New Sustainable Projects Exhibit in 2017 AIA Contract Documents

Green Building Law Update

Last week the American Institute of Architects released the 2017 edition of the A201 family of contract documents, including updated versions of the AIA’s documents developed for the design-bid-build delivery model.

Lawsuit Over LEED Documentation

Green Building Law Update

A case filed last week in a California court is a prime example of the importance of contract documents in a LEED project. But the current dispute playing out in letters between counsel for Palo Alto and Flintco is the claim by the City that when Flintco’s contract was terminated, it did not turn over the documentation necessary to pursue LEED certification. Do you know who owns the LEED documentation on the project you are working on?

AIA Digital Documents

Collaborative Construction

I wrote the summary of the AIA Digital Documents below a few years back but it responds well to recent questions I received regarding digital protocols generally. When the AIA updates its digital suite of documents Collaborative Construction will review those new instruments. AIA Digital Documents Summary James L. These AIA instruments provide a good starting place for understanding the legal landscape in construction from a digital perspective.

Construction Documents and Data

John Chaney

Last week I went along with one of our product managers to visit a local client – a large general contractor in the Seattle area. The purpose of the visit was to get some feedback on a few new construction management software features we’re developing.

Some vital construction documents for a construction project

Construction Cost Estimating

If it is required to develop a new building or refurbish surviving property, the owner should have arranged a document so that the work & other portions of the construction project can be performed systematically. It is considered as the vital part of the contract documents.

Construction Disputes and Project Document Management

John Chaney

The article provided figures and trends regarding the average dollar value of disputes, but the part of the article that stuck with me was a brief mention of the primary reason behind construction disputes – ambiguities in the contract documents.

Types of Documents for Heavy Civil Construction Projects

The Constructor

Types of design and construction documents for heavy civil projects such as engineering design documents, bid documents, construction documents are.


The Constructor

A contract or tender document in construction industry is an agreement between two parties which they intend to be legally binding with respect to. Construction Construction Contracts Construction Management Bill of Quantities Contract Documents Contracts Tender Tender documents

New ConsensusDocs Documents Announed

Construction Dive

New Standard Design-Build and Construction Management At-Risk ConsensusDocs ContractsConsensusDocs, a coalition of 40 design and construction industry associations, announced today that it is publishing completely updated design-build and Construction Management at-risk standard documents.

ICC, NFPA release comprehensive solar code document

Constructor Magazine

The updated publication compiles solar energy provisions from the 2018 International Codes, 2017 National Electrical Code and related ICC standards


The Constructor

The contract documents A contract is an agreement between two parties which they intend to be legally binding with respect to the obligations of each. Construction Contracts Construction Management Constrution Bill of Quantities Contract Documents Contracts Tender Tender documents

AIA Digital Practice Documents for Review

Collaborative Construction

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently published a draft set of Digital Practice Documents worthy of consideration by integrated teams interested in providing BIM enabled facilities and infrastructure in an integrated project delivery (IPD) environment.

The Startup Construction Business Checklist: 3 Important Documents You Need to Have

Construction Marketing Blog

This article outlines three important documents that you’ll need in order to start and run a profitable business. First of all, it’s a document you’ll find yourself constantly referring to as it contains key statistics, such as forecasted sales and company turnover. Legal Documents.

5 Legal Documents All Construction Business Owners Should Use

Construction Business Owner

While there are several documents that contractors use regularly, there are also other lesser-known legal documents that owners may find useful.

Legal 73

Unique Document Management Software Saves Contractor's Time And Money

Contractor Bookkeeping

Unique Document Management Software Saves Contractor's Time And Money! We have finally found the one document management software For Contractors that is simple, easy to use and the software developers understand what we need to support our contractor clients.

Document Scanning via your cell phone?

Carol Hagen

Some of us have tried to take a picture of a document with our cell phone but the results vary widely. Because you are using a cell phone camera that is missing instructions on how to make the photo into a document! . Take a photo of the document with the application. Check the edges or have it automatically determine the edges of the document and prompts for the result(provided that your background is darker than the paper). Digitizing and Archiving Documents.

Efficient Expense and Document Management for Landscapers

Green Industry Professionals

Modern business technology, designed to help maintain important documents, is relieving stress for landscaping business owners and managers

Bluebeam Tip: Fastest Way to DeSkew (Straighten) a Scanned Document

Carol Hagen

Scanned documents are commonly found as email attachments and unfortunately often get pulled through a scanner at an angle. This often occurs when a stack of documents or plan sets are fed through a desktop scanner.

Revit Server Documents

Revit OpEd

If you visit the wikihelp site for Autodesk Revit Server you''ll find (if you look closely) these documents are available for your use/review. Worksharing Revit Server Whitepapers Wikihelp Resources Networking Documents Bandwidth Requirements for Revit Server Cost-Effective Revit Server Deployments Locking and Worksharing in Revit Server Revit Server 2012 Revit Server and Riverbed Steelhead Understanding Revit Server User of Revit Server on High Latency Networks.

New AIA contract document designates responsibilities for sustainable projects


American Institute of Architects’ 2017 updates of contract documents provide detailed guidelines on how to devise and assign responsibility for sustainable elements of a construction project. Key points of Document E204–2017 include

AIA contract document updates include new BIM, digital data provisions


The AIA Documents Committee has revamped standard contract documents regarding Building Information Modeling (BIM) and other digital data. The first standard forms for BIM were released a decade ago, and much has changed regarding BIM practices since then.

Project Documentation: The Bad Little Email That Got Produced

Best Practices Construction Law

Believe it or not, there are always a wealth of emails and other documents produced in litigation that help “make the case” for the other side. ” Best Practices advises that you should have a written document management policy in place.

AIA releases new architect commissioning document


The American Institute of Architects has released AIA Document C203 – 2017 Standard Form of Consultant’s Services: Commissioning. C203-2017 replaces B211-2007, Standard Form of Architect’s Services: Commissioning.

AIA revises architect scope documents in latest contract form release


The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has released the second part of the 2017 edition of the A201 design-bid-build family of documents. This release includes updated versions of the Architect Scope documents and many frequently-used AIA forms. “We

are tender documents and contract documents same. if no then what is the difference

The Constructor

can we mention tender documents as contract document while issuing LOA to the Contractor. if no then what is the difference. Read More at are

Leak - Revit 2017 Help Documentation

Revit OpEd

A little birdie posted a link to this earlier on the's s a live Autodesk it must be okay? I see some things to look forward to. I guess I have an answer to my earlier complaint about the SNU. :(. New Release Revit 2017

Free Document Management App For Contractors

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Everybody hates tax time because of all the paperwork and receipts that need to be gathered and sorted. Problem solved! If you can take a picture and talk, you can capture all of your expenses in the cloud on the Amazon Backbone and retrieve them anytime you need them

Streamline Job Site Photo Documentation Workflow and Quality

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Put an end to the thumb drives and drop box hassles

GBCI Changed its Name and You Need to Change Your Documents

Green Building Law Update

Members of the environmental industrial complex that deal in matters of LEED should review their contracts and other documents and update them now. and it is time for you to consult with your green building attorney and change your contracts and other documents.

Save money on litigation with better document management

Constructor Magazine

Whether it arises from a personal injury or payment dispute, lawsuits have become an unfortunate reality of almost every construction project

New AIA contract document for facility support services released


AIA Document B210–2017 is meant to be added to owner-architect agreements where architects provide services including building certification assistance, maintenance management services, digital facility management system operation, and ongoing commissioning services.

What are the difference between Tender and Contract Documents?

The Constructor

What are the difference between Tender and Contract Documents? Can we mention tender documents as contract document while issuing LOA to the

AIA releases updated edition of its A201 flagship documents


The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently released the 2017 edition of the A201 family of documents. This release includes updated versions of the AIA’s flagship documents developed for the design-bid-build delivery model.

FEMA document provides simplified seismic design provisions for low-hazard regions


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released a document to assist structural designers in meeting building code requirements for low seismic-hazard regions. The FEMA NEHRP document provides design guidance for ordinary SDC B buildings as denoted in ASCE/SEI 7.

AIA Releases new Documents

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The American Institute of Architects has announced a series of new documents available with the latest version of the AIA Contract Documents software. These include new BIM and Digital Documents; a new document family, Program Management ; and three free guides. These documents anticipate the involvement of additional consultants such as a program manager and a design manager, in addition to the traditional architect(s).

AAMA releases new document on aluminum fenestration and energy efficiency


The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) recently released a new white paper that discusses the use of aluminum in high-performing building enclosures

NIBS, NBI issue guidance document to help communities achieve energy goals


The National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) and the New Buildings Institute (NBI) have released Implementing an Outcome-Based Compliance Path in Energy Codes: Guidance for Cities, a document that provides guidance to help communities achieve energy goals.