Internal Sustainability


We speak of sustainability in our buildings and infrastructure but rarely in terms of our businesses and policies. CHA believes that sustainability is fundamental to the way it should approach everything they do. The post Internal Sustainability appeared first on Constructech.

What’s Next: Sustainability


First up, sustainability. Earlier this year, we identified that the coming decade will be the one of enterprise sustainability, where businesses turn to technology like the IoT (Internet of Things), machine learning, AI (artificial intelligence), and more, to create business strategies that center on being more sustainable. Peggy Smedley penned a very interesting blog last week about the IoT in sustainability and the circular economy. Here’s some good news.

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Sustainable Suburbs

SAB Magazine

Site & Landscaping Dermot Sweeny Re-designing for the conservation of resources Re-development of suburban land Re-imagining infrastructure Re-thinking conventions SabMagazine sustainable architecture and building sustainable solutions Sustainable Suburbs The Spectrum Square project transformative urban centres

City Of Santa Fe Earns Sustainability Certification

Business Facilities

Read: City Of Santa Fe Earns Sustainability Certification at Daily News Economic Development Energy (Renewable/Alternative/Green) Featured New Mexico Quality Of Life education Energy health LEED-certified cities new mexico Quality of Life safety Santa Fe Sustainability Sustainable Santa Fe 25-Year Plan Transportation USGBC waste Water

Sustainable Agriculture Standard Announced

Green Building Law Update

Almost on cue (despite being in the works for more than 4 years), Leonardo Academy has announced that its LEO 4000 National Sustainable Agriculture Standard is now available for use. Leonardo Academy is well respected, including for its work on the LEED Existing Building standard, for its non-profit model of “leveraging the competitive market to advance sustainability.”. LEO 4000 responds by defining “what constitutes sustainable agriculture.”.

The Hottest Environmental Trend is Sustainable Business Practices

Green Building Law Update

In a dramatic shift the fastest growing environmental issue in 2018 is sustainable business practices. What are fast growing and emergent are sustainable business practices. Barron’s earlier this month published an article about environmental, social and governance issues, “The New Allure of Sustainable Investing.” There is a definite gender difference and woman are much more interested in sustainability than men.

Jury Awards Millions in Sustainable Hog Case

Green Building Law Update

And while there is no doubt that the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals will review these verdicts, including how statutory damages caps reduce the amounts actually collectible, these cases present a harsh reality of farms being pushed to respond to demand for sustainable agricultural products while battling nuisance claims brought by carpetbagger trial lawyers on behalf of city slickers who have moved to rural farm communities.

Sustainability and Infrastructure


What can be done to make infrastructure more sustainable? The ISI (Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure ) develops and manages Envision, a framework that encourages systemic changes in the planning, design, and delivery of sustainable and resilient infrastructure through education, training, and third-party project verification. Allied Market Research published a new report showing the global green technology and sustainability market was estimated at $6.85

6 Sustainable Innovations Shaping Construction

The Constructor

Sustainable innovation is the process in which sustainability considerations including environmental and economy are taken into account from idea. Building Materials Building Technology Guide

A Vision for a Sustainable Future


At the onset of this year, we recognized that 2020 would be the decade of enterprise sustainability —and it seems even amid a pandemic that trend continues to hold strong. Many technology companies are approaching sustainability as a two-pronged approach—identifying how it can help both their customers and their own business , achieving benefits and positive impacts to the business on both fronts. Companies need to look within for the win with sustainability.

Green Development & Sustainability: Letting The Sunshine In

Business Facilities

As states are racing to be among the leaders powered 100-percent by renewable energy, industrial giants like Samsung are pledging to join them in adopting this gold standard for sustainability at their manufacturing plants. Read: Green Development & Sustainability: Letting The Sunshine In at

Sustainability in Multifamily Housing

Collaborative Construction

What can the built industry do to encourage sustainability in multifamily housing complexes in the Cincinnati area? Join us next Friday, February 17, 2017 as Collaborative Construction and Benjamin Yocum & Heather joined forces with BrainBox and others to discuss Managing Sustainability in Multifamily Units in Cincinnati.

10 contractors profiting from sustainable building

Construction Dive

These are the industry leaders, per ENR revenue rankings, that are implementing sustainable practices in innovative, effective ways

6 Innovative Ways to Sustainable Cities

The Constructor

Living in a densely populated city is no longer a dream and has become quite a nightmare. The rampant environmental degradation, traffic congestion, Building Technology Guide Environmental Engg Smart Materials

Top Five Sustainable Building Trends

Business Facilities

If you’re considering building a new facility for your company’s relocation or expansion project, the option of sustainable or “green” building has probably been a topic of discussion. Sustainable building practices are becoming more common, but are still seen as cost-prohibitive by many building and real estate leaders, according to a recent study by construction management firm Structure Tone. Architecture Books ” Sustainable Built Environments.

Creating and Sustaining Innovation

Collaborative Construction

Once a construction related enterprise discards the Backwards Bike and embraces a Smart Built Culture innovation must become second nature and a great way to create and sustain a culture of innovation is to launch an in-house Innovation Center. Innovation in business revolves around creation of value. Exercises that fail to add value to an enterprise rarely qualify as innovation. In construction much of what passes for "innovation" involves nibbling at the edges of existing problems.

Can Sustainable Materials Compete With Virgin Material?


The design industry has long been pervaded by the idea that sustainable materials are “not enough”—not flexible or durable enough, not creative enough, not inexpensive enough to justify their use.

Materials Used in Sustainable Concrete?

The Constructor

I want to learn which materials are generally used in sustainable concrete and why. The post Materials Used in Sustainable Concrete? appeared first

Using Plastics for Sustainable Construction

Construction Cost Estimating

The significance of manageability and the use of sustainable materials in construction are increasing a fast movement in construction industry. Today, let us see how can we use plastics in sustainable construction.

New Sustainable Projects Exhibit in 2017 AIA Contract Documents

Green Building Law Update

And while each of the core sets of documents are updated every 10 years, what is most significant about this update is the new AIA Document E204™ – 2017, Sustainable Projects Exhibit. The use of an exhibit for sustainable projects is new. AIA has previously published Sustainable Project versions of its core documents integrating specific green building text within each contract. If you are regular reader of this blog you are aware there has been a hiatus in postings.

The future of sustainable and affordable housing

Lets Build

Global warming is one of the main reasons why sustainable housing is ideal for future construction. Sustainable homes do not only help the environment by reducing the overall environmental impact during and after construction, but it contributes towards many social and economic benefits. One of the solutions to these problems can be sustainable housing, but whether these homes can be made affordable enough for the average Joe to own or rent is another question.

Recipe for a Sustainable Building

Construction Marketing

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) has recently released new design guidelines to integrate NYCHA properties into a larger community and reduce their environmental impact.

Sustainability in a material world


Each year, the mainstream definition of “sustainable design” continues to broaden its reach. The emphasis has expanded far beyond energy, water and site into public health, social equity, wellness and transparency– underscoring how our effect on the environment is inextricably linked with its effects on us


The Constructor

What is sustainability in construction and civil engineering? Sustainability in construction and civil engineering is the optimization of. Building Technology Buildings Construction Green Buildings Sustainable Building

Project Management + Sustainability: FAQ


“What will it take to achieve the sustainability goals of our project?” Whether your sustainable project involves goals around carbon reduction, healthy indoor environments, or energy efficiency, the short answer is it takes additional coordination and planning and likely requires strategic consultants. Chasing multiple sustainability pursuits adds complexity that often requires full-time coordination and a longer schedule. Set sustainability goals in Schematic Design.

FAQ 56

Young Indian Architects and Builders Are Embracing Sustainability

Natural Building

Many architects thought of joining this movement of making only sustainable, highly energy-efficient buildings, but it mostly remained a romantic vision. The post Young Indian Architects and Builders Are Embracing Sustainability appeared first on Natural Building Blog.

Sloan Launches Sustainability Resources on Earth Day

Contractor Magazine

Tools include a sustainability calculator, sustainable product chart, green product finder and more

Top 7 Sustainability Issues With Construction Industry

The Constructor

Construction Engineering & Management Acidification by Construction Activities Air Pollution due to Construction Deforestation due to Construction Global Warming due to Construction Loss of Biodiversity and Natural Habitats due to Construction Top 7 Sustainability Issues With Construction Industry Toxicity due to Construction Water Resource Pollution due to ConstructionThe construction industry is one of the largest consumers of natural resources.

Sustainability guidelines for ready mix plant certification

GCP Applied Technologies

Sustainability guidelines for ready mix plant certification. The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association's (NRMCA) Sustainable Concrete Plant Certification (the "Certification") provides ready mix plant personnel specific guidance to assess their production practices and implement sustainability strategies that will ultimately lower their overall carbon footprint. Sustainability. Sustainability guidelines for ready mix plant certification.

HS2 Station Aims For Outstanding Sustainability

ENR Construction

’s London-Birmigham high-speed rail will be the world’s first to achieve an “outstanding” sustainability rating A station on the U.K.’s

FITWEL may be the Future of Building Sustainability

Green Building Law Update

The well being of building occupants is increasingly being described as the number one driver of sustainability. The aims for a sustainable buildings have shifted in the U.S. This dramatic shift is even found in the federal government’s recently updated Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings, which now include considerations around protecting occupant health, wellness, and productivity. Green Building LEED Sustainability Center for Active Design Fitwel WELL


The Constructor

Sustainability in brick masonry is required in todays construction to protect environment and save cost. sustainability in brick masonry materials, Building Materials Building Technology Building Tips Brick Masonry Construction construction Materials Sustainable Building

3 Sustainable Building Trends & How to Implement Them

Construction Business Owner

3 Sustainable Building Trends & How to Implement Them. Add more sustainable building practices to your list of 2020 resolutions. Elizabeth Manning. Mon, 02/03/2020 - 11:09. Here's 3 big trends in green construction and how you can implement them in your business

Social Sustainability in Practice

SAB Magazine

Discussion in the media focused on the economic implications, while within sustainability circles, the concern was for the effect lower oil prices have on growth in the renewable energy sector. Viewpoint Darryl Condon HCMA LEED SABMag social aspects of a community social sustainability sustainable architecture and buildingIn February of 2015 Royal Dutch Shell announced its decision to cancel its Pierre River oil sands project due to lower global oil prices.

Affordable Housing That LEEDs in Being Green and Sustainable

Pro Builder

Affordable Housing That LEEDs in Being Green and Sustainable. The project was developed and designed by Norstar Development USA and Sustainable Comfort. All photos: Sustainable Comfort). . . mbeirne. Tue, 09/01/2020 - 07:00.

1,500th Envision Sustainability Professional Credentialed

Green Building Law Update

The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure announced that earlier this week it reached the milestone of 1,500 Envision Sustainability Professionals who have been credentialed in the use of the Envision sustainable infrastructure rating system. Envision is a voluntary third party sustainable development rating system for all types and sizes of infrastructure projects, as opposed to buildings (. Envision LEED Sustainability

Sustainable construction products and technologies

GCP Applied Technologies

Sustainable construction products and technologies. SUSTAINABLE CONCRETE | SUSTAINABLE CEMENT | SUSTAINABLE BUILDING ENVELOPE. SUSTAINABLE CONCRETE. Considering cement production—a primary component of concrete—accounts for roughly 5% of the entire global emissions carbon footprint, producing more sustainable concrete is among the most important topics in construction today. Is concrete a sustainable building material? SUSTAINABLE CEMENT.

Why Embracing Construction Tech Leads to Sustainable Profit Growth

Construction Business Owner

Why Embracing Construction Tech Leads to Sustainable Profit Growth. Elizabeth Manning. Tue, 06/09/2020 - 15:46. How your construction company can improve your accounting and accounts payable processes with construction tech and software

Mass timber's striking case for sustainability

Construction Dive

As mass timber lays claim to increasingly innovative technology and prefabrication, it also hopes to get an edge up on its traditional building material counterparts through its lower carbon footprint and renewability traits

Admixtures and sustainability

GCP Applied Technologies

Admixtures and sustainability. Cement additives and concrete admixtures are construction chemicals that reliably improve the sustainability of a broad range of cement-based systems. Another way that water reducers can be employed to increase sustainability is by using less cement content or more SCMs in the concrete. . To achieve maximum sustainability, their use needs to be accompanied by admixtures, particularly in cases where minimization of water usage is required.