable construction.

Sustainable Construction: What You Need to Know About UK Building Regulations’ Part L

Viewpoint Construction Technology

How Technology is Helping UK Contractors Meet Environmental Denands and Regulatory Compliance. Construction Best Practices

Sustainable Building by the Numbers

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Sustainable Building by the Numbers. This signals a growing need for homebuilders, like us, to raise visibility around these front-end investments and to message the benefits of sustainable materials and building best practices directly to consumers. Sustainability.

Designing Highly-Sustainable Buildings

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Earlier this month I participated in a webinar titled Designing Highly-Sustainable Buildings featuring the Sketchup software team, along with Sefaira, a plugin that calculates various aspects of energy use pertaining to the design.

City Of Santa Fe Earns Sustainability Certification

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Read: City Of Santa Fe Earns Sustainability Certification at The New Mexico city is only the second in the world to achieve LEED Gold status under the USGBC's more stringent LEED v4.1 rating system.

Nanotechnology for Sustainable Construction [PDF]

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Construction Engineering & Management Nanotechnology for Sustainable Construction sustainable construction Use of Nanomaterials with Construction Materials Use of Nanotechnology for energy savings Use of Nanotechnology for fire protection

ENR MidAtlantic Announces the 2022 Excellence in Sustainability Award Winners

ENR Construction

A sustainability expert has selected ENR MidAtlantic's 2022 Best Projects sustainability award winners

4 Ways to Improve Sustainable Construction

Construction Business Owner

4 Ways to Improve Sustainable Construction. How project management software can tackle sustainability challenges & increase productivity & profitability in the process. sustainable construction.

The Sustainable Healthier Home

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The Sustainable Healthier Home. ibush. Mon, 09/20/2021 - 13:59. Image

Sustainability in Multifamily Housing

Collaborative Construction

What can the built industry do to encourage sustainability in multifamily housing complexes in the Cincinnati area? Join us next Friday, February 17, 2017 as Collaborative Construction and Benjamin Yocum & Heather joined forces with BrainBox and others to discuss Managing Sustainability in Multifamily Units in Cincinnati.

Telosa: A Sustainable City in the American Desert

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Billionaire Marc Lore has unveiled the plan to build a sustainable city, called Telosa, in the US. The former Walmart executive plans to build a.

Plans 86

FITWEL may be the Future of Building Sustainability

Green Building Law Update

The well being of building occupants is increasingly being described as the number one driver of sustainability. The aims for a sustainable buildings have shifted in the U.S. This dramatic shift is even found in the federal government’s recently updated Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings, which now include considerations around protecting occupant health, wellness, and productivity. Green Building LEED Sustainability Center for Active Design Fitwel WELL

Creating and Sustaining Innovation

Collaborative Construction

Once a construction related enterprise discards the Backwards Bike and embraces a Smart Built Culture innovation must become second nature and a great way to create and sustain a culture of innovation is to launch an in-house Innovation Center. Innovation in business revolves around creation of value. Exercises that fail to add value to an enterprise rarely qualify as innovation. In construction much of what passes for "innovation" involves nibbling at the edges of existing problems.

Sustainability in a material world


Each year, the mainstream definition of “sustainable design” continues to broaden its reach.

1,500th Envision Sustainability Professional Credentialed

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The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure announced that earlier this week it reached the milestone of 1,500 Envision Sustainability Professionals who have been credentialed in the use of the Envision sustainable infrastructure rating system. Envision is a voluntary third party sustainable development rating system for all types and sizes of infrastructure projects, as opposed to buildings (. Envision LEED Sustainability

Are Adobe Houses Sustainable?

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This is sustainable because the materials have low embodied energy, are locally abundant, and can create energy-efficient buildings. Adobe has regained popularity in recent years as a conservation method for and sustainable alternative to traditional homes.